Alert, Vigorous

Kasey Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-sey\
Number in U.S 👶 44,000
Rate in 2021 1887
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 American

Kasey Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kasey
Additional description of the name Kasey
"Kasey" is a popular name for boys And girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Kasey is: "Alert, Vigorous".

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Comments on the name Kasey
05/30/2023 11:44:50

My name is Kasey..but I spell it VERY strange. My spelling is Kaesei. No one EVER gets it right. I dont know what my parents were thinking! =)

05/24/2023 10:51:36

I love the name Kasey, and when people spell it with a C it offends me greatly. I would never change this name for the world. Of course I wish people would stop putting it as "from Casey", because it actually is of It's own.

05/24/2023 02:02:36

I am named Kasey I get called Kase I think this name is OK but I love the name Carly

05/20/2023 02:14:08

I'm also a Kasey and have had problems with people spelling my name "Casey" (when I correct them, they add a straight line to the beginning of the C to make it into a strange looking K) and used to have teache's call me Cassie. As a kid, I could never find personalized pens, stickers, etc (othe's have said this) whereas my sister (Ashley) could always find anything she wanted. :p My grandmother always special ordered stuff with my name on It'so I wouldn't miss out. :)

05/17/2023 04:17:24

My daughter's name is Kasey. People usually spell it with a C. She likes the name and of all the names I was thinking of calling her, I think this name fits her best.

05/15/2023 13:29:48

Well my name is Kassidy. You can't see it on the'screen but right now my name is underlined with red. This always happens to me. I don't know people just assume its spelled with a "C". I get really mad. Overall i love my name and i guess its one of a kind

05/07/2023 00:21:44

My name is Casey everybody asks me "is It'spelled with a K or a C" and people pronounce it Cassie and i havent met a GIRL with the name.

04/18/2023 17:35:10

I am also a Kasey (girl) and people have always got my name wrong for as long as I can remember. It used to bother me especially when people call me Case but I got over it. The worst thing ever is people saying oh sorry I thought you said Tracey and have a lisp - not funny! I have met one other girl with the'same spelling and born in the'same month. My mum told me I was named after a nurse on Young and the Restless in 1994 (the year I was born). Go the'soaps. I also love my name and would not change it for the world and get compliments all the time.

04/17/2023 19:32:40

My name is Kasey and my initials also spell KC and even KCC. My dad says he regrets spelling my name KaSey, he wish he'spelled it KaCey

04/12/2023 01:07:22

My name is Kasey, alot of people spell my name casey or kacey, because of some girls that were a couple of grades ahead of me in school. They've gotten better. But i still have a teacher that calls me Cassie. It makes me laugh but it can be annoying. This name was very populare in the 90's which is the decade i was born in.

03/30/2023 16:00:04

I am a (girl) Kasey as well. I do not have a huge problem with people saying my name wrong, however, there is the occasional Kass-e pronounciation. The most common problem for me is the'spelling of my name. It is always with a C. No big deal, I just tell them, or deal with it. I do occasionally get complimented on my name.

03/19/2023 00:48:24

My names Kasey and i love it,its hard though because people spell it with a c and pronuce it as kassie the bad thing bout my name is there are never any of those pens and stuff with my name on it but over all i love the name Kasey

03/06/2023 16:51:38

Dont name your child Kasey. Spell it Casey you will save them the'so called "wrong spelling". Im not trying to be mean but im named Kasey and I have experience of 11 years. read this comment please kasey.

02/18/2023 08:48:46

My name is Kasey and my WHOLE life i've been called; Cassie, Kelsey, K.C., etc. i've always hated my name but now that i've read everybodys stories before me, I think It's pretty unique. I'm only 13 and I still get annoyed when people mess up my name or spell it wrong.

02/01/2023 08:36:04

My name is Casey people ask me too if it is spelled with a K or C i get so TIRED of it. I have meet a girl whos name is spelled like this: Kasey. i like It'spelled like that too. But every know end then i do get mad

01/04/2023 09:03:54

I named my daughter Kasey. The only problem with it is people try to spell it with a C and you can not find any personalized gifts with the right spelling. But I still love the name and it fits her perfectly.

01/04/2023 08:28:38

my name is kasey. its a very cool name. hardly anyone spells it right i either get casey, cassie, kassie etc. its kinda annoying, but its ok

12/25/2022 07:11:40

Hello, my name is Kasey! there are very many people how spell and say my name wrong, but mostly spell it wrong. they usually spell it like: Casey, Casy, Casie, Cassie, Kasy, etc. They usually prononce it Kass-e. I am very tired of people saying or spelling my name wrong! I have never meet anyone with the'same name, but sometimes i wish i could someday. But i still like to be unique in my own way.

12/01/2022 20:41:28

My name is 'casey' i hate it people always spell it like cassey or kasey and my friend has the'same name he's is spelt 'kaysey'.. . . I know loads of people with this name , (me, my best friend and another girl with this name in year 11, two girls in year eight at school, one girl in year 9 and one girl in year 7)....... when i tell people my name they always think ive sed daisy or katie it really anoys me... overall i think it is a nice name tho :)

11/27/2022 12:21:38

I love having the name "Kasey." It's not too popular but It's not weird either. When I was growing up, NO ONE had the name, but as i've gotten older, It'seems to have gotten more common. I'm a teacher and have had a couple of female students who spell it the'same way. I don't think anyone has ever mispronounced it.

10/10/2022 01:26:32

my name is kasey and lots of people mispell my name but i dont care because no one in my school has it. they call a girl casey but her real name is cassandra which makes me mad cause i want to be the only one with the name.

10/04/2022 19:57:06

My name is Kasey and I love it! But it gets really annoying when people say Cassie. I hate it! But the bright to it is that It's unique, like me!

09/04/2022 14:20:24

My first granddaughter was just named Kasey! I wasn't sure of it until I saw her. One look and I fell in love with her and her perfect name!

07/16/2022 14:21:36

my name is kasey and people do often spell it with a c. and on things that have names on them like pencils or rulers there is never kasey spelled write

03/31/2022 03:53:24

I am named Kasey. I love it and no one I know has the'same name. I like it because its cute, short, and spunky, like me! :)

12/14/2021 22:42:00

my name is also kaysey,but most people either mis-pronounce it or mis-spell it. but im used to it.

10/14/2021 09:53:24

My name is Kasey and I often get called Kelsey or Cassy or people think It's spelled Casey or Kacey It's really annoying

09/24/2021 22:19:30

I do not agree with the person who wrote the feb.5 2021 comment,so name your kids whatever you want to and in almost every name there is none to man there is multiple spellings so , but anyways my name is Kasey,I'm 12 and I have experienced the misspelling of my name but you have to get used to it I'mean just like I said earlier almost every name is spelled different but I love my name just the way it is, my name is kinda like me crazy short and sometimes people thinks It's weird !:)


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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kasey?
The origin of the name Kasey is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kasey?
Alert, Vigorous
*️⃣ How many people are named Kasey?
Almost 44000 people are named Kasey.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kasey?
The names of Keyon, Kyan, Keyanna, Keyonna, Kiyan