Activities for Toddlers

Your toddlers will love these inexpensive activity ideas.
Toddlers constantly see advertisements for games and toys on TV that convince them that these are the items needed to be happy. The reality is that these commercials are teaching your toddlers at an early age that they need objects to make them happy. This is simply not true!

Parents and caretakers often feel that in order to make the kids happy they must buy these toys for them. But then after the toys are bought; the toys are thrown into dusty corners and ignored.

The best thing a parent can give to their toddler is not toys, but rather quality time with their children. The good news is that there are ways to spend quality time with your toddler that don't include spending a lot of money or accumulating junk. Here is a list of great activities you can do with your toddler without reaching for your pocketbook, because memories last ­ stuff doesn't:

1. Use chalk and draw a scenic picture outside on the driveway or sidewalk.

2. Create Sidewalk Paint by crunching up chalk pieces and mixing them with water. By using paintbrushes your children can now "paint" outside on the sidewalk or driveway instead of drawing.

3. Have a picnic. Let your child help pack your picnic basket. Bring along a Frisbee or a ball to play with. You could even play hide n' go seek with your toddler. You don't even have to leave your own backyard.

4. Read a picture book.

5. Cut pictures out of magazines and put them in a folder. Then during "sleepy" moments (such as before or after a nap) look at these pictures with your child and discuss them.

6. Fold clothes together! For your toddler, this activity can be super fun! Granted it will take some patience on your part to allow your toddler to help. You can even have your child "help" by bringing the folded clothes to the appropriate room or by teaching them how to fold a washcloth. (One suggestion: Get a Big Toy Dump truck and allow them to place clothes in it & "drive" the clothes to the appropriate room. This can be great fun!)

7. Buy a paint with water book for your children. Use Q-tips and cups of water to color your favorite pictures.

8. Play "Roll the Ball!" Roll a ball to your toddler and have your toddler roll it back.

9. Make a card or letter with your toddler and mail it to their favorite friend or relative. They will be excited as they wait to hear back!

10. Make up a simple story with your toddler. Take turns making up the story.
The entertainment never has been expensive. Many large corporations would like us to think that entertainment is expensive & they condition us to think this, but in actuality what toddlers want is to know their parents care about them. Many toddlers are no longer learning how to use their imagination because the media does it for them. Video games have replaced pretending with high-paced action.
These ideas above can spark creativity in your toddler without spending extra money!