Aidan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a(i)-dan\
Number in U.S 👶 114,000
Rate in 2021 487
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 Irish

Aidan Name Meaning

The name “ Aidan “ is a gender neutral name that has been used all around the world. Actually “ Aiden “ or “ Aidan “ are the two modern version of a number of Celtic language names, including the Irish male given name “ Aodhán “, the Scottish Gaelic given name “ Aodhàn “ and the Welsh name “ Aeddan “.

This name means “ born on fire “ or “ The fiery one “ or “ little fiery one “ and “ intelligent “.


Popularity of the name Aidan

The name “ Aidan “ is not a popular one in Missouri based on the 2013 researches in the United states of America. Imagine that, only 42 babies were given the name “ Aidan “ in Missouri in the year 2013. A total of 2695 babies also bear the same name as your baby during the year 2013 in America.

The highest recorded use of the name “ Aidan “ is related to the year 2003 with a total of 10063 babies. Since the year 1880 to 2018, the name “ Aidan “ was recorded 112476 times in the SSA public database. The year 1936, this name first appeared and about 5 new born babies were given the name “ Aidan “ at that time.

This name became popular in 2001 with a rank of 86 nationwide and was registered 4633 times as a baby boy’s name. Also in the year 2003, this name became popular in the state of Rhode Island. It ranked 6 with 99 babies ! For the past 70 years, the name “ Aidan “ was recorded 112471 times in the SSA public database. This name is a consistent top ranking boy’s name in the state of Massachusetts for 20 years.


Personality of the name Aidan

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

I is for ideals, mo higher

D is for discreet, you cam keep a secret

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

N is for name, a pleasant one indeed

This name has a secret behind its meanings. The reversed form of this name is “ Nadia “ which can used as a name itself. Actually “ name “ can be personality and heart’s desire. Your heart’s desire, as a person who is named “ Aidan “ is to settle conflicts and create harmony.

Also you specialize in religion, philosophy and forms of healings. You are aware of the thoughts and feelings of others and makes you selective in choosing your friends. You are the one who is true to your ambitions and interests. You like to be in charge and tend to like your original ideas.

Your most likely vocations are, doctor, pharmacist, banker and designer.


Famous people named Aidan

Aidan OBrien, Aidan Quinn, Aidan Gillen and Aidan Moffat


Similar names to the name Aidan

Amelia, Alexander, Abigail and Aiden

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Comments on the name Aidan
05/25/2023 10:22:16

My sister just named her first born "Aidan" & I love the name!

05/24/2023 16:44:16

my names aidan, i was born in 2002. never known any other aidans apart from odd one at school. i still get annoyed when its spelt wrong!

05/16/2023 13:18:06

My 4.5 yo son's name is Aidan. I love the name. It's perfect for him. It's beautiful. And It's totally original. Yes, I know. It's wildly popular nowadays. We had no idea when we chose his name. None at all. We just thought It'sounded great. I'd met two adults named Aidan in 2014. I'd heard the name before but never met anyone with the name, so it was suddenly on my radar, and it just stuck with me. NEVER had I heard of a kid named Aidan, but then, I didn't really know any kids before Aidan (our older child) was born. So we basically came up with it on our own, as I think many people did. I care n't a whit that It's popular. American's are way too obsessed with unusual, outlandish names. Lotta kids these days are saddled with SILLY names just because their parents are so desparate for them to be unique. (n't going to name any examples). It's undignified. As far as I'm concerned, Aidan is the "John" of this generation. Good, solid name, and n't self-consciously weird, unusual, or silly. And It's the perfect name for our son.

05/15/2023 02:37:22

my son is an aidan, and It's a beautiful perfect name, but sadly has caught fire, and there are too many kids with the name. oh well, i wouldn't change my son's name for the world. he is who he is, and he's an aidan. maybe other parents are on'the trendy train, but when you've got an aidan, you can't help but name him properly.

04/22/2023 15:55:28

My 2 y/o son is named Aidan. I thought it was such a strong name when I first read it on one of those baby name'sIt's. I never heard of it before that. It is very suiting for our son. He has a firey spirit. Who cares if it is popular; it is a wonderful name, though I do n't care for the weird ways people spell it.

04/20/2023 04:15:54

I was originally going to name my son Jaden (which I have been'told a lot of celebrity parents have named their sons). I didn't like at all but I did like the'sound of Aidan (similar to Jaden minus the J) so I looked up the meaning for Aidan and fell in love with it. My son was born in August, making him a Leo which is a "fire" sign.

04/16/2023 16:12:46

I picked the name Aidan for my son born in 2016 due to the meaning "fire or fiery". At the time my husband was a volunteer firefighter. Plus we are of Irish/Scottish descent. It's become way to popular/trendy now. People are finding too many weird ways to spell it (Ayden, Aydon, Aidon). However I don't regret my choice one bit. It's still a good strong name.

04/08/2023 01:18:54

n't really sure my wife and i are getting ready to have are first child. It or should i say he is going to be a babie boy. we are going to name him aidan so i would like your feedback thank we are due 3-07-08

04/06/2023 18:45:02

When we named our son Cameron we thought it was going to be original...Boy were we wrong!! There are 3 boys named Cameron in his grade alone!

04/05/2023 09:14:50

I wanted to name my son Aidan, I'm glad I didn't. Way too over'sed these days.

04/04/2023 10:01:48

My granddaughter's name is Aidan. I love the name.

03/30/2023 16:52:58

i am just about to have a baby girl and i love this name. I am so glad that i am not the only one to think it would make a beautiful girls name!

03/23/2023 16:11:26

My son will be named Aydin as it is the Persian spelling of this name and honours our heritage. Isn't a rose by any other name'still as sweet? So will be our little Ayden/Aidan/Aydin...

03/18/2023 23:37:52

my name is aidan im 14 and alot of people spell it wrong and it drives me crazy but i love my name'so much

03/15/2023 20:41:22

We named our middle son Quynn...spelled it with an "Y" instead of and "I" just to make it a little more different.

02/22/2023 02:44:34

I names my second son'this in 1995, No one had this name then.

02/20/2023 16:39:06

My name is Aidan and I get so many people saying they like it. People often spell it Aiden, and some even call me Hayden when'they first hear me say it. Other than'that, I think It's a great name. :)

02/18/2023 09:06:24

It's a pretty name But explain why three of thoses emo kids I know are called Aiden. Because It's main'tream, just like them

02/11/2023 21:56:00

In response to above.....I do not think Isaac and Isaiah are too close. I also like the similarity of the two. My husband's name is Trae, he has an older brother named Travis and an older sister named Tracy. They are all a few years apart from each other, so I would say go for Isaiah but that is just my opinion.

02/11/2023 06:03:48

Love the name - HATE the fact that it has become the Jennifer of its day. I honestly was at at a water park last week and there were so many dads yelling "aiden" and i swear half the boys under 5 turned around to see who was calling them. Completely over'sed.

01/31/2023 10:51:12

Loved this name and planned to use it until I realized how common it is. I think we'll call him Niall in'tead.

01/28/2023 12:36:50

I had my son Aidan in July if 2017. At the time we were searching for a strong Irish name for our child and when we came across the name it was perfect! As many othe's, it also bothe's me when people assume that his name is spelled Aiden or some other way. Aidan is a beautiful and strong name

01/25/2023 08:12:10

yes, its my name and i HATE it.. They say it LAAAREN, Lawreen, Lorn. Never mind when i spell L as in Left, a-u-r, Y as in Yellow, N. I usually have to do it a few times..

01/21/2023 06:02:38

My little nephew Aidan was born two days ago and the name is just so beautiful, I love it and his grandad Kevin Patrick was so smitten to finally have a little boy in the family and one with an irish name to boot! just made his decade I think.

12/29/2022 11:24:38

My son's name is Aidan..which at the time was very unusual...but it has now hit the U.S. and I'm glad..I don't ever hear "i've never heard that before" anymore. Besides, a visiting priest from Ireland who shared the'same name'said it is making a comeback in Ireland-cool!

12/24/2022 10:37:20

I'm a 12 year old named Aidan and I love my name. The only problem is, EVERYONE gets the'spelling wrong. And I'mean everyone except your parents. Teache's, friends etc. Even when your name is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES lol. So that can be annoying but I still love the name even'though It's common

12/23/2022 21:23:50

I love the name, but I'm n't sure I want to name my baby that, because I fear there will be 3 other Aidan's in his kindergarten class. (I like the'spelling "Aiden" more)

12/23/2022 10:13:46

As an Aidan for the last 30 years, I love my name. Congrats to all the parents that have wisely chosen such an awesome name for their kids. Bravo!

12/19/2022 23:38:48

I love this name. It really gives a strong sense of success and hope.

12/09/2022 04:43:50

My nephews name is Aidan[age 4], which we shorten to adiey. Even though the name 'Aidan' has become very popluar my Aidan is the only aidan in the nursery school. His Full name is Aidan Robert [Adiey bobby] !

12/03/2022 02:04:48

my brothe's name is aidan and his mom chose it because she thought it would be unpopular but by the time he turned 6 he had already met 10, and 3 live on his street! p.s. he's six

11/12/2022 12:56:04

It is a name without western roots or an English equivilant. It has been spelled phon'tically as Aiden and Aidan or any other combin'tion you like. Some choose the "Aidan" spelling for its Christian roots in Saint Aidan. Some spell it any other way to avoid that conn'tation.

11/11/2022 11:39:36

My grandson is Aiden.It fits him,he is 18 months old and a ball of fire always on'the go.

11/09/2022 10:52:28

I am 11, and my name is Aidan. All the time, the other kids or teache's pronounce it adian, aiden, or whatever else. Its kind of annoying, but i still like the name. I am the only person i know named aidan and spelled right.

11/03/2022 07:20:32

I love this name, me and my husband have decided to name our first boy Aidan...but it'll be spelled Ayden...i love it!

11/01/2022 07:08:40

My favourite boy's name. A Gaelic name that is easy for non-Gaelic speakers to pronounce and spell, Aidan is becoming increasingly popular, but still strikes me as a nice altern'tive to the more common "Patrick" or "Sean".

10/30/2022 11:56:34

I absolutely love this name. didn't realise it was getting so popular though.

10/22/2022 15:15:58

I am 11 years old and I'm an aidan'to i love the name but It's so annoying because everyone spells it wrong even my family It's really annoying. Even spellcheck changes it to Aiden when my name is Aidan.

10/18/2022 12:48:48

Aiden in Irish means little fire...Ive found nearly every Aiden I know to be a little firey!!

10/17/2022 01:50:26

my sister's name is aidan she was born in 2003, at the time we knew no one with the name and have still heard very few girls with the name. we give her a hard time now because It's like the most popular boys name ever, and is now pretty unoriginal

10/15/2022 23:23:26

my name is Aidan and everyone allways spells it wrong. but its great name!

10/10/2022 00:16:00

I took the name Adian and made it Adyan. For my first born son and I just love the name. My second son is named Adiran.

10/02/2022 22:23:56

My name is aidan. However i find it is often spelt aiden.

09/24/2022 13:22:44

I named my son Aidan, gosh I love the name but I had no idea how popular it was, he will be 3 soon and I know about 3 other boys named Aidan around his age.

09/23/2022 15:02:36

When I named my son this 4 years was NEVER heard of. He was born in May. That year Aidan was the #1 boys name...go figure. I tried to be unique. Haha! It's a perfect name for my son. He just fits it. He's so friendly but has a short temper.

09/23/2022 09:09:56

As a teacher It's difficult to find a name that is "special." I fell in love with the name AidEn in'the early '90's. My husband and I had a difficult time conceiving, so when I found out I was pregnant I knew the baby had to have this name. One meaning we saw was "warmth of the house" and our boy is that! As for the'spelling, I asked my 7th graders at the time how'd they spell it. The E won! While we know It's popular, he's the only Aiden in his grade of 150 students; It'seems after 2012 that it really became well-known.

09/08/2022 16:29:56

I love Aidan my son who is 3 & 1/2 yrs old, we loved the name, it perfectly fits hims as he is hyoperactive as the name'suggests fury, he is always a fire in'the house with n't resting a single moment, also he is good at his kinder garden school. I love him , he is my only adorable angel

09/07/2022 10:13:42

My 12 year old brothe's name is Aidan i love the name and he is so mean sometimes but we are irish twins so we get along easily and i hope he'sees this

09/03/2022 10:28:30

It's a great name, my husband and I agreed to it as soon as we found out it was boy! It's great that we chose the name because there's no Aiden's on either side of our family, so talking about a common name, NOT in our families! WOOHOOO!!!!!

08/28/2022 09:54:18

We chose the name Easton Kade for one of our twins, born in August, 2021, after'searching for months for a second name. His twin brother is Colton and his older brother is Rylan.

08/09/2022 18:28:12

We named our son Aidan because we liked the name. We were looking over the list of names which are used in USA and ALBANIA, so Aidan was one of them. BTW it is an old Illyrian/Albanian name as well, n't only Irish ;) At the hospital we were told that Aidan was for girls and Aiden was for boy, the lady was just ignorant --- AIDAN is a BOY's name.

08/08/2022 21:25:30

I really like this name. It's the exact reverse of my name, Nadia. =)

07/19/2022 19:13:12

I have never known an Aiden, I will certanily put it in my list to consider.

07/01/2022 05:36:54

We named our son Aiden a few years ago. Now It'seems like everyone is named Aiden. I still like the name though. We are now expecting a girl and we want to make sure we don't name her an'thing too popular.

06/20/2022 22:33:54

We named our son Aidan in 2010 the only comment I got about it was, did we named him that from the main characters boyfriend on Sex in'the City. At the time I had never'seen'the'show. We picked the name out of a baby book. After about 2012 I saw a lot of babies named Aidan.

05/22/2022 14:55:48

My son's name is Aidan. The most common problem is that it is misspelled Aiden. When he began Kindergarten in 2016, there was an Aidan in 1st grade and an'ther Aidan in his Kindergarten class. Unfortun'tely the other Aidan moved to an'ther city last summer, so my son is the only Aidan at his school right now (the'school only goes K - 2; then'the next campus is 3-5).

04/27/2022 09:12:00

His family has a thing of having the Father's name as the first son's name. I do not want a James the third, so I decided to make that the middle name. I really like the way Aidan James sounds.

03/14/2022 16:36:36

My friends husband was called Aidan and It was the first time I'd heard it. I loved the name and years later we had a little boy and named him Aidan. I Still love the name and my boy who is 12 now. Only thing that gets us annoyed is people spelling it wrong. Sometimes my boy wishes we'd given him a different name but he does like it.

03/05/2022 07:31:12

My one year old son's name is Aidan. Please often spell it Aiden, which I don't like nearly as much. I have loved the name Aidan for years and my husband likes it as well so as soon as I became pregnant, we knew our child would be named Aidan if we had a boy. We only wish the name were less common. Aidan is a very old name but we hadn't realized how many "sound-alike" names were now popular. There were n't many children in our social circles but since having Aidan, we are con'tantly meeting Cadens and Jayden and Haydens, etc.

02/20/2022 09:20:06

We chose this name for our wonderful son (almost 3 years old now). Great Irish boy name. It is unique and we have yet to meet another'sullivan, although a TV personality just named his son Sullivan, so we look for more to show up eventually. TWO THUMBS UP.

02/14/2022 00:31:48

My name is Aidan and I was born in 2001 back when'the name was virtually non-existent. i've never had anyone in my class named Aidan and around 2016-2017 I suddenly started hearing my name crop up everywhere. It honestly pissed me off. I wish people would stop jumping on'the band wagon. However, if you want to name your kid Aidan... Please at least spell it right. It's Aidan. n't Aiden, n't Ayden or any other variation. Go with the traditional Gaelic or the common usage in Ireland (Aidan). I'm tired of parents trying to put a unique spelling on a name which they were just too ignorant to look up. It wasn't until the 4th grade that a teacher'spelled my name right (last and first) and people continue to spell my name wrong.

01/28/2022 07:45:36

I named my son Aidan in 1997. Since then i've heard or seen it a number of times, but generally with much younger boys. Yes, he has the'same problems with spelling and pronunciation. I think it will become more popular- seems people should be ready for something "new".

01/06/2022 02:18:54

We named our 9 mth old son Jasper - everytime someone meets him they comment on what a beautiful name it is. We love it!

01/02/2022 05:54:00

I love this name! Defin'tely on'the top of our list for a boy!

11/19/2021 02:19:48

My husband and I named our little boy Aidan in 2017. I do n't know any other Aidan's and most people tell me that they have never heard the name but they love it! Some people do want to spell it Aiden, though!

10/31/2021 18:12:54

My brother's name is Aidan. I love the name but my only problem with it is that it has blasted into popularity. Because of that fact and because he goes to school with so many "Aiden"s, people frequently misspell it as such. The'schooling system sometimes mail us letters with his name'spelled wrong! But I still love his name and describes him well.

09/19/2021 12:23:42

My son who was born in 2015 is Aidan. I love the name but it is too popular now!

09/16/2021 11:11:42

Funny, I am due 3/29/08 and Aidan/Aiden is at the top of my list as well. I can't decide on'the'spelling though. Thoughts?

09/07/2021 02:06:18

I love this name, I am the mother of a AIDAN. My son was born after my girl NADIA (meanning - hope) who is 2 years older than her brother. I did n't plan it ahead, and was so happy to find it.

08/11/2021 11:26:06

I named my son Aidan. I agree with the biggest problem is people spelling it Aiden. We named him Aidan because Aidan means fire and he was born a leo which is a fire sign. Its a very popular name right now, so I think he might n't like it later on just because so many people going to school with him will have the'same name.

08/06/2021 04:15:00

My son was born in 2012, and we spell it traditionally with the "an", the "en" makes me cringe. At the time, no one we knew had ever heard of the name-it was fun'to feel a little original, but in'the grades below him it is quite popular. I love the name, I just wish people would spell it right.

07/27/2021 14:35:06

LOVE THIS NAME! It is so beautiful and matches anyones personalIt's!

07/15/2021 22:35:42

I'm a 45 Y/O male named Aidan, pronounced the'same as the city Aden. My name has been mispronounced as far back as I can remember, more often'than n't it was pronounced Adian or Adrian but this has never bothered me. Until recently, wherever I ever went and heard "Aidan" called out, it was always me that they were calling to, but now I find there are many more Aidans out there than just me. I'm proud to be an Aidan.

07/15/2021 16:11:24

I found it nice because My husband and I are Turkish-Persian-American.we are looking for a name which is nice and meaningful in 3 languages!If it is spelled Aidan it means brightness and well_being.

07/14/2021 21:53:24

Loved this name when I gave it to my son in 2012, but now I am disappointed with its popularity as know he will n't have a unique name like I had intended.

07/13/2021 05:37:48

My son is named Aidan. People misspell it all the time as Aiden or Aden.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aidan?
The origin of the name Aidan is Irish.
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Almost 114000 people are named Aidan.
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The names of Audric, Adrik, Adrick