Alyssa Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lyssa, al(ys)-sa\
Number in U.S 👶 309,000
Rate in 2021 457
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Alyssa Name Meaning

Characteristics of the Name Alyssa:

He is a natural leader. He has his own opinions and thoughts. He does not make decisions under the influence of other people. He does not shy away from taking responsibility and duties. They are brave people. However, in some cases, they should not control their courage and make decisions immediately, be flexible and take into account the opinions of other people.

They are very aggressive people. They decide according to the direction of events. They like to learn by doing. However, sometimes decision-making takes longer and they may fail. They are very honest and tolerant people. They love to do good. They love to travel. They may also have clumsiness due to their attacks.

They are people who are very fond of their freedom. They don't like rules. They prefer to do what they know. Their passion and courage enable them to act naturally and at ease. They don't worry too much about what other people drop. They are stylish people. A little patience when making decisions can prevent them from making mistakes. However, they never stop trusting your intuition.

They are like magicians. They always find a way to overcome difficulties. They are very warm and passionate people. Their feelings are very strong. However, they still need to be careful. Therefore, they may have to wait before moving immediately. They may experience emotional ups and downs.

Horoscope for the Meaning of the Name Alyssa

The most distinctive feature of his character is stubbornness. His nickname is “goat. This sometimes causes you to make mistakes and get upset. Apart from your stubbornness, you are a devoted person to your family. The most valuable person for you is your mother. You take his behavior as an example. You continue the success you have achieved in human relations in your business life. Your hard work and determination open all doors for you.

What are the Advantages of the Name Alyssa?

Although each individual has different advantages according to their own, the general advantages of people with the name Alyssa are: Being Sociable, Talented, Traveling, Witty.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Alyssa?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Alyssa in general are that they are Aggressive, Gluttonous, Living in the Past, and Oppressive.

Meaning of name Alyssa

Alyssa is typically accepted as a variant of Alicia, which is a modern Latinate form of Alice. Alice is an English offshoot of the Old Germanic female name Adalheidis, composed of the words "Adal" meaning "noble" and "Heid" meaning "a kind, kind." From this perspective, Alyssa is said to mean "the noble one." However, the name Alyssa may have been inspired by the alder flower of the mustard plant family found in the Mediterranean (among other places); "Alder" comes from the Greek root "una" (meaning "not, against") and "lyssa" (meaning "madness, rage, madness"), since in ancient times it was believed that the plant cure madness. The low-growing white and yellow flowers (some pink/purple) are said to symbolize "pity beyond beauty" and the sweet scent of alder is believed to restore emotional balance. As a female given name, Alyssa first became popular in the United States in the 1970s and '80s, but has since spread to other English-speaking countries. While the name remains the most popular in the United States, Alyssa also appears in the Top 100 of the girl's naming charts in Australia, Canada, and Scotland. The low-growing white and yellow flowers (some pink/purple) are said to symbolize "pity beyond beauty" and the sweet scent of alder is believed to restore emotional balance. As a female given name, Alyssa first became popular in the United States in the 1970s and '80s, but has since spread to other English-speaking countries. While the name remains the most popular in the United States, Alyssa also appears in the Top 100 of the girl's naming charts in Australia, Canada, and Scotland. The low-growing white and yellow flowers (some pink/purple) are said to symbolize "pity beyond beauty" and the sweet scent of alder is believed to restore emotional balance. As a female given name, Alyssa first became popular in the United States in the 1970s and '80s, but has since spread to other English-speaking countries. While the name remains the most popular in the United States, Alyssa also appears in the Top 100 of the girl's naming charts in Australia, Canada, and Scotland.


Alyssa made her first appearance on the US Top 1000 chart in 1963 so we might consider her quite modern in style and sound. The name took off the charts quite "rabidly" and finally reached Top 100 status in 1986. American parents were basically "crazy" for this name; It was one of the most commonly used girl's names during the 1990s at a peak through the turn of the 21st century. Alyssa's peak popularity came in 1998 and 1999, when she was the 11th most favored choice for girls in the country. Today the name is slipping down closer to the Top 50, but still going strong in relative terms. Alyssa reminds us of Melissa and Jessica - with modern names still appealing to ancient roots.

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Comments on the name Alyssa
2/22/2023 10:05:24 AM

My name is Alyssa and I love it though it is hard to explain to people in Spanish and it usually is mutated to something like "Leeeesah" because they can't say the'sound "uh" but i still love it.

2/19/2023 10:25:50 PM

my names alyssa but pronounced "a-lisa" and im 19. i dont know anyone else with my name but i have heard a lis-a's alot. people never ever pronounce my name right, its really annoying! i usually get called a-lis-a (dont like being called this one bit) or alysha (where does the "h" come in??). i like my name (when pronounced correctly) as its really unique!! :) i dont really have a nickname but i went through a phase of being called aly but im back to my alyssa!! like to stand out!! lol

2/18/2023 8:16:28 PM

Hey my name is Alyssa too! its the best name and I love it! More people should have my name.(but then again, it would'nt be as unique.) It is beautiful and elegant enough!

2/17/2023 4:21:18 PM

My name is Alyssa and I was born in the 2002s. You Pronounce it like this: uh lee suh. I don't really like this name because I hate pronouncing it for the teache's at school. I have to go through it every year. I have at least 1 teacher that pronounces it the traditional way (uh lih suh). It's really annoying. I have had a couple of people who call me uh lihs uh and think It's right. I also have been called uh lee si ya tons of times. That gets pretty annoying. Also, people who know how to pronounce my name, usually don't know how to spell it. It has been'through Alisa to Allsya, which I don't really get. There's na girl at school who pronounces it and spells it the'same way. Also, my father named me after Alyssa Milano. Weird. I was about to be named Cassandra Ysabella but it didn't happen. Just remember: Alyssa (uh LEE suh).

2/16/2023 9:29:48 AM

HI'my name is Alyssa. Yeah It's a great name i guess. There's not a lot of people that i know who has this name'so they tend to pronounce and spell it wrong. My name is pronounced 'a lis-sah' or how i would pronounce it. But most people spell it 'Alisa, Alisha, Allysa' or any othe's. In fact i have only known 1 other Alyssa that i have met. (Excluding Alyssa Milano)Anyway i like my name, i just don't like that a lot of people tend to spell or pronounce it wrong.

2/8/2023 6:41:52 PM

My mom was going to name me if i was a girl and my dad if i was a boy. Well i arrived as a girl as you probably guessed. And my dad said to my mom, honey, you had all these private talks with her while you were pregnant, little jokes only the 2 of you get, stories were told without a word ever being uttered... please let me have this one to tell - a story between me and my daughter, how she got her name... My mom had already picked out ten names and had never'shown my dad... my first name is alyssa and my middle is megan. How cool is my mom for letting my dad tell me this story every year on my birthday and with such a story, how could i not love my name when'there was so much love put into giving it to me.

2/4/2023 10:42:38 PM

I think I have the greatest name ever!! Haha ~Alyssa Shayne

1/30/2023 12:31:04 PM

My name is Alyssa and I like it well enough but I'd just like to point out that at some point in any Alyssa's life, somebody will probably come up with "a lizard" as a nickname or a way to tease her. My older brothe's called me that for years and then my coworker'started calling me that too without ever hearing my brothe's say it. My friend Alyssa told me that people call her a lizard as well. I find it hilarious but maybe you or your kid won't, so keep that in mind before naming your kid Alyssa.

1/29/2023 10:56:58 AM

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am not fond or unhappy about my name. But I don't understand why the heck people can't spell it correctly or not write Alice. However it is fun always finding my name on the keychains wherever I go! Even'though my name is Alyssa I never thought it was normal.

1/28/2023 7:40:02 PM

Thinking if my baby is a girl to name her Alyssa Rose.

1/28/2023 10:51:02 AM

My name is alyssa and i really like it my cousins name is lyssa we are the'same age we have the'same hobbies and intrests (the jonas brothe's)we both loove our names I also really like the name azure

1/25/2023 10:15:36 AM

My name's Alyssa too... what a surprise i know. Anyways, i guess i like my name. It's fairly unique, not so much that people think I'm from a foriegn country or anyting, and not too common that i blend in with everyone else. i've also gotten into the habit of planting AlyssI'ms in my garden when'the time comes,because i've been'told both are similar to me(which of course is what the name Alyssa came from). Alyssa suits me though, not overly dramatic, shy, a bit delicate (i groaned at the one), ...and small -_- so I'm happy with the name my parents gave me.

1/21/2023 6:55:32 AM

my friends name is Alyssa and everyone calls her lyssie (li-sie)but she loves her name and everyone spells and pronounces it correct as it is very common where I live. Also i know a girl named alyssa milano.

1/14/2023 6:34:36 PM

I had my second daughter Alyssa Kay in 2017. We call her Lyssie Bug & Kaydedid (like katydid)

1/3/2023 9:15:36 AM

My mother always wanted two little girls; Ashley Nicole (me) and Alyssa Noelle. Well unfortunately she never had any other kids. So, ever since I was about 8 years old I told my mother not to worry and that I would name my daughter Alyssa Noelle. Needless to say, she never believed me. When I told her I was pregnant in 2006 and having a girl she asked me the name. I said "Mother, don't be silly, you know what I'm naming her". She proceeded to say 'she didn't'. So I told her. Immediately the woman starting crying pronouncing, "You always said you were going to but, never really thought you would". My daughter is now 2 years and 4 months old. After, I had looked up the meaning of her name and saw it was LOGICAL for her spelling, I knew right away that it was a great fit. She is one of the SMARTEST two year olds you will ever meet and very logical, clumsy, but logical. I couldn't have asked for a better name for such a beautiful girl. Also, I believe the middle name really molds a first name as well. In this instance, it's Noelle. When people ask me my daughters name, I don't just say ALYSSA, I say ALYSSA NOELLE. I absolutely love the Y spelling. Our crazy neighbor across the hall has a daughter named Alissa. I hate the spelling with an I. No wonder, people pronounce the name wrong. Alissa (to me) would be pronounced: A-lees-A. What is REALLY cute is that my daughter gave herself a nickname. I was never really into nicknames. They are cute for when the child is younger however, nicknames stick with you throughout your whole life. Often alyssa's are nicknamed Lis, or Lissy, or Aly. Well when they get to be about 40 they are not going to want to be called "Lissy" anymore. (at least I wouldn't). I also feel choosing a name that is easy for the child to say is highly important. Which brings me to the nickname my daughter gave herself. She calls herself "Issa" which is just too cute. It's not quite a nickname, it's her just not knowing how to say the AL part. Oh and for the record, my daughter was NOT named after ALyssa Milano. Although I was named after a soap opera character (Y&R; I believe). Yuck! Please don't ever name a child after a character on T.V or a famous celebrity. Just because you enjoy watching that particular person, doesn't mean they will be interested by the time they get old enough to realize!

12/26/2022 6:27:40 PM

This is my name, and I absolutely love it. I wouldn't change it for the world. People always assume that it is spelled with a y, and sometimes It's annoying but I enjoy letting people know that it is spelled with an ie, It's what makes me unique. Every Kellie spelled this way should appreciate it and realize we are unque

12/20/2022 5:13:50 AM

i like this name It's my name in fact my mom named me after alyssa milano and come to find out i actually like her as an actress shes on of my favorIt's and to anyone who doesn't like it tuogh pitty and to the on who said alyssa is a cheap rip off of alice no It's not it is spelled and pronounce differently thank you

12/17/2022 7:17:06 AM

My mother gave me the name Alyssa over 58 years ago. She pronounces it uh-lee'-sa or as one other Alyssa noted like Lisa with an A in front. I love my name when people say it correctly. I especially hate when othe's correct my pronunciation of my own name, or continue pronouncing it the way Alyssa Milano does after I have told them How MY name is pronounced. It is my name, not a word, so it does not have to conform to any language rules!

12/16/2022 3:21:56 AM

It's a very pretty name and popular, the only downfall is that Alicia is becoming a very popular name and that's what people tend to mistake Alyssa for.

12/4/2022 6:35:14 AM

Guess what my name is Alyssa! Haha yeah I'm 15 and I like my name. Personally i've only met 2 other Alyssa's in my life. I do not like the fact of how it is getting more popular. To me It's still unique too :) Also my name gets spelled wrong alot. How can you mistake "alyssa" for "alissa", "allysa", or "alysa"? Seriously, well anyway yeah People for the most part say it right though and I get called "Lissy" or "Liss" too.

11/29/2022 3:29:50 PM

In South Eastern Europe , where I live,this name is written and spelled Alisa.Given'that in my mother tongue, you spell the way you write, I have no problems regarding spelling or pronunciation of my name by other people. I'might be one of the older Alisas, born in the 20th century's mid- seventies. Anyway, I really like my name, it is really feminine and sweet, although I sometime would like to to get away from the constant "Oh, like Alice in Wonderland". At the time I was given'this name, it was quite unusual. Here, in Europe, It'seems that people tend to link this name far more to cute little girl in Lewis Carrol's book.

11/21/2022 7:06:52 PM

I am from West Union, Oh and my name is alyssa. I love it cause not many people around here have it. Only three or four that I know. Its cool. But some of my friends can not say it right and someone actually calls me AJ cause those are my initials. So its funny.

11/18/2022 2:24:34 PM

just a posh spelling for ALICE....what's the big deal in just calling your kid Alice.

11/14/2022 1:04:58 AM

I named my first daughter just because i thought it was a really beautiful girls name however a lot of people still cant pronounce it right my daughter gets alicia alot i dont think It's that hard to say!!!

11/5/2022 6:21:52 AM

It wasnt the top name choice for my child and over the years she has been called everything but the right name. In our state of Wyoming we have yet to meet someone with the'same pronounciation.

11/3/2022 10:19:50 PM

I live in England and have just named my daughter Alyssa, I love the name but already she is getting called every name but Alyssa.

10/31/2022 7:02:44 AM

I'might be the oldest Alyssa, born in 1986, it was an uncommon name and I felt special. Now I hear monthly 'that's my daughter's name', so I assume it has become common and judging by the graph above, I am correct. Even with It's popularity, It's rarely spelled correctly and must be spelled almost every time. Just remember that by naming your child alyssa you are forever tying her to the actress Alyssa Milano, whom, by my judgement has tarnished the name for us all. For a long while I went by my middle name, or a shortened version - Aly - to get away from the constant "oh, like Alyssa Milano, the 'B' actress"...

10/29/2022 1:54:04 PM

Its just an amazing name, its life changing people.

10/21/2022 10:30:52 PM

I named my daughter Alyssa.. and still adore the name. I have loved It'since I was a preteen and have never had anyone misprounce it or met anyone who has the'same name. I think it is very feminine, something strong that'she will appreciate when she is older.

10/16/2022 2:02:08 AM

My name is Alyssa and i think its pretty dang flyy =)

10/13/2022 9:25:46 PM

my name is alissa, i no its spelled wierd i dont really like my name'so much because i no like 5 other alissa's but spelled alyssa. i am probally one of the youngest alissa's i am only 11 but i do like how my name is not spelled as everybody else's like alyssa. i do like how people prononce it wrong i think it is very funny. what I'mostly hate is that when i introduce myself i have too talk really slow or it will sound like i say hey I'm-alissa almost like my name is malissa my friends call me lissa lissy liss-liss and many other things.

10/12/2022 6:58:46 PM

My name is Alyssa. I'm 22. I don't really care for my name. It's super girly and all my life It's been spelled wrong and I'm constantly called Melissa, Alison, Elise, Alica, Lisa etc. So annoying! I have to make a conscious effort when I'meet new people to say My name is Alyssa", instead of "I'm Alyssa" because sure enough they think I said "I'm Melissa". Save your kid the trouble, don't name her this.

10/2/2022 1:14:20 AM

My name is Alyssa and the best thiing for me is meeting people with the'same name and seeing how they spell it! My friends usually call me Aly or Brianne (Brianne is my middle name)! I luv my name!

9/27/2022 11:19:28 AM

Love it. Often mispronounced and especially misspelled, but It's worth it to have a name that's not the most popular out there. I pronounce it "Uh-liss-uh", And anyone I have met who spells it "Alyssa", like I do, pronounce it the'same way, too. I was named for my great-grandmother, Alice. Yay for Alyssas of the world!

9/26/2022 5:03:14 AM

I LOVE MY NAME! My full name is Alyssa Jordan but most people know me as AJ or Jordy or Lyss! And my mom did name me after Alyssa Milano she loved the name and always wanted a child with initials you could use as a name! SO AJ just fit!

9/25/2022 3:49:44 PM

my name is lucia Rusinna i hate my name

9/24/2022 5:26:38 AM

I'm an Alyssa, and for being such a popular name, people mess it up all the time! I love my name, and everyone says I look like an Alyssa. I have a friend who is sort of an alyssa, her name is Talysa. A cool spin-off of the name Alyssa. All you Alyssa's out there have beautiful names. :)

9/17/2022 4:48:04 PM

MY NAME IS ALYSSAH. I HAVE AN 'H' in my name and I Geuss I'm unique, there's not many like me. But I'm really really mature at age 11

9/15/2022 12:11:42 PM

my name is Alyssa,its really rare ate my school,like im the only one but i love it,except when im called Alicia or Alisha!!I HATE that,with a passion! my nicknames are Sissa,Lys,&Lyssa;

9/10/2022 2:38:22 PM

My name is Alyssa, and when ever we have a sub. and she calls names out they usually say my name wrong. There was another time I was gettin an auto. she'spelled my name wrong and she'said she never heard of it. I know a lot of people with the name Alyssa but most of the time its spelled wrong

8/4/2022 9:21:00 PM

My daughter's name is Alyssa, I tend to call her Elixir. Alliser.

7/24/2022 5:15:18 PM

My name is Alyssa and i love it! I dont know too many people with the'same name people always ask how many L's how many S's but im use to it by now and they pronounce it different sometimes but not too often so it doesnt bother me. I can deffinatly say i enjoy having alyssa as my name:)

7/1/2022 12:56:06 PM

I know a few Alyssas. I don't dislike them as people, but I have never really liked the name alyssa. I just don't really like how it looks or sounds.

6/9/2022 2:00:00 AM

i absolutely love my name!! i couldnt imagine having any other name!

5/12/2022 6:51:36 PM

I recently named a student of mine Alyssa and we think It's perfect for her. But there are bound to be many difficulties for her with this name as we are in China and most people here will have no idea how the hell to say Alyssa.

4/30/2022 3:59:42 AM

My daughter was born June 1983 and I wanted to name her Aleesa but wanted to give it a unique spelling. I created the'spelling of Alyssa but pronounced it A lee sa. I had never heard or seen'that'spelling anywhere before and was shocked when a few years later It'seemed to become a popular name and spelling.

3/27/2022 9:12:00 PM

my name is alyssa as well and i love my name im only 12 but i like my name all my friends call me lys

3/13/2022 6:45:18 AM

i named my daughter alyssa back in June of 2019 and I also call her Lyssa Bug! I love the name and I think it is unique!

1/13/2022 2:34:12 PM

My name is Alyssa. I am 19, as you can guess, I was named after Alyssa Milano. I have met a few "Alyssa"s in my short life. I love my name, I just like the way it rolls off your tongue. I was originally meant to be named "Izzy" and am thankful I wasn't. I only let a select few call me "Alyssa", simply because I feel like its special and only special people should call me that. I am either known by my childhood nick name of "Boggie" or "Aly". Although, online I have adopted the name "Sno" simply because I resemble Snow White, and White is my last name. When I was little I begrudged my parents not naming me "Snow", but I think "Alyssa" is exotic, and makes me feel kinda girly, which is something I am not use to. I have to agree with the Feb 15,09 comment that its a unique blend of rarity and popular. It's not as popular as say "Samantha" or "Brittney" but not so rare that everyone knows someone named "Alyssa" FIN

12/31/2021 6:12:54 PM

My name is alyssa spelled alysia but said like melissa ah-les-ah I love my name but hate the'spelling not too many ever'say it right. Not too many remember to say it right without even seeing the'spelling. I often get alisha which I hate that name is gross! But my name is the best!!!

11/29/2021 4:42:00 PM

My name is Alyssa. I have the'same problem alot of you with this name have. Nobody can spell it right and only a few people can pronounce it. i've met a few people with my name but sometimes they spell it different. i love my name. Great hearing from all you Alyssas'

9/21/2021 3:38:06 PM

Ha! My name is Alyssa and i really like my name. But yeah people say it wrong(which is annoying) its a good name for a girl :D

9/11/2021 10:18:36 PM

I love it, but there are so many people who spell it wrong. I don't think it is that hard to say or spell. I love it because I also like the actress Alyssa Milano.

9/8/2021 11:51:18 PM

I recently named my daughter Alyssa. I named her this because it was relatively rare. I had only heard it a few times. Now I couldn't imagine her with any other name, but I realize it is a bit more popular than I realized. For those of u commenting on the lack of thought that went into the choosing of your name, as a parent I can'tell you no matter how simple or extravagant your name, I can guarantee your parents put though into your name. Unfortunately you name a person before they develop a personality and must pick a name for someone you care deeply for, knowing they will hear it every day, all day for the rest of their about pressure. I hope my daughter will appriciate the name I chose for her and not think woulda, coulda, shoulda.

8/8/2021 10:14:06 AM

My name is Alyssa and I don't find that people pronounce it wrong too often. Three girls including me in my grade have the name, so sometimes in the hallways it gets confusing. My mom said that when she named me not many people had ever heard of the name. That's changing. (By the way - I love my name and nothing will change that)

7/29/2021 6:44:24 PM

My name is Alyssa and I love it. My mom did not even name me after Alyssa Milano which I am happy about. I am a Junior and when there is a substitute in class it is kind of funny cause I know if I hear anything close to Alyssa to say here. I have thought of going by Aly but that just isnt me.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alyssa?
The origin of the name Alyssa is Greek.
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Almost 309000 people are named Alyssa.
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The names of Martinez, Amadora, Zamora, Micaella, José