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Amanda Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-man-da, am(a)-nda\
Number in U.S 👶 789,000
Rate in 2021 886
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Amanda Name Meaning

The name Amanda, in masculine Amando, comes from the confluence of two names. On the one hand from the Germanic 'Ald-mann' (old man) or 'Athal-mann' (noble man) and on the other from the Latin 'Amandus' (loved by others). Some scholars believe that the name Amanda was invented by the 17th century British playwright Colley Cibber, who gave it to a character in his play 'Love's Last Shift'. Noel Coward later named Amanda in "Private Lives." 

Cool Info About Name Amanda

Additional name description Amanda
Additional name description Amanda

The personality name Amanda

Powerful and complete. You are intellectually good and need various outlets for your energies. She is not a builder, but a planner, and she wants others to carry out her plans. She is bold, independent, inquisitive, and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.

You are very intuitive. You have a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability, which could reward you through expressions of spiritual leadership, business analysis, marketing, performing arts, and acting. There are many Amandas in the entertainment world.

The popularity of the first name Amanda

The name Amanda was very popular in the United States in the 1980s, when they reached 2% of the women's names that were given at that time in the United States. In Spain there is a curious fact, Amanda is a name that is used more in the Islands than in the peninsula. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are the places in Spain where the name Amanda is used the most

Songs including the name Amanda

One of the most notable things about the name Amanda is the Barry Manilow song: "Mandy" short for Amanda. Here is the chorus of the song. Surely if you want to give your daughter this name, this song will help you make the decision.

I remember all my life

Raining down as cold as ice

A shadow of a man

A face through a window

Crying in the night

The night goes into Morning, just another day

Happy people pass my way

Looking into their eyes

I see a memory

I never realized

How happy you made me, oh MandyWell you came and you gave without taking

But I sent you away, oh Mandy

And you kissed me and stopped me from shaking

And I need you today, oh Mandy. Mandy - Barry Manilow

Another famous song by Amanda is that of Victor Jara, a beautiful song that talks about two workers. I remember you, Amanda

The wet street

Running to the factory

Where Manuel worked The wide smile

The rain in his hair

Nothing mattered You

were going to meet him

With him, with him, with him, with him, with him

Diminutives and variations of the name Amanda




Celebrities named Amanda

Amanda Seyfried, actress.

Amanda Cerny, influencer.

Amanda Balionis, television presenter.

Amanda de Cadenet, photographer.

Amanda Fuller, American actress.

Amanda Miguel, singer.

Amanda Righetti, American actress.

Meaning of the name Amanda - Celebrities with the name Amanda

Saint Amanda's Day

His feast day is February 6.

Numerology of the name Amanda

Amanda's number is 3, a prime number. Nice and simple. People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing, or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment. This fits perfectly with the number of actresses who call themselves Amanda

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Comments on the name Amanda
09/25/2023 01:22:28

my twin sister's name is amanda. she goes by mandy(i don't know why)

09/20/2023 02:20:58

I'm Amanda MY Momnamed me after her In NOV 1974. i've been'told that it was ShakeSpear tha wrote a Play about a Temptrest named AMANDA

09/16/2023 00:11:26

I'm an Amanda and I too experienced the lameness of "a-man-duh" and don't forget "amanda hug n kiss"!!! I don't get it much these days so now i've kinda got over the embaressment of my name and embraced it a bit more (though I think It's a bit over'sed??) I think it goes well with my middle name - Amanda Jane. It's a nice meaning behind the name too.

09/13/2023 18:06:54

yeah im Arab/American and my name is Dalia "Da-lee-a'"... I'make sure to tell people how its spelled but the most common misspelling is Dahila, or Daliah. i love my name its just soo unique many people get surprised when'they know what my name is cuz its very rare...the last time i told someone that my name is Dalia but he thought i was lying lol.

09/11/2023 00:34:40

my name is amanda and i went through the a-MAN-da stage too. people still do it from time to time but i doesnt bother me anymore. that is so old and lame. i was thinking about going by one of my nicknames like mandi or ami. everybody still calls me amanda and they won't let me change it. one of my good friends calls me mander. its weird but cool at the'same time.

09/10/2023 16:38:34

i love my name and yea like all u othe's ive went through the whole a man duh thing but no one does it any more!! DUHH hahaa ok yea i love my name<3

09/07/2023 00:10:56

I have three Amanda's in my class and one of them is me

09/02/2023 13:47:40

I like my name but it is too common. Someone will call Amanda from the'school courtyard and ill go looking arround to see whos calling me and its not even me

09/01/2023 09:17:14

Hi! yah i noe a girl named amanda and we gave her lots of nicknames (she's really cool though) like amanda panda, 'manda, mandyy, and for jokes guys would say "she's a-man-duh!!" but we're really cool with herr soo yahh (:

08/31/2023 22:24:48

I don't like it. All I can hear are the words MAN and DUH.

08/31/2023 14:11:04

You say it like Car-a. People usually say it wrong like Care-a. I love my name Kara.

08/30/2023 10:33:32

Hah, I'm with everyone on the "A-Man-Duh!" joke. My boyfriend says that to me all the time. It used to be funny until it was literally every 15 minutes I got called that. I used to hate my name when I was little, and I told my mom I was going to go get it legally changed. Haha but as i've gotten older, i've learned to like it considering every new year at school, my teache's would call me Amanda. My mom originally called me "A.J.", but she knew people would ask what It'stood for, so she named me "Amanda Jane" I love my name, people comment on it all the time. Sometimes my friends call me Manders or Manda. i've also read that Amanda means 'worthy of love' :)

08/24/2023 18:29:18

My name is Amanda, and I love it. I went to a tiny high school where my two closest friends had the'same name as well as 9 girls on our drill team! Talk about a big name for a small town. If you forgot someone's name you could call out "Amanda" and a third of the girls were guaranteed to turn around. I love the name, It's still flowy enough to keep in tune with my Italian last name without sounding foreign.

08/23/2023 02:48:48

I like the name amanda but i also like mandy and my favortie is manda because thatswhat my favortie people call me. most people call me mandy and othe's who don't know me or wometimes my family call me amanda. I don't think mandy is a cheerleader name I'm not a cheerleader i like my name i like writeing florishes with the y's

08/20/2023 16:02:08

lol, i got the "a man duh" thing all the time, but i like it! just dont shorten it to mandy...eww

08/18/2023 19:04:14

yeah i just like my name can't lie, Luke > other names

08/13/2023 21:48:32

my name is Amanda.. my friends cll me ANA, Amader, Mander, Amander, Manda. i think thats it.

08/13/2023 13:34:48

i like my name but it is too comon. my teacher'says amanda come go to the board and do a math problem! both of us r like wich one!!???And every 1 is like its a man duh!! but i love the name! my mom named me amanda because it means loveable and thats exactly what i am-loveable!!"

08/08/2023 11:01:42

My name is also Amanda, and i do get annoyed woth perple making fun of my name. But i love my name Amanda cause i think that a name meaning love, is a name foe me"Amanda Muzzin.

08/06/2023 00:32:40

My name is Amanda. I havn't met to many people with my name. Usually there would be 1 or 2 other's in school. Thanks to Bart Simpson I have always gotten "A-Man-to huginkiss" and of course "amanDUH" but whatever, not to bad.

08/05/2023 16:36:34

amanda is the most beautiful name. I love It'so much! My parents named me after the'song "Amanda" by Boston.

07/29/2023 09:09:28

I think It's ok. I got the whole "A man DUH" thing a lot for the first few weeks anytime I'moved somewhere, but my parents were really unique in that my name Isn't PRONOUNCED "Uh-man-duh" like most girls. It's actually pronounced more rounded, like "Uh-mahn-dih". The middle 'a' sounds closer to an "o" than an "a". As for nicknames, I don't get called "Mandy" or "Manda". They use the first letters. I go by "Ama" or "Amee" (pronounced "am-ee").

07/29/2023 05:20:14

I love the name Amanda! Ive met so many girls with this name, and w/e I hear that'song by Barry Manilow, "Mandy" I wish I had this name. Its a beautiful song. I recommend anybody with the name Amanda listen'to it!

07/26/2023 22:40:26

omg, when i was in 8th grade... the boys in my class used to call me a man......DUH!! oh it got on my nerves so i finally got used to now i love my name!

07/18/2023 18:39:00

This is my name and I was also born in 1988 like the other commentor. I knew plenty of Amys growing up as well. I love my name!

07/17/2023 20:36:30

know a girl with that name i think its a very pretty and easy to say name just my .02

07/07/2023 01:23:54

Hey you guys=) lolz my name is Amanda as well, I went through the whole A-Man-Duh thing too, lolz but people stopped calling me that after a while, my nicknames are manda, mandy and mandalou (which I love <3 lolz) but my name'suits me It's awesome =) hehe cute and loveable as they say

06/25/2023 22:32:50

i really don't like my name but i have learned to live with it. i am 15 years old and i haven't had such a hard time with the name calling or anything. I am slowly but surely growing into my name and soon i will LOVE IT. hopefully... lol

06/24/2023 03:38:22

My name is Amanda and I always get the "Amanda Manda Manda Manda Manda showwww." sung to me. It's annoying as hell.

06/24/2023 00:06:46

My name is Amanda, Everyone calls me Manda (they drop the A for some reason) and ive met a ton of Amandas in my life time. espically girls that were born in the mid-80's

06/19/2023 20:29:04

I am Amanda and I love my name. I do not go by mandy! My name is strong and most Amandas I have met are strong as well. Close friends call me manda or manders and I love the variations b/c they are not common.

06/19/2023 20:11:26

My name is Amanda and my family calls me Mandy. BUT once in a while my sisters and I get into a fight and she calls me "a man thats duh!" and then I get to make fun of her name, Jennette. Ha Ha!

06/18/2023 18:37:20

I really like my name. Especially when people shorten it to Manda. My whole family does it, and my closest friends do it too. To me, it means that they are used to me, and they know me. I don't know, I kinda like it when'that happens. I'm weird. :) But I LOVE my name. I also love that I was named after Amanda Carrington from Dynasty. I'm sure that's where we all got it from if we were born in the 80s.

06/18/2023 08:20:10

Im always getting called A-man-duh! its annoying! who wants to be called a man when its not even your gender?! BOYS R SO INSENSITIVE!!! I'mEAN I L-O-V-E MY NAME< BUT PLUHEEZE!!

06/12/2023 11:51:26

My name is Amanda. People sometimes make fun of my name like they say A-MAN-DUHHH but over all i love my name i woulden't want 2 change it.

06/06/2023 21:15:22

My name is Amanda but everyone calls me Love. because the meaning of Amanda is "to love" in latin.

06/03/2023 18:36:30

My name is Amanda, and (looks as though this is becomming a common complaint) everyone always used to make fun of it by saying: "It's A Man...Duh!". But what I hate most is that'someone shortened it to "Amy" when I was young and everyone used to call me that which I hate because It'sounds so popish and Cheerleader. But now that I'm older, people are finally starting to say my name right, and I do love it...I wouldn't change it but I would never name a kid any name that I know exists because I love unique names.

05/30/2023 09:06:08

my name is Amanda,i have my days when i dont like it because of the girls named amanda are stuck up and im not like that, some people say Amanda some say Manda, only my uncle says Mandy, ya i get that joke the A-Man-Duh, or Ameendee, my friend have alot of ways of sayin my name

05/30/2023 08:30:52

Just like everyone else named Amanda, I got teased mercilessly, but now that I'm old enough, I can appreciate my name and even enjoy it, a little bit. But I will be naming my future children something... more inter'sting.

05/29/2023 02:14:38

i love my name but a lot of people have it but i like haveing the many nicknames ...

05/28/2023 13:36:24

Hey I'm also an Amanda. Yea the a-MAN-duh joke is so old but i still hear it and i brush it off with a "oh You're so funny that's only the twelve-thousandth time i've heard it" haha. yea i have many nicknames: Manda Panda, Mandarin, Manda, Mandy (which i can't stand) Almond (don't ask)

05/27/2023 03:13:18

My name is amanda. There are at least 2 other girls with the name in all of my classes! but i love my name!

05/26/2023 23:06:26

I used to my name but now I love it. The only problems i've ever had with it it the Amanda show theme song and A-man-duh. That is it. My nicknames are Manda Tyler Manda Bambie Manda Banana and manda boo. I love this name and it rocks!!! :)

05/25/2023 22:07:36

I am Amanda Elizabeth and I love my name. I have never been'teased for my name...I am proud to carry this name. I have never known many othe's with this name. I think it is beautiful, as is the meaning!

05/23/2023 15:10:10

I also am and Amanda. I like my name. Just like every other Amanda out there i too went throught the A-MAN-DUH stage. In 8th grade people called Herbert. Get this...Her name is Herbert cause she's A MAN - DUH! It was so humiliating. I like the nick name Manderine, i have never heard that before.

05/21/2023 03:30:36

Like every one else on this planet, my name is Amanda. I don't think it fits me right at all. It's gravely common and the nickname "Mandy" that came along with it (for me at least) annoys me to much for anyone's own good. I'm changing it in a few weeks. can't wait!

05/19/2023 16:49:52

haha My name i Amanda and everyone calls me Ms.Amanda manda or man-die idk bout the last one -_-x. Well anyways i love my name and i love it when people say A-MAN-DUH!!! it makes me feel like they throw in the emphasies just to grab m attention well I'm out love, andy amandie

05/17/2023 20:27:14

My name is Amanda and I'm 26 (born in 84). My mother told me it wasn't til I was named, that'she'start to realize the name's popularity. My parent's were between Amanda, Allison and Jessica. My family tends to call me Mandy. I'm okay with my name, I like it - I think It'suIt's me. In movies, Amanda tends to be a girl-next-door type of character, which is cool (ie:/ can't hardly wait. etc). However, lately the name has since been used as more wishy washy skanky types in movies.idk why. haha. Kind of disapointed by that... Like the other Amanda's that have posted I also get a little bit of the whole "Amanda Show" and the whole "A-man-duh" bit <--(which is really dumb and only guys seem to think is funny.) When it all comes down to it, I like my name, but I tend to like more unisex names that arent so girly. My middle name is Marissa

05/17/2023 09:34:48

My name is Amanda and I don't meet too many othe's with he'same name. I haven't been made fun of either.

05/13/2023 09:28:42

My name is Amanda and my experience with it is that kids went Aman-da but i always laugh along with them

05/12/2023 17:01:14

they spell it worng but pronouce it correctly i have never met anyone else with the'same name as me.

05/06/2023 01:43:58

everyone named amanda goes through the A MAN DUH stage but when you look back on it its kinda funny. right now im 15 and people call me a man duh from time to time. but whatever. but the main nickname i have is amander because when i was in 8th grade i had a teacher from new zealand and thats how It'sounded when she'said it. but mostly amander and manda. i like my name now.:)

05/04/2023 18:34:50

I am currently a boy but not for long, I am looking for a new name for when I become a girl . And I am considering 3 names currently Amanda, Meghan or Melissa. So all you Amanda's do you think I'd like being named Amanda? And if I do become Amanda I'm thinking of using meghan as my middle name.

05/01/2023 01:14:18

This is my name andi love it, people are always complimenting me on how its such a pretty and unique name.

04/20/2023 10:08:34

My name is Amanda. Picked by my parents in 1995 because they thought "This Isn't that popular of a name" Riiiiight. I too, had many Amanda's in my classes and I was known for a long time as Amanda C. Annoying! I do like my name though. And the A-man-dah thing is SO lame and over done!

04/16/2023 07:59:02

My name is Amanda and let me tell you. I love that name'since my mom named me that name'since 1997 (the year I was born). I have no trouble with that name except in middle school when'this stupid boy Jesse Mcguire called me A-Man-Duh, but I got over it. It doesn't bother me anymore now that I have moved on with my life. Still waiting to be re-register to college though. And I have no problem being called Mandy either. Seriously, what is wrong with the nickname Mandy? My twin sister calls me that all the time and I have no problem with that.

04/16/2023 04:45:04

My name is Amanda and people always say AmanDUH! But I am a well put together beautiful young lady.

04/08/2023 12:11:20

Oh boo hoo. The A MAN DUH thing is funny, so shut up about it. And Amanda really is a pretty name -- just wayyyyy too common

04/08/2023 08:22:06

well caitlyn is my name and i luv it but on my birth day every 1 spells it wrong i still luv bein different though

04/06/2023 04:03:22

I habe gone to 2 schools as i am in high school and I have only met one amandaa!! my name is amanda and i did go through the a-man-dahhh stagee [ But, my name means LOVABLEE ]]] thats somethingg good and im kinda glad i dont have a wierd name like some other peoplee .. AMANDAA IS A MADD NAMEE myy nick names are mandyy, manda panda, manda and other'stuff... im surprised no1 has the nickname mandyy.. ] byeee

03/28/2023 11:41:20

Some actually ask HOW to spell it!?!? Heard that your favorite word is your name, and I'm cool with that. I am such an Amanda. But every time I go to Mexico, the locals always call me Amanda Miguel - the'singer. It's pretty funny. I don't mind.

03/28/2023 04:38:08

Yes I have issues with people spelling my name wrong but for the most part I like my name and my grandma gave me that name because she like the way It'sound and it is from the bible

03/27/2023 19:31:30

G'day from Australia, My name is Amanda Lee & I love the name. I always get Mandy, but I do (secretyly) wish they would call me Amanda. I'm forty now, and have been called both names over the years, but really love Amanda

03/23/2023 05:19:00


03/22/2023 11:05:44

I live in Australia so I have never had another Amanda in my class but i have heard of them in other grades.... I went through the whole A-Man-duh stage 2, but im sooo glad that it was only 1 kid n only lasted 4 like a couple of days b4 the girl realised that no1 thought it was cool.... im sooo glad ive got gr8 people who look after me!! So a word 2 all the Amanda's out there BE HAPPY with what name u have, i think a lot of people r just jealous of u cause they dont have a gr8 name with 'lovable' as the meaning of their name!!! :D

03/19/2023 05:30:32

So yeah my name is Amanda. I am 15 and yeah just like all other Amanda's I went through the A-MAN-DUH stage too. But lucky for me people have grown up. I still dont really like my name but its what my mom gave me so Im keeping it. But I do have many nicknames. People call me Mandaline. Mandalynn. Mandalin. Mandi. Mandiish(concidering I speak my own made up language called Mandiish) Manda Panda. Manda Banana. Manderine. Alot of things. So if your name is Amanda and you dont like it just think your name could be worse. And since our name is old not many people have it anymore. Did you know Amanda means loveable and daughter of god? It also means god angel. So enjoy your name. <3

03/18/2023 21:16:48

I am Amanda, and I never liked that it was SO popular in my age group (born in early 80's). I was bossy as a kid so I got the nickname "Amanda Demanda". I love the name but I often get called Miranda, Samantha, or some other'standard girl name, as It'seems Amanda does not stick in people's heads.

03/16/2023 04:02:12

my name is Amanda i think its cool my friends call me mandy or amand there is only two Amandas in my school

03/09/2023 21:51:34

my names amanda, and i've gotten'that whole a-man-DUH! its getting seriously oldd. my nicknames are mandy, mandaa, etc. any ideas

03/06/2023 16:34:00

my name's amanda.... i've had one person go 'knock! knock' 'who's there?' 'amanda.' 'amanda who?' 'didn't you hear me? i said a man duh!'. my brother, friend and mother call me manna...

03/05/2023 14:24:38

I'm an English Amanda, I haven't had it changed to A-man-duh although I have on occasion been called Manda which is not too bad neither is Mandy though I draw the line at Man.

02/25/2023 00:58:56

i have the name Amanda and people say things about my name. i don't let it get to me. Anyone who's name is Amanda and gets made fun of, just ignore it.

02/21/2023 15:16:52

wow there is alot of people that'spelt it the way i do......WOW

02/20/2023 15:28:34

I love the name Amanda. Everyone always tells me I have an incredibely beautiful name! I'd have to agree! It is beautiful. The names meaning "deserving of great love" always makes me feel good to think about.

02/18/2023 21:27:00

I FRIGGEN LOVE MY NAME!! i am soo lucky!! there was this guy who used to call be AA MAN DAHHH...i didn't really care but anyways..a year later.. in grade 7 this guy ended up being mine! he was my boyfriend<3 i love him and my name<<<3 love: Amanda<3

02/13/2023 14:11:46

haha ive had people calling me a-manda-duh! my whole life. me and my friends would joke saying 'look ther's a manda! duh!' so funny. ive been'through it and still get it to this day. i get manda, manderz, amanderz, salamander, amanda panda, and a lot more. its really cool. i know ill get to remember all the fun i had with my name.

02/13/2023 05:58:02

My name is Amanda and I hate It'so much. There are no original nicknames to go with my name and I absolutley hate it when people call me "mandy" or "manda". I feel like this is a very over'sed name and I truly wish I would have been named something else. I too have been called A-Man-Duh and I can't stand it. I apolagize to any other Amanda's who are reading this but I honestly hate the name "Amanda"

02/08/2023 23:59:16

My name is Amanda And I had 4 Amandas in my grade 5 & 6 classes. We had to go with the lasy initial. Amanda M, Amanda S, Amanda B and Amanda Y. Then'that year- at a girls camp, I'met An Amanda with the'same last name- and same middle initial. That was confusing.

02/06/2023 21:08:42

well, I am 13 and I realyy want to change my name to Alexis and then I could go by Lexy or Ally. I hope I wil get to change my name to Alexis!!

02/02/2023 02:31:42

im in 8th grade and i hate the name Amanda. Almost every girl i know has the name Amanda. And I also hear "A man DUH." i absolutley hate it

01/31/2023 12:01:44

Amanda iz a bit of a common name i personally like names which iz not very popular! I

01/28/2023 14:40:16

my name is Amanda too. i have had people say the a-man-duh joke too. every where i go i see at least one Amanda, it can be cool,and i love the name (even'though it is easy to make fun of). but other than that, my problem lies in my full name, which happens to have the initals AAA. that has been'the worst part.

01/28/2023 09:40:30

My Name is Amanda when i was younger people would say she's A-MAN-DUH, oh i hated it. Thank god its not like that now, but i still don't really like.

01/25/2023 20:15:08

my names amanda, and i do think its a good name but in the'same sense that it is very common; i know at least 7 amandas in the'same age group as myself among countless othe's. but besides that i think its a wonderful name, so to all the negitive people, SOD OFF

01/25/2023 18:11:42

I love my name... Amanda =) I also think it is elegant and strong as well as being very classic. I hate being called 'Mandy' and as soon as I was old enough to confidently speak my mind, I told people My name is Amanda" and was always very proud! I enjoy some of the nick names I have though: Eh-man, Amandrew, Sallymander... not soo bad!

01/25/2023 12:01:24

I haven't always appreciated my name. I think that its very elegant and strong now that I am older.

01/25/2023 01:26:36

my names also Amanda and i also hate the a-man-duh joke, but other than that i like my name...

01/24/2023 16:55:14

My name is amanda and I really like my name it is common but I stil love it my mom name me amanda because she thought it was a beautiful name, where I was born I was the only one in the'school with a name like amanda but since I came to the united states I'meet more and more people with my name and sometimes its fun being class and the teacher gets me confuse with the other amandas.

01/23/2023 15:03:30

My name is amanda too. I hate the whole "amanda show" crap. I like being called mandy though, I think it fits me better.

01/21/2023 11:20:02

I love my name! my mom named me after miss.kitty from gunsmoke (Amanda Blake.) i've heard it all, A man duh,i've got a daughter,niece,granddaughter,friend,mother,cousin etc...named Amanda, but you know what? my name is always complimented and when someone tells me they know someone with my name i tell them they are very lucky, they have a beautiful name.

01/19/2023 15:15:02

A-MAN-DUH Thats what I'm talking about...loving the Amanda's out there

01/15/2023 21:01:36

HI'my name is amanda i dont often get called Amanda normally i get called manda most people dont say the "A" people getting to lazy, i dont care that people tease it cause every name gets teased! what can you do. i like the name amanda tis cool =D i say thumbs up! hehe

01/11/2023 18:52:04

My beatiful daughter, age 35, is Amanda Kristen. I feel it is the most wonderful name. She is very pretty inside and outside. As a baby and little girl, she was Mandy. When I was pregnant with her, I'met a pretty little girl named Amanda who they called Mandy. That was the day I chose my daughter's name.

01/05/2023 03:52:26

kids can make fun of any name. Amanda is a great name. I am 15 and I only have met 2 other Amanda's. "Amazing Amanda"

01/05/2023 00:20:50

my name has been amanda my whole life. i was named after melrose place (the tv show). not many people call me mandy, I'mostly get get mannders. i absolutely hate it when people say you are a MAN duh!

01/03/2023 16:01:10

i think amanda is a very pretty name and i dont hate my parents for naming me amanda but i hate it ther's over 20 amandas in my school im a very unque person and id much rather have a more unque name but my sisters name is ashley and thats common to so i guess i cant hate!

01/01/2023 09:39:00

I'm yet another Amanda. I really always liked my name. When I was a lot younger, I went through the'same A-Man-Duh joke that every other Amanda seems to go through, but I haven't heard it in a long time. Some of my nicknames are Manda, Manda-Panda (my favorite), Manderine (mainly from my mom, Mandalyn, and Manner.

12/30/2022 14:09:16

my name is amanda 2 and i actually like it.i do get called a lot of different things like a-man-da,mandy,a-man-duh duh duh duh duh and its gotten funny i like my name

12/28/2022 22:28:46

My name is Amanda, and when I was little, my friends always said.. becuase she's a MAN duhh! I was nerved then, but now, i've only met a handful of Amanda's, and I'm proud to be an Amanda.

12/27/2022 17:40:42

I Think My Name It Great. I Used To Called .. ' Milly Molly Mandy ' ... From The'song ' Milly Molly Mandy Sweet As Sugar Candy ýý' .. I'm Still Going Through The'stage A-Man-Duh .. Buh I'make The Joke, So Other People Wont.The Joke Is Just Over-rated And Over-Used =P .. I Like The Meaning Of The Name Amanda Aswell .. ' Amanda - She Who Must Beh Loved' Or ' Amanda - Loveable In Latin' ..

12/26/2022 08:28:08

My name is Amanda-Katherine. My parents knew they would have only one child so they named me after both my grandmothe's. I perfer to go by Amanda-Kay and i find my name is very origional in that it is a common name but used uncommonly. I think more people should consider making a common place over used name more personalized by adding something else to it.

12/25/2022 16:18:18

Hey well my name is Amanda. I had to go through the whole a-MAN-duh joke but it never really bugged me. I also had all the guys singing the Amanda Show theme song or calling me Amanda Bynes, which I guess Isn't so bad since she's really pretty.... I have a bunch of nicknames: Manda, Manders, Amandster, Da, Ata, Moose (from softball) and all the common stuff.

12/19/2022 10:07:40

My friends name is Amanda and so is my sisters. I think it is the most popular name in my school. If we want to talk about someone named Amanda we have to say their last name to because there is so many that we wont know who they are talking to.

12/19/2022 03:04:28

I like the name Amanda It's common, but its pretty. I often get teased but it does not bother me.

12/17/2022 14:55:34

my name is amanda and i think its a great name its very girly and all the thumbs down shut up AMANDA ROCKS!!!

12/14/2022 14:55:24

My name is Amanda, i find the name is getting less and less popular but was very popular in the 80's....I hate being called Mandy

12/13/2022 14:14:12

So when I was about 5 years old and my cousin was 4, she was calling me names like Amanda panda and stuff like that and I got mad at her and said my name is a man duh and she'said how about I just call you duh and that has been my nickname ever'since and I am 19 now.

12/11/2022 01:59:22

my name is amanda chatz,i love my name because of its meaning, "she who must be loved" I'must be loved and im loved.... ther's power in names hey.......

12/08/2022 21:23:00

I used to hate my name but I love it! ..My entire life most of my family has called me mandy so it doesn't bother me. My sister calls me MandiiLynn..Cause my middle name is lynn and i rather'spell mandy with 2 i's than a Y lol

12/08/2022 12:16:22

does any one have anything better to do than to talk about their names??

12/08/2022 11:05:50

My name is amanda i noticed when i was younger that nobody pronounces the A like it is silent or something. i now go by the name Manda i looked it up once it means loveable or god of the occult It'sounds cool and i haven't heard of anyone else called that. Until i googled it yesterday.

11/29/2022 17:15:38

my name is amanda and I love the fact that there are enough amanda's in the world to make up a small amanda army. when I was younger I used to get teased with the typical aman DUH! but I would always smartly reply, uh, do I look like a man? NO. I hope that I really -am- deserving of great love.

11/27/2022 16:28:30

My name is Amanda to. People also call me 'aman-duh'. But I don't take it to personal. :)

11/27/2022 07:39:30

I am an Amanda... I love my name... That joke A-MAN-DA is old and I still hear it from my little brother all the time... I have been called Manda - Manna (I have been Aunt Manna going on 6 yrs now) - Manders - MandaPanda - Ananda - Manda-bo-banda and even Adanama my mom most of the time wld just say "Man" (I hate Mandi) never liked getting called that... Manders and Manna has stuck with me the longest... but what is it with people always wanting to call me Amber... Happens to me all the time... Anyway I love my name and thats a wrap!

11/24/2022 22:38:38

Omg my name is soo lucky..seriously..there was this hot guy at my school named Daniel. he used to call me A MAN dah!!but then'the year later that guy ended up being my boyfriend. I LOVE HIM!! AND MY NAME!!<<3

11/24/2022 14:42:32

My name is amanda and I still get the A-MAN-DUH jokes all the time. I also get Amanda Hug and kiss all the time as well. (thank Simpsons)but thankfully that nickename for me has been'toned down to H.K. for hug and Kiss. Another common nickname I get is Amanda Panda what makes that funny is that I'm half chinese, and pandas are mostly found in china.

11/24/2022 08:49:52

My name is amanda too but I love it , yes people say 'aman-duh' but I just think of them being jealous.

11/20/2022 01:58:12

Amandalynn (song title by band 'Boston' for Amanda, Tribute to Monroe with Lynn) is my name but Amanda closest match

11/15/2022 06:28:18

I think it is soooooooooooo cute and catahy

11/14/2022 23:07:28

lol ther's alot of amandas out there XD but i guess i like my name, dont really think about it much and like almost everyone on this page i went through the whole amanda nickname-phase... sucked. My friends all just call me amanda and i'd like to say HI -waves- to all the other amandas out there :D

11/14/2022 10:46:52

I like it - I usually get called Manda, Mandy, Mandydoll,Mandamoo, Manda Panda or Auh-Man-Duh!haha x

11/13/2022 13:02:00

hi. my names amanda, like everyone else commenting. i never really had a problem with my name. in 3rd grade i wanted to change it to alyssa, but just cuz i love that name. i hate the nickname mandy when i was a kid, but now people call me it all the time and i love it, but they spell it mandi. when ever I'met new people, they always asked me "oh, do you get people saying A-MAN-DUH! all the time?" and the truth was no. when i was little, I'might have gotten it once in kindergarden in my first year of elemetary school, but really no one did that. UNTIL RECENTLY!!! im in 7th grade, 13 years old. i have a huge crush on this kid, and im not sure how but all of a sudden, like a week ago, him and his friends will not quit doing it. it bothe's me. i dont care if its someone else, but not the kid i like. i really need a new come-back for it, but i dont know. thats the only thing i hate about my name, but other than that, i dont feel its too bad. its just common, and of course i love some names way better, but i can live with it for now :P lol <3

11/12/2022 22:20:20

i cant stand the "a man duh" joke--It's been sooo over used!! I'meet people with my name'sometimes, and i hate always getting confused with the other Amanda. Also, my nickname's mindy, and i like that because It's different from most of the other Amandas

11/10/2022 16:33:26

My name is amanda. I love my name. Ive also gone through the whole "A-MAN-DUH" stuff and people still do it. Honestly i like it. Sometimes i right my name like that, amanduh or manduh. I find it funny. Some of my nicknames are manda, andy mandzia etc. AMANDA'S ROCK!

11/08/2022 16:56:50

my name is amanda, but sometimes i get made fun of it. people are always saying "hey look its a man" then someone else saying "duh!" and then'they laugh. I just laugh it off with them but im getting sick of it. I love the name except it easy to make fun of it.

11/05/2022 07:50:02

My name is Amanda and I am called Amanda. The only person that called me Mandy was my great grandmother. Amanda is a very popular name and I am very glad to be named that!

11/01/2022 17:25:50

In regards to any trans people considering this name: it has the word "man" as part of it, you may want to avoid that. (A man, duh!) Most Amandas I have met were gossipy and all about the drama, or had very loud personalities, thus ruining the name for me.

10/30/2022 12:31:50

I love the name Amanda, mine is Amanda Marie, nicknamed manders never mandy lol. I love it because it means deserving of love and I think It's beautiful. :)

10/30/2022 09:00:14

I seriously don't understand why anyone would name a child this. I think It's a silly sounding name. It's like panda or bandana. It's just an overeused name from the '80s. If anyone is intent on an A name, I'much prefer the more sophisticated and feminine Ava or Alexandra.

10/26/2022 08:18:52

my name is amanda and my mom picked because she thought it was beautiful.every one always thinks It's just so histerical to say "oh, It's aman...duh!!!. It's also very common but pretty. i wish my parents called me amanda but i was named mandy from birth and It'stuck!!i also like how it means much loved or lovable...It'sbeautiful!!,love AMANDA

10/25/2022 11:26:54

one of my friends name is amanda i call her mand-o and she calls me madd-o (my name is maddie) hehe weired but amazing

10/24/2022 23:41:34

well my name its yajaira and idk if i like it alot but it fells good that not evrybody have this name'so thats kinda of cool!!!

10/23/2022 06:32:54

I think its a wonderful name. I have two friends named Amanda and they are both very nice. Additionally its a romatic name to say. ( well i think so) so loveable

10/22/2022 20:33:22

haha my name is Amanda as well! but everyone calls me manda i always used to hate my name, but its alright. i dont think it fits me well, im always thinking of other names. hopefully my future kids dont hate their names, i wish that my name was more original, there are just too many amanda's lol. obviously haha. im naming my future daughter jaelyn brylee, i think its really original and not that common. but yea my name is just wayyy to common.

10/22/2022 07:19:52

my name is amanda and when i was little i was made fun of a lot because people use to call me a man duh.. and i hated it even'though i love and am really proud of my name.

10/19/2022 17:54:30

My name is Amanda. My mom named me Amanda after one of her favourite characters on the old show "Another World"

10/17/2022 21:14:14

My name is Amanda. i really like the name, but ashley would fit me too. I really love the name Jade.

10/13/2022 23:11:34

i love my name amanda because it fits me so well. All the things written about the name match me. It is a sweet name for a little girl and a beautiful name for an adult

10/11/2022 16:31:46

oh course i went throught the a man duh stage as well but people never'said it too much. i never really thought the fit my personality, though its a pry cool name. i dont have anybody in my class with the name and i know about lik 4 people with the name. nicknames of mine have been-- manda manda panda panda bear manana mandy(which i dont lik the most)

10/10/2022 23:29:02

Amanda is very good name to have, my sister is called Amanda. However, its unfortunate that it can be fragmented into funny but quizical jokes as well as be used in rhymes (e.g. "Amanda the Panda" - I think its cute but she'scorns it!), I think its outright rude to have silly [fictional?] products named after Amanda (e.g. the Amanda Doll)... Amanda is good name, just too shall I say- popular?

10/09/2022 04:34:34

my name is amanda to and i went throught alot of the A man duH JOKES SOOOO old!

10/08/2022 18:35:02

my name is amanda i love my name but i go by manda or mandy i like manda the best but back to the point amanda's the best name you can give a girl

10/08/2022 18:17:24

My dh and I have always loved the name Amanda, and saved it for a daughter. When we adopted our baby girl from China, we chose Amanda Li, because it means "beloved and beautiful". We were told (by those who named our baby the morning they found her at the orphanage gate), that her Chinese name also means,"beautiful and 'hopes that'she'll be loved'". While Amanda might seem like a common name, she'll always know that it wasn't given'to her by accident! As far as nicknames, since Amanda seems so elegant for a little baby, we sometimes call her Manda Li or Panda Li or Manda Panda, but Mandy just doesn't fit her. I hope she doesn't hate her name when she's older.

10/08/2022 07:07:20

My name is Aman-DUH too! I think It's very feminine and pretty. I love the meaning and the fact that no one misspells or mispronounces it but it is common. And anytime someone says we have a mandatory meeting I almost think they said my name. My husband calls me Manna and I think that's cute :)

10/07/2022 09:57:44

My daughter Amanda loves her name and so do I, obviously. It is a strong and solid name while at the'same time being gentle and beautiful.

10/06/2022 21:19:30

My name is Amanda, but I go by Mandy because people say,"She is a man! Duh!"

10/03/2022 23:05:08

Okay , Uhmm My name is Amanda . And Tell you the truth. I am 13 now. And of course when you were younger , every kid wants to change their name. I'mean I did also. And yes there are kids in my classes that call me A-Man-DUH. But I changed my mind again. I like my name. I like it because it is original. And I also like it because My Wonderful mom gave me that name. (:

09/30/2022 06:02:14

My name's Amanda , I HATE It'soooo much. I'mean its a pretty name, but it doesn't fit me at all. Everyone thinks I'm some preppy white girl when I really like a laid back, chill afriacan-american.

09/29/2022 05:56:18

Ok well my name is Amanda and i like my name. As for you who say that "a man duh!" is funny, its not its stupid... making fun of someones name is like making fun of someones race... they didnt choose it... and if you make fun of there name, whats so perfact about yours? you may be joking, but no matter what, its never ok to say somthing that goes against the way someone else is... unless your name is amanda also, because you know then know what it feels like... otherwhize keep your mouth shut! its not funny, its not nice... its annoying!

09/16/2022 10:49:28

omg totalllyyy my name is Amanda too! i don't like it. i get all that'stuff. " manda manda manda show" that'show with amanda bynes. and i get amna da hug and kiss... A-MAN-DUH. but non the less i love the name amanda. it means love!!! :)]]

09/14/2022 20:01:52

I love my name people always tease me like A Man Duh! But I dont care any more because i've learned thoes guys are sooooooo imutre.

09/13/2022 15:49:04

amanda is one of my favorite names. its so nice sounding and i could just say it over and over again. though its really common i havent knowen'that many amandas.

09/12/2022 17:11:18

my name is amanda. my parents and grandmother call me manda. my friends call me amanda. never mandy. ew

09/08/2022 21:47:20

Right gender for the name and an cute one! (For girls not boys cause they are dumb which is the people how are making the website)

08/28/2022 15:23:42

"Amanda" meaning worthy of love has been a very auspicious name for me since I feel very loved by famly and friends.

08/18/2022 22:04:12

My name is amanda 2 and i dont c any 1 not bein an amanda... i love my name because i think its a gorgeos name and i wouldnt like to be named jessica because tht is even more common. I only get teased by people who no me and i ignore them

06/29/2022 13:21:18

yea It's my name and I like it. It's very unique name and you don't hear of to many people having this name.

06/23/2022 06:22:48

my name is amanda and although i have often met people with this name as well it doesn't bother me. i love my name and i think it has a beautiful meaning, worthy of love or lovable. Plus i've been complimented on it numerous times and no one has ever mispelled or mispronounced it. plus it translates the'same in so many different languages, like in italian it means lovely.

06/18/2022 07:25:48

i do have the name amanda and yes some persons pronounce it incorrectly. but i really think its a lucky name because most of the time i have luck.

05/11/2022 14:29:42

its the best name of thhe world is mistery love you

05/09/2022 05:45:54

my names amanda too(: haha yaa i have been'through the whole A-MAN-DUHH & amanda please &amanda; panda and all that crap& some guys at my skool call me amansack.....retarded i kno! haha but i usually go by amanda and some of my friends call me manda and my friends kendall calls me manders and i call her kenders haha...& some guys call me backflip cus ima cheerleader, haha but watever i dont mind any of the names just i dont really like the name mandy. or amansackk but who wud like tht name(: haha but i kinda like my name but not that much.i dont really think it fits me but alll my friends think it does..but i like my first name with my middle name.....Amanda Brook.....i think It'sounds really good(and yaa Brook is spelled with no "e")haha so yaa that my amanda storyy(: haha

05/07/2022 15:20:06


04/29/2022 17:00:54

My name is Amanda. I think everyone has their name made fun of. I like being named Amanda. It's common enough that people don't think It's freaky but It's not as boring as some of the other common names out there (like Sarah or Nicole). I only like being called Amanda or Manda. I hate Mandy, It's too "American cheerleader" for me (I'm an Aussie girl). Best thing is it never gets spelled incorrectly which would annoy me so much if I had another name!

04/26/2022 00:15:36

I absolutely love my name.... The name itself is worthy of love ! :)

03/09/2022 22:14:06

HI'my name is amanda I'm a junior in high school and everyone calls me manda, i hate the name amanda and i also hate that its such a popular name

03/09/2022 14:54:54


03/06/2022 02:44:06

My name is amanda and i really think It'suits me even'though i don't like it that much. I used to get tired of kids calling me "A-man-duh!" or "Amandapanda" but icouldn't see myself with any other name.

03/03/2022 18:55:12

i love my name my friends and family call me manda panda and or manda bear( short for panda which is a bear) i love it!! i also love that little kids when'they say my name thay dont say the a part they just call me manda its cool!the only thing i dont like about my name is when people call me mandy it makes me sound like a little girl!!

02/21/2022 01:48:18

I really like my name (yes, its amanda) i always get the "its a man...duh!" STUFF. its annoying but i dont care. i get the Amanda Manda Manda Manda Manda showwww thing a lot too. not as much as i used to, but it happens XD

02/20/2022 12:04:48

my name is amanda it is easy to find on gift items and souvinears no one pronounces it wrong, lots of people are named it

01/27/2022 04:18:36

I'm Amanda, but I don't like any of the common nicknames like Mandy.

01/26/2022 22:49:12

Well my name is also Yadira and I'm inlove with it. People always pernounce it wrong and they also call me yadi or yaya.Oh well i still love my name.

01/26/2022 20:59:24

My daughter is Amanda Grace. I named her that because I knew she'd be "worthy of love" and "full of grace". She is beautiful and the name'suits her perfectly.

01/23/2022 12:28:12

i don't like it too much as it is sooo common! i'd never change it, though, since i wouldn't know what to change it to! i usualy go by "Mana" anyway. One day i hope to live in a different country where people will find my name odd and mispronounce it!! xD

01/16/2022 19:25:48

omg my names amanda 2!XD like every guy calls me A-MAN-DUH and mostly everyone is like oh amanda they likeyou...and i think they do! i also have like 7 friends that are amanda and everytime someone calls out amanda and were all next to eachother were like "which one?" its fun tho ]

01/10/2022 14:17:06

I don't like it! It looks really pretty written, but It's ugly when you say it, it reminds me of A MAN DUH...... I would hate to say to someone "Hi I'm A Man Duh" when You're a girl, It's just really dumb!!! DON'T NAME YOUR KIDS AMANDA BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL MAKE FUN OF THEM!!! If would like your kid to be called Mandy, just name it Mandy forget A MAN DUH!!!

12/18/2021 14:32:24

It's my name and I love it It's such a pretty name!

12/12/2021 12:08:24

My name is Amanda and it all depends on the day if I like it or not. Now that I'm not in High School anymore It's not so bad. But then I never had a class without there being at least 3 or 4 other "Amanda's".

12/10/2021 20:47:42

My name is Amanda, as a young child I was called Mandy. I didn't like it much, It'sounded condescending and cutesy. I just wanted to be taken seriously. I'moved areas in my early twenties and always introduced myself as Amanda, and that is what I am known as now. I never had that Aman-duh thing, I live in England and we just dont pronounce it that way. Some say Amander. That makes me chuckle!

12/07/2021 18:40:48

I love my name its Cute... When people call me A MAN DUH... i just proudly say "yes it has three syllables can we grow up now?" ... I have a few nicknames as well they are all up there already But my brother calls me Adnama :) lol

12/05/2021 04:27:36

My names Amanda. When I was younger I didn't really like my name but now that I have grown up a bit, I have decided I actually quite like it. When I was in school, I used to get called A-man-duh alot. That was so annoying!! Nicknames that my friends have given me are manda or mand. My mum calls me panda. I only know four people (including myself) with the name Amanda. I also like my name now because Ive found out the real meaning for it, 'She who must be loved'.

11/21/2021 22:57:18

Yo dawg, I peeped yo message. I'm Jamin as well. It is indeed a cool name. Many people mispronounce so I often go by jay. Ok, well I gotta go to work now but it was nice chatting with you.

11/19/2021 03:14:42

my nAME IS amanda i am 10 and i HATE my class they all call me a-man-duhhh i am a women'they say are you a women or a man and stert laghfing and i want to puch the face so love you

11/11/2021 16:49:12

i've grown to love my name and think the meaning is cool. There are so many worse names out there. I have never heard of the A-man-duh thing in my life but i've had A-man-da hug and kiss like once. Lol I know of a feminist who changed her name to Awomanda because she didn't like having "man" in the middle of her name. Pity coz woman still has man in it. :P

11/05/2021 09:50:42

I think I'might like the name Amanda if I hadn't been carrying it around all my life. I like names that mean something, and Amanda is a Latin gerundive which is usually translated as "worthy of love" though a more literal translation is "one who should be loved." While this name definitely needs to be retired for a few years, I think it will be pretty to use again in a generation or two.

11/05/2021 00:41:42

I like my name Amanda, I had a best friend from the time I was two until the end of highschool named Amanda too. The meaning defines me perfectly and besides that A MAN DUH is not my nickname it is Da manda cause I get what I want.

11/03/2021 23:59:24

my name is amanda. one of girl called me bec It's sound name a man DUH.. i love dis name. hehe also other name is mandy. mostly peeps call me mandy. :D

10/26/2021 22:00:36

I am a teacher and I HATE HATE HATE the name overdone! I have at least four Amanduhs in each class each year and It's not cute anymore! Do NOT name your girl Amanda unless you are into clones or minions. BORING!!!

10/13/2021 10:06:00

My mother named me after her Cherokee grandmother, and said she was afraid of her, and never once saw her'smile. The name means ?worthy of love? in Latin, I'm trying to earn the title. It's popular in France for strippers, hookers, and female impersonators. All told, it is a name of power.

09/15/2021 04:05:06

I like my name and its meaning, althought you would probably never guess it. I think my father (whom named me) made a great choice with it. I don't mind that It's common, by some standards. It's a nice name, and I'm happy to have it.

09/12/2021 14:46:48

my name is amanda, and im proud of it. i think It's a pretty name. i don't care what othe's think of me as it is, so if they think amanda is a weird name, theyre probably insecure about their name. =D

09/07/2021 21:19:12

YEAH!! My name is Kaitlin obviously or I wouldn't be posting on here. Well I love my name!! I love the way it is spelled and I only know one person who spells their name like me also but now I know five other people which is totally awesome. Everyone pronounces my name right but they can't spell it right. I can't stand that! I have a friend that'spells her name Katelyn but I don't like that'spelling because it is very boring. I hate having to telling every one how to spell my name because they always want to spell it with a "y" but It's not!! I LOVE MY NAME!!!

08/11/2021 20:35:06

My name is Amanda and i like it beacause It's a pretty name and it means love...but i dont like it because i am always getting made fun of " Amanda is a man duh" i am always getting made fun of

08/05/2021 15:26:24

Hey you fellow Amandas!! I share your school ground experiences with the ever'so popular "she's a man....duh!" Oh god, bad memories, but hey, its one of the most popular names, so we are definetly not alone

08/01/2021 08:02:42

This is my name. nowhere can i actually find alisha written on things it always spelled alicia. Ever'sence i was little ive been looking to find objects like when i was in school i always wanted the pencils, pens, notebooks that'said Alisha but it was always spelled alicia

08/01/2021 05:18:00

It is true that no one mis-pronounces it but it is just too common. I have always been in classes with other Amanda's and worked with other Amanda's.

07/19/2021 10:46:30

yeah thats my cousins name !! __

07/09/2021 15:37:12

amandas also my name and i love it! people used to say "amanda please"nto me all the time but i dont mind since im a big fan of amanda bynes. i wish this name was less popular but other than that,im proud to hav it

07/07/2021 15:07:30

I love the name Amanda, its great!! They always have our name for Key Chains and magnets because its so commom.

07/06/2021 07:06:00

my name is also Amanda, imagine that! Growing up I really didn't like it, kids made fun of is a lot by saying, "Hey look! It's Aman-Duh!" But i guess you get use to things like that after a while. My name is very common I would imagine that everywhere I go there is a least one to two people that are saying the name Amanda but not talking to me. I guess one gets use to that after awhile also. I do like my name, It's mine after all, but when I have children I don't think that I would name my child a name that is so common.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Amanda?
The origin of the name Amanda is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Amanda?
Fit To Be Loved, Lovable
*️⃣ How many people are named Amanda?
Almost 789000 people are named Amanda.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Amanda?
The names of Amaris, Ambrose, Amarissa, Amarius, Ameris