Anastasia meaning

: Resurrection

Anastasia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-nasta-sia, an(as)-tasia\
Number of People 👶 46,000
Rate in 2021 382
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Anastasia Name Meaning

The name is Anastasia is a name that has bern mostly used for girls all around the world. This name is originally Greek and also it is derived from the Greek word “ anástasis “, meaning “ resurrection “. Although it is mentioned that this name is suitable for both girls, it is more popular in Eastern Europe and Russia.


Cool Info About Name Anastasia

Additional name description Anastasia
Additional name description Anastasia


Popularity of the name Anastasia

This name is not a popular name in Nevada in the year 1992. Only 7 babies were named “ Anastasia “ in Nevada in the year 1992. A total of only 741 babies also near the same first name during that year in the Unites States of America.

The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2018 with a total of 1880 babies. Also the name Anastasia was recorded 44566 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 10 new born babies. The all time high record for this name was in the year 2017 in the state of Kansas with 29 babies.

Also this name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of Alaska for six years from 1987 to 2018 and for the past 5 decades, the given name was recorded 38941 times in the SSA public database.


Personality of the name Anastasia

Here we have the letter analysis of the name,

A is for agreeable, the best side of you!

N is for natural, the genuine side of you.

A is for able, for you surely are.

S is for smile, it gives you face value.

T is for treasure, that of your friendship.

A is for accord, the harmony you spread.

S is for superb, a great attitude about life.

I is for inspire, others seek your guidance.

A is for advantage, for you are blessed with many.

Here we have the letter analysis of the name,

Actually the true meaning of this name, cannot be described with just a few sentences. Your name can be your heart’s desire, destiny and also personality.Your intelligence and brightness will enable you to achieve great goals in your lifetime. You are a master builder!Respected by many and considered an authority on many subjects. A downside to your personality is stubbornness.


Famous people named Anastasia

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Baranova

Anastasia Grishina

Anastasia Pivovarova

Anastasia Griffith

Anastasia Myskina

Anastasia Rodionova

Anastasia Zurkalova

Anastasia Romanovna

Anastasia Prikhodko


Similar names to the name Anastasia

Alexander, Abigail, Aiden, Adam and Adrian

You can select the names mentioned as your next babies as Anastasia’s siblings.

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Comments on the name Anastasia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Anastasia is my name and i love even'though most of the time i go by Ana people always say it is beautiful. Its a very unigue name and i actully dont know anyone name Anastasia. i would defantly name one of my children'that hopefully they would love it like i do. you can also make so many different nick names out of it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

As I am from Ireland and my parents are old fashioned my brother and I were called after our Grandparents. I got the name Anastatia which is said the'same way as Anastasia. The people in the hospital wrote my name down wrong on my birth cert so I spell it Anastasia. My Grandmother's nic name was "Sta". I am called Ana for short. When I was little I got teased about my name alot and often got called nasty names, I use to hate my name. But now that I am older I really love my name as it makes me stand out of the crowd. In Ireland it was a common name for a girl, but as time went on it has been lost. I am glad that in other countries it is getting more popular.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Anastasia is a beautiful name for a girl. It is unique and you can get a ton of cool nicknames from it. I am going to name my baby Anastasia after the last Grand Duche's of Imperial Russia. If you name your daughter this take pride in knowing that you are naming her after a beautiful young girl with a great sense of humor and vivacious spirit. Even when she was a prisoner of war and had to endure horrible things, she kept her humor and joy with her and entertained her family through sorrow. She was executed with her family at only seventeen. I havea close spiritual relashionship with her and I know that my first girl is goingto be named after her.

01/02/2024 05:17:12

My name is Anastasia, and even'though it is often mispronounced (I am Russian, so I pronounce it AnastaSIa, not AnaSTAsia) I still love it to bits!

11/03/2023 16:06:18

Until I went to high school I'd never met another Anna, I thought it was a boring short name, and wanted a nickname. Then'there were 3 of us in my class..and I was called by my surname. I love it again now im older. I'm confused byt the Anna vs Ana pronounciations...I keep the a's and n's short..therefore I imagine like do other people say it❤️

10/08/2023 06:28:50

my name is Anastasia and i love it, at first i didnt but i think ive grown into It'so well :) and i love how my boyfriend calls me Nastia (Russian nickname for Anastasia) :)

10/01/2023 11:04:42

Anastasia is my name. I always get a positive reaction when I'meet new people. Also people will usually ask if I'm Russian. I'm actually Greek and I educate people that the name is actual Greek origin. The meaning of my name is what I like best about it, it means resurrection.

09/06/2023 04:29:30

My daughters name is Anastacia Rene. I chose that name for my first born when I was seven watching Cinderella. Its a beautiful, strong name that reflects her personality. Since she was born five years ago, I have always called her Anastacia. Although I do like Staci.

09/01/2023 12:48:50

My first name is Anastasia and I love both my name and its meaning! In my country It's spelled Ah-nah-stah-see-yah. But I also love English pronunciation. It means "resurrection - the one who will be born again". Everyone tells me my name is adorable when'they hear it. The only two things I dislike is that many people have trouble spelling it correctly and that because of It's len'th people will always try to shorten it. Nicknames people usually use for me are Annie, Ana, Stasia, Nastia. Even'though It's long, I love it just as it is. I dislike diminuitive Stacy. I only know one or two persons named Anastasia. I wouldn't mind giving the name or some of It's diminuitives to my daughter if I ever had one.

08/23/2023 14:34:08

I absolutely love my name even'though it gets mispronounced a lot one time on a skI'mountain i fell and girl named Anastasia helped me up she thought it was hysterical that we were the'same age and had the'same name but the name is unique and I love it

08/11/2023 14:33:28

This name reminds me of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show of the Nineties, where Miss Kimberly Ann Hart (played by Amy Jo Johnson) was the original and perhaps best-known Pink Power Ranger. In my eyes, and even'though she did leave the program eventually, she appeared to be an irreplaceable character, just like Trini really, even'though I coped quite well with Aisha now being the Yellow Ranger in Trini's place (at least this so-called "racI'm" with Trini being yellow-skinned, just like the original Black Ranger Zack being an actual black man, came to an end and not least because Aisha was he'self black-skinned while second Black Ranger Adam Park is both half-white and half-Korean).

08/07/2023 13:52:06

My daughters name is Anastasia. Named after a great aunt of mine. My great aunt's nickname was "Tate". I have no idea where that came from! We call my daughter "Taisie" (rhymes w/Daisy) as well as Anastasia. We get so many complements on her name!

07/10/2023 08:09:38

i think ariel analia or analia ariel is a good name for a girl

07/09/2023 03:21:34

My name is Anastasia Nicole. I love my name! When I was little, I didn't like it because I thought it was too long and because the wicked step-sister from Cinderella was named Anastasia (LOL) Now I have grown to love my name'so much. It has many nicknames and EVERYTIME I tell someone my name, I get a compliment! Usually It's "that's a very beautiful name!" Thanks mom!

07/01/2023 14:37:04

No offense, but Bess is a dumb name, dude. Anastasia, though it may be a mouthful, is a very beautiful and regal name. It means 'resurrection' in Greek.

06/04/2023 02:50:14

My name is Anastasia. My mom didn't do her research and used Stacey as my middle name rather than as a nickname. Like othe's, I was teased a lot as a child, so used Stacey most of the time. As an adult, I use Anastasia professionally. The bad news: my married name'starts with 'S' resulting in unfortunate initials. Parents beware!

04/26/2023 09:33:38

My granddaughters name is Anastasia her nickname is Zia. She is a beautiful and playful child. I didn't like the name at first but I love it now. So happy my son and daughter named her this!

04/10/2023 10:19:46

my name is Anastasia and i am 8 years old and everyone in my class spell my name wrong my mummy gave me tis name named after my grandmare were are greek so its traditinal forus to name are baby the'same with the gandpare and grandmare

04/10/2023 07:41:04

I love my name! I like the full version but also love all of my nicknames: Asia, Ana, Anya, and something I can't spell pronounced like "staige." I hate Stacy though, it just doesn't fit me or the name IMHO. I love the uniqueness of my name though, and everyone compliments it!

03/28/2023 00:13:38

My wife is Anastasia and my nickname for her is the middle sound "Staj", pronouned like "star" but with a "g" sound like the French "gigi" at the end. She loves the nickname and everyone now knows her by that name.

03/23/2023 06:47:10

I am greek my names Casaundra not cassandra and my daughters name is Anastasia. Also who would want the name bess❤️lmfao that's a horrendous name !!

03/15/2023 20:59:00

My youngest daughters name is anastasia and i think its a very beautiful and graceful name. Although she is 5 she is proud of her name as she'should be. Her nicknames are stasia stasge . People often misprounce her name as annastasia but she lets them know how to say it right lol

03/05/2023 05:18:00

Anastasia is my name. When I was little, I was called Zaza, but now everyone knows me as Stacy. When people find out my full name, they are always jealous because It's so long and beautiful. I always say, "Thank my parents!"

02/20/2023 01:57:26

I love this name because i have a friend that i have known scene 3rd grade i love the name Anastasia we call her'stasia.

02/04/2023 14:46:32

i think that anastasia is the most beautifuul name in the world. whenever i hear it i think of a beautiful girl who is very graceful, and statuesque with piercing eyes. It's one of those names that even'though you can short form it, i'd rather not.

01/19/2023 00:33:22

I think Anastasia is one of the most beautiful names i know. I first learned the name in a book about the last grand duche's Anastasia.

01/17/2023 23:16:54

It is my name and I absolutely love it. It is very generic in Eastern Europe, but I get compliments on it here in the US. Also, my initials are AS, as well, and no one pays attention to that.

01/06/2023 16:18:58

This is my name, and I love it. Mostly everyone pronounce my name wrong, and they don't know how to spell it. Since I am hispanic, maybe the way to pronounce it is different in English than Spanish. The only English speaking people never pronounce it the way it is. I haven't meet anyone with the'same name, but I heard it on tv once.

12/17/2022 21:05:52

I love my name! I also go by Stasia, Staige, or more commonly by my full name, Anastasia. I am actually 1/4 Greek and my name is Greek and not Russian. It means Resurrection and I was born 2 days after Easter. I have heard way too many compliments on my name ever'since i can remember.

12/11/2022 13:09:26

one of my friends is named Anastasia and so is her mom. her nick name is Analia and her moms is Stasia.i love the name i think its really pretty!

12/03/2022 06:46:56

My best friend is form Russia and her name is Anastasia ! She is so pretty and I think her name matches that !

11/18/2022 05:17:56

I baptized my daughter Anastasia, after my mother. She carries the name. We❤️re Greek and the name is very meaningful, meaning rise again or resurrection. With Greek Orthodox we also have name days. Anastasia❤️s name day is on Easter, due to the'significance of the meaning.

10/26/2022 09:47:02

the name is cute and it descries a beautiful and fun female

10/07/2022 03:12:10

My first name is Anastasia. I love the name and its' sound and amy happy to have it. However I'd much rather be called by my full name than by all the different nicknames. And there's that one nickname I absolutely loathe but it gets used almost all the time - Nastya. I also frequently get called Nastasia which I also dislike. I like Stasya or Asya but It's rarely used. Otherwise I'd never change my name, it means way too much for me.

10/05/2022 15:56:10

Contrary to popular misconception the name Anastasia is not a Russian one but a Greek one, it derives from the Greek word ıAnastasiı which means resurrection. My daughter's legal name is Anastasia.

09/29/2022 07:06:50

I chose Anastasia for my baptI'mal name. Obviously I had to have loved it to choose it. People call me Ana for short because Anastasia can be quite a mouthful to say. I adore most of the nicknames derived from it, but I hate "Stacy" with a passion. Not sure why, maybe It's because I don't pronounce it like the 2009 20th Century Fox movie (anna-stay-zhuh). I say it closer to the Greek/Russian way: ah-nuh-STAH-syuh.

06/07/2022 01:30:18

I'm Russian and for us Nastya or Nastenka is the'softest and the most loving name!

05/17/2022 15:03:54

I named my first daughter Annastacia. i've spelled it my own little way. This name is the most beautiful name I could have ever picked! It'screams grace and beauty. My husband and I sometimes use Anna, but Annastacia is usually the norm. Who wants to shorten such a beautiful name❤️ As well the name is Greek, not Russian. I think people get confused because the Duche's was from Russia.

03/22/2022 08:31:30

My name is Anastasia, although I go by Stacie, usually because Anastasia is a mouthful for most of my professers to say. I'm also Greek, and pronouce It'such : Ah-nuh-stuh-see-yuh. I think that once I am done with school and am out in the "real world", I'll be using it more often.

01/05/2022 03:26:24

Anastasia is such a pretty name! No ofense but Bess is a cow's name

12/25/2021 03:00:18

My name's Anastasia and even'though people find it weird for an African'to bear that name, I absolutely love it.

07/10/2021 01:41:06

Anastasia is a really pretty name no offense but bess is a name for cows

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Anastasia?
The origin of the name Anastasia is Greek.
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Almost 46000 people are named Anastasia.
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The names of Andreya, Aundreya