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Anna Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(n)-na\
Number in U.S 👶 899,000
Rate in 2021 178
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Anna Name Meaning

 The name “ Anna “ is a traditional name that is mostly used for girls. This name has been used in different countries and cultures. Also, this name is popular and common in English-speaking countries. This name means “ grace “.

Anna Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Anna
Additional description of the name Anna

This name is originally a Hebrew name. The name “ Anna “has been used in Roman ancient as a name meaning “ the year’s cycle “.  The time that Old Testament was translated into Greek, “ Hannah “ was rendered s “Avva “which was then Latinized as “ Anna “.  Although “ Anna “ is traditionally a girl’s name, there are some boys named “ Anna “. Boys naming “ Anna “ are rare! This name is pronounced “ ANN – a “. Many baby names are separated by gender, but many families do not pay attention to this opinion and select the one they desire.

Cool Info About Name Anna

Additional name description Anna
Additional name description Anna

The popularity of the name Anna

Anna “ has ranked among the 100 baby names for girls in the United States. This name reached its peak in popularity at No. 19 in the year 2001. About a century ago, this name has been really popular and ranked the top 10 girl names in America. Actually “ Anna “ was the second most popular name in most English-speaking countries. In the 1950s and 60s “ Anna “ dipped in popularity. This name rose again in the 70s. In the 20th century, the name “ Anna “ has been used only for baby boys, but since 1930 naming boys as “ Anna “ became a bit weird. Although the name “ Anna “ is typically used as a feminine name, it can be used for any gender, as sex does not play an important role in children's lives, So you should not let “ gender separation “ has any effect on the name selection process.

Different versions of the name Anna

The names “ Anne “, “ Ann “ and “ Anna “ are mostly used in all English languages speaking countries all around the world. Also, there is a version of this name, that is “ Ana “, this version is common in Spanish and Portuguese languages. Also, we have a list of different forms of this name, such as “ Anča “ which is Romanian, “ Ance “ which is Latvian, “ Ane “ which is Danish, “ Annu “ which is Finnish, “ Chanah “ which is Hebrew, and “ Hannah “ which is German.  There are some names developed based on “ Anna or Ana “, such as “ Anita “of Spanish origin, “ Anja “of Danish origin, “ Annie “of English origin, and “ Annika “of Swedish origin. Also if you are considering “ Anna “ as your baby name, we recommend you consider the names in the list below, “ Annalee “Annaleigh “ and “ Annemarie “.  Also if you are interested in names starting with the letter “ A “ you can also select “ Amelia “Aurora “Avery “Ashley “ and “ Alice “ and for the last one “ Alexandra “.  And here we suggest you some names to pair with”  Anna “, such as “ Arthur “ and “ Henry “ and “ Ruth “ and “ Sasha “ and “ Thomas

Famous people named Anna

    The name “ Anna “ is a popular name among famous people. We can name “ Anne of Austria “ the queen of Poland, and “ Anna of Tyrol “The Holt Roman Empress.  And celebrities named “ Anna “ are, “ Anna Mae Bullock “An American singer known more as “ Tina Turner “, “And Anna Faris “ Actress known for starring in the “ scary movie “ film series in America. “ Anna Kournikova “A Russian tennis player 

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Comments on the name Anna
06/03/2023 03:19:34

my friend is called anna sometimes people call her anna banana nd i think the name anna is so boring

05/25/2023 10:57:32

My names Anna, not An-uh, Anne-a. Its sorta boring to me. I'm in 8th grade, there are 2 of us, some more in other grades. Most Anna are nicknames. Annabell, Ariana, Joanna etc. I'm just Anna. I sometimes wish I had a more unusal name.

05/15/2023 23:11:42

name is anna and everyone calls me ana which is soooooo annoying.....I'm Anna not ana but i love my namee so should all the annas out there!

05/13/2023 13:17:56

My name is anna and i hate it i think you have too much annas in the world you can't never defind yourself if you say your name is anna everyone thinks I'mediately I'm like the anna he knows it just gets on my ner's

05/12/2023 20:32:50

My name is Anna and I'm 30. I did not meet another Anna until I was 19...she was an infant. My grandpa always called me Annie.

05/12/2023 10:50:56

Anna is a beautiful classical name which is timeless and very feminine.

04/21/2023 00:14:58

I love my name. It's classic yet It's original and fresh because not a lot of people have it. I find that people like to say it because It's so simple and happy sounding.

04/09/2023 20:48:38

My name is Anna, and I really like it. Simple, classic, and everyone knows how to spell it. I am almost 30 and have never really been'teased about my name. Well, Anna Banana of course, but it doesn't really bother me.

04/08/2023 16:00:34

it is a wonderful name. onje of my best friends name is anna, and i adore the name.

03/26/2023 20:00:50

anna is not a boring name. its flippen amazing name! you can spell it backwards and forwards and its the'same! i love my name. it has a classical touch to it, yet its recently awesome. My name kicks some major ass. YEAYA!

03/20/2023 08:50:26

When I first started public school, from kindergarden'to the 2nd grade another girl in the'same class as myself beared my name. Such as: "Ashley Green" and "Ashley Nguyen" even my best friend has an older'sister named "Ashley". Also in the media, most Ashley characters found in movies and the like are rather poor in personality, usally rich, white and blonde. Whitch is a pity, since all the Ashley's i've ever met in reality have been asian, white or black ect. I'myself am Biracial. I like to think that the meaning of my name means that life can grow after distruction has came and went. Ash is fertil, and grows big lush greenry; trees. And life is beautiful as they say.

03/01/2023 04:01:22

i would rather becalled something better like rosemary or isabella or idk . . . alice

02/24/2023 19:41:32

I think its a horrible name always gets mixed up with hanna or annie when i was old enough i changrd it to ann and i ignore anyone who call me anna exept the elderly as from a child i disregarded the name.

02/15/2023 13:48:22

My cousin is named Anna and she's my favourite cousin. All the Annas I know are really nice.

02/12/2023 12:02:24

Love this name, cute for a baby, and classy for a grown woman. This is the name of someone smart and goodlooking.

01/26/2023 03:18:20

We have a daughter named Reagan Eleese. The name fits her well. She is strong and beautiful. She is named after the very strong and wise, Ronald Reagan. Her brother is Lincoln!

01/21/2023 17:12:42

Anna is my name, it has been passed down thru the generations of my family tree. I love the name, but in my childhood i could never find anything monogrammed. Little Anna's of today won't have to worry about that, as the name is picking up popularity!

01/19/2023 23:28:46

This is one of my favourite names. I have decided when I have kids they will all have names from the Bible, and this is one of the very few female names I like from it. I think I'd choose a very unique middle name to go with such a common first name though.

01/16/2023 23:10:58

I'm considering this name for my baby, if the baby is a girl. I love simple and beautiful names and I feel like this fits the bill. My other daughter is named Jane.

01/08/2023 10:20:32

I love me name. I have so many nicknames from it though. I get called Annie, Anna banana, anaconda, anadin extra, anakin sky walker, annabella rosalini, Anna karenina. I don't mind I just hate being called 'ann' as It'sounds too old for me. I love it more now after disney's Frozen was realised.

12/31/2022 12:29:24

My name is Anna, I think my name is ok. Sometimes I want to change my name because It's not very popular.

12/30/2022 10:20:02

my daughter's name is Anna Violet.

12/26/2022 19:02:56

I love my name, mainly because it makes people laugh when I tell them that my first name is Anna and my middle name is Grace. The name Anna means Grace, and the best part is my parents didn't realise when'they named me.

11/27/2022 05:00:48

Of course i've been called Anna Banana...what Anna has not? However, It's a fabulous name, not boring, not too pretentious...It's just right. i've known many Annas. In fact, my best friend is named Anna, her new roommate is named Anna, and our former neighbor was named Anna.

11/19/2022 00:41:44

i've always adored my name. Even as a child, when my friends and I used to play make beli've and everyone would always choose new exciting names for the'selves, I would insist that I didn't want to change my name because I liked the name Anna too much.

11/16/2022 16:51:24

My name is Anna, and i changed it to this because even in the cradle i knew i was destined to be an anna. now eveyone is changing their names to some form of anna - jealousy if you ask me

11/03/2022 01:27:52

My name is Anna (middle name Ther'sa) and I have always loved my name. Although as a kid I didn't much like being called Banana, I love the name now and my Dad still calls me Anna Banana. I have always felt that my name has a certain ring of kindness behind it and it is rather befitting of me. I am now 20, soon to be 21 and do not now many other Annas.

10/27/2022 08:07:10

I love the name Anna. And a beautiful middle name to go with it would be Sophia.

09/30/2022 09:16:12

My name is Anna. There's nothing bad about the name. But It's kinda blaah. ANNNN-UGGH It'sounds like You're sighing, and I'm deffently NOT a boring person. I kinda just wanna change the'spelling to "Annuh" :)

09/28/2022 01:25:52

My name is Anna but everyone calls me Acey because my middle name is christine so A.C.ey

09/27/2022 07:12:36

I never know what to think of my name. I think it is quite a pretty name, but it has its downsides. People think you're called Hannah, they write Hannah or Ana everywhere, when I started high school they got it completely wrong and put Annabel on all my files! that was disappointing. And it's quite a common name, and I`m not big on common names. I think my middle name runs quite smoothly with it however:- Catharine. Anna Catharine. You can't shorten Anna though, and the only nicknames I get are Banana and Spanner.

09/27/2022 01:37:34

i've always loved this name. It's timeless and beautiful.

09/26/2022 11:48:48

I always get called Annie, Anne, or Annnn-na. The'sound of my name made me cringe until I changed it to Ana, it has a much softer'sound. I still have to correct people all the time, but I had to anyway before.

09/19/2022 20:13:54

Until last week I thought I was the only odessa out there, till a girl came into my work with the'same name. I get alot of "oh did you know there is a city named odessa" and people often'think I said my name was vanessa but overall its a good name

09/11/2022 09:26:54

My name is Anna and I'm from Russia. i've been going by Anya my entire life, because that's a standard Russian nickname for Anna. However that does cause a lot of confusion here, and I always have to explain myself. My husband doesn't want to recognize Anna, he'says (as a joke of course) that he doesn't know any Annas. I don't hate the name, but I don't love it either. It's a little boring, but It's not ugly. Although I do hate when people call me Ana or Ehna. In Russian It's pronounced Ahn-na, and that's what I prefer.

09/10/2022 07:52:48

Dude my name is anna and its the coolest because everyone can remember it cause It's not hard! YEA

09/08/2022 09:09:06

No fair, way less popular than Hannah, my name, and It's not NEARLY as nice. Oh well, i guess i have to suck it up!!!

09/06/2022 07:46:42

I absolutelly love my name! It will never go out of style. Its sophisticated, has class and sounds powerfull...unlike Amy or Nikki or smth like thta.

09/06/2022 03:57:28

My 8 yr old is named Anna Colleen. It means gracious girl. I have a very weird first name and did not want to put her through that, but I didn't want her name to be so average that you heard it everyday. I love that it will grow with her as she ages. She is unique, musically talented, and carefree about life.

08/25/2022 12:21:54

My name is Anna and as I child I loved my name as it is made up of two letters it was easy to remember, making spelling very easy. I often get called Anne or Hannah but once people know I am called Anna they usually get it right the'second time. My God Daughter is called and Anna and seeing someone else by the'same name has made we like it more. The meaning is graceful which I am far from.

08/02/2022 00:43:30

It is my name and I love it as it is classic and timeless and elegant. Glad I don't have a trendy name that will date.

07/30/2022 23:18:54

My name is Ana Carolina and I am Brazilian. i've never been'the only Ana in my school and i've never been'the only Carolina or Carol. In Brazil Ana Carolina is really common and you see women from all ages named Ana Carolina but in the U.S. I was teased because they kept saying Ana Carolina, two names in one, that's funny! I like my name, it is a OK name!

07/29/2022 01:33:54

i got this friend anna but her intials r ABC omg lol thats hi-larious and ya shes weird but o well she just like my crazy retard of a friend kelli who doesnt even know my name (tear) she calls me anna :(

06/10/2022 14:36:00

Anna is a boring name no offence toanyone called anna :D

06/02/2022 04:23:06

My name in Anna and although I find it annoying when people call me Ann, Alice, Anna Banana, Hannah, Hannah Montana to name a few....I find it rather amusing that'someone would suggest I change my name to Annalise or whatever! How pretentious!

05/30/2022 05:55:48

Hi Anna-Marie,I am the only one with my name. Scary pepole could find ME and only me. I found there are only 420 pepole with our last name. My maiden name is much more common, and about 1/3 as many pepole have my whole maiden name, first and last, as total pepole have our last name.

04/18/2022 13:50:06

My name is Anna but it is a classic timeless name. It has consistently been popular since the 1800s. It is not trendy and will still be popular when I am 90.

04/02/2022 08:57:36

I like my name because I am the only one in my school that has it!!

02/15/2022 17:42:18

that's so funny! to the person who wrote before me, my name is Paige and my sister's name is Anna!

02/11/2022 14:53:06

I love my name...I have been an Anna Banana my whole life, but it doesn't seem common at least in my area. Different is good!

12/24/2021 21:30:54

My friends name is Anna, and I'm Hannah, and when she was like 7, she had a b-day party, and it was "BACKWARDS" theme. We had to have our shirts backwards, our pants, everything. Even our names were spelt backwards on our shirts. Me and Anna were still Anna and Hannah. It probobally would've made me fell left out if i was the only one, but now I think It's kinda funny and cute!!

12/11/2021 02:17:06

i love my name mostly because it means graceful. i was surprised when i first learned this because my grandmother's name is grace, and i have always been'told i act so much like her. this has been a wonderful complement because she is a truly graceful woman. anna is a beautifully classic and timeless name.

12/03/2021 16:46:30

I am so proud to have this name. it may be common, but it flows so nicely! It's easy to spell (same thing forwards and backwards!) Some cons: My old landlord used to call me ANA (pronounced AH-Nuh) and it was a little weird LOL. You do get a little picked on as in "Anna Banana", but nothing serious! Would never want any other name!

10/27/2021 07:09:36

I love my name. I think It's pretty, and I like how It's spelt so simply. i've also found that It's not so common where I live, in Australia. So far i've only met three people with the'same name as me in my lifetime.

09/24/2021 09:30:54

My daughter is called Anna Sophia. This name ist popular and OK. no negative experiences with this name.

09/08/2021 04:38:24

My name is Anna I am 12 but I am going to be 13 on November 23 so yea I'm happy but I hate when people call me Anna with a short A sound like from the Disney movie it really makes me mad but besides that I love my name !!!❤️❤️❤️

08/16/2021 03:03:54

My sis is named Anna. I think It's a quiet name with a lot of stren'th. I also think Enna is pretty. More frilly than Anna, but cute. I don't care if It's not popular. Who wants to be another Jessica or Courtney? Ick.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Anna?
The origin of the name Anna is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Anna?
He (God) Has Favored Me
*️⃣ How many people are named Anna?
Almost 899000 people are named Anna.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Anna?
The names of Annie, Camryn, Cassidy, Anniston, Annistyn