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April Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-pril, ap-ril\
Number of People 👶 240,000
Rate in 2021 1017
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

April Name Meaning

Are you curious to know the meaning behind the name "April"? Well, you've come to the right place! The name "April" is often associated with springtime and new beginnings. It derives from the Latin word "aperire," which means "to open." Just like how flowers bloom and nature awakens during this time of year, the name April symbolizes freshness, growth, and rejuvenation.

In addition to its seasonal connotations, April is also a popular given name for girls. It exudes a sense of optimism and vitality, making it a wonderful choice for parents who want their child to embody these qualities. Whether you were born in April or considering naming your little one this beautiful moniker, embrace the essence of this month and all that it represents.

So if you're looking for a meaningful and vibrant name that captures the spirit of springtime, look no further than "April"!

April Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name April
Additional description of the name April

The name April comes from Latin origin. Various theories support that its etymological origin is found in the word applies, which derives from aprire, a verb that comes from a period and means "to open". In this way, we see how its meaning is closely linked to its origin, since "April" can be translated as the opening, the beginning of spring. So much so, that this term is used to designate the fourth month of our calendar and the second month of the old Roman calendar.

Cool Info About Name April

Additional name description April
Additional name description April

Diminutives and variations of the name Zoe
April is a name that does not have diminutives. On the other hand, the only variation of the name April is Avril.

The name April in other languages
In most languages the translation of April is April.
English: April
German: April
French: Avril

The personality of the name April
Women with the name April tend to be very jovial and energetic. They have great vitality and the ability to transmit it to all those people who interact with them. April is full of positivity and, therefore, it is very difficult for her to have any type of confrontation or problem with other people.
In love, April is a person who is looking for someone with whom she feels comfortable and safe to give her the best of her and feel that she receives that same affection. She likes to care and feel cared for. For this reason, April usually has quite high expectations regarding her ideal partner, a fact that can lead her to feel disappointed if they are not met.
In family and friendship, April is usually the engine that makes everything works. She loves to get her family and friends together whenever she can and feel that union between them.
At work, Abril is delicate and a perfectionist, so she will carry out her work following these premises. Likewise, she usually loves children, so she loves working with them, as well as those that allow her to develop that delicacy and sensitivity that characterize her so much.

Celebrities named Abril
Avril Lavigne: singer, songwriter, actress, and designer.
Abril Zamora: Spanish actress, screenwriter, and director.
Abril Campillo: Mexican actress and singer.

Day of the Saint of April
Santa Abril is celebrated every year on January 30.

Numerology of the name Abril

the number of the name April is 6.

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Comments on the name April
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I enjoy my name. The only thing is as a kid growing up I didnt like the Aprilfools jokes or the good old April May, June, July. Or the its not Aprilits..... I was born May 12th. I was suppose to be born April30th, so I tortured my mom longer than I was suppose to lol. But the name is easy to remember and has a great meaning. Also some reason people call me Racheal weird. All the April out there hello.

12/12/2023 13:29:46

Im an AprilFools!! My name is AprilRochelle and yes I was born in April April1st to exact. I love my name and when I'meet other April its like we are at a family reunion, like OMG I havent seen you(April in like so many years!!! its a joy of fresh air to meet other April because we are rare speices.LOL. There were and still are times when Im call Ape, which I used to cry my eyes out and be ready to fight but Im over it now! There are still times when someone calls me Angel, AprilMay June, A-Preal, A-Boo, Able, Rachel(❤️❤️❤️), Amanda(❤️❤️❤️); the list goes on and on. But I just thank God for giving me the most talked about name, born in the most played joke month, born on the 1st of that month too!!! What more could I ask for❤️❤️❤️ Aprilis the most precious month ever!! If you dont like it get gone from around here!! April1st a Fool!!! Love me!!!

11/18/2023 15:14:14

I'm an April- growing up the nicknames were Ape, Apey, Calendar Girl, AprilShowers (by older men), Do you have a sister named May, June, September! You're an Aprilfools baby! The names i've been mistakenly called are Rachel and Alice. I enjoy my name more as an adult - It's unique and to date I'm yet to meet another April Many people tell me how beautiful my name is which is always lovely.

11/10/2023 09:27:00

Hi I am also an Aprilat times I hate the name for al the bullying i get in the past, it was so and that I wanted to commIt'suicide.But that's wrong because The name is unique and not a lot of people have this name'so be proud.Aprilalso means to blossom like a pretty daisy so F$ck you bullies.

10/23/2023 16:46:50

Im April and born in Aprilall i hear is oh is that why your called Aprillike tell me something i dont know

07/30/2023 04:50:54

My name is Aprilalso and I am thinking about changing it because I hate all the comments and the jokes that people associate with my name. Jer's in schoole would call me Ape and always ask if I was born in April It just gets so annoying and my Spanish teacher always called me by the months of the year except for in Aprilwhich is when I was conceived and that is why I am named April not because I was born in April My birthday is in October and I really wouldn't mind being called October. People always say how pretty my name is and I do like it I jsut can't stand the jokes and the bad memories so I am defiantely changing it. No offense to any other person named April it is a very lovely name.

06/28/2023 19:36:40

My name is AprilDawn. Yes I was teased alot as a child, but I still think love it

06/12/2023 21:33:20

Aprilshowers bring may flowers. I hope you know how to use scissors so you can cut the flowers and then i also hope that you go to wal-mart and buy yourself a pair of rubber boots and a pink polka dotted umbrella because then after Aprilit is may and it will shower. but I'messed that up so do it anyway and look like a fool! an apple a day keeps the'skunks away.

06/12/2023 13:19:36

My name is AprilJoy and they are both my first name just like Mary Beth or something like that. i've just been called Aprilmost of my life. As I got older i've tried to get people to call me AJ but they like Aprilb/c It's more feminine. ❤️The past few yrs i've like being called Joy because It's more mature but I'm starting to like Aprilagain b/c it has no ethnicity, people are usually nice to you and think you are a young, bubbly personality. I used to be shy and a nerd but I broke out of my shell and own my name. I was NOT born in Aprilthough. People chuckle when'they find out. My mom said she found in Aprilshe was having a little girl and it was a joy in April Ugh! I know I would have hated November Joy! Lol. ❤️Yes and like the rest of you I get, "where's May and June❤️" and "Aprilfools" when I was younger. Never bothered me much though. I love meeting people born in Aprilb/c we usually hit it off. They like my name b/c It's their birth month!

06/03/2023 22:43:22

My name is AprilRose and I love my name.It's a beautiful name but It's gets annoying when people say annoying nicknames about my name. I always get called Ape in school and this guy always says hey AprilMay June July. People always ask if I was born in April and I say no, then'they ask why I was named that if I wasn't born in the month. It's so annoying! Anyway I love my name and I hope all Aprils out there love their name too! Hi all Aprils out there!!!

05/19/2023 23:35:26

my name isnt Aprilbut i was born in AprilApril23 ooooo yea baby

05/19/2023 06:50:20

Yep, I too am a Tabitha, I am from Australia have met a few Tabitha's over the years, nicknames have been'the usual Tabs, Tabby, old one from highschool Tabnuts not sure where that came from!! lol, Mum said she got the name from a name book way back in 1987 and the meaning was fast and agile! not sure on that one either..

05/15/2023 00:16:18

My name is April and I love it. Of course you get those stupid jokes "where's your sister May❤️" or people assume you were born in April But It's a lovely name, unique, easy to say, spell and pronounce. And its spelling is pretty fool proof when you say My name is April like the month." Plus is goes with any number of middle names. It has a nice flow. I feel lucky to be one of those people who like their name.

04/30/2023 10:32:38

My name is AprilAnn. I hated my name when I was a kid but now I don't mind It'so much. I love that fact that its easy and never misunderstood - hate that I am always asked if I was born in April- I just tell people I was conceived in April. I am a December baby'so this is almost true but usually shuts people right up! ;)

04/26/2023 02:30:26

people always, whenever they say my name they have to say another month eg. April may, june. but all up i love my name

04/19/2023 12:41:20

Yep. Today is actually book reaxnilg day (I published this last night) and I just woke up. :) I'm about to hit the'stack of books I have sitting by my bed waiting to be read.Ryan and I also beli've as long as you beli've the essentials You're good... It's just hard when'the person disagreeing with you on the non-essential is going to be your partner through life. Ah well. We beli've Jesus has the power to change one or both of our minds so we'll be in agreement, or pour enough grace on the relationship if we never agree we're still good.

03/06/2023 23:54:50

My name is April and I love it. I was born in April and I too get the nicknames mentioned in the other comments, ie Ape, AprilMay June, AprilShowers, even Janutober. I love it when people sing "Aprilin Paris" to me. I usually get old men singing...."AprilLove".

12/20/2022 17:52:04

Hello world! My name is April But my name is spelled with two l's & a e. Aprile Michelle to be exact. I also got the Where's May,June & July. Or Hey Aprilshowers. Or W'sup Apee. Never did these jokes bother me. They mostly put me in the'spotlight. For that moment. I haven't ran into many girl's/ women'that have my unique name & I have always loved my name. For that I thank God, my dear Mama & Daddy for it.

11/21/2022 23:31:22

I am AprilLeigh, born in April I was supposed to be a boy to even'things out. My parents were so confident in that result that they only selected a boy's name: Eric. So when I surprised them, they chose April I asked them once why they didn't do the "logical" thing and call me Erica. My mom said "your Dad picked the name Aprilbecause, he'said, 'my favorite month of the year is April she's born in April so I'd like to have Aprilall year long.'" I think that's very very sweet. I only rarely meet other April. I also had nicknames - Apes and Abbos - and am always asked if I was born in April I don't mind because I do like the name.

11/21/2022 04:25:12

I have heard the'same questions all my life. "Are you born in April" (Yes), "Are you named Aprilbecause you were born in April" (No) "Is your name AprilMay June❤️" ...and so on. I would never do that to my kid. But other than that, the name is not too terrible.

11/10/2022 03:19:56

My name is April My middle name is Ann. I was suppose to be named Chrystal but I was born 20 days early, threw off my mom and she named me April I was born on April30 the last day. She was going to give me May for a middle name. Thankfully my dear Grandmother was present at my birth and convinced her not too! I go by AprilAnn and have since early high school. I am now in my 30's and known to all as AprilAnn. People assume I am from the'south because or the double name but I am not. I like AprilAnn. It'suits me and sounds best coming from my husbands mouth!

11/05/2022 22:14:04

Hi, Aprilhere ❤️ Wondering how many AprilLynn's or AprilLynne out there❤️ I have never met another Aprilwho didn't carry this middle name as well so I'm curious how many out there are or aren't. Plus I'd love to hear other Aprilmiddle names beyond Lynne.

11/04/2022 07:26:28

I'm 30 and I like being an April I run into a few other April here and there, but not very many. Most people can spell it. The things I don't like are: no nickname - "ape" just Isn't nice, and during the months of March - July I get endless comments about it being my month, or 'your time is past' ect. Finally, I was born in Sept - everyone assumes I was born in April

10/16/2022 17:54:20

MY big sisters name is April and i think it is nice there is not alot of people called Aprilso it is nice to hear an unusual name!!Many people say that it is just a month but i think it is also nice as a name!!!

09/22/2022 23:28:02

My name is AprilRose and I absolutly love it! I think It's a very unique and beautiful name. There's always the constant question of "Were you named Aprilbecause you were born in April" Well yes I was. I don't think that anyway who wasn't born in Aprilhas the right to have the name. It's special to me and should be more exclusive to those born in the month. Of course I also get the AprilFool's jokes and things but I'd never change my name. i've never met any other April but I know I'm not the only one even'though I like to think I am. And I love the combination of April& a flower. That's why I love my name It's just so beautiful. To me it will always be the best name ever.

09/13/2022 22:34:38

im called April and its great i dont like all the nick names tho i dont think i would call my duaghter Apriltho but its a beautiful name isint babes

09/05/2022 08:51:18

Hi, I am April and my middle name is Michelle. Yes, people ask me if I was born in April and I always say: "I'm unique, and even'though I'm born in that month, doesn't mean I can't have such a beautiful, unique, precious name like that.

08/04/2022 23:10:48

My name is April and i was born on April1st. I actually like my name. A lot of people that I'meet find it rather funny that my name is April and i was born in April some people think im joking when i tell them my name. Many people also joke around with me about it. It get pretty annoying at times though especially when everyone says hey "April May, June".

06/21/2022 10:27:36

My name is April and I love it. Unlike the AprilRose below, I was not born in my month. I'm happy to say my parents just thought it was pretty. And it really fits me. Sometimes I joke when someones asks if I was born in April and I say no, when'they're confused, I answer, "my parents couldn't spell December." still doesn't change the fact that I love my name and everyone agrees that no other name would fit me! A unique name for a unique girl! a Thomas wasn't born in the month of Thomas and Nancy wasn't born in the month of Nancy! Ya know❤️ Note to Rachel, You're name is beautiful, stop being so hard on yourself!

01/28/2022 13:15:00

My daughter is called April and i just love the name'she was born in March but came a month early and we new we were having a girl so we had already named her Aprilbut she gets the'silly comments too but she'said she just laughs them off because people who make a laugh of your name are the ones with problems.

12/04/2021 21:08:24

Im an April I know tons of April. I hated my name growing up. All of the'stupids things people say (which the other comments point out). Now that Im older I just roll my eyes at people and tell them they are not very creative and Ive heard that'since I was a kid.

12/01/2021 14:27:00

to all other yahaira's. my names the'same but spelled a lil differently its spelled Llajaira. to see so many different pronunciations and spellings of this name is incredible to me. i always kinda grew up the only one with a unique name. no one could pronounce it right and some never even'tried theyu would go by my last name. LOL. its refreshung to see im not alone on this one ha ha. i also go by nicknames : Yara, Yari, Yoda, and many more since people prefer to use a nickname on me !

11/14/2021 09:47:06

I'm an April too. I was born on April1st. People ask.."Is that why your names April" And I just say that my mom wasn't very creative. I also get the'same comments like, "You're a little late aren't ya❤️" during the'spring & summer months. It gets annoying. My little brothe's always called me Apey, Ape or APrella (Like Cinderella). I get the AprilFOols jokes, too since my bday is April1st..Like "So, You're a joke are ya❤️" Lame. But I guess I like my name. I think It'suits me.

11/02/2021 17:47:42

My name is Crystal but people have always called me April Most of these people did not know that my baby'sisters name is April they say i look like an Aprilto them. Funny because they always call her Crystal. Maybe we got thewrong names at birth. :)

10/20/2021 17:46:48

My name is AprilJoy. I love it now, but didn't like it then. And Grape Ape is my nick name. A teacher used to sing Aprilin Paris to me. I get called Miss April Apes, grape. It's unique but not weird. So, Thanks mom . I was born in April

10/19/2021 10:40:12

I like my name. It's not as common as other names. And I don't mind the nickname "ape". the name has been good to me so far!!

09/09/2021 22:43:48

I always get asked, "were you born in April" Nope, I was a May baby! The name Aprilis ok.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name April?
The origin of the name April is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name April?
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Almost 240000 people are named April.
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The names of Winnfield, Arbie, Areeb, Areeba