Aria meaning

: Lioness

Aria Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ria\
Number of People 👶 59,000
Rate in 2021 75
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 Italian
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Aria Name Meaning

The meaning behind a name holds great significance in shaping our identities and connecting us to our cultural heritage. When it comes to the name "Aria," its origins and symbolism add depth and beauty to its meaning.

Derived from multiple cultures, "Aria" has various interpretations. In Italian, it translates to "air" or "melody," evoking a sense of grace and musicality. This resonates with the idea of an individual who brings harmony and elegance into their surroundings.

In Persian, "Aria" signifies a noble being or a respected individual. It embodies qualities such as strength, honor, and wisdom. This interpretation portrays someone who carries themselves with dignity and commands respect from others.

Across different cultures, the name "Aria" is often associated with creativity, expression, and artistic abilities. It reflects an individual who possesses a unique flair for self-expression through various mediums such as music, writing, or visual arts.

It is important to note that names can hold personal meanings for individuals beyond their cultural origins. Some may choose the name "Aria" simply because they find it aesthetically pleasing or because of personal associations they have formed throughout their lives.

Ultimately, the true meaning of any name lies in how it resonates with the person who bears it. Whether you are an Aria yourself or seeking to understand the significance behind this beautiful name for someone else, remember that names are not just labels but also reflections of our aspirations and identities.

Cool Info About Name Aria

Additional name description Aria
Additional name description Aria

Aria is quite secretive, very suspicious of her emotions, so she always keeps them under strict self-control. Tries to avoid disturbing others and prefers to make various attempts on his own to solve any problems that arise. Aria acts with concentration and determination, attracts intuition to help.

This girl has willpower and thoroughness in her work, which allows her to increase the speed of work, influencing the implementation of her plan. In fact, Aria prefers not to rush, making decisions slowly, considering all possible options, this can slow her down in social or professional achievements.

She does not believe in luck, has an analytical mind, and to a greater extent, Aria is a skeptic and an intellectual. Long sessions suit her very well. This girl has a high moral character and can be trusted, although she can be a little tough at times in communication.

As a child, Aria is no less calm and secretive than in adulthood. He often hides in his ivory tower. It would be a very good idea to inspire the girl to take action, to encourage her as much as possible, because little Aria is still, as a rule, not confident in her own abilities. It is also very important to help her develop her social and conversational skills through participation in group activities.

Aria is very fond of nature, peace and quiet, simplicity, animals and the Earth, her home. She can become a supporter of any theory and discipline that contributes to the development and well-being of mankind. Close friends should be more careful to protect her from bad influences.

In her personal life, it is often difficult for this girl to take the first step and tell about her feelings to someone she likes. Aria will prefer to wait until her chosen one "guesses". Aria will always be faithful to the one she has chosen, she is attentive and reliable, she knows how to listen and hear. Becomes a wonderful mother, fully aware of the responsibility that such a role entails.

Especially in the sphere connected with the Earth as a planet. It can offer far-sighted and innovative developments that may not immediately find their application. In the creative environment, Aria often realizes herself with the help of avant-garde technologies.


The number of the name Arya in numerology is 8. The motto of eights in life is: “I am the best!”

The ruling planet is Saturn.

Zodiac signs are Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Talisman stones - calcite, cinnabar, coral, dioptase, ivory, black lignite, marcasite, mika, opal, selenite, serpentine, smoky quartz.

"Eight" as one of the numbers of the numerological core is an indicator of the dominant principle, practicality, materialism and indestructible self-confidence.

Leaders by nature, 8s are incredibly hardworking and resilient. Natural organizational skills, dedication and extraordinary mind allow them to achieve their goals.

The G8 man resembles a safe, it is so difficult to understand and decipher it. She likes to control and dominate in communication, she herself does not admit her mistakes. Eight is reckless, loves non-standard solutions. This is a good strategist who is not afraid of responsibility, but it is difficult for the Eight to be in the background. Learns quickly, loves history, art. You can please the Eight only by trust and open communication.

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Comments on the name Aria
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My daughter Aria Violet is now ten years old. She loves her name, as do I. We have never once come across another Aria. Everyone tells us how wonderful her name is and they say it's just so lovely! Her twin brother's name is Lucas Henry and they compliment each other extremely well!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Aria is definitely not a name used in Italy. It is the word for air. It is a pretty name but do not think you are honoring Italian heritage by naming child Mia because it is not an authentic personal name in Italy.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Aria is a beautiful name. It is unique and simple to pronounce. I am sure all of you who named your daughters Aria are going to be happy that you picked such a beautiful name. I don't think I will ever have a child. But all my dogs have Italian names. Aria sounds like a good one. I named my dog Bella in 2000. There were hardly any dogs named Bella. Now it is one of the top 10 popular names. I hope that does not happen with Aria.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Im 15 years old and my name is Aria Marie Avery. I was born January 20, 2011(:

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My Second daughter is Aria Danielle. I love her name more and more each day. She is 3 and she tells everyone how much she loves it when'they ask her name.

12/28/2023 10:57:50

I am named aria it came from my grandfather that was Dutch

11/21/2023 15:32:02

My granddaughter, who just turned two last week, (June 2008), is named Aria to continue the tradition of naming our children with the letter "A". She has a near fatal condition though which is a bit sad and we are all praying for a total bowel transplant.

10/11/2023 19:24:52

Aria; Means "song" or "melody" in Italian. An aria is an elaborate vocal solo, the type usually performed in operas. So in honor of Italian heritage, i am sure all of your ancestors would be proud, especially those who were musicians; which, if from Italy, chances of having an ancestor who was involved in music are great.

10/09/2023 02:27:54

Aria, besides being a very beautiful name, also has a significant meaning: 1 : air, melody, tune; specifically : an accompanied elaborate melody sung (as in an opera) by a single voice 2 : a striking solo performance (as in a movie) To listen how it really sound go to Aria is an international name, is spelled and pronounce the same in many languages. In Spanish, my native language, it sounds great.

09/24/2023 07:09:12

My name is Alliea but people pronounce is Aria! I think Aria is japanes not sure though.

09/10/2023 18:06:44

I love this name and I am naming my baby girl Aria. but I'm still thinking of a middle name to go with it. Aria Skye Lam/ Aria Skyla Lam❤️!

08/29/2023 14:52:06

Best name on the face of the planet!!!!!

08/27/2023 17:36:34

I thought I was the only aria ;..( I was born march 25th 2011

08/12/2023 01:08:16

In Italian Aria meeans air as in countenance. In Hebrew Aria means lion. The boy's name Ari is also Hebrew for lion.

07/20/2023 10:01:52

My name is Aria and I was born in 1995. When I was really little I didn't like it because it was so unique but as I grew older I started to like it more. I was named after my mother's Finnish exchange student. I think in Finland it is a common name except it is spelled Arja. As an adult I love my name and I don't have many problems with people mispronouncing or spelling it.

07/15/2023 12:28:32

my name is aria and i have only mey 1 real person with the same name as me- everyone comments on how beautiful it is! i like it a lot myself :)

06/23/2023 02:57:10

If I had ever had a daughter I would name her Aria. This is such a pretty name and I never met anyone with this the beautiful name before. :)

06/05/2023 21:27:04

My name is Aria and people say it like oreo, ara, aira and more and I do not like that. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade.

06/04/2023 17:14:16

My name is Aria, but people always seam to get it wrong by pronouncing it Area, Ar-y-a, or even Areea. It gets annoying but I love my name and i've never met someone with my name before. I was born in 2016, so it was very unique at the time until the'shows Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones came out.

05/27/2023 01:45:08

My sister's name is Aria but I don't know very many people with that name and lots of people pronounce her name wrong all the time but I think It's a great name.

04/19/2023 13:34:14

my 6 year old is aria rose :) she has had no trouble with people getting it wrong.

04/14/2023 03:22:40

I love my name because it is unique. I did not know these statistics. Wow. anc/ny06/born in the 90s

04/12/2023 18:10:06

My daughter is Ariah... we pronounce it like Mariah without the m. People get it wrong all the time. I love her name though!

04/11/2023 11:18:36

My daughter is named Aria and she's five now. When we first chose the name people seemed confused since they had never heard it before, but she/we get sooo many compliments on it. I still think it is so beautiful and unique without being weird. The only thing is that she has to always correct people who want to pronounce it "area".

01/26/2023 13:53:08

We are naming our newborn daughter(whom we're adopting from Gauetmala) Gia Isabella. It's a shortened version of her grandmothe's name, Giacoma. We didn't like the name Giacoma but wanted to honor my husbands mother and decided to shorten it to Gia. Everybody loves the name, they say 'Gia Isabella' sounds like an Italian movie star. I can't wait until she comes home.

01/02/2023 20:37:22

We are deciding on the name of our daught who is sue in three weeks, we have narrowed it down to Kaiya Elisabeth or Olive Elisabeth... Kaiya means forgiveness and Olive means peace - just love these names!! I think we will pick once we look at her and see what name'should be for her!! :)

12/17/2022 06:06:34

my name is Aria jean and i turned 12 today and i love my name it is very unique

12/03/2022 13:50:08

My husband chose the name Aria for our first daughter. I love her name as it is unique, but not odd. Although, most people initially pronounce it 'Airia' instead of 'Aria.'

10/31/2022 17:37:32

When I was younger, everyone pronounced my name (lee-nar) and there were no key chains with my name on it. Now I love it because of the uniqueness.

08/24/2022 22:38:24

My almost 7 year old is Aria Eve and we love it I have a cousin now 27 named aria. ;)

07/02/2022 05:24:18

My daughters name is Aria Gene. I fell in love with the name the moment I heard it and when I got pregnant and found out I was having a girl I set out to convince her father that it was a great name. Eventually he folded and now he loves her name we call her Ari for short.

06/14/2022 23:49:30

I love this name! We named one of our 3 month old identical twin daughters Aria Ryleigh Grace (her'sisters name is Ava Maria Gabrielle)

04/13/2022 18:32:42

My name is Aria I'm 12.My middle name is Claire Aria Clair I love my name.I have light brown hair.I am a swI'mer and very smart.I'm 5ft

01/08/2022 21:06:36

yes a very beautiful name my niece her name is aria shes 5.

12/05/2021 12:41:42

I love the name, and am planning to name my baby girl Aria when she is born this summer. It is unique and beautiful.

12/01/2021 11:42:18

Aria : love melody of a opera My oldest daughters name picked out by my wife and I while still in high school

11/04/2021 08:13:30

My 12 year old daughter is named Aria and every year all her teache's pronounce it wrong. She'said that'she likes that because it makes her feel like she has a pretty name but no one has heard it before.Even her band teacher can't pronounce it and it a piece of music.Aria!But I can't beli've how many people have this name.

10/22/2021 11:52:12

If i ever hav a daughter this will be her first name love it!!

08/29/2021 09:29:06

I love this name! It's a perfect little name, so adorable! I love the character Aria Montgomery off of Pretty Little Liars.

07/24/2021 10:38:24

My 19 month old daughter is named Aria. I love it. I have never met anyone with this name before. My husband found it in one of his novels. Everyone loves how unique and pretty it is. I hope it doesnt become popular!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aria?
The origin of the name Aria is Italian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Aria?
*️⃣ How many people are named Aria?
Almost 59000 people are named Aria.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aria?
The names of Ares, Aries, Eris, Arris, Arissa