Ariana Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ria-na\
Number in U.S 👶 104,000
Rate in 2021 204
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Welsh

Ariana : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name “ Ariana “ is a given name that has been used in different languages as a girl’s name.

 The given name is a popular name all around the English speaking countries. Also this name has 2 different forms such as “ Arienne “ and “ Ariane “. The name “ Ariana “ is originally “ Greek “ meaning “ Most holy “. Also the rigion of this name is “ Bactria “. The Hebrew version of this name means “ like a beautiful melody “ and the Old English version means “ Silver “. It is notable that the name “ Ariana “ derives from an Italian name “ Ariadne “. This name has 4 syllables and it is easy to be pronounced. The given name has different variations, such as “ Aari “ , “ Aarie “ , “ Arie “ , “ Ariel “ and “ Arriane “.  

The name “ Ariana “ has been popular, breaking the top 100 in the year 2001. Also it is the 16th most common name based on the reliable resources. The time that this name was at its peak was the year 2017. The name “ Ariana “ and its twin “ Arianna “ gained popularity in the last few years, but you should notice that the name “ Ariana “ is more common that the other form “ Arianna “. 

As you know, namesakes have  positive impact on names’ popularity, so famous Arianas have influenced this name in a positive way. Also some famous actors and well known people have selected “ Ariana “ for their babies.  

Some characters who they are named “ Ariana “ themselves are,  

“ Princess Ariane of the Netherlands “ born in 2007. She is the daughter of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima. “ Ariana Jollee “ who is a former American pornographic actress born in the year 1982 in America. “ Ariana Kukors “ who is an American swimmer. “ Ariana Clarice Richard “ who is an American painter born in the year 1979.  

If you want to select nickname for your kid, you could consider “ Ari “ , “ Anna “ , “ Na Na “ , “ Ree “. 

If you are expecting your next baby as Ariana’s siblings, the names below are possible to be selected, such as “ Isabella “, “ Madeline “ , “ Olivia “ and “ Spencer “ and “ Gavin “. 

The information given by the text could help you in the name selection process. 


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Comments on the name Ariana
12/5/2022 7:54:40 PM

Most people say our daugthes name right. I like it cause it is pretty and diferent. Suits her'so much.

11/29/2022 9:37:10 AM

HI'my name is Ariana, but everyone calls me ari ❤️

11/14/2022 4:36:34 AM

I think the name Ariana is beautiful, I just don't know if I should name my child it. It'sounds beautiful, but if you say it too often It'starts to sound really annoying.

9/23/2022 6:31:14 AM

what a beautiful name, very different, very dignified, nice nickname, ie. Kat

9/7/2022 8:48:30 PM

Misleading! "Ariana" does not have anything to do with Islam or Arabic language! Ariana is "Persian". As a geographical term, Ariana was a region of the eastern countries of ancient Persia, next to India where at various times, the region was in possession of the Persians, the Macedonians, and partly the Indians. Ref. The Columbia Encyclopedia

9/4/2022 11:27:02 PM

We are naming our daughter Aurora...having a difficulty with middle name however :( BUT I am so in love with the name that I can't even some-what like anything else cause it doesn't even compare! Two thumbs wayyy up :)

8/2/2022 5:11:42 PM

Our daughter is Ariana, and we think It'suits her as she is a sweet little girl and so precious.

7/10/2022 3:37:12 PM

This is my name, too. My first name is Jacquelyn and my middle name is Claire, so my friends usually call me Jacey, because It'sounds like my initials, J.C. I like Jacey better than Jackie. I always hated being called Jackie, or Jacquie, or whichever'spelling you think justifies the nickname. I love how my name is spelled, and I can't stand when people spell it Jacqueline. I don't mind it when It's one time, but teache's that have known me for over five years that can't spell it right start to get annoying. But It's okay, I don't mind people spelling it wrong, because I know that the prettiest way to spell it is the way I do :) I have never known anyone with the'same name as me. I think It's a beautiful and unique name.

6/1/2022 8:15:18 AM

I first thought of this when reading a bit about celtic mythology, Arianrhod is a figure in welsh mythology, the name Arianrhod meaning Silver Wheel. I've never heard of it here in Australia so I doubt it's popular here. I think it would be pronounced Ah-ree-ah-na, or at least that's what sounds prettiest to me.

3/23/2022 6:29:06 AM

all the time people say the name wrong. Its Ahhr e anna not Air e anna ive known a few people with the'same name..not that common though

3/7/2022 12:41:42 AM


2/18/2022 4:15:54 AM

I want to name my baby Arianna or Ariana Rose what is the difference between spellings or are they even pronounced the same? I've been decided on this name since I was 16 and now I'm 26 expecting my first baby and not sure how to spell it. Please help

2/9/2022 12:39:54 AM

My Name Is Ariana And People Pronounce My Name Wrong By Calling Me Aree-Anna Or They Might Call Me Airy-Ana Which Is The Correct Way I Love My Bame Its Part Of Me Nd Very Beautiful ?

11/14/2021 12:31:48 PM

My name is ariana and I like it lots of people say it wrong.

11/12/2021 9:17:24 AM

hello my name is ariana and it is a very beautiful and uniique you could give your name Ariana rocks the world

11/2/2021 9:33:36 AM

I love this name and my little girl gets a lot of compliments with this name. I sometimes call her Ari or Ana for short.

10/17/2021 11:05:24 AM

My name is Ariana, and while I get a lot of compliments about it, it can sometimes be irritating when people pronounce it wrong. The correct pronounciation is Ahr-eeh-AH-na, emphasizing the wide A in the beginning. No 'Air' in my name.

10/16/2021 7:32:06 PM

Ariana is a really beautiful name and it is going to be the name of our daughter :)

10/15/2021 5:00:00 PM

I love my wonderful name if it was my choice to choose my name i would stick to it. My name means "holy" so I am very proud to of it origin.

7/7/2021 5:52:12 PM

I have a one year old daughter but i spell her name Arianah and pronounce it air- eeee - ana. i love the h at the end !


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ariana?
The origin of the name Ariana is Welsh.
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Almost 104000 people are named Ariana.