Austin Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a(u)-stin, aus-tin\
Number in U.S 👶 422,000
Rate in 2021 142
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English , Latin

Austin Name Meaning

Characteristics of the Name Austin:

He is a natural leader. He has his own opinions and thoughts. He does not make decisions under the influence of other people. Austin does not shy away from taking responsibility and duties. They are brave people. However, in some cases, they should not control their courage and make decisions immediately, be flexible and take into account the opinions of other people.


They are people who like to be mentally and physically active and stay in the events. They want to deal with as many issues as possible. Their intuition is strong. They are people with purpose. They are charismatic people. Different people around them always want their om. His communication skills are quite good. However, being interested in too many activities can cause them to have trouble with time.

Austins are like magicians. They always find a way to overcome difficulties. They are very warm and passionate people. Their feelings are very strong. However, they still need to be careful. When they act with confidence in their feelings, they can experience great disappointments. Therefore, they may have to wait before they act immediately. They may experience emotional ups and downs.

They live life very fast. They like to drive in the last lane of the road. They like to be in new jobs, new projects. They can be quite assertive in their private lives, but sometimes angry. They may need to keep their emotions in check. They are people who can be irritable.

Austins are very thoughtful and compassionate people. They are artistic and creative people. They are very good observers. They can be good fashion designers, writers. However, they can sometimes have trouble with dealing with too much work. They can be voracious and starting other businesses without finishing their work may lead to their failure. They must act in a balanced and careful manner.

They are creative and unique people. They like to look at things differently. They are very determined in what they do. They like a systematic and orderly life. They love to write. They love to keep a diary.

The Meaning of the Name Austin

Those with 6 name group: OBSTACLE

The most distinctive feature of his character is stubbornness. His nickname is “goat”. It is impossible to make you do anything by force. You want the decisions about your own life to be yours alone. Therefore, you do not listen to the words of those who warn you. This sometimes causes you to make mistakes and make you sad. Apart from your stubbornness, you are a devoted person to your family. The most valuable person for you is your mother. You take his behavior as an example. Your self-confidence and leadership ability make you have a respectable place in the society. You continue the success you have achieved in human relations in your business life. Your hard work and determination open all doors for you. The traits you look for in the opposite sex are loyalty and honesty.

What Are the Advantages of the Name Austin?

Although each individual has their own advantages, the general advantages of people with the name Austin are: Being Sociable, Hospitable, Witty, Friendly, Energetic, Common Sense.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Austin?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Austin in general are that they are Aggressive, Hasty, Repressive, Quiet, Fragile, Living in a Dream World.

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Comments on the name Austin
1/28/2023 8:47:36 AM

I love this name for a girl It's my little girls name and onetime i was talking about my child and i said austin they said oh i thought you had a girl...

12/21/2022 5:55:02 AM

I named my first son austin b/c that is a great name and i didnt heard that name much until i named my son austin. then you would here of alot of boy named austin.

12/16/2022 6:00:38 AM

Love the name for a girl; my daughter is pregnant and planning to use that name if the baby is a girl. Will be Austin Alexandra. For whatever reason I do not like it for a boy.

10/30/2022 7:35:02 PM

I have 6yr old nephew Austin. His name is so cool cause he is so cool! I love my lil nephew!

9/27/2022 10:47:10 PM

Im definatly considering Austin as a boy's name. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and there is a hospital here called the 'Austin'. The Austin hospital literally saved both my boyfriend and my lives. I think it will be a great tribute to the hospital.

9/9/2022 4:50:32 AM

My daughters name is Austin-Nichole! ❤️

9/4/2022 10:51:46 PM

My name is Austin Michelle, and everyone I'meet has to think about it for a second when'they hear it, and they may not like it, but It's not their name and I love being unique!

7/14/2022 2:46:48 PM

The girl spelling is Austyn. I like it for a girl.

6/27/2022 11:50:24 PM

My name is Austin Elizabeth Van Til and i am i girl! I love my name because it makes me different. How many guys actually get a chance to say they dated a girl named Austin?

6/13/2022 2:04:30 AM

i've recently fallen in love with Austin for a girl. I hope to use it for one my daughters one day. I think It's so cute for a little girl! :)

3/19/2022 8:08:06 PM

My name is Austin Faith and I think it makes me unique but it causes LOT TTYS of troubke

2/11/2022 3:54:18 AM

This is my name, and I love it. Almost everyone spells it wrong, and pronounces it wrong, but that's what makes It'so fun. The way to say it is KAY-lee. Most people have the'same name, but not spelled the way mine is.I love it!

1/19/2022 4:03:18 PM

I love the name Austin too and was considering naming my future son that but then I met this girl named Austin and became friends with her. Now everytime I think of the name, I think of her. It's a cute name for a girl too.

11/13/2021 7:15:00 AM

Thats a beautiful name and i live in austin texas so i feel so happy


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Austin?
The origin of the name Austin is English , Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Austin?
*️⃣ How many people are named Austin?
Almost 422000 people are named Austin.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Austin?
The names of Afiya, Avayah, Aavya, Aveya, Aviyah