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Autumn Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \aw-tum\
Number in U.S 👶 127,000
Rate in 2021 206
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of Autumn

The name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ is a given name and it has been used as a female name for a long time.

 This name is originally Latin and it derives from the word ‘’ Autumnus ‘’ meaning ‘’ Fall ‘’ or ‘’ Autumn ‘’. Actually the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ is a seasonal name associated with the Fall season ! This name is a 2 syllable name and it is easy to be pronounced. Another form of the name is ‘’ Autum ‘’ and also this name is being used as a girl’s name.

The name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ has been increasingly popular during the las decades. This name has yet to break the top 50. As it is mentioned the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ has not broken the top 50, but it has been close a few times, for example the time that this name was very close is related to the year 2013. This name ranked at position 64 in the year 2013. According to the different data related to the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’, this name was at its peak popularity in the year 2017.

Between all the season names, the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ is the most popular name all around the world specially in the English speaking countries. It is not surprising that the names ‘’ Winter ‘’ and ‘’ summer ‘’ are not as popular as the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’.

As everybody notices namesakes, there are lots of famous people named ‘’ Autumn ‘’, they have influenced this name positively and those well-known characters helped this name’s popularity. For instance, ‘’ Autumn Reeser ‘’ who is an American actress known for the special way that she plays her roles. She is born in the year 1980. ‘’ Autumn de Wilde ‘’ who is an American film director. She is best known for being a special photographer. ‘’ Autumn Rowe ‘’ who is an American Singer , Songwriter , TV presentative and DJ. She is born in 1981.  ‘’ Autumn Burke ‘’ born in 1973. She is an American politician.

This name is easy to be pronounced, so people do not use the shortened form of this name. also if you want to select a nickname for your baby – nickname for the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ – there is a list of possible nicknames can be considered as nicknames, for example ‘’ Audie ‘’ and ‘’ Autie ‘’.

As it is mentioned that the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ is a popular name, so it is not rare at all. If you are searching for a are name similar to ‘’ Autumn ‘’ you can choose ‘’ Amber ‘’ , ‘’ Rowan ‘’ , ‘’ Sienna ‘’ , ‘’ Bruno ‘’ , ‘’ Jora ‘’ and ‘’ Libra ‘’.

Although the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ is a feminine name, but it is a strong belief that name should not have a special role in people lives. So you should not pay attention to the gender separation process. So you can select the name ‘’ Autumn ‘’ for your baby boy, despite the gender separation and the thing that other people think.

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Comments on the name Autumn
8/7/2022 8:43:12 PM

i named my daughter autumn,because she was born in the fall and it was different,and pretty.

7/27/2022 11:08:06 AM

HI'my name is Autumn Skye, I like my name but It's hurts when people tease me about it.. Like some people would trip me and yell " Have a nice FALL" othe's would really emphasise the word 'dumb' in my name for example, ' Hi Au-dumb!" This would get annoying at times but you get used to it (or at least I did). Another thing they would do is rhyme it with 'bottom" and I'mean the behind, for example (again) they would turn around, face their back towards me and wiggle their behind at me and yell " Hey Autumn, this is what you look and smell like hahaha" you know, but all this was when I was bit younger and gladly people kinda grew out of that faze.

5/12/2022 1:28:30 AM

My name is Autumn Johnson i love the name because people don't get me mixed up with other people.

4/13/2022 9:23:42 AM

I'm Autumn Lynn (thankfully not Autumn Wind as my father intended!) Growing up, I never had another kid in my class with the'same name, but also could never find personalized anything (pencils, cups, etc.)with my name. The'seasonal jokes get old, and I frequently get called April Amber, August, Dawn, Summer, Fall, and even Adam. But, when people do realize my name is Autumn, they almost always comment that it is a beautiful name.

3/15/2022 5:18:54 PM

My name is Autumn Gracie Quesenberry. Im 14 and I love the uniqueness of my name. I have only met one other autumn. My mom and dad named me Autumn because of the beautfulness of the'season also cause of deer hunting. I usage green eyes, dark brow hair, freckles, and I'm 5'6. I love horses and animals and I'm training to be a Gunter jumper.

1/5/2022 11:40:30 AM

My name is Autumn, but I was born in the'summer. In elementary I loved being the only one with the name Autumn, but now I know at least four other girls who go/went to my school with that name. But I still love the fact that its a rare name.

1/2/2022 6:42:36 PM

My name is Autumn Jade Rose and I absolutely love my name'so do my friends I'm only 12 though so yeah

11/13/2021 5:25:12 AM

My name is Autumn Lillian and I surprisingly have met 3 other people with the name in my little town. But I love it It's different and my name just flows even with my last name cause it felines with leaves which I think is very cool.

11/6/2021 4:57:18 PM

My Daughter's name is Autumn Snow, she was born 8-8-08! Snow is her great - grandma's maiden name. I love tying names to family so we HAD to use Snow. It was SOO hard figuring out a first name to go with it. Our family's thought we were nuts giving her a weird 'hippy' name - But i've known several Autumn's over the years - so even with an odd middle name, the name is still somewhat mainstream. I don't like that it is as popular as it is -- and I would have NEVER used it except for the name'snow. My kid's Spanish speaking grandma still does not understand the name - she thinks its Adam - and I don't know how to explain it in spanish! She is not yet 2, so far grandma is the only one to mispronounce or misspell her name -- better than with the other kids so far!! I still wish her name was more exotic - Her'siblings are Elise, Ian and Ivy -- so she has the most common name of the 4!

11/6/2021 3:13:48 AM

My name is Autumn Marie and I'm in my late twenties. As a kid I was a little annoyed by my name because no one had the'same name as me, but as an adult I love it. Everyone always comments on how pretty it is, and I feel like It's a unique name. To the Negative Autumn Marie below, I'm sorry you can't appreciate your special name. Why didn't you just start going by your middle name years ago instead of secretly loathing your name all these years? Very unfortunate.

10/23/2021 8:48:36 PM

My name is Autumn Brianna and yes, I was born in the fall. The only reason I didn't like my name as a child was due to being called 'Autumn-Bottom'...the result of the 'name game' song.

10/16/2021 2:09:00 AM

My daughter's name is Autumn Chloe. She always gets nice comments about her name. I am glad we chose this unusual name for her because It'suits her unique personality. I do get annoyed when people spell it wrong(Autum). Its spelt like the'season, so have no idea why they misspell it.

9/15/2021 6:43:30 PM

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first child. Its a girl. I am naming her Autumn May. When I first herd the name Autumn I thought it was PERFECT!! If I were to have twins it would have been Autumn May and Ember Kailyn. But there is only one in there. So her name is Autumn May.

8/27/2021 4:24:54 AM

This is my daughters name. I picked it because of how unique it is. People often mispronounce It'saying sa-mare-a as in nightmare instead of sa-mar-a. A girl who worked with my husband had a baby about a month or so after i did and totally ripped the name off and butchered it by adding an i, Samaria. I was not too happy.. but its a beautiful name.. too bad my 2 yr old cant pronounce it yet.. but she does call he'self 'mara


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Autumn?
The origin of the name Autumn is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named Autumn?
Almost 127000 people are named Autumn.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Autumn?
The names of Avalee, Aviella, Avel, Avielle, Avil