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: Elf Counsel

Avery Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ve-ry\
Number of People 👶 191,000
Rate in 2021 36
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

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Additional name description Avery
Additional name description Avery

The popularity of the name Avery

As a male gave name, Avery dates back to 1880 on the US charts (which is as far back as the government has been tracking name data through the Department of social security). Thus Avery has enjoyed status as a boy's name for over 130 years. It wasn't until 1989 that the name appeared on the female naming charts. It took the female version of Avery just 10 years to overtake the male version of the pop charts, and just 15 years to secure a Top 100 position. But the feminine Avery didn't stop there. She continues to climb the charts and is now the 13th most favored girl's name nationally. That's quite a feat! Suffice it to say that Avery is a trendy female name in the United States right now. For boys, the name is also trending upwards, just to a much lesser extent. In other words, Avery is a very successful unisex name - doing well for both genders. This little goblin does carry out certain magical powers!


The number eight personality has a lot to do with power, wealth, and abundance. In some ways, this personality has been blessed on the material plane, but his authoritarian and problem-solving traits provide evidence that his good fortunes are not just lottery luck. They are well deserved. Eights are intensely active individuals, with high energy. They are remarkable for their ability to see the bigger picture down to the smallest details and organize a strategy around success. They then can lead a group around them towards any goal and develop the individual potential to get the most out of their team.

Famous people named Avery

Avery Brooks (actor)

Avery Johnson (basketball player)

Avery Dulles (American Catholic Cardinal)

Avery Brundage (former President of the Olympic Games)

Avery Schreiber (comics)

Avery Brooks ( actor)

Avery Johnson (basketball player)

Avery Dulles (American Catholic Cardinal)

Avery Brundage (former President of the Olympics)

Avery Schreiber (comics)

Avery Brooks (actor) Avery Johnson (basketball player)

Avery Dulles (American Catholic Cardinal)

Avery Brundage (former President of the Olympics)

Avery Schreiber (comics)


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Comments on the name Avery
01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our daughter Ayla and It'suits her to the bone. Depending on the moment we often pronounce it differently. Either emphasising the A at the'start or using eye at the'start. Either way the name is the best we could find and we searched for months before Ayla was born and it was the best.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i have a friend named avery and I think it is a cool name for a boy or a girl.

12/14/2023 06:38:26

I am thinking about naming my baby girl Avery - can you tell me if you find that people say Ave-er-ry❤️ I pronounce it Ave-ry, but for whatever reason, when we tell people we like the name, they say Ave-er-ry. Is this common❤️❤️

10/30/2023 17:10:44

I love this name for a little girl. I have it on my favorIt's list if I have another girl. Right now I have a little girl named Emma, so if I have another girl, I'd have an Emma and Avery. I think they compliment each other but are still very different.

10/17/2023 13:14:54

I love my name except I get picked on a lot because it can also be a boy's name! I wish there were more people in the world name Avery. I only know Ava's.

10/15/2023 03:21:08

It's our daughter's name. We pronounce it with two syllables. Ave-ree.

09/29/2023 11:45:44

I think the name Avery is perfect for all little girls! Be proud Avery's!!

09/07/2023 10:45:44

love the name for a girl- some pronounce as A-ver-e. I prefer Ave-ree

08/26/2023 02:13:42

I am 8 months pregnant with girl #2. Avery is the name we chose. It's beautiful!

08/23/2023 12:13:04

My best friends name is Avery and I envy her because I love the name'so much!

08/06/2023 12:00:22

My daughter is Averie. We wanted to spell it a little more feminine. We get nothing but compliments (of course, but we get lots) on her name, and have actually had another person use that name too!

07/24/2023 04:32:56

I love this name and gave it to my daughter. We've reci'ved many compliments!

07/22/2023 10:13:44

I love It'so much!!! Want to know why❤️ I'm named Avery

07/05/2023 04:26:00

My name is Avrie. I really dont like the'spelling, cause everyone calls me Arvie when'they first meet me. I like the uniqueness of it though, It'seperates me from all the other Aver's in the world. i think its very feminine, and even'though its a boys name too, it really doesnt bother me. I like to be differnet. I only know one other Avrie, and that makes me feel good. I love to be unique.f

06/26/2023 05:00:46

My name is Avrey but people always spell it Avery. Kind of ANNOYING. heh

06/01/2023 21:56:14

My cousin is named Avery Jane and it fits her'so perfectly. I pronounce it Av-ree but she doesn't care how people call her, as long as they do. And, Emma and Avery sound like adoreable names. They are different, but cute together. My sister and I have names that rhyme a bit - Madelyn & Kathryn- It's okay but I think our parents get us mixed up more because of it.

05/28/2023 04:29:46

My name is Avery. I like and dislike my name'sometimes. It feels weird to me to say my own name'so its funny to interact with other Aver's. But I have a friend and her name is also Avery but since we are the only Aver's we know (haha) we share a somewhat special bond.

05/11/2023 11:20:16

Am I the only one who pronounces it AY-vuh-ree❤️❤️ I really dislike the AY-vree.

04/16/2023 08:51:56

I love this name for a girl and plan on using it if I have a girl. I think it is cute for a baby and is a pretty name for an adult, as well.

04/08/2023 17:11:06

Not a unique name by any means. Know 7 of them in a fairly small town. ❤️

03/27/2023 06:53:16

This is a great name no matter how you pronounce it! Say it how ever you want and which ever way you like. There is no right or wrong way!

02/28/2023 10:23:22

Isn't avery a COLOUR i pronouce it av-ver-ry, son.

02/04/2023 16:49:58

this is my daughters name i love names with a k at the begining but couldnt find any i liked so I'made it my own checked to see if it was a real name and it was just not the'spelling i liked so i changed spelled like this its hindu for slayer of thousand headed dragon and my daughter is a smart and funny yet lil tiny terror at the age of two

01/30/2023 03:42:04

I guess this name wasn't as popular back in 2013 because growing up i've only met one other Avery and it was a boy. Oh, and by the way, my name is spelled Avary which I think looks less awkward to read than Avery but that could be because I'm biased/used to it.

01/22/2023 19:22:04

oops...forgot to put thumbs up on my comment today!

01/10/2023 11:07:40

my daughter's name is Avery and I get so many compliments. I was considering spelling it Averie but I felt it would always be confusing and annoying when people would spell her name with a Y anyway. So to make her name more feminine we named her Avery Alexandra.

12/27/2022 11:48:02

I am 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl & i am in love with the name Avery so my baby girls name will be Avery Rose

12/14/2022 20:30:26

Even'though it may have started out as a boy name, I think its very cute and feminine and should be used for a girl!

11/20/2022 23:25:26

Love the name! If I have a third child her name will be Avery.

10/20/2022 14:28:50

My daughter is Avery Noele and she's 10 yrs old. Nobody had that name we named her... It's getting too popular now.

10/12/2022 00:10:14

Seriously considering this for our next daughter. Love that I can shorten it to Ava!!

09/28/2022 15:14:38

I chose this name for my son. I see that is also popular for girls.

07/04/2022 01:19:30

I have a daughter named Alaina and if I have another girl I plan on naming her Avery. I think that they are both different but do compliment each other. If It's a boy I plan on naming him Aaron or Carter.

06/13/2022 03:54:18

Initially loved the name then lots of people were naming there child it and wanted them to be unique by spelling it a million different ways. know 5 aver's some spelt Averie. Avery. Averry. Avarie Avry. Whether or Not the way It's spelt the name is not unique all that does is make it hard on the kid because everyone spells their name wrong. I have a niece and she's forever complaining people spell it wrong Averries her'spelling. The one I blame for that is her mom.

05/26/2022 23:14:24

I like my name, but some people spell it like "Avry" when I first meet them and I'm very confused as of what their thought process was when'they were thinking of it.

04/15/2022 09:53:24

My name is Averie and I like it much better than Avery because It'seems more, feminine. One spelling that i have seen'that is very unique is Averee which many people said wrong (at a camp i went to) they said it like Av-ear-ee

04/05/2022 17:28:48

I'm going to have a neice named Avery Jordan in July. I like the name Avery for a girl, but it may sound too masculine with the name Jordan. What do you think❤️

04/01/2022 21:58:48

Our daughter is named Avery, after her grandfather and great-great grandfather. Perfect name to pass down through the generations.

03/01/2022 19:20:24

my daughter is Avery. Av-ree. many people do say is anoying, but it could be worse.

10/13/2021 04:36:36

I am female, named after my grandfather in 1962, and we pronounce it Av-ree. Took me a long time to like this name because I could never find it anywhere. Now I love its uniqueness...tho it appears it will not be so for long :-). First time I'met another Avery, she was 5 and I was 42. "Murphy Brown" named her tv show son Avery--can't remember what year that was. It's still fun to find someone who shares the name.

09/06/2021 14:12:36

Well, my name'sounds like Kale, but i beli've i have a unique name, as it is spelt "Kayle". I do not know if it has a special meaning on its own, like if it is actually a real name or derivation from Kale or Kaleb

07/05/2021 12:48:00

Our AVery is going tobe three and we absolutely love the name! It was a last minute decision and I'm so very happy we decided to go woth it. I wasn't until afterwards that we realized it was originally a boys name - butIt'seems to feminine for a boy, for me anyway.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Avery?
The origin of the name Avery is English.
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Elf Counsel
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Almost 191000 people are named Avery.
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The names of Hawa