Axel meaning

: Father Is Peace

Axel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ax-xel\
Number of People 👶 46,000
Rate in 2021 118
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew , Scandinavian
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Axel Name Meaning

The name Axel means father of peace, meaning of Absalon, name from which Axel derives.


Axel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Axel
Additional description of the name Axel

Axel is a Scandinavian name that comes from the Hebrew name Abaslon. Ablason was the son of King David and means father of peace. However, it should be noted that its literal translation is war axe. A curious fact, because both meanings seem contradictory. On the other hand, other sources advocate a Danish or German origin for the name Axel.

Cool Info About Name Axel

Additional name description Axel
Additional name description Axel

Personality of the name Axel
Axel's name corresponds to specific personality traits : Axel has a strong and rigid character, enthusiastic, funny, positive, friendly and cordial. He likes to enjoy good company and also please others. He usually has many friends.
Axel is also a curious person who likes to experiment and innovate. For this reason, at work, Axel usually works in creative and research professions.
As for love relationships, Axel is very attractive. He stands out for being seductive, chivalrous, subtle and attentive. In addition, he considers that the couple is an essential part of life, so he opts for stability.
For Axel, family is the most important thing, it is his fundamental pillar. His main concern is the well-being of his family, whom he protects above all else. Axel is a familiar and homely man, he likes family gatherings.

Celebrities named Axel
Axl Rose. Born in 1962. Axl Rose is the stage name of William Bruce Rose Jr., a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and pianist from the United States. He is known for being the singer of the famous group Guns N' Roses. Appears in the following image.
Axel Witsel. Born in 1989. Axel Laurent Angel Lambert Witsel is a Belgian footballer.
Axel Kicillof. Born in 1971 in Argentina. He is an economist, politician, professor, and researcher. He has held positions as Secretary of Economic Policy and Development Planning of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance, Minister of Economy of the Nation, and national deputy.
Axel Werner.

The meaning of the name Axel in numerology

The numerology of the name Axel can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name Axel in numerology is 9. The motto of the name Axel and nines in life: “Everyone can offend an artist!”

The patron planet for the name Axel is Mars.

The zodiac sign for the name Axel is Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

Talisman stones for the name Axel are chalcedony, boji stone, chrysoberyl, diopside, feldspar, hematite, malachite, phenactite, sandstone, tektite, yellow topaz, blue tourmaline, brown tourmaline, pink tourmaline, banded stone.

"Nine" as one of the numbers of the numerological core is idealism elevated to the status of a basic life principle.

The “nine” in the numbers of the name Axel - the Number of Expression, the Number of the Soul, and the Number of Appearances - indicates that a person has a rare gift - the ability to forgive. This ensures the love of others, and most importantly - peace of mind. However, the number 9 in numerology also means a more practical ability - creative talent. Indeed, quite selective. For example, a person will be able to create a new means of destroying his neighbors. But he can easily develop a detailed plan for building an ideal society. Nines are lazy, they have many desires and catastrophically little energy to realize them. Therefore, they continue to dream about something and do nothing about it for years. Hoping that everything will come true by itself, these people just go with the flow.

Nine has amazing intuition and connection with the energy of the Universe. They are excellent diagnosticians. For the Nine with the name Axel, material well-being is important. Very critical of himself, and suspicious of others. It is difficult to get close to the Nine for real, and will always keep at a distance until a friend passes the thorough test of time. Doesn't like to lose. Difficulty endures separation or parting, therefore avoiding intimacy. He has a bright temperament, intuition, and a wonderful sense of humor. Often so afraid of the future that he misses good chances in the present. Fear is the main enemy of the number Nine. Nine is a real warrior, able to withstand any trials and emerge victorious in difficult situations. Nine is too strict with itself.

The influence of the name Axel on the profession

The value of the number 9 in the choice of specialty is interpreted as the lack of opportunities for self-realization in the professional field. A person with this type of personality is much more suitable for a hobby, a favorite pastime that brings material income.

Diminutives and variations of the name Axel
Axel is the diminutive of Absalon . The name Axel has no diminutives or variations. It is considered that it does not need diminutives because it is a monosyllable name.

The name Axel in other languages
The name Axel remains the same in German, French, and Swedish. While in Russian, the name Axel is Akseli (Аксель).

Day of the Saint of Axel
The day of the Saint of Axel is August 21, when Saint Axel is celebrated. Although it can also be celebrated on March 2, for Saint Absalom.

Numerology of the name Axel
According to numerology, the number 6 corresponds to the name Axel.

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Axel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Axel?
The origin of the name Axel is Hebrew , Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Axel?
Father Is Peace
*️⃣ How many people are named Axel?
Almost 46000 people are named Axel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Axel?
The names of Ayyub