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Ayla Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(y)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 22,000
Rate in 2021 332
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Ayla : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Ayla meanings and origins

The name Ayla is primarily a . female name of Hebrew origin means Oak Tree. It has also bern attributed to “ doe “ , “ gazelle “. In Turkish the name Ayla is commonly said to mean “ halo of light around the moon “. This name is usually used as synonymous with “ moonlight “, although is could also mean “ halo “ in general. In fact, “ Ay “ means “ moon “ in Turkish, that’s why Ayla means “ with the moon “.

This name has been used more as baby girl’s name.


Personality of the name

The true meaning of the name might not be described in one sentence. The name '' Ayla '' has a secret behind itself, also this name is a name that indicates a gift of gab. If you are named '' Ayla '', you are easy going and cheerful. Also you have the ability to solve problems.

You are a person who is true to your ambitions and interest. You are also independent and creative. You want to be in charge and tend to like your original ideas and there are times you are impulsive. Also your most likely vocations are, musician, artist, writer, designer, and lilac, lucky gems are, garnet and amethyst.


Popularity of the name

The name Ayla has been in the United states of America ever since the year 1963. Near 21877 babies were named Ayla in the past 2 centuries. This name gained the most popularity as a baby name in the year 2006. At that year the name's usage went up by 287%. During that year, 1232 babies were named Ayla, which was 0.0313 of the baby girls born in the United States of America.


Famous people named Ayla

As you know well known people influence name's popularity positively. There are lots of famous characters named “ Ayla “, we have a list of those people.

Ayla Brown who is an American basketball player, born in the year 1988.

Ayla Celik who is a Turkish singer and song writer, born in the year 1973

Ayla Algan who is an actress, born in the year 1937

Ayla Ata who is a politician, born in the year 1976

Ayla Kell who is an actress and dancer, born in the year 1990

The given name is mostly used as girl’s name, if you consider the gender separation in the name selection process, we suggest you to select the name as your girl’s name. Also you can find the masculine forms of this name as your baby boy’s name.


Similar names to the name Ayla

You can select names similar to Ayla as your next baby as Ayla’s sibling. Also as it is mentioned, the name Ayla is a popular name, if you are looking for a name which is a rare name, you can select names starting with the letter “ A “ and similar to the name “ Ayla “.

Ada, Aadya, Aalia, Aamu, Aanya, Aadhya, Aafke, Aaliyah and Aarna.

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Comments on the name Ayla
12/5/2022 7:19:24 PM

Ayla is a wonderful name, with possible meanings of a strong tree (terabinth or oak) or a gazelle (from the Hebrew Ayelet or Ayala). Too many people are stuck on the popularity of names, instead of just picking a beautiful name to go with their beautiful daughters.

11/18/2022 10:00:04 AM

I always wanted to name my future child Ayla. I pronounce it as Eila as well. didn't think it be such a popular name, I always though it was unique.

11/18/2022 2:21:36 AM

I like the name too....I am thinking for a girl Ayla Lee.

11/15/2022 10:20:30 PM

I love reading how all the other aylas are having to deal with the'same things I deal with daily. I also love reading how people say It's like kayla without the k. everytime I do that I ended getting called kayla because they seem to think that my mom would name me kayla and spell it ayla to be "unique". i swear, people are so dumb. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago and named her Ainsley. I couldn't give her a normal name when my names so unique. what did all you other aylas name your children?

11/14/2022 12:12:04 AM

My name is Ayla and I love my name even'though most people pronounce it wrong. It is pronounced A-lu and some people have thought it was pronounced Ella, Alayna, and i-lu/Isla. But it is a very unique name and also simple. i've never met someone with my name. My whole name is actually unique and no one can pronounce it. My middle name is Daykota(with a y that is not silent) and people think it is Dakota.

11/7/2022 4:50:54 PM

hI'my name Ayla and i come from a small town in PA and i was the only one with the name ayla until my sisters teacher named her daughter after me. when i tell people my name they always say "oh ive Never heard that before its very pretty" all i can say is thanks and keep it moving

10/21/2022 5:10:30 AM

Our Ayla is now 9 years old! And I have to say she loves her name.. nothing but compliments on how unique and beautiful it is. We pronounce it as A-la xx

10/18/2022 7:52:00 PM

I named my daughter Ayla pronounced "eye-la" but we are playing we like prolong the Aaaaayla. I also got it from the novel of Jean Auel. I was told it also means "church".

10/16/2022 6:44:16 AM

I know a girl named Ayla & everyone thinks it is really cute & no one gets her name wrong. She is actually from Turkey but, she lives in the US now. I think It's funny when she gets an A in class & people say "A" for Ayla whoo hoo. Something like that.

9/28/2022 10:53:06 PM

People almost always mispronounce my name. Every new year in school my teache's say Al-ee-ya or Alaya or I-la. The way I say it is like everyone else whose name Ayla. I have never met anyone else whose name is Ayla but I have met a cat whose name is Ayla. I love my name because I live in a small town and so nobody has it, at least that's what It'seems like. I think that having a name no one where you live has is unique and shows how special you are, (except one thing that drives me nuts is that even my best friends spell it wrong) Ayla age 11

9/20/2022 10:37:56 AM

My name is Ayla and people even'teache's say it as Ila which I do not get.

9/17/2022 6:30:54 AM

Same here! I'm only in comprehe'sive school but my name's Ayla and I wouldn't change it for anything. Whenever we have supply teache's they all call me Isla and it really annoys me. BE PROUD OF YOUR NAME AND WHO YOU ARE THOUGH.

9/6/2022 10:25:24 AM

I love my name Ayla! My brother asked my mom if I could be named Ayla because of the movie. Alot of people do pronounce it wrong. I just still can't understand why. Its not even hard. But I always LOVE LOVE correcting them until they get it right. But I always get compliments on how beautiful it the name actually is.

9/5/2022 8:01:22 PM

my name is ayla marie. Its the Kayla without the K way too . i realli realli like my name. my mom got it from the book the clan of the cave bear. she fell in love with that name in high school. im 15 and absolutly adore my name. i wouldnt change it for anything. its nothing special, or not even as unique as i thought that it was, but i realli do love ad adore my name. it does irritate me tho when people miss pronounce it, I'mean yes, there are many different ways to pronounce it, but the way i was named, well, it just kinda ticks me off. overall thought, i would absolutly love to meet another ayla. Its an Incredible name...[sorry about my spelling]

8/16/2022 11:24:18 PM

My name is pronounced A-luh, but my mother'spelled it Aayla instead

8/7/2022 3:20:06 AM

HI'my name is Ayla-Lee but everyon calls me Ayla, I'm 18 and from New Zealand. i've met one other 'Ayla' with the'same birth date as me, and about two othe's. The most common mistake is the'spelling Alya which sounds like the letter 'L' rather than 'A'. Also the pronunciation I-la is often made. I love my name and It's originality, but mostly I love being Cro -Magnon.

7/31/2022 7:26:42 PM

It's a nice name. I'd once thought of naming my daughter that, but It's too early for me to be thinking of that LoL

7/5/2022 1:00:36 PM

My name is Ayla, and I am turkish, never thought that other nationalities has got this name as well. In Turkey the meaning of name Ayla is "the one who is with moon" or "the one who is together with moon".

6/21/2022 11:16:12 PM

I am newly pregnant and have always loved the name Ayla. If I have a girl, I will name her Ayla Jayne. It is such a beautiful name!

5/23/2022 11:58:30 AM

My baby girl is named Ayla. (A Luh) She is 7 1/2 years old. I found it in a baby name book in 2012 when I was searching for an Hebrew girls name that began with "A". The Hebrew meaning is oak tree. I had never heard of Jean Auel's books until after my daughter was born. We love the name, it fits my daughter, she loves her name too. I feel it defines her and is her identity. I thought it was pretty unique but I guess not so much anymore.

4/20/2022 7:49:12 PM

hI'my name is Ayla Pasha and i love my name. The only thing is people allways say it wrong lol. I love my name but ive never met anyone else names Ayla

4/18/2022 1:56:24 AM

My husband is part Turkish, so we opted for the name Ayla and we get so many compliments on the name. We pronounce it the Turkish way, which is I-la or EYE-la. Although she gets a lot of Kayla without the K pronunciation which drives me nuts, but we just correct it. It is a short and sweet name and it just fits our daughter perfectly. Her name is Ayla Kensington which sounds gorgeous

3/12/2022 6:03:00 AM

I named my daughter Ayla after growing up with Jean M. Auel's books. It's a powerful name and carried well by her. I love that It's so rare but still nice to know It's shared and loved by othe's.

3/10/2022 1:47:24 PM

I named my Daughter Ayla (A-la) actually based on an older rpg game named Chrono Trigger. The game represented her as a fighter . from out of the woods (which makes sense with the oak tree hebrew translation) & better yet, a diff hebrew translation as a Goddess My first born & she is 8 . and she will always be my "A" :) & yes for the Aylas that are out there..aren't u being a lil tired of "ohh Ava"..ehh no It's Ayla ! "I-laa" is not a bad pronouncition ..other then u would probably only hear that in Europe.. associated with a techno/dance group (which actually is pretty good :)

3/2/2022 8:09:00 AM

i love the name ayla so much my best friends name is ayla and her beautiful name'suits her'so well as she is such a beautiful person

2/5/2022 2:18:54 PM

This is my daughter' name my mum helped me choose it, She is a massive fan if country music..Her nickname is Retta or Ret for short.I also feel that this name is very unique and have only ever met one person with this name.We also have the'same problem with people spelling it they automatically think It's spelt "loreta".

2/2/2022 7:37:30 AM

HI!! OMg i love reading the coments that u guys said about ayla.....i love my name and whenever'some1 figures out my name ther's usually a compliment like "Ayla is a beautifull and inique name and i agree" Its also very fascinating that allot of the people that has the name Ayla came from Jean Auel's books my name also came rom her and i love her cause i love my name'so much it make feel very all my life i've only met a person with a name like mine...... and 1 day i just thought that im probly the only person with the name Ayla and i loved that IM so glad that the people who has names like Ayla think its a beautifull name because it is. When i pronounce my name its like A-Lah

1/9/2022 7:59:06 PM

what is the meaning of laisha and wht origin is it?

12/31/2021 11:42:18 PM

My name is Ayla Marie as well. My dad read the Jean M. Auel books and loved the name. i've never met anyone else with it but I'm finding out It's not as unique as I thought. When I was in school I'maybe had a total of 3 teache's who pronounced it right the first time. But I love my name and the books it came from.

12/25/2021 5:45:00 AM

I can't beli've people with my name have had the'same experiences as I have! Haha. I get called so many different things as well... Kayla, Alah, Eilah, Ilah, Mkayla and whatever people like to make up! Haha. I also do that whole "It's pronounced how it looks" or "Common! It's easy! Ayla... A...LAH!". i've also gotten people saying A for Ayla and my manager'sings the umbrella song with my name. "Under my umbrella... ayla...ayla..ayla...AY! AY!" Haha!

12/14/2021 2:27:54 PM

my sisters name is Ayla Marie (much like someone above lol) and she gets nothing but grief on not only pronounciation, but spelling. how in the world could you spell ayla fields as alya feild

12/3/2021 5:41:24 PM

my name is ayla kayla without the k people NEVER pronounce it right and they say its so beautiful and unique which it is and isnt i can NEVER find anything pre personalized with my name already on it like many can and plus just end part of alot of names like kayla michalya layla etc anyway it doesnt help that the rest of my name is hard to say too ayla folole sabina ieremia thats my whole name but over all i am in love and always will love my name!

11/23/2021 6:03:54 AM

My name is Ayla and I was named after "Clan of the Cave Bear" people call me eye la and e la.It's so fustrating.

11/15/2021 10:29:24 AM

My name is Ayla, and I remember this one time I'met an Ayla. I have met only one. my family and I were at the mall, and a person was wearing a name tag that'said Ayla so we asked if that was their real name and it was, but I was really bummed because I never wanted to meat another Ayla. It was very funny when I was a child and we had a substitute teacher. If we were taking attendance in the morning and the'sub got the name right on the first try people would start clapping and the'sub would get confused and say "Did I say it right?" I pronounce my name Aaa-luh

11/15/2021 2:15:18 AM

I'm 17 years old and my name is Ayla. I really like my one else has it and It'sounds very beautiful if it is pronounced correctly.

10/17/2021 5:36:00 AM

We have just decided to name our baby Laken Saige if It's a girl, and Laken Zane if It's a boy. Love it!

9/27/2021 11:31:30 PM

My name is Ayla and personally, I think its a wonderful name. I was looking at a website with personalized e-cards and was looking at the names, and they had zooey, but no Ayla! there was Kayla, Layla, Ava, and Ayesha. Overall, the name is great, but there's not going to be a lot of personalized things coming your way.

9/12/2021 9:17:24 AM

Thanks for all your comments, I searched the name Ayla to see what people think. I'm having a baby girl soon and this only stren'the's what a great name it is!

9/6/2021 11:21:36 PM

Ayla is my middle name, my mom got it from the book made into a movie called The Clan Of The Cavebear. She watched this movie a couple times when she was pregnant with me and It'stuck out in her head. She thought the name was different and unique and she thought I would be that way growing up, kinda the outcast because I was unique. Well she was right lol. I love this name It's so beautiful and different. It goes well with my first name too. I love it. I was planning on naming my daughter Ayla or Jayla which is a combination of my first name and middle name.

8/27/2021 8:59:24 AM

My daughter's name is Ayla Marie and I can't imagine any name more beautiful that would fit her as I'm having a hard time thinking of a boy name for our new baby that is as perfect as he's... :O)

8/21/2021 5:34:12 PM

My name is ayla and im 17 years old, my mom named me this after she saw th movie clan of the cave bears i love my name and its good to finally see people eith the same name.i get alot of compliments and sometimes people call me a different name but its ok.

8/18/2021 11:47:42 AM

I think this name'sky rocketed to popularity due to the Earths Children series of books by Jean M Auel. I will be naming my baby Ayla :)

7/26/2021 1:52:48 PM

Also a Turkish name meaning "Moon glow" found this meaning on another site

7/26/2021 12:57:54 PM

My Name is Ayla and my parents named me after the book Clain Of The Cave bears and people missay my name a lot and I don't really like It'so I have to tell them is Kayla but with out the K but I abosutly love my name and now It'seems like theirs a lot of Ayla?s popping up now which is crazy but aweosme at the'same time


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ayla?
The origin of the name Ayla is Hebrew.
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Almost 22000 people are named Ayla.