Catherine meaning

: Pure

Catherine Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-theri-ne, cath(e)-rine\
Number of People 👶 664,000
Rate in 2021 575
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English
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Catherine Name Meaning

Catherine's etymology is debated, but the first derivative of the name is most likely the Greek Hekaterine, derived from "heheterosmeaning "the end of reaching one", suggesting that Catherine shares her roots with the Greek Titan. goddess Hecate (Hecate). In Greek mythology, the Titans were overthrown by the descendants of her Olympian gods and goddesses, Zeus still held Hecate in such high esteem, that she allowed him to remain and retain her magical powers over mankind. Mythologies surrounding Hecate vary greatly (as do many ancient legends). For more information, see below for Hecate in the literary references. The Greek Hecate can also be connected to the Egyptian goddess of childbirth (Heqet). This popular-Christian driven etymology is given apropos of the influence of the 4th century saint Catherine of Alexandria, Egypt who was revered for the ideals of innocence and purity (see historical references below). The name Catherine is generally considered the French form of the name, while Katherine is more typically used among English speakers. It is a name with much literary and historical currency. Historically, the name was assumed by Catherine de Medici of France.

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Additional name description Catherine
Additional name description Catherine

The personality of the name Catherine

The number 11 is a master number, and it embodies the elevated traits of the two. This personality is life on a journey to find spiritual truth. They are extremely idealistic and intuitive. Eleven has a rare and exceptional spiritual energy that brings a sense of obligation to light up the world around them. It is a very powerful responsibility, but these people have much greater potential than they know. You must give yourself to the highest ideals. They can see the bigger picture, and they possess the ability to inspire others spiritually. Eleven have great diplomatic skills and can become great peacemakers.


The more French Catherine was usually the more popular spelling (the more English Katherine) in America until the 1970s. Although Katherine is more common today, both names have enjoyed an illustrious run on the female naming charts. Catalina was at the height of her popularity in her teens 19s and 20s when she usually held a position on the Top 25 Most Favorite Girl's Names list. Catherine was a Top 50 choice for decades, and a Top 100 for more than 100 years since the government began tracking naming trends in 1880. Surprisingly, Catherine fell out of the Top 100 for the first time this century in 2002. (but Katherine still holds strong to the list). Don't get us wrong; Catalina is still a timeless classic, but she seems to falter at the cards ever so slightly. We also have to admit (we're closeted Frenchified. And so did the English parents of Duchess Kate Middleton (who named her daughter Catherine and not Katherine). But it comes down to a preference for C over K or vice versa. Catalina just feels a bit more refined. There are dozens of pet shapes for Catalina, adding flexibility and charm to this perennial favorite: Kate, Katie, Kitten, Cathy, Kathleen, etc. She's just one of those names with such poise and grace, that she just can't go wrong. And so did the English parents of Duchess Kate Middleton (who named her daughter Catherine and not Katherine). But it comes down to a preference for C over K or vice versa. Catalina just feels a bit more refined. There are dozens of pet shapes for Catalina, adding flexibility and charm to this perennial favorite: Kate, Katie, Kitten, Cathy, Kathleen, etc. She's just one of those names with such poise and grace, that she just can't go wrong. And so did the English parents of Duchess Kate Middleton (who named her daughter Catherine and not Katherine). But it comes down to a preference for C over K or vice versa. Catalina just feels a bit more refined. There are dozens of pet shapes for Catalina, adding flexibility and charm to this perennial favorite: Kate, Katie, Kitten, Cathy, Kathleen, etc. She's just one of those names with such poise and grace, that she just can't go wrong. There are dozens of pet shapes for Catalina, adding flexibility and charm to this perennial favorite: Kate, Katie, Kitten, Cathy, Kathleen, etc. It's just one of those names with such poise and grace, that she just can't go wrong. There are dozens of pet shapes for Catalina, adding flexibility and charm to this perennial favorite: Kate, Katie, Kitten, Cathy, Kathleen, etc. It's just one of those names with such poise and grace, that she just can't go wrong.

historical figures

Almost all women living with the name Catherine today can thank Saint Catherine of Alexandria by name. As her legend and cult of her grew in the Middle Ages, she gained a large following (especially among women who began to name their daughters after her veneration). Often referred to as “Catherine of the Wheelâ€, Saint Catherine was martyred in Alexandria, Egypt around 307 AD yet “herstory†was largely unknown until around 800 when her relics were allegedly discovered on Mount Sinai (Apparently her hair was still growing and healing oils were secreting from her body). Um, yeah, kind of creepy, but such stories of holy relics were very popular in medieval times and Catherine was a shining example of the so-called Virgin Martyrs. Catherine of Alexandria was born a pagan princess in the late 3rd century in Alexandria, Egypt, but she converted to Christianity before the age of 20. She was known for her beauty, intelligence, education, and articulation. She took her religious arguments to the Roman Emperor Maxentius to stop the cruel persecutions of Christians under his rule. In doing so, Catherine managed to convert almost everyone around her to Christianity, including her wife. When Maxentius attempted to thwart her proposing marriage, she refused, declaring herself the bride of Christ, to whom he consecrated her virginity. Indignant, the emperor ordered his death in the cogwheel (a rather cruel method of execution during Antiquity). Legend has it that the wheel managed to break and free Catalina while she was praying. So her executioners switched to Plan B instead of her: they beheaded her (the angels then swooped in and took her to Mount Sinai). The name is Catherine became a favorite of hers among the French after Joan of Arc declared that Saint Catherine of Alexandria was one of the saints who appeared to her in a dream giving her instructions on what she had to do. Saint Catherine is remembered among Catholics as a woman who would not abandon her true faith and she bravely stood against opposition despite the consequences of it. She is now the patron saint of philosophers and preachers, and her feast day is November 25.

famous people named Catherine

Saint Catherine of Alexandria (popular 4th century saint)

Catherine de Medici (16th century Franco-Italian noblewoman)

Catherine the Great (Empress of Russia)

Catherine of Aragon (wife of Henry VIII)

Catherine Howard (wife of Henry VIII)

Catherine Parr ( wife of Henry VIII)

Catherine Deneuve (French actress), Catherine Zeta-Jones (actress), Catherine O'Hara (actress)

Catherine “Kate†Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

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Comments on the name Catherine
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i am called catherine and i rock more then all you other catherines or katherines or kathryns

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name being Catherine. It's great! Anyone who knows me well, calls me Cat. Cat is so great too. People call me Kitty, Cat, and Catherine. If You're looking for a name for a girl, then Catherine is the best!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Catherine, but every one calls me Cat!! MEOW ^^ <= cat ears :D

01/03/2024 01:51:32

My name is Catherine and I have always liked it. When I was young I went by Cathy, and now that I am an adult I go by Catherine, and only the people close to me call me Cathy. My grandpa used to call me kitty or kitten. I was named after my great grandmother.

12/09/2023 20:32:48

I love how most of these comments talk of having their nickname being Cat, thats what I go by Cat, Kitty, Meow, Catherine. I have had alot of nicknames since my name is Catherine, but I love being called Cat! :)

12/06/2023 09:22:34

love it my best friend is Catherine and we all call her KitCat

11/30/2023 19:57:02

This is my mother's name and it is really pretty. I just recently met someone else that has it too. Sometime people want to spell it with an E on the end.

11/30/2023 09:57:30

My name is Catherine. I use it for business. Friends and family call me Katie. Catherine has been passed down in my family for at least 4 generations. I am very proud to have been given'this name. It's a beautiful and very elegant.

11/01/2023 19:43:40

My name is Catherine. I love the'sound of Catherine, but I think it is too long for everyday use. Since my parents decided to name me Catherine, but for a nickname Kate, people always spell it Cate. I would love to change the'spelling to Kathryn. I don't like It'spelled Katherine though, it doesn't look right.

10/19/2023 06:41:12

Named after my Grandmother. Catherine to family and Cathy by friends. Of course everyone tries to spell it with a "K". Even when my Mother was dying and I'd ask her if she knew who I was she whispered out Catherine.

09/13/2023 17:49:16

For most of your life You're an adult and Catherine is an elegant, ladylike woman's name. I'm a career girl so I love the fact that I have a sensible name. If you want to give your baby daughter a name'she'll love her whole life, call her Catherine. She'll go far in life and to you, she'll always be your little Katie.

09/07/2023 16:03:08

I don't like that people shorten it to Cath. Is sounds horrible!! All my friends know that I hate it and call me either Cathy or Catherine. There is always a false familiarity then when people call me Cath.

09/05/2023 19:05:14

my name is not even Catherine, It's simply "Cat", I gusse my name is ok "Cat" and since I can't find the meaning of the name Cat(the name Cat most likely means as in the animeal cat), the name Catherine AlWAYS pops up.

08/28/2023 09:46:24

My name is Catherine. I think it is a beautiful and strong name but it has always been'too formal for me. I have always gone by Cathy.

08/25/2023 18:52:52

I'm another Catherine and have been nothing but pleased with it. A beautiful, classic name that everyone can pronounce (except Indian telemarketers, which is actually quite handy--if somone calls me Cath-reen, I know I'm in for a sales pitch), and most people can spell if you give them the hint that It'starts with a "C". So many options for nicknames with a classic professional name to fall back on too.

08/16/2023 21:31:04

i love my name, my friend calls me cat and my husband calls me kitty

08/15/2023 05:32:56

My friends name is Catherine, she's hecka cooool. :D

07/28/2023 11:06:58

Hello! gffkckk inter'sting gffkckk site! I'm really like it! Very, very gffkckk good!

07/23/2023 14:26:32

My name is Catherine (Catherine Jane, actually- I was excited to see another with the'same name!!)... I hate it. Always have. I don't feel like a "Catherine". Most people call me Cathy and I don't like that either. I have tried to switch to Rine or Kate but people just won't switch to calling me that. I don't mind Cath as much and a few friends call me Cat or Cee. To me, Catherine is just too plain and doesn't suit my personality. It's pretty but I just don't like it. I do like that it is classic though since names have gotten a little crazy lately.

06/17/2023 18:49:02

my name is catherine, i usually go by catie, catherine, cat, or kitty

06/08/2023 15:52:12

I'm called Catherine and i love it, the problems with it ar the horrible K spelling and the'stupid nick names! How is Kate any sort of an abriviaton for Catherine❤️

05/28/2023 07:08:28

I love my name, its totally original here in iceland. yes i am in a supermarket I AM MANAGER. chow.

05/13/2023 03:36:02

Catherine is the name of my great aunt.It's a beautiful name,and I would never'spell it differently.The only problem is that It's not a 'fun' name.

05/12/2023 04:05:22

What a great name. Hated it growing up and now that I am almost 56 , I really like it. wisdom from my aunt Susie and then my parents. Aunt Suise and Uncle John had a boy that was born on June 3rd 1944 and I was born on June 3rd 1966. I trully am blessed with my name.

05/10/2023 17:42:16

I think it is a loving and peaceful name because my mum's name is catherine and she is loving and peaceful

05/06/2023 23:28:50

i love my name i have a nick name called cathy cstherton

04/29/2023 17:47:32

My name is Catherine. And most of my friends spell my name wrong like endine it with YN RINE ,or just with y

04/18/2023 05:14:34

My name is Catherine Jane and I have mixed feelings the name Catherine. I like the fact that it is a traditional classic name that hasn't really dated. However I hate that there are always so many of us around and that there are so many different spellings of the name that I am always having to spell it out to people. I was called Cathy growing up which I didn't really like so switched to Catherine when I finished university (although my family still insist on calling me Cathy despite the fact that I am now in my 40s). I would like to be called Cate but I have a cousin, Katrina, who is Kate and has the'same surname as me. With Cate being out, I prefer Cat or Cath to Cathy.

04/15/2023 02:00:26

it is a very pretty name, very royal and beautiful name

02/27/2023 02:03:42

My name is Catherine. I love it, especially when my friends call me Cat! <3

02/11/2023 04:00:22

I love my name. I go by 'CAT' also.

01/14/2023 05:21:06

You can never ever call a girl Ali. It's a male name and very It's masculine which obviously is an Arabic MALE name.

12/28/2022 20:42:58

My middle name is Catharine....said Cath-er-ine like Catherine. It is spelt in this way as my parents went to St Catharines college. I think it's a really unique spelling as I have never met anyone called CathArine, only Catherines and Kathryns. I am blessed because it is a beautiful name, and flows with my fairly common first name, Anna.

12/24/2022 13:16:02

I love my name Catherine, think it is VERY pretty and strong sounding. My husband is Christopher (Kit) so we named our house KitCat Cottage. I have been called Kate, Cat, and Cathy.

12/15/2022 04:44:10

I would never'spell this name with a K,it just doesn't look right.

12/11/2022 22:33:42

I was named Catherine after my maternal grandmother, who was known as "Cate". I'm called Cathy or Cat, but my fiance prefers to call me by my full given name, because he'says It'sounds romantic and elegant. My one complaint is that everyone spells it with a "K", even if they've known me for a while!

12/01/2022 14:31:10

This is my sister's name. She is nearly 30 years old and her name has always won compliments. My mother was ahead of her time!

11/29/2022 08:09:00

my name is Catherine and i also think it is better'spelled with three syllables. i never used to like my name but now i do and i think its a timeless classic and very elegant

11/27/2022 19:07:12

This is my name and I like it because It's not too common.I like being called Tash because it means people can't get it confused with It's twin,Natalie.

11/27/2022 00:18:40

love it! if only people understood its catie with a "C." someone once told me i spelled my name wrong.

11/23/2022 01:58:22

This is my mother-in-law's name, she was born in 1967. I like it quite a bit, and would consider making my child her namesake. Its recent increase in popularity, however, is frustrating.

10/06/2022 11:37:36

My name is Catherine (I got by Cat) and i've been called anything from Cat, Kitty, Kitten, Cathy... I love the versatility of the name

10/04/2022 15:32:36

Yes, Glynis is my name. I was also born in 1975. My father my is Glenn. The older I become the more I love my name.

09/28/2022 11:43:02

My name is Catherine after my great aunt, Cathy. my friends call my "Cat" and my family call me "Katie" everyone spells my name with a K but its a C. but i love my name it makes me different than everybody else. :)

05/15/2022 09:04:48

one of my best friends is catherine and i think It's a pretty good name even'though she hates it. lol. ;]

04/06/2022 12:41:42

I think this is a very classic, beautiful, feminine, strong name. I would like to name my next daughter this name.

03/21/2022 14:13:30

I like it. like someone else said, it is a 'very classic, beautiful, feminine, strong name.' (NOTE: i quoted them... look w/ single quotes)

02/27/2022 23:25:12

My Cousin's name is Catherine and we always call her Katie. She Hates being called by her full name, (by that I'mean middle and last as well)... But she likes her name Catherine, especially because when we were younger we used to be the 2 Cs. We both had names starting with "C". :)

12/24/2021 09:37:12

My daughter's name is Catherine Rose. We call her Cate, or Catie. Love it!

11/23/2021 08:48:36

My name is Catherine. I'm not too fond of it, to be honest. It just doesn't suit me. /: There's too many Catherines and Kathryns and any other way to spell it in my school. [There's always a popular one and I hate it when someone calls their name and I think they're talking to me for a sec.] [though I'd never change my name. My parents gave me this name and I'll stick with it.] And everyone always spells it wrong! DX

11/10/2021 05:08:06

My name is Catherine and It's not like I hate it, but I wish I had a nickname!! How about Rina❤️

09/27/2021 18:02:06

My name is Catherine, and I find the name wonderfully feminine, and it always seems to come across to people as unique...without being strange. No matter how many women named "Catherine" you'll meet, it always sounds new. The only downside is everyone I'meet assumes that I spell my name with a "K" instead of "C". (Well, almost everyone...)

09/16/2021 07:32:06

My sister's name is Catherine. Her last name is McCarthy so we call her CMac. I love her name!!

09/11/2021 03:05:42

I like the name Catherine, but my parents used the derivative Cathy. Which I hate.

09/02/2021 20:32:24

Catherine is my name and i love it, but i have gone by the name Cat since I was a little kid. Catherine can sound standoffish, so I use it for business/work, but anyone who reall y knows me calls me Cat.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Catherine?
The origin of the name Catherine is English.
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Almost 664000 people are named Catherine.
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The names of Jeffrey, Claude, Saffron, Severin, Seferina