Dale meaning

: Valley.

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Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \d(a)-le\
Number of People 👶 299,000
Rate in 2021 2898
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 English
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Dale Name Meaning

The name Dale carries with it the serene imagery of a person living in a valley. It invokes the tranquility, harmony, and natural beauty that are typically associated with such landscapes. This suggests a person who is in sync with nature, grounded, and appreciates the simple pleasures of life.

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Dale Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Dale
Additional description of the name Dale

The name Dale has roots in Old English where it was used to denote a person who lived in a valley. It is derived from the Old English word 'dael', which translates to 'valley'. It was commonly used as a surname before it gained popularity as a first name. As a first name, Dale saw significant use in English-speaking countries throughout the 20th century.

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Additional name description Dale
Additional name description Dale

The name Dale is unisex, used for both boys and girls, but is more commonly given to boys. Some famous personalities bearing this name include Dale Carnegie, renowned author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and Dale Earnhardt, a legendary figure in the world of auto racing. The name Dale is also associated with the fictional character Dale Cooper from the TV series "Twin Peaks".

In terms of popularity, Dale had its peak in the mid-20th century, particularly in the United States. However, its timeless appeal means it continues to be a solid, reliable choice for parents seeking a name with a classic touch.

In terms of personality traits, individuals named Dale are often associated with a love for peace and harmony. They are thought to be reliable, responsible, and value community and family. Their grounded nature often draws people towards them, making them great friends and companions.

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Comments on the name Dale
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Im a 17 year old girl and my name is pronounced Dale but spelt Dael! So unusual. I have never meet a girl called Dale, let alone with my spelling. People always get my name wrong, usually its Gale, which I absolutely hate! I really didn't used to like my name. I get quite alot of complents on how unique and pretty it is and so I think I'm gorwing to like it!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Dale, I'm a girl and i absolutely love it! Even'though the typical female spelling is "Dayle" I love how I don't know anybody else with the'same name or spelling as me. I used to get teased about the chI'munks and stuff but now I think It's great, its so unique and earthy

01/14/2024 00:00:00

She wrote me a mean email back". Ah, you poor little sausage. Was the bad Dale a big meany❤️ Get a grip! Sexy girl Dales are hot!

01/12/2024 08:19:58

I'm a Dale too. I had a best friend geowing up named Dale and I think we became friendgs mostly because of our shared name. n't sure if any other Dales got this one, but again when I was younger, there was a TV commercial for a dish washing detergent where this kid jumps in'this swI'ming pool and when he'surfaced he grabbed... well, this is what he'said "...Mrs. burk, oh I thought you were Dale". I heard that for

01/12/2024 03:02:34

My name is Dale and they always call me Gail. I like my name. It is unique. I was Dale the whale in school even'thought I was very thin. Those kids...

01/09/2024 19:47:30

My mother's name is Dale Ann. Born in 1962's. Likely named after Dale Evans, the cowgirl on TV, because my grandmother liked country music and Western stuff. My mother HATES her name! She gets questioned every time she uses her credit card (is this yours❤️), gets put in boy's dorms/gym classes, etc. Lately she's been using the full "Dale-Ann" is avoid confusion and also It'sounds more feminine and original.

01/09/2024 03:02:24

My mams name is Dale and people often laugh and says its a boys name

01/04/2024 05:46:42

My name is Dale, I was born in 2008, in the U.K. It's so tiring when people first see my name without seeing me, they presume I'm a male, so i've had to start putting my middle name on everything. When applying for jobs I get 'Mr' or referred to as 'he' considered changing my name'so many times.

12/05/2023 22:12:30

My name is Dale and I am a female. Growing up there were two other Dale's in my town and they were both boys one older and one younger than me. Crazy that in a little town there were three Dale's. I was put in an all male gym class and an all male dormitory in college. I hate the fact that people always assume I am a guy, but the worst thing is when people assume I said "Gail" My stepmother is named Gail and we don't get along, that's probably why I hate It'so. Now at nearly 50 I have learned to love the uniqueness of my name and I always know when someone is a sales call :)

12/05/2023 10:27:10

This is my name and I hate it!! My life has been cursed and I know it is because of my terrible name.

11/29/2023 00:27:18

Yupp also my name It's pronounced Like Kayla, but It's spelled Keyla!!I hate when people call me Kee-la!!

11/14/2023 08:40:12

I am a 58 year old woman from New Zealand and I am Dale too. I appreciate that my name is uncommon so that makes It'special. However I identify with othe's here who have had gender problems. I am often mistaken for a man by name, so I sign letters, etc. Mrs Dale to avoid confusion. I don't know who my parents named me after, could be Dale Evans.

11/02/2023 03:57:24

dale is a great name its smart simple sophisticated and comes from the meaning little river which is what we arein life trying to find our way into the'sea . but for me its a funny crazy eccentric name .

10/31/2023 06:59:30

My name is dale. I'm 24 and i love it. I was the only dale at school, and am still the only dale in my town. Its great!

10/17/2023 02:57:44

I totally understand, but I really like being named Dale - It's like "Boy named Sue", it builds character. And most other people I'meet think It's great, or inter'sting at the very least. I actually just started a facebook group called "girls named Dale".

10/13/2023 04:55:04

Love it. My parents loved me and It's fine. Debbie would have been so common and It just has suited me my Whole life. I have to admit, I used to be questioned why It was picked. It was because I was almost born in Bloomingdale's ! But, my mom made it to the hospitial in the nick of time. We always spent years shopping at the'store! No regrets!

10/11/2023 12:21:40

hI'my name is dale and im a woman most poeple think my name is nice but some times they think of a boy name

10/05/2023 13:14:14

I like my name. Names are important, and it amazing how well they fit personalities.

09/29/2023 12:03:22

my name is Dale. one time i worked with this guy named Chip and we never heard the end of the lame jokes...

09/20/2023 16:45:00

This is my brother's name and I like it. My mother wanted names that couldn't be shortened by anyone to anything other than what she named us. I'm Scott, he's Jay. Ironically, everyone thinks It's shortened from Jason, so it had the reverse effect. It's a friendly, uppity name that can't really be said in a negative way (There's no cartoon or comic villains named Jay that I can'think of) and It's easy to yell out when you need him to bring something to you or when he's in trouble. :-)

09/18/2023 23:36:20

My name is spelt Dayle and in my mom's baby book It'says that at one stage in the early centuries it was predominantly used by females, then'the males stole it and now in the recent century, the girls are claiming their name back. Now, howz that for a story!

09/17/2023 10:16:54

I was named Dale in 1963. And, I continue to be plagued with problems. The only time it was not a problem was in my undergraduate days at an all-women's college. To this day, whenever I call about a personal account, use my credit card, etc, I am told I cannot ask about or use my husband's accounts. What a waste of time and energy! You better beli've when my daughter was born, I gave her a feminine but solid name, Rachel. I have only met one other female Dale and she changed her name to Dayle.

09/16/2023 06:39:22

I was named after my father, so I didn't get to use the name till high school. By then no one would acknowledge me as Dale and I was called by my middle name. I passed the name on to my daughter as her middle name because I love it, but sadly it has died there. She just had her only child at 35 a little girl and has refused to use the name Dale as one of her middle names. Too bad. I love it and thought it would be a lovely family tradition, but to continue with our women.

09/14/2023 21:44:26

My name is Dale , born 1972. i've often been incorrectly assumed Im a male eg plane ticket bookings from my workplace, when I hand a credit card or Atm card unless It'says Mrs on it I am questioned about whose card I have❤️ When I was younger I was often placed in boys cabins at camps. I didn't mind. I liked my unique name and was sporty and not overly princess's anyway.

08/28/2023 11:14:34

In NZ Dale is far more common as a girl's name. I have met maybe 15 Dale's in my life (various ages), of which only one was a boy (and he was from the USA...thus to be expected).

08/06/2023 18:10:40

my name is dale, i want the name dale to be in'the top 1000 again. all who share this name of dale in'thier lineage ought take heed.

08/03/2023 22:17:22

my husband named my son dale, i never liked the name'still to this day i find it hard to say,dale is now nine. i thought dale was a unuasl name.

08/03/2023 14:56:32

My name is Dale and I'm in 8th grade I hate my name when I'meet people there like what's your name❤️ And im like It's dale. At least my middle name is Stephanie.

07/22/2023 22:16:42

I love this name! My daughter's name is Dayle and she will be 10 years old this year. We have a lot of people mispronounce it Day-lee (because Dale can't possibly be a girl's name) or assume she's a boy when'they read it (because it can't possibly be a girl's name). A boy at school teased her and told her it was a boy's name. When she told me, I asked her, "Well, are you a boy❤️" "No." "Then It's not just a boy's name." A lot of people thought it was weird when I told them what I was naming her, but they all seem to agree It'suits her perfectly. :)

06/23/2023 13:14:20

I am a 47 year Dale ( male) from Australia. My mother was a big fan of Dale Evans ( third wife of country singer Roy Rogers) and she told me I was to be Dale if I was a boy or girl. I had some hang-ups with it as a kid but it really does n't bother me now. I have met a few over the years both male and female and with variations in'the'spelling - such as Dayle and Dail (stupid spelling) anyway nice to know there is a page on'the n't devoted to Dale.

06/23/2023 10:53:16

I am also a female named Dale, and it does annoy me when people are like thats a Male's name, or for instance Other person What is your name❤️ Me: Dale Other person: ok Gail

06/18/2023 12:09:24

I am a Dale and didn't want my name cause of the chI'munk. When I was a koid, I was the only one in my school and have only met one other Dale.I have been'told by people how they think my name is unique. I like my name, now that I have grown into it! People say it fits me!

06/14/2023 23:48:38

my name is Dale and there is no mistaking me for a man, except when people come to the counter and ask to speak to Dale, then look bewildered when I tell them it is me. i've learnt to love my name as I like things that are unique after all. I don't like people assuming It's a boy's name only.

06/11/2023 11:45:30

My son is named Dale after his great grandfather (who was a fun guy). Dale may be the only one in his school (500 kids). We went with short, simple, strong, easy to pronounce names for both of our boys (the other is Abe), in'the hopes that it would simplify one aspect of their lives for them.

06/04/2023 12:32:08

As for the rating, thumbs up for a guy, thumbs down for a girl. i've always known it to be a guy's name.

06/02/2023 03:48:54

I'm male, have met many more female Dales over the years than male ones, and I think It's totally cool and I'm proud of my name. I'm also 6'6" tall and weight about 285 and I'm not fat. I can't recall anyone ever having the guts to tease me about having a girl's name. If they had, I would have just laughed anyway.

05/22/2023 23:53:14

I went to school with a female Dale. Her father was a Flash Gordon fan and named her for Dale Arden. Way cool on both accounts!

05/19/2023 13:00:38

My teacher name is Dale and i think Daley ☺️ Is a great name to call

05/14/2023 07:13:34

my name is dale. i like ham on'top of a freshly painted carbereta. wow It'sounds super'sometimes i get called da ul i dont mind as this just adds to the comidy value of the name dale, however a slight variation in'taunts towards mmyself and being related to a dale winton of such has caused me to end my life

05/13/2023 03:18:24

I am a female I do not know the origion of meaning of my name "Gedale". I know 2 males with te name Dale. It's an ok name

05/11/2023 19:51:38

I'm a 21 year old female. My middle name is Dale and when people in High School found out I did get teased but i've always known it was a neutral name. Some people are to too stupid. I love my name. I was always put on the boys lists at school because my name is Courtney Dale. It did get annoying.

05/10/2023 13:17:46

My wife wants to name all of our children Dale after their dear ol daddy. Dale is hands down n't only the best name in existence, but the best word as well. Signed, Big Dale

04/23/2023 18:22:28

I am female and my name is Dale. It only bothe's me when it is assumed that I am male.

04/06/2023 21:41:22

My name is Dale and I love it. My married surname is also a male christian name'so needless to say people are generally surprised to meet me and see that I'm a woman. It's pretty cool to see that reaction and it always generates a bit of fun discussion.

03/24/2023 12:45:46

My name is Dayle- I was supposed to be a boy, born1969, but when I was born my parents decided to keep my name an add the Y. I often'tell this story and say Y because they could. I never really liked my name and wished I been called something else like Barbara, tough now it has grown on me. Of course it is often misspelled and I often get mail addressed as Mr, and people assume I am a male until they meet me. I am from NZ originally but live in Perth western Australia.

03/23/2023 02:40:18

For as unpopular as this name'seems, I have a couple in'tances of it in my history: my dad's middle name is Dale, but he goes by it because his first name is even worse... poor kid. My middle name is Dale as well, but I go by my first, so It's no big deal. And i've been dating a girl for about three years now, and her father's name is Dale as well. My children, we have discussed, will n't have Dale in'their names because I simply do n't like it.

03/19/2023 19:36:56

I am a female Dale. It was tough growing up with very short hair... everyone asked my mom how old her'son was. It is also tiresome to correct people who constantly call me Gale, or have them say over the phone "you sound like a girl!" Despite all that however, I have come to appreciate that my name'sets me apart and now I rather like it. Plus It's fun to take people by surprise when I show up and they were expecting a guy!!

02/04/2023 04:11:44

I always liked it because it wasn't that common, and in recent years it has taken on a more masculine image because of a certain motorsports legend, so it probably keeps getting better.

01/26/2023 17:24:44

I'm 17 and almost every day, people get my name wrong. A few things i've been called are "jordan, adele(and of course)GAIL!" Nevertheless, I think It's an absolutely beautiful name for a woman. And like some said in a previous message, we will most certainly always be the only dale in the place. Unique, beautiful and fascinating.

01/22/2023 20:14:58

As a child everyone always made jokes like farmer in'the dale and dale the it was also my dads name. i have met a couple people with the name but n't really.

01/12/2023 10:44:16

My name is Roger Dale. I never would answer to Roger when I was little and politely informed my mother my name was n't Roger but Dale. Growing up in'the 70-80's I seldom met other Dales. Only one I can remember a guy I became good friends with in my teens. Then I'married my wife and her Father's name is Dale and she has a maternal uncle named Dale, and a cousin. My son's middle name is also Dale. I always hated Roger'so we Named his first name Billie after my Great Uncle Billie who I was close to. My wife's half sister through her father is named Dayle. So it is defin'tely a family name in our family.

01/08/2023 03:17:20

I am Dayle. Added the y when I was 14. Saw a female model with that'spelling. My parents were very agreeable. We changed my birth certificate. It was very cool. That they understood the gender need.

01/05/2023 22:58:36

My parents called me Dale (1965) I also get sick of people saying oh we were expecting a man or calling me Mr. I like my name but just wish people would get over 'oh but it is usually a boy's name.' So every Leslie/Lesley Hillary, Tony/Toni Beverley, Jodie/jody, etc etc is usually a what name❤️ Get over yourselves and think before you speak we Dales' have heard it all before

12/19/2022 22:45:54

My name is dale, and I'm a female. And yep, never liked it. Knowing my dad wanted to name me Jessie. I get compliments all the time on it. About the funniest thing that had happened was one time when I'd changed Church's to attend. I had this message left on my answering machine about how much they missed me and hoped to see me back real soon, Mr. Dale.

12/13/2022 05:42:50

my name is Ruby Dale but I don't care for the name Ruby si I go by Dale.. I love it when u go for an appointment and they call out Dale and I stand up and not a guy.. Love the look on their faces.

12/06/2022 15:53:44

My name is Dale, I'm a 17 year old male from London, England. I loved the way I was the only person in my primary, and secondary school to have this name, It's really unique compared to everyone elses, but i've never accually been sure as to if I like it or n't. //Dale

11/11/2022 19:53:20

Dale seems to have been more popular in'the'southern and mid-west USA. I was named after my father's brother who died as a toddler.

11/10/2022 20:22:40

My name is pronounced Dale but spelled Dayle. I often have people say it wrong and my family calls me Dayle Lynn(middle name). I hated my name growing up but now I love it because it is so different and I get tons of compliments on how pretty it is.

11/08/2022 01:04:38

My name is Dale and I am female. People on'the phone almost always ask if I said 'Gail' which irritates a little or they will ask for Mr Dale ..... I love my name however and am amused when seeing the'surprised look on peoples' faces when I am introduced for the first time. Oh, a female Dale❤️ I love that phrase! My health visitors when I had my own children encouraged her daughter to name her little girl Dale after meeting me so that was a real compliment.

11/03/2022 04:41:50

When I was born my parents like this name and my nickname is Marcy, people complement me alot. My friends that know my ancestry, know I am Irish Scottish an English. I love being calle either name.

10/28/2022 03:48:36

My son's name is Dale, as was my brothers. I know a few other Dale's non of which is a girl!

10/17/2022 16:49:44

Dale is my name. I am a man but I also think it makes a good girls name

10/13/2022 20:50:30

My name is Dale. I was named after the actress Dale Arden - Flash Gordons girlfriend. We moved around a lot and in each new school I was put in the boy's locker'section. The worst situatiion I was in was when I went in for surgery and they put me in a room full of men. The best situation was when I tried to cancel insurance coverage for my furnace and they refused to beli've who I was so they wouldn't cancel it. Four days later my furnace broke down and they had to pay for it. I alway know if someone doesn't know me when'they call and ask for Mr. Dale or letters addressed to Mr. Dale. I love my name!

10/13/2022 00:33:48

My mom is a Dale, and she frequently gets junk mail addressed to Mr. Dale ______. Overall I think It's an okay name...maybe spell it Dayle to make it more feminine looking.

10/12/2022 16:20:04

Dale is part of my middle name, Ragsdale, which is my mother's maiden name, but i've always been called Dale. I love my name, and it doesn't hurt that I identified with Dale Evans, but Ireally have gotten'tired of being made to beli've It's a boy's name. People get used to it, but meeting people can be frustrating. I sometimes wonder why I wasn't name Adele or Della, but my husband says he really likes the name Dale. Beli've it or not, I actually dated a guy named Dale for a couple of years, and it wasn't confusing at all. Over the years, especially as an adult, i've met more ladies named Dale than men!

10/03/2022 06:20:02

i've never met a girl with this name only a few boys. i dont like it for a girl.

09/26/2022 03:35:04

this is my name and il like it friends call me nana

09/22/2022 21:24:36

I love the name Dale for women. It is unique and sexy!

09/18/2022 07:29:44

I have a uncle named Dale, and he is funny and eccentric.

09/11/2022 07:05:50

They people in Chile and Southamerican Pronounced Pamela differently pa-MEH-la"

07/31/2022 02:58:30

My Name is Dale i think its a nice name i like the way it rolls off my tongue when i say it people normally say it properly or think its Darryl very annoying !!! thanks mom for calling me Dale !!!

07/31/2022 00:13:48

My name is Dale and I am a female!It's a unique and beautiful name! I get mail and calls as a male! They always I hAlways Advertise as being a male name which to me sound like a girl name!people only think that because Society make people think one way ! They need to bring Roy and Dale show back on air again!! Letting people know It's a unisex name ! Same as Courtney Jordan ,Kelsey ,kelly ,Avery ,robin ,Tracy Corey ,Riley ,Ryan , Dylan and so many! People go by what they hear and what they see on tv and in movies ! Make it known you are a female and your parents can name you what they like!Be proud of yourself It's ok ! And say now you know ! Smiles lol you not the only one!

07/21/2022 03:14:42

My name is Dayle-Ann. I was born in 1966. I was named after my dad Dale. I hated my name all thru school and I changed the'spelling added a Y so I was Dayle. Worked for years as Dayle and still didn't like it. Then I added my middle name on Ann and I was Dayle-Ann. I like it more now It's unique and have had several compliments about my name. Funny some people call me Daylee-Ann! It's so easy to pronounce but some make it harder to say than it is.

05/17/2022 04:05:06

Born in 1962, I hated my name when I was in grammar school because it was so different from all the'susie's, Mary's, Cathy's, etc. However, I began to appreciate it in High School because it WAS a different name. Enjoyed getting put in the boys gym classes every year! I do get the "Mr." treatment but that can be inter'sting most of the time, and for some reason new acquaintances end up calling my husband Dale. I love when my friends call me Daley....It's sweet.

05/07/2022 02:31:30

My name is Dale. Its okay. I don't know anyone else named Dale but I do hear of guy Dales. It bugs me. The only time it really bugs me is when people comment on my name, like oh thats a guys name or like Chip n Dale and stuff like that. But no one really does that'so its cool. I just wish that there were nicknames. Like actual nicknames. Like the amount of nicknames there are for like Elizabeth and names like that.

05/06/2022 04:33:54

My son's name is Dale Robert, both are family names. He was born in 2020, my brother who's middle name is Dale is 28, my grandpa Dale is 61, and my husband's childhood best friend, also Dale, is 32. We live in middle America. My name Amy, and my husband's name Matt are both pretty common among our generation. We did n't want our son'to have to go by their first and last name, big/little, or #1/#2, &c.; Therefore, we chose a name that is n't so common, yet n't completely unusual. We love the name Dale. Unfortun'tely, people often'think we are saying "Gail".

04/30/2022 13:08:42

My name is Dale and I was born in 1962. I am from Australia. My mother was a mad keen fan of Roy Rogers who was married to Dale Evans and they were known as the'singing Cowboys (or something like that!) - anyway - just like so many of the above comments, I hated my name when I was younger but now also like it as it is "different" and I love correcting people when'they ask for Mr. Dale White and I tell them that "I AM DALE" They are sooo apologetic. ha ha ha!!!

03/10/2022 11:57:36

My name is Dale Ann . I was born in 1966 and named after the lovely Dale Evans who , by the way, only lived about 45 minutes from where I live Apple Valley , California. I'm not crazy about the name. My mom wanted people to call me Dale Ann, yuk. I sometimes go by Ann to avoid comments. Yes, i've gotten'them all just like you. i've never gotten depressed over my name, I just wish it was Tiffany, Yolanda, Amy, something girly, im' very girly. oh well, Dale it is. One time I told a woman the operation was a success, I thought she was going to faint. Bad joke, never'said it again. Did you parents want a boy❤️ is that a nickname❤️ Gail❤️ Mr. Dale,

03/09/2022 13:05:06

I'm a girl named Dale.It's kinda wierd that most "Dale"s are male...but i love my name,the way It'spells,sounds...

03/06/2022 18:17:24

My name is Dale. It is okay. If I was going to name myself I'd pick something different. I did have a friend growing up named Chip. We didn't mind the Chip & Dale stuff but I didn't like: "Dale the whale lives in a pail and eats snails when it hails"!

02/24/2022 22:13:12

My name is Dayle....I am a female. I have often had my name mispelled as Dale, or Doyle or worse yet, mail sent to Mr. I recently made an appt. for a massage, and when I walked in they asked what I was there for. I told them I had an appt. for a massage. They said I couldn't because the only one they had scheduled was for a man named Dale. When I told them I was Dayle, they actually started laughing. I laughed as I walked out the door!

12/21/2021 23:03:36

I Get nicknmed "Dale Farm" and "Dale Winton", but I dont mind, it may be unpopular were I live, but at leat no one forgets me for being the only Dale in'the country!

10/23/2021 15:19:12

My name is Dale and I am female. I LOVE my name!! Men sometimes comment.."your parents must have wanted a boy". Not true! They wanted me. After'some research I have learned that the origin behind the name Dale is female. Take that'scoundrels... I actually named my business "A Girl Named Dale". Yes I get Mr. and my husband gets called Dale, does not bother me at all I don't think you can feminize a name by giving it a Y as long as you don't sound like a man when you speak It's all good

10/15/2021 16:05:06

I Love my name "Dale", I do get asked, all the time, what it is short for, and get told It's a boy's name, but I think it is a great girls name, just sorely under-used. (However, I do love the fact that I will, almost always, be the only Dale in a room =) )

10/06/2021 13:24:00

I'm a male born in 1970 named Dale. I hate my name. Its so lame. Its n't masculine or manly. A lot of females are named Dale. Ugh. I use my first and middle intials then my last name whenever I need to fill something out. I loath my name. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

09/13/2021 11:49:30

My son is 5 yrs old and his name is Dale but I spelt it Daile he gets called daily a lot and gets mad, he's also hates when people don't spell it properly. I love it and think It's a great name 4 both male and female.

09/02/2021 16:52:48

My name is Dale, after being raised in'texas and moving to minnesota, many people made fun of my name by tryin'to pronounce it with a accent, but the jokes about the chI'munks and many other thing follow no matter where you go. i love my name, its n't very common and was a family name

08/26/2021 06:27:18

I wrote an email to this person named Dale asking her a question, never knowing that it was a girl's name, so I called her "Mr. Robbins." She wrote me a mean email back, not answering my question and mostly just saying "Actually, It's Ms. Robbins." So, don't name your daughter Dale if you don't want her to be a bitter, bitter old bureaucrat.

08/21/2021 05:40:30

HI'my name is dale. And i just love my name, most oftenly people mistake my name for othe's when I'mention it but i still love it as the only person with the name in my skul. I'd even consider naming my child same. Its a lucky name

07/06/2021 14:25:12

My name is Dale, and I'm a 29 year old woman. I too use to hate my name & would become totally annoyed every time someone thought I said, "Gail". But i've come to love my name over the years - It's unique & people don't forget me like all my friends names like Jennifer, Sarah and Michelle. My husbands name is Jody. I knew it was meant-to-be meeting him because I have the guys name & he has the girls name. :-)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Dale?
The origin of the name Dale is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Dale?
*️⃣ How many people are named Dale?
Almost 299000 people are named Dale.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Dale?
The names of Chloe, Jasmine, Karen, Destinee, Damya