Farrah meaning

: happiness and joy.

Farrah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \f(ar)-rah\
Number of People 👶 11,000
Rate in 2021 2266
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Arabic
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Farrah Name Meaning

"Farrah" derives from the Arabic origin, symbolizing joy, cheerfulness, and happiness. It is often chosen by parents wishing these attributes for their child. The name can also subtly imply a charming and joyous personality.

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Farrah Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Farrah
Additional description of the name Farrah

The Arabic name "Farrah" came into the spotlight through Western culture primarily due to Farrah Fawcett, an American actress. She popularized the name during the 1970s, making it a household identity. Though its origins are deeply seated in Arabic culture and language, the name has found familiarity in various parts of the world, thanks to the celebrity connection.

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Additional name description Farrah
Additional name description Farrah

Possibly the most notable person with the name Farrah was Farrah Fawcett, an acclaimed actress and artist. Due to her prominence, the name is often associated with strong, independent women. The name Farrah ranks 972nd in popularity in the United States. According to numerology, those named Farrah are believed to be optimistic and energetic with a natural ability to communicate, making them often great public speakers. People named Farrah are considered to be charismatic individuals who light up any room with their vivacious and sprightly personalities.

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Comments on the name Farrah
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my now 6 month old daughter Farrah Elizabeth and I love it. Most everyone says It's beautiful. I'm just worried the MTV star will soon make my daughters class rooms full of Farrahs. I sure hope not. I haven't personally met one yet.

01/13/2024 13:08:02

My name is Farah :) and I don't know I used to hate it when I was kid coz I wanted a more special name but then over time I begun to like it more.....

12/30/2023 14:06:02

People often'think I'm saying Sara when I tell them my name. But It's OK...I usually responde "No. 'F' as in Frank. Many people say I have a beautiful name, and I agree.

12/28/2023 08:19:08

I named my daughter Farrah Jean. I love it yes people do say sarah❤️ and we correct them but It is such a unique name and I dont know any othe's.Im glad it means beautifull.and she is so outgoing,she is only five and she is a social butterfly.If someone does'nt notice her at first, she will make sure they do

12/22/2023 03:19:02

Hello my name is also Farrah and I was born in 1991. I am 40 years old now! Yes people often call me Sarah and I politely correct them! Growing up I hated my name however at this time I would not change it for the world! I have grown to realize that my name is very unique in my area and I have not ran into anyone else with the name! I did however become friends with a girl on Facebook that had my first and last name! I was honored...

12/21/2023 00:16:46

I'm Farha. Quite a different spelling and I have to say most people write and pronounce it wrongly, although it is still pronounced Farah :)

12/19/2023 20:56:52

When I was in Jr. High the teache's thought the I was a L because of the type of font the office atendance had so I was called Leshia for a while

12/12/2023 17:36:38

Hi! Im also a Farrah! I love my name! i just love it! it means beautiful and I know some Farrah's that is also beautiful, like me. hahaha! HAIL ALL FARRAH'S!!! :)

12/04/2023 20:20:46

MY NAME IS FARRAH. It's pretty cool. I live in Egypt, and I am half Egyptian, half American, so my name can be pronounced like Farrah Fawcett and like Farah the arabic way. Since I go to an American School in Egypt, It's a tough choice what to tell my teache's. But when I go back to the'states, I WILL BE FARRAH (pronounced like Farrah Fawcett) =)

11/21/2023 09:04:06

hiya, my name is farrah also....i pronounce mine... fa as in fat and rrah as in the'sound r makes when'teaching a child hehe. ive never met anyone else with the'same name, and everyone also thinks my name is sarah, especially when im on the phone. i also always get...ooooo after farrah fawceit...but i love my name all the'same.

11/20/2023 12:12:08

my name is farrah and i am the only farrah in my all girls school of 840 girls my dentist told me in his religion means beautiful princess-and i am only jokin babez.......but i quite like ma name. farrah leigh schooler-lamb aged 12

11/08/2023 10:08:02

My name is Farrah. I love it! There is no other name in the whole world I would rather have. I get compliments on it almost everytime I introduce myself...that is after I'manage to get a person to pronounce it correctly! Introducing myself over the phone is the hardest. Nevertheless, It's my favorite name :)

10/19/2023 16:58:22

My name is Farrah Lynn... I was named ater Farrah Fawcett... My dad and grandparents wanted Fawcett to be my middle name but my mom said no and put it Lynn... I love my name... I only ever met 2 other Farrahs... I def hate wen im on the phone and they say Sara... It was to a point where my credit card company put Sara on my card...

10/05/2023 18:31:38

My best friends name is Farah and i love that name!

09/29/2023 04:42:32

Hi!! my name is Farrah and I'm Native American and I love my name and like all the other Farrah's I always get "like Farrah Fawcett❤️"and I always "yes" and my uncle suggested to my mom to name me after to her. I guess he knew I would be BEAUTIFUL!! LOL!!

09/19/2023 09:00:36

my name is Farrah, & i love it. ive never met another one, besides the fact of Farrah Fawcett.(: thumbs up bby.

09/07/2023 07:49:24

I named named my daughter after her father, Farad. She is definitely the true meaning of her name, ❤️JOY❤️, very charI'matic! She lights up any room with her intellect and strong will. Her full name is Farrah Kabree.

08/20/2023 07:30:46

My name is Farrah and I'm a Malaysian native :) I have a sister named Fatin, and brothe's named Falique, Farique, and Fazrique! We're the "F" siblings! lol After living in many places around the world, I found that outside Malaysia, this name is typically deemed unique, but in Malaysia this name is very common, nothing special about it... Like the typical "Sarah" or "John"... ironic, huh❤️ lol Nevertheless, I love my name!! :)

08/18/2023 14:39:44

I live in the'south east of england where there is a high population of muslims and there are a few girls named farah. I work in a call centre and when ever i introduce myself the reply is Sara, daily i have to say no its farah with a F.. my name means happiness which i feel does suit my personality as i am a very optimistic and cheerful person.

08/12/2023 11:25:26

The most bizarre is being called Quegin.... Been called Q-Tip, Quinton Tarantino, Queen dog lol

08/08/2023 14:50:56

Hi, My name is Farrah Lanai..I think my name is unique..but I was in the grocery store and there was a cashier named Farrah..It just seemed weird. Because I thought I was the only Farrah in my small little town..People are always saying a beautiful my name is and how they like my name.

07/24/2023 23:56:44

i named my daughter farrah. it is feminine and unique. i love that it is not heard very often, but is still classically beautiful. i get comments on how great it is all the time. :)

07/20/2023 05:55:00

My name is Farrah, && I love it! Everyone telsl me It's a very preety name. The name fits me well. I don't know to many other Farrahs. although I once had a step sister named Farrah.. Ironic. lol. <3

07/16/2023 18:27:08

My name is Farrah. Oh yes...I would be so rich for every person that'says "like Farrah Fawcett❤️" or assumes I was named after her'since I was born in 77. Actually, it is a family name for me - my grandmother, mother and myself. I'm pregnant and will be naming my by girl Farrah as a middle name. The tradition must go on!

07/16/2023 09:38:08

i named my daughter farrah reese, i love It'still, think It's perfect for my little blond haired beauty. when farrah fawcett was first diagnosed with cancer i thought she would be a prefect person to name my daughter after. so courageous and strong and beautiful, everything you want your daughter to be. my little one is to young to appreciate It'still but everyone we meet love it. I'm very glad it has not gained popularity yet...hoping no one catches on for at least a few more years:)

07/11/2023 09:08:28

i have the name farrah and i thought only 2 other people had it in the world

07/05/2023 02:04:56

Heyyy my name is Farrah as well, and yessss I was named after Farrah Fawcett. I have met 4 other Farrah's in my city. One of which was one of my-closest friends in middle school. Her brother use to play games on the phone with me. It would go like this...hello, can I speak to Farrah. Who's calling...Farrah. Who do you want to speak to...Farrah...I loooove my name, I usually get how beautiful it is and that the name fits me. Farah has several meanings, which include joy, happiness, and charI'matic which definately describes me.

07/04/2023 12:16:10

My name is Farrah, I was born in 1988. Though I was often incorrectly called Sarah while growing up, I love my unique name and get compliments on it all the time. At times people have also mispronounced it placing the emphasis on the "rah". I could retire now if I had a dime for the number of times i've heard "oh like Farrah Fawcett❤️"

06/24/2023 12:45:00

i've only ever met 2 other women with my name. One lady ıFarahı worked at a hotel I was staying at and another was my Waitress one night, although her name was spelt Fara. (Mine is Farrah) Apparently it means Beautiful or Good looking in Arabic (haha cant complain about a name with a meaning like that!). I like my name, It's not very common and almost everyone I'meet says It's a beautiful name. My only complaint, people usually think its Sarah or instantly make a Farrah Fawcett reference! Regardless I am proud to be Farrah and cant imagine having any other name. <3 Hello to all the Farrah, Farah and Faras out there!

06/18/2023 03:38:02

well my name is tameeka and i love It'soooooooooooooooooooo much

06/17/2023 19:41:56

I'm half persian but grew up in the gulf states & my name is farrah. Farrah is simply the arabic way of spelling it. the persian way is Farah or Farahnaz. Farrah also (if its pronounced correctly - something westerners can't do) has a very hard sound, almost like the'spanish trill of r, but the persian version is much smoother, less harsh.

06/10/2023 22:49:38

I named my daughter Farrah, (born Oct.17/06) While I was pregnant I was shopping and a clerk had Farrah on her name tag, I asked her if she liked her name, and she did very much... It'stuck with me. I am very happy that I went with my gut, my Farrah is so sweet, it is a feminine and soft name. A friend from Morocco told me it means happiness in Arabic and I like that.

06/02/2023 14:06:04

I am pregnant with my third daughter and came across this name in a baby name book and fell in love with it I'mediately!! She is due in 9 weeks and will def be named Farrah. I'm inter'sted to know though what are siblings of current FarrahFarahs called❤️

05/21/2023 04:41:08

My daughters name is Farrah (middle name is AnaBelle) and everyone just loves it. I beli've a name has a bit of an impact on a persons future and with a name like Farrah your destine to be beautiful!!!

05/15/2023 14:57:58

My name is Farrah. It's a little annoying to talk to people on the phone, they always say Sarah so i've had to get in the habit of (depending on the age of the other person) saying "Like Farrah Fawcett" or "like 'Farrah' from teen mom" (as much as the latter makes my skin crawl to say). But I have yet to meet another Farrah my age (23) so yay for unique factor, but I wouldn't have picked the name personally.

05/06/2023 00:15:48

My name is Farrah Daye and my whole life everyone called me Farrah Fawcett, but I actually was named after one of my mom's friends from high school. I LOVE my name and it makes me unique and people remember the name Farrah!

04/16/2023 12:58:48

my name is farrah, it is pronounced far as in far and away and rah as in how a lion roars.people always spell it and say it wrong, but it is a cool name to have.

04/13/2023 20:01:50

hI'my name is farah means beauty and proud FARAH'S OR FARRAH'S :)

03/28/2023 21:23:14

My daughter is 7 and her name is Farrah I always get asked if I named her after Farrah Fawcett, but I❤️d never heard of her until people said she was an original Charlie❤️s angel, with her name being so rare when I take her to school is like I'm walking with a little celebrity ❤️

03/25/2023 03:45:04

Im glad you named your daughter Farah with one r,because it feels like im the only one with the one r..:-(

02/09/2023 18:47:48

I am pregnant with my second daughter and my husband and I have chosen'to name her Farrah. We love the way that It'sounds and the meaning of the name. When people ask what are you going to name your baby girl we say "Farrah" and of course they say like "Farrah Fawcett" and I say "NO!", like Farrah Nicole. (Nicole will be her middle name.)

01/25/2023 13:47:12

I love my name (Farrah). Even'though you tell people It's with F as in "Frank" they still spell It'sarah or Sarrah. I'must say that i've gotten "randomly searched" at the airport quite often since 9/11...I think It's because of my name.

12/29/2022 04:21:26

My granddauters name any day now is Farrah and l just love it Tom.

12/27/2022 07:58:48

I am pregnant and will be naming my daughter Farrah. Everytime I tell someone her name they say "like Farrah Fawcett❤️" and then I say no, because she's not named after her. I actually was watching an MTV show and one of the character's names was Farrah. I love the name and I do not know anyone with that name. Hopefully my daughter will love it as she gets older.

12/23/2022 19:38:02

My name is Farrah. I was born in 1989. As with everyone else I get mistaken for Sarah a lot, but i've gotten used to it. I'm not sure why the name hasn't been more popular over the years, but I'm glad. I love my name and It's uniqueness.

12/16/2022 07:28:48

i've only ever met 2 other women with my name. One lady ıFarahı worked at a hotel I was staying at and another was my Waitress one night, although her name was spelt Fara. (Mine is Farrah) Apparently it means Beautiful or Good looking in Arabic (haha cant complain about a name with a meaning like that!). I like my name, It's not very common and almost everyone I'meet says It's a beautiful name. My only complaint, people usually think its Sarah or instantly make a Farrah Fawcett reference! Regardless I am proud to be Farrah and cant imagine having any other name. <3 Hello to all the Farrah, Farah and Fara's out there!

12/03/2022 09:25:38

My name is Farrah, my mother's maiden name is actually Farrar. I was born in 85 and have never met anyone with the name. I'must say I adore my name and am glad Im not just another Tiffany, lindsey. The only complaint is being called sarah or tara...

11/22/2022 15:05:56

hi i named my beautiful daugther Farrah nobody as ever heard of it and i love loved the fact its unique because were i live names always follow a trend like nine Rebeca's started skool this year (how Sad)

11/21/2022 00:35:58

My name is Farrah. i've had people pronounce my name wrong and tell me that I have to know who Farrah Fawcett is, when really I didn't know who she was till I was twelve. I love my name cause It's unique, and I think it expresses me well. :)

10/30/2022 17:13:58

My name is Farrah. I'm almost 33 years old and I was named after Farrah Fawcett also :)People tell me all the time that they think my name is beautiful. I too hate being called Sarah and there were times growing up I wished my parents had just named me Sarah. My middle name's Ann. I now live having an unusual, yet beautiful name. When people mention the name Farrah, they know It's me they're referring to becausE I'm the only one around!

10/18/2022 03:24:32

We named our daughter Faye Julia. She was born 7-2-10. We love the name-It's classy and unique but not weird. Everybody who asks what her name is, loves it!

10/17/2022 05:04:24

I want to name my daughter Farah. It's just such a beautiful name, and now i've found out the name means beauty, joy, etc, it makes me want to pick that name even more! I love unique names so much more than your average Kate or Sophie or Sarah (but I'm not saying those are bad names!).

10/05/2022 15:03:16

I love, better yet, adore my name. It fits me perfectly. It means beautiful and I beli've that is truly what God made me...beautiful!

10/03/2022 07:48:12

My daughter is named Farrah. I think it is very nice on the tongue and can be used in many cultures.

10/01/2022 01:26:02

my name is farrah, people used to pronounced my name as sarah and tell them It's farrah from farrah fawcett

09/25/2022 22:17:40

We are in australia and there is a well known surfer named taj, We loved the name but wanted something different so we came up with tahj... and alas we thought we too were the only ones!

09/24/2022 01:19:46

I love this name with either pronounciation. Considering it for my future daughter.

09/22/2022 18:28:16

my daughter is farrah giorgia i picked it out a baby name book in 2006,it means happiness and beautiful which my daughter is

09/21/2022 22:11:34

My name is Farrah Roseilee Marie. Of course people always told me the joke "What's a plumbers favourite job❤️ Fixing Farrah's Fawcett". I love my name. i've noticed that there are 3 Farrah/Farah's i've seen in reality television, all recently. I don't care to share my name lol but either way It's still unique. I love the name because it is very beautiful, and I'm a proud FARRAH!!

09/21/2022 10:08:36

Yes, I convinced my parents to name my little brother Ean when I was in'the third grade because I thought it was phon'tically more logical. I didn't know anyone else actually had the name. Kewl stuff!

09/17/2022 14:09:22

I didnt realize how many people have the name Farrah. I know one other person whos named Farah but not with two R's. My name is Farrah Suzanne and One of my coaches that I had said they were going to name the baby after one of my names if it was a girl. I never actually relized how awsome my name is.:D

07/13/2022 08:35:06

My name is Farah too, and i have to say ive never met another Farah, only heard about Farrah Fawcett and Farrah Franklin of course, its awesome to see you all up there! I love our name because everyone says it is exotic. I personally adore that word, we have a beautiful meaning to our name, but the only downside is people thinking you said Sarah or people misspelling my name frequently due to the absence of one 'R' in my spelling. Other than that, I love Farah, its no ordinary name, for no ordinary people!

06/15/2022 06:13:48

My name is Farrah Suzanne and I live in Florida. I think there are two other Farrah's in my city but they are older. My dad was in love with Farrah Fawcett so of course had to name me after her. I love my name and how It's not that common. But, after reading this page I don't feel so special :(

03/30/2022 13:15:00

okay wow cant beli've how many peoples names are FARRAH with the double R and all,IM FARRAH-anne tho and was named after farrah fawcett!! how funy is the'spelling and pronounciation of our names iv got so many other names from it well hello farrah people out there !!! enjoy hope we meet one day!!

03/10/2022 08:18:00

Gorgeous feminine name - definatley naming my daughter Farrah :)

02/06/2022 10:26:42

Heyy my name is Farah and it is not pronounced like farrah fawcett more like fa-rah. But people at school still call me farrah :)

02/03/2022 06:30:00

Um, that would be my name, but my parents spelled it "Anneka" Make more of them! Then I won't be so alone and less people will say it wrong

01/02/2022 15:57:54

HI'my name is farah and I love it people always tell me its a unique name I never new my name meant beautiful but im not suprise im beautiful with a beautiful name hi to all the farahs and farrahs and farah out there

11/28/2021 07:45:36

I'm a Farrah and I live in New orleans don't know anyone here with it.. But my best friend is Farah and we're both LEOS, lol!!

11/08/2021 08:18:00

I just named my daughter Farah on Friday. I hope she likes the name as much as I do.

10/11/2021 16:55:30

Hey, my real name is Faryn but I prefer Farrah; I like it cause you don't hear it all the time and it is really unique, plus it just fits me. But the bad thing is people make fun of it... but who cares cause I like the name Farrah. So anyone who has that name totally rocks in my books, unless your a creeper or something... Haha Anyways love the name Farrah and Faryn ! !

10/11/2021 00:27:18

I am called Farrah, because my Dad is Per'san. I used to hate having an unusual name, and having to spell it to people all the time, but now I enjoy being different, and I love the meaning of the name more than the name itself!

09/30/2021 19:14:06

After flicking through the tv channels late one night (during my pregnancy) when I couldn't sleep, I came across a documentary on the original actresses from Charlie's Angels. My daughter was born in November 2015 and we called her farrah! We live in Edinburgh, Scotland and it is a very unusual name here. We haven't met another Farrah yet. People usually do have to ask twice as they think her name is Sara. But once they hear it again most think it is lovely name and yes they often refer to Farrah Fawcett (which is exactly where I got it from). L. x

09/04/2021 12:48:00

I'm Farrah Rachelle and I LOVE my name. I really love that I never hear it...and when I do I feel a bit jealous.

09/04/2021 04:33:54

I recently had a daughter and named her FARRAH Elyse. I also get people saying, Like Farrah Fawcett". I named her Farrah because is was unique and also because my son and her'share intials. I hope she will appreciate the uniqueness when she is older.

07/07/2021 10:33:00

My name is Farrah Maharani. My Dad gave me that name coz he adore Farrah Fawcett so much. Some people around me have the'same name like me but they just had one 'R'on their name (Farah) and i just smile coz i was different. I hate when people on the phone thinks that my name is Sarah or Tara. I love my name'so much and knowing that there's a lot of Farrah out there It's kinda funny. i feel special and unique coz of my name and i hope all the Farrah here feel the'same way too..

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Farrah FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Farrah?
The origin of the name Farrah is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Farrah?
happiness and joy.
*️⃣ How many people are named Farrah?
Almost 11000 people are named Farrah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Farrah?
The names of Faris, Ferris, Farris, Versa, Faraz