Geraldine meaning

: Spear Ruler

Geraldine Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ge-raldi-ne, ger(al)-dine\
Number of People 👶 211,000
Rate in 2021 3529
Numerology 🔢 12
Name origin 🌍 German
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Geraldine Name Meaning

The name is Geraldine has a very powerful meaning because it translates as “the warrior with the spear”, "the powerful" or "the strong and brave queen". It is a name that has to do with the strength and courage of the Gaelic warriors of ancient times.

Geraldine Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Geraldine
Additional description of the name Geraldine

The name Geraldine is of Gaelic origin. It represents the mythical warriors of Scotland and Ireland and comes from the word "gar-hard", which means "brave warrior" or "noble warrior who carries the spear". It was one of the most used names during antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Gallic countries and, little by little, it became popular in the rest of Europe and the world.

Cool Info About Name Geraldine

Additional name description Geraldine
Additional name description Geraldine


The personality of the name Geraldine
Geraldine is a focused, independent woman with a spirit full of energy that radiates joy wherever she goes. She tends to be a bit wild and vivacious, which attracts a lot of attention from the people around her. She is also very communicative and social.
With her friends, she is open, loyal, and trustworthy. She likes to participate in social gatherings with her friends, so she is always planning an adventure to escape from the routine. In addition, Geraldine has a great sense of humor and is always surrounded by many friends.
In the workplace, she is curious, organized, and active. Of course, he does not like to waste time on nonsense and focuses on his activities to meet his objectives efficiently. She is not afraid of challenges either and she stands out when it comes to contributing ideas to projects.
In love, she is dominant and somewhat possessive. It is common for Geraldine to be the one in control of the relationship, but due to her sweet and soft character, this is not a problem in her relationships. Also, it is not strange that Geraldine is the one who takes the first step to looking for her relationships since she is determined and risky.

Celebrities named GeraldineGeraldine Chaplin: She is a famous American actress and daughter of the famous film actor Charles Chaplin.
Geraldine Page: American actress who is known as “The great lady of America”.
Geraldine Lapalus: a renowned French actress and model.
Geraldine Galvan: is a young actress and singer of Mexican origin.

Diminutives and variations of the name Geraldine
These are the best-known diminutives and variations of the name Geraldine
Geral, Geraldyne, Geraldin, Gerita, Gera, Gery, Geraldina, Geraldo (its male variant)

The name Geraldine in other languages
So you can see how the name Geraldine is written in other languages, we leave you this list of the best-known translations of this name:< /br>Greek: Τζεραλντίν
Italian: Geraldina
Japanese: ジェラルディーン
German: Geraldin or Geraldine
Russian: Джеральдина
Arabic: جيراندي Geraldine's Saint Day
Women named Geraldine celebrate their saint on September 24.

Numerology of the name Geraldine
Numerology associates the name Geraldine with the number 9, which represents tenacity, positive energy, and the joy of people.

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Comments on the name Geraldine
01/14/2024 00:00:00

spelling its correct but many people say to me im fat but

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am 59 am d was named Geraldine because my mother liked a guy named Gerry I have learned to live with it. But still. hate it. I spell it was popular in the 30s.and 40s

01/12/2024 21:51:06

My name is Geraldine but I am called Gerri except for some who preferred Geraldine-I prefer Gerri.

12/29/2023 05:11:06

My name is Geraldine. I was born in 1981 and had 2 other Geraldines in my class. My mom let my dad pick my name and he chose Geraldine because he liked the name of his boss❤️s young daughter. I didn't learn that until I was 50. The wife of my older co-worker is also Geraldine.

12/16/2023 20:03:48

Im a geraldine. Most call me gerry. A few friends use the geraldine. Got named in 1936. Have never really given it a thought. Its just my name.

10/17/2023 07:39:52

My name is Geraldine. I hated it when I was young as I was the only Geraldine I knew, and was always questioned why I had the name, and how it was spelt, I didn't like to stand out with such an unusual name. Now I'm older I don't mind it, and far prefer it to having had a fashionable name for my generation that really dates how old you are.

10/13/2023 12:15:54

My Name is Geraldine. I am 53. For years i liked to be called Ger but now I actually enjoy being called Geraldine. I love the name and would be thrilled if I had a grandchild in the future called Geraldine. I'm Irish and it was a very popular name in the 60's. I love all the old irish Names, ie, Bridie, Mary, Eileen etc

10/02/2023 19:24:22

My mother's name was Geraldine. She was born in 1937. I think that it is a beautiful name. I'm not sure, but I beli've that the origin is french (I'met a bunch of Geraldines in France), and It'sounds wonderful when said in that language. I wish that it would make a comeback. It's a lovely name.

09/10/2023 20:45:26

Right from the'start I hated the name Geraldine and I went by my middle name which is Nicole so much so that the'school thought that my parents had two daughters. I had an opportunity to change it legally. I did grow up with the Tom and Jerry joke. I am proud to once be a Geraldine; however it wasn't the name I was suppose to be. My Father named me after Geraldine Paige the actress

08/12/2023 03:29:20

I am 60 and named Geraldine. I like Geri. My mother named me it because she liked a guy named Gerry. Some people tell me It's an old name but i've grown to like it.

07/01/2023 06:05:42

My name is Geraldine. I am 14 years old living in the Philippines. I don't have a second name'so people just call me Geraldine. Tho I have a nickname "Din" I see a lot of comments here saying that their nickname is Gerry, that is weird cuz nobody calls me that or have any thoughts about that. Since I was born my family calls me Din or sometimes they double it like Dindin and I actually like to be called Din more than Geraldine. I never'struggled nor hated my name I think It's unique and has a lovely meaning and I love it. I am sad seeing people hating their own name Geraldine pls embrace it.

05/23/2023 07:49:20

I am French and my name is Geraldine. My father chose it because of Geraldine Chaplin. I was not very fan of it when I was young (especially because there is no easy and nice nickname for it) but I have learned to appreciate it with the time. It is original and I love its signification. The origin of this name is coming from an ancient Germanic language and means 'rules by spear' or 'spear ruler' (gēr = spear / wald = rule)

03/31/2023 11:59:08

My name is Geraldine and most people pronounce it wrong and because im Afrikaans its not easy to pronounce it and tell people what's my name

01/13/2023 07:00:58

My name is Geraldine and I hate it. I beli've it is an Irish name. All my life i've been called Gez - I really don't mind that but people kept asking me what it was short for - I got a bit fed up with this so I changed my name to Jess because It'sounds like Gez - hopefully I won't get all the questions now.

11/13/2022 11:16:12

This is my name. People usually say, oh that's a pretty name.❤️ Nobody really pronounces it wrongs but some people try to spell it Emelia, which I have met some Emelias. I have one Amelia who goes to my dance studio. She's like 5 though. And then last year there was an Amelia who was like 13-14. I am proud to have the name Amelia. My mom said she named me that cause she wanted me to be stronge and confident like Amelia Air heart. Yes I know I spelt her last name wrong.

11/10/2022 01:51:46

My name is Geraldine and i admit that growing up with it was hard for me. People couldn't pronounce it right and i hated the nickname Gerry cause everyone said: " like Tom and Jerry", it was so annoying. But now that I'm older i love it, It'sounds femenine and unique, and now i like Gerry, its cool to have a boys nickname. With all this comments I'm second guessing naming my girl Geraldine.

10/31/2022 04:59:18

I was given'the name Geraldine by my mother, who prayed to St. Gerard Majella, the patron saint of expectant mothe's. I am grateful that her prayers were answered and that'she gave me a feminine name. My birth coincided with the release of the fI'm,'Dr. Zhivago', starring Geraldine Chaplin and her name became very popular the following year. It is nice to know that othe's share this name and to read their comments.

09/14/2022 17:40:48

My mother was named Josephine and my dad Gerald. She died when I was eight and I don't know how they chose the name but suspect it was a deliberate combination of Josephine and Gerald. My friends call me Gerri and my siblings call me Din or Dinny.

05/27/2022 17:32:24

I was named after my great-grandma. I never liked my name and planned on telling othe's to call me a different name. However, a lot of people have started calling me Geraldine instead pf Geri. It bothe's me because even my closest friend is calling me Geraldine after i've corrected her'several times. The funny thing is she can't even pronounce it right, so it bothe's me even more. However, I do not mind my name,I just wish people didn't think of it as some weird name.

02/26/2022 21:48:00

My name is Geraldine, I hated my name as a child. But I have found as i've got older I quite like it. It's nice not to have a really common Christian name.

11/12/2021 10:12:18

At first growing up I didnt like my name, people either couldnt pronounce it or refused to say my name and would give me nicknames: Gerry, Ger, G, Gerald.... etc etc. Over time I realised how that there wasnt a single other Geraldine that existed around me. All through primary school, secondary school and College I was the only Geraldine which I thought was pretty cool. Also the fact that it originates from France is pretty awesome &&& how in German it means Ruler of Spear or Spear ruler. I am a 20 year old Geraldine (LOL) in 2019. nice to meet you other Geraldines.

08/06/2021 18:53:24

Ive just makes my child Geraldine, I love it and I love that no one else I know has the'same name. I used the name Geraldine as our 5th generation family property is called Geraldine, and I wanted to honour my family somehow. Everyone loves it

07/31/2021 05:30:36

i know a 15/16 year old named geraldine, and an adult.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Geraldine?
The origin of the name Geraldine is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Geraldine?
Spear Ruler
*️⃣ How many people are named Geraldine?
Almost 211000 people are named Geraldine.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Geraldine?
The names of Juliette, Juliet, Julieta, Giulia, Julietta