Gianna meaning

: God Is Gracious

Gianna Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gi(an)-na\
Number of People 👶 71,000
Rate in 2021 44
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Italian
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Gianna Name Meaning

The Gianna is a Italian girls name and it's meaning is "the Lord is gracious".

Gianna originated as a short form for Giovanna.

This name is translated as “ Joann “ or “ Joanna “ in English. The given name means “ God is gracious “.


Cool Info About Name Gianna

Additional name description Gianna
Additional name description Gianna

The popularity of the name Gianna

The name “ Gianna “ is one of the most popular names in the world. This name is actually the 90th most common baby girl’s name in Nevada based on the data given by the reliable American resources in the year 2014 in the United states of America.

For instance, imagine that only 31 newborn babies were named “ Gianna “ in Nevada in the year 2014. A total of 3100 newborn babies also bear the same first name as your baby during the hear 2014 in the United states of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was related to the year 2011 with a total of 4000 newborn babies.

Since the year 1880 to the year 2018, the given name was recorded 67200 times in the SSA public database. This name appeared in the year 1951 for the first time and 5 babies were given the name “ Gianna “ at that time. This bane became a popular name in the hear 2006 with a rank of 98 nationwide and was registered 3500 times as a baby girl’s name.

The name “ Gianna “ became a popular girl’s name in the state of New Jersey in the year 2007. This name ranked 10 with 404 newborn babies. The all time high record for this name was related to the year 2012 in the state of California with about 570 newborn girls.

This name is a consistent top tanking name in the state of Rhoda Island for 26 consecutive years, ( From the year 1992 to the year 2018 )


The personality of the name Gianna

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Gianna “

G is for gem, the jewel you are

I is for ignite, the firm in you

A is for amenable, for your easy going nature

N is for noble, your regal bearing

N is for natural, the genuine side of you

A is for admirable, you certainly are

If you are considering a nickname for your baby named “ Gianna “ you can select the reversed form of that name which can be “ Annaig “. Names are heart’s desire and personality, if you are named “ Gianna “, your heart’s desire can be to settle conflicts and create harmony.


Famous people named Gianna

Gianna Angelopoulos who is a Greek businesswoman

Gianna Beretta Molla who was an Italian paediatrician

Gianna Maria Canale who was an Italian actress

Gianna Galli who is an Italian soprano


Names with the letter G

Gabriel, Georgia, Gabriella and Genesis

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Comments on the name Gianna
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name Gianna. I fell in love with it the second i heard it. I don't know what I am having yet but if the baby's a girl, Gianna is definitaly going to be her name =)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My sisters name is Gianna but my family calls her Gigi and I LOVE HER NAME It'sOUNDS REALLY PRETTY AND I LOVE Her'sOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH❤️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm wanting to name my daughter Gianna pronounce G-ee-ah-na but phonetically in English It'should be spelled Giana. I love it with two n's though and I would want to spell it that way because It's proper Italian but my other daughter's name is Vivianna provinces Vi-vi-anna (not ah-na) so now I'm forced to do one n to distinguish between'the two names.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

well i thought of Janessa for my 4th daughters name!, but as we (by we i mean my husband, 3 daughters and me) were having a family meeting to talk about the new baby mommy was carrying, my daughters were sight about Janessa, but my oldest which shes 5 was telling us that she thought the name Gianna was pretty!, and we love it!, so now for sure im keeping Gianna!, it goes with my little pattern that i have a daughter name Julissa the second one is Giselle and the youngest is Jazlene, so it will look really nice together.thanks!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I really like this name for our little girl. I hope she will like it as well.

01/05/2024 14:59:16

I think these middle name combos would be great: Gianna Renee Gianna Nicole Gianna Marie Gianna Rose

01/01/2024 10:11:02

This is my daughters name and I love it, although a lot of people pronounce it kay-ah. It is also a Hopi word meaning "wise child".

12/30/2023 23:30:18

i love my name gianna because it makes me deel original even if 50 thousand people have it its fine with me

11/18/2023 03:46:32

I love my name Gianna but It's hard to have this name because people cant't say it and because of that I am not able to hang out with them. But Gianna is such a nice name I don't care anymore.

10/04/2023 17:50:26

My daughter was born in 2015. We wanted an Italian name as my husband is half Italian. We named her Giana (with 1 n). I was afraid people would pronounce it "Gee Ann Ah" with 2 n's so we dropped one of them. It didn't work. People still pronounce it a bunch of different ways, but we still love it and she doesn't mind. Gigi is her nickname which we love as well. She loves her name too and the fact that it is unique. :)

09/12/2023 02:26:24

I LOVE this name and want to use it for my baby girl that is due in May. But we would spell it with a J....Jianna Louise... Now have to convince my husband as he thinks it is tooooo girly of a name.. whatever that means...hehe.. she is a girl so why not have a beautiful girl name❤️❤️

08/26/2023 08:24:00

we also named our son Jayce i really love it and think it is really cool (and also unusual) i havent heard of anyone in Scotland with this name. im sure Jayce will love it too when he is older. a lot of people do mispronounce it aswell tho or think its short for Jason !

07/26/2023 12:05:38

Gee-on'-na Pretty easy... not too popular... and very pretty

07/12/2023 00:25:24

I like my name Gianna. Not many girls at my school have it. It makes me feel unique and different. My favorite substitute remembers me for my beautiful name. I am thankful. And who doesn't have fun correcting the teacher for saying it wrong❤️❤️

06/29/2023 17:39:10

I like this name'sO much, but I hate it when people pronounce it Jee-AHN-ah. It actually pronounced JAHN-ah!

06/19/2023 17:15:06

I'm pregnant right now and if it's our third girl her name will be Gianna. Not sure what her middle name will be....maybe something also Hebrew like Sarai [means Princess] or Ruth. We also like Kate and Lillian.

05/31/2023 21:15:02

It's my daughter's name..It's means God is Gracious~ Sure there are mis-spellings & Mis- pronunciations but who remembers an easy name..Gianna is so lovely :)

05/21/2023 15:51:12

My name is Gianna (Gee-ah-nuh). At first I didn't like my name, but now I am starting to realize how unique and beautiful the name is. I prefer to be called something a bIt'shorter, like Gia (Gee-uh). The thing that I don't like about my nickname is that when I would say that my name is Gia, people would say "Gina❤️" and I would correct them. Gianna/Gia is a very unique and beautiful name ! ❤️

05/10/2023 10:39:04

Gianna is an Italian name. In Italian there is no "J" so they use "G" with an "I" or "E" to make the "J" sound (as in the words Job or Joke). Therefore Gianna's real Italian pronunciation is closer to John-na, except with more of an "A" sound in the "O" in John. NOT, Jee-ahn-na or anything else. That is, if you are a real Italian and/or care about the proper pronunciation...

04/26/2023 08:58:22

My daughter's name is Gianna Rosalynn. I like those two names together. It's very feminine.

04/14/2023 01:36:52

its my name and i love my name because hardly no one has my name.

04/06/2023 08:27:52

my 2 year old cousin is gianna and we call her gi, gigi, and gia for short

03/30/2023 01:18:24

My name is Gianna and I like it because not that many people in my school have this name.the one thing I don't like about my name is because everyone spells my name wrong for some reason. It gets very annoying when people spell or say my name the wrong way. My Italian teacher calls my name in Italian and I love the way she'says my name. My Italian teacher'says my name very fast but that's okay because at least she is saying my name the right way and she is also saying it in Italian too. Overall I really love my name Gianna it is a beautiful name and not just because it is my name it is because there are not a lot of Giannas but It's a great name to have.

03/05/2023 19:59:40

I'd like to point out that in Italy nobody would name a daughter Gianna in 2021. You're more likely to meet a little Italian Nicole or Michelle than a little Gianna.

03/04/2023 21:57:10

I love this name I want a daughter'so bad so I can give her this name.

02/25/2023 08:37:24

This is my first baby and I am hoping for a girl. I was talking to my sister and while back and I was telling her the names I liked and she had mentioned the name Gianna. At first me and my boyfriend were going to go with the name Oliva but I think now we are going to go with Gianna. He wants an Italian name since his last name is Moscatelli which is very Italian I think Gianna would be beautiful but I need help with a middle name, so please if anyone has any ideas comment me back.=)

02/20/2023 14:53:18

Honestly the name hould be pronounced as JA one sdy;lable is way faster

02/06/2023 18:30:00

I think this name is very beautiful <3 i think it looks a lot better pronounced "jee ah na". "Jahn na" just doesn't look right. I would definitely pronounce it jee ah na not jahn na.

01/06/2023 08:40:30

Wow! You guys most be on crack! Naming babies after that idiot/crook Ronald Reagan. Do you want your kid growing up selling arms to the Iranians to raise money to help out south American drug cartels, while leasing drug planes with money meant for public housing from Midwestern savings & loans to fly coke up to the'states❤️ You must be on crack!

12/28/2022 01:01:32

the name is pronounced ra-ool, two syllables, also written raul with an acute accent on the 'u'.Name prevalent in spanish speaking countries. possible origin moorish descent.a very sensous sounding name.

12/10/2022 01:18:10

I am a Gianna, living in a very large italian family. My name is pronounce Jee-ahn-ah, but my italian family (grandmother, aunts, grandpa and such) say my name like jee-ohn-ah. I dont really mind as long as no one calls me Gi-Gi or Jeenia.

12/07/2022 10:07:00

My 7 month old daughter is Jianna Marie. We used the J to go with our 7 year old sons name Jordan Michael. We call her Jia and I absolutely adore the name <3

12/07/2022 04:31:58

My name is Gianna and ironically my middle name is also Rose. I like the name because it makes me more unique at school and with my fellow classmates.

11/23/2022 20:46:54

My name is Gianna, and my middle name is Rose. Gianna Rose. I love it! My mothe's side of the family come straight from Italy and her name is Rosina. I'm only twelve (lord have mercy) but I find that not many people have my name. I personally think It's gorgeous and stunning. My mother is Italian and my father is African American. I think It's a great combo. I have long silky,curly, ringlet, brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a darker'skintone and I think my look matches my name.If You're not sure on a name but really like mine I would suggest Bianca! Though when I become an adult I want to name my child (girl) Gemma. I hope you all have a fantastic day and hopefully this helped you out or made you feel better about yourself!!

11/02/2022 21:21:00

My name is Gianna, people prenounce it jee-on-nee and I be a lot more crazier.

09/28/2022 23:10:44

i know a girl named gianna, but shes very loud and obnoxious, so she kind of ruined the name for me... lol

09/27/2022 15:43:58

My name Is Gianna Gosdelin it is pronounced JEE-AH-NAH I LOVE MY NAME!!! But people always spell it wrong pronounce it wrong and forget it

09/24/2022 06:37:10

hey my name is gianna i love my name but whenever i spell it online it has a red line under it it really bothe's me. and people spell it wrong all the time or pronounece it wrong but i still love my name

09/13/2022 09:38:46

my name is Gianna and i prefer people pronounce it je-ah-nah instead of john-ah because honestly john-ah sounds like a kinder gardener is trying to pronounce it..but i like it because not many people have the name'so when I'meet people they are like "i like your name" and i rarely come across anyone who pronounces it wrong.. except some people spell it wrong like "giana" or "jianna" one time even "jiana" it upsets me for some reason..

08/13/2022 12:08:24

my sister is a Gianna...and she is awesome! sweet, loving child - a good, loyal friend and sister - she is 12 years younger than me so I have seen her grow up! IT IS ALWAYS PRONOUNCED WRONG--- It'should sound like "john-nah" (that's the correct italian pronunciation NOT "g-ah-na" -- It's english equivalent is Jane...the perfect girl's name!!!

07/26/2022 04:56:24

As you can tell, my name's Gianna and I love it! My family is very Italian on both sides and my parents were thinking about naming me Isabella. However, they looked at me and said, "This is a Gianna." Though it's a hard name to get right, everyone compliments me on how beautiful it is. My entire name just flows. With my middle name being my grandmothers' and my last name being Italian, a lot of people like it. It's a beautiful name and just one person shouldn't ruin it.

07/11/2022 22:43:48

I LOVE THIS NAME . but i would spell it Jianna . :)

06/22/2022 20:18:54

My name is Gianna and some people spell it with 3 n but i think it is better with 2.

06/06/2022 21:50:42

Gianna is the cutest name. Like, its not on waterbottles or anything like that, but it is adorable. ADORABLE.

06/01/2022 11:54:54

My name is johanna (pronounced yo hanna). I love my name and would even'think to give it to my first girl but i am still seeking a name that is just as lovely as mine so she doesn't have to be a mixed raced part italian so gianna is a great option. i think i will spell it jianna (pronounced gee ah na) for fun. Im used to people mis saying my name and it can be annoying but its not that big of a deal to correct people till they get it.

05/23/2022 06:29:06

My girlfriends name is Gianna and I swear she's the best girl in the world

12/23/2021 07:05:06


11/24/2021 17:45:00

love it, my daughter is Gianna, very pretty! Very unique.

09/02/2021 08:38:42

My little girl who will be born in May will be named Hailey Gianna. We will be pronouncing it Gee-ahh-nuh. Yes, I know the "proper" Italian pronunciation is JOHN-NAH but we like this pronunciation better.

08/23/2021 10:44:42

I am named Gianna.most people look at my name and think it is (gi-anna) most people think it is spelled jayanna.

08/12/2021 02:04:30

I named my daughter Gionna Simone(Simone is middle name) and for some reason she gets called..."Gi-O-Na" at the doctors office everytime we go. I replaced the "a" with an "o" because I feared she would be called "GI-Anna" but her name is gonna get mispronounced anyway it goes. Her nickname is "Gi-Gi". It's a beautiful name regardless how you spell it. Fits her'so well.:)

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Gianna FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gianna?
The origin of the name Gianna is Italian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gianna?
God Is Gracious
*️⃣ How many people are named Gianna?
Almost 71000 people are named Gianna.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gianna?
The names of Kamari, Kimber, Cambria, Cambree, Hosea