Gloria Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \g-lo-ria\
Number in U.S 👶 414,000
Rate in 2021 1135
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Mexican

What is meaning of name Gloria?


sweet, singular and striking name is Gloria. It is an old anthroponym that is very popular in Spain and in some Latin American countries. In addition, its meaning is very particular, since it is related to greatness, fame, honor and splendor. In addition, it is also a name with a clear religious meaning, since in the Holy Bible Gloria means "paradise and the grace of God."
If you want to discover all the secrets that this enigmatic name holds, keep reading. In this MyCuteName article you will find the meaning of the name Gloria, its numerology, the origin, the prominent personalities that bear this name, as well as the popularity of this name throughout Spain. With all these details, it is very possible that you will end up choosing this beautiful name for your future daughter. Gloria is a girl's name.

What does Gloria mean?
The name Gloria means "she who has fame and splendor" or "she who has greatness." It is an ancient appellation, which is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures as a religious invocation to refer to the eternal Paradise of God to which the blessed will go.

Origin of the name Gloria
Gloria is a name of Latin origin. Specifically, it comes from the word glorĭa, which translates as "fame, honor, splendor or good reputation". Its use is also related to the invocation of the presence of God.

Diminutives and variations of the name Gloria
The name Gloria has few known variants or diminutives. Some of them are the following:
Glori, Glory, Glorya, Glor, Gloria, Glorita, It has no male variants.

The name Gloria in other languages
Gloria's name is written like this in other languages:
French: Gloire.
Italian: Gloria.
English: Glory.
Russian: Cлава.
Portuguese: Gloria.
Japanese: 栄光.

Personality of the name Gloria
Gloria is a person full of energy, charm and charisma . In fact, she is very communicative and cheerful, so she will always be surrounded by many people. In addition, she is tender, affectionate and willing to give a lot of love to her loved ones. Of course, sometimes Gloria can be a bit temperamental and scattered.
In love, she tends to be infatuated. Because of this, she can sometimes have many suitors. However, she takes her time to establish a serious relationship because she doesn't like to waste time on failed attempts. When she finds the perfect partner, she is very romantic and passionate.
In the workplace she is responsible, although she can lose concentration very easily. She also doesn't like to be pressured, since she takes her time to fulfill her obligations, which is not always to the liking of her immediate bosses. However, he always looks for a way to meet his goals. It is possible that Gloria opts for the arts and literature, where music, singing and dancing are often her favorite careers.
Family-wise, Gloria is very close to her parents and siblings. For this reason, he always looks for the moment to be with them. In addition, she believes in motherhood and would like to one day start her own family. That yes, she can become a little overprotective, but once the children grow up, she knows how to give them their space so that they can become independent.

Celebrities named Gloria
The best-known celebrities who bear the name of Gloria are:
Gloria Trevi: Mexican dancer, singer and actress.
Gloria Estefan: singer, songwriter and producer of Cuban origin.
Gloria Pires: famous actress of Brazilian origin, who participated in many novels of national production.
Gloria Stuart: renowned American actress who participated in the movie Titanic.
Gloria Fuertes: renowned Spanish poet who specializes in children's literature.

Day of the Saint of Gloria
For Catholic saints, the day of Saint Gloria is July ۲۶.

Numerology of the name Gloria
Gloria is a name that, according to numerology, is related to the digit ۷. This is a number that represents balance, sweetness, empathy and creativity.

Additional description of the name Gloria

Gloria : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

It is the name of Latin origin and it means “happiness.”
     Gloria is often ill in childhood. She is talented, inquisitive and well-read; she can compose poetry and often dedicates it to her friend on the occasion of birthday. She is sociable however her communication is namely aimed at men who she does not lack. Gloria is self-confident and taking a job does not mean she will carry it through.
     “Winter” Gloria has unstable nervous system and short temper; she is susceptible to contagious diseases. She gets along well with other people but cannot see eye to eye with her mother. She loves long trips and is a bit carefree with money. She follows fashion and wears jaunty clothes.
     “Autumn” Gloria is a calculating and certainly not hasty personality. She takes her time when she chooses her life partner. She is an easy-going personality, forgiving and endowed with a good sense of humour. Gloria chooses the profession of an architect, teacher, journalist, lawyer, translator, actress or art expert.

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Comments on the name Gloria
11/16/2022 6:34:14 AM

My name is so unique that in my class I was the only one bearing that name,indeed your name actually speaks for you, wherever I go,am always the best.some said Maybe It's my name that is making me be above othe's now they call me glorious child,thank you my parents for giving me the name.

11/14/2022 6:07:42 PM

I'm 12 and my name is Gloria. I have used nicknames like those posted by Gloria (lol) on July 21. I like the name kinda, for It'sounds very actressy.

11/13/2022 9:30:24 AM

Gloria is such a nice name. Whoever has their name as Gloria should be proud of the'selves and make every effort to live such a glorious life not pressed by peers.

11/2/2022 2:17:48 PM

I love my name, many people have complimented it, yes there were the dumb song singing in high school but there was a guy I liked a lot who would sing Tozzi's song to me and that is enough for me to cheer up every time anyone sings It to me... ❤

11/1/2022 6:36:22 PM

My name is Gloria. Though I hate it, even in my early twenties, I find it very annoying that I always had people singing to me the Hymn Glory Glory or calling me different nicknames such as Glow, G G, and Glor. I prefer to be call by Rhia ever'since in high school. What awesome is that I get the name "Rihanna" (an R&B; singer) name by some people and reword my name like Glorihanna. I figured it is very che'sy name. Lol. Whether I like my real name, I think it is okay.

10/13/2022 10:36:18 PM

My daughter's name is Glory which is short form of Gloria. She gets many compliments on her name and I have only met 1 other with this name. I can not imagine her with any other name. The meaning of Glory is "splendor of heaven". How much more beautiful can'that be!

10/6/2022 8:23:38 AM

It's an awful, ugly name that my parents stuck on me at birth. I was constantly teased by schoolmates, and adults would tell me, outright, that'such a dreadful name was a poor fit for a cute, young girl. I cringed and blushed, from head to toe, every time someone called me by my name. As a teenager, I shortened to Lori. When I became 18 and an adult, I went to probate court and made it official. (I love the name Lori.) My life improved about 500% with that change.

9/28/2022 12:32:58 AM

My mother (born 1926) was named Gloria. She married my father in 1947, and he decided to become an Episcopal priest in 1971?so she had the perfect name for a minister's wife! As a little child, I loved singing the chorus to ?Angels We Have Heard on High? and thought my mama must be famous to have a Christmas Carol about her. ☺️

9/14/2022 9:44:42 AM

They are lovely and fun to be with. Moreso, they put in thier best in whatsoever they set out to do.Thou I like the name but I will not want to name my daugther amy.It is to common.

8/13/2022 6:39:00 AM

I was born in 1965, when'this name was really popular. My parents said they named me that because they liked the name. However, I have always hated it. My older brothe's always called me, "Glor," which I disliked. One friend in high school called me, "Glo," which I tolerated. i've only known one other Gloria, a classmate in junior high school, but i've heard of quite a few othe's. My husband calls me, "Glory," a lot, and I like that a lot more. When I was in grade school, I tried to get othe's to call me, "Chris," short for Christine (my middle name), but it didn't catch on. i've always associated my name with words like garbage, glop, glue, gloop, glob, gory, goop, etc. (notice the beginning sounds). Maybe someday I will learn to like my name, but right now I still dislike it. Maybe I have personality issues!

7/9/2022 4:51:00 AM

my mom's name is gloria. i think it is very nice. i have not met another gloria before.

4/22/2022 1:54:36 PM

Awful name. Associated with pride, greed, warfare etc.. War is not glorious it is glorified (negative word) Also too close to "gloat" for me.

3/21/2022 10:33:54 AM

im from spain and my name is gloria and here is a really popular name,i heard that in the usa its a really old-lady name,but here it is not at all,anyway,in spain gloria is really related with religion,and I'met like 5 persons with this name

11/25/2021 11:08:06 AM

As a white girl named Gloria growing up in Southern California during the 60s and 70s it was confusing to me why the only other girls named Gloria were Hispanic. According to my mother, who grew up in Wisconsin during the 30's and 40's, all the girls she knew named Gloria were of Swedish or Finnish descent. Demographics. As an adult I have met many women named Gloria from various ethnic backgrounds. So many people I'meet tell me their mother's name is Gloria, which is funny to me. When I was in grade school in the 60s I used to wish I had a more popular name like most of the other girls my age, like Kathy, Denise, Diane, Lisa, Cindy, etc., but I never really disliked my name, although it did feel like a heavy name for a little girl. When Van Morrison came out with "Gloria" I thought it was a coup for the name! People are always coming up with nicknames for me... Glow, Glor, G, Glori, Go, Glow-Butt, Glorious, Jelloria, or they sing it from one of the many Gloria songs (why are there so many??). A lot of people call me G-L-O-R-I-A, spelling it out like the Van Morrison song. "Hi, G-L-O-R-I-A." My little grandchildren started calling me Gigi, (short for Grandma Gloria), and it has stuck, so now mostly everyone calls me Gigi. I'miss being a Gloria...

11/21/2021 8:18:54 AM

My little granddaughter is named Gloria because her parents wanted a name for her that would celebrate their Christianity. She actually looks like a Gloria with her lovely features, brown eyes and wavy, dark brown hair. All the teache's in her'school seem to like her and remember her name, as there are very few, if any, other children named Gloria. She is a very sweet, happy child.

9/12/2021 6:26:24 PM

I'm 57 and only ever met 1 other Gloria (back in elementary school) until moving into my condo a year ago. There are 4 women named Gloria and 1 named Glory here and i've since met a 5th Gloria

8/23/2021 3:19:12 PM

my daughter is a Gloria Elyse and I think it has a nice ring!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gloria?
The origin of the name Gloria is Mexican.
*️⃣ How many people are named Gloria?
Almost 414000 people are named Gloria.
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The names of Cassiel, Kaisley, Kesley, Kaislee, Keslie