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Hallie Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ha(l)-lie\
Number in U.S 👶 33,000
Rate in 2021 758
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian

Meaning of Hallie

Hallie is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin , which has been created based on the masculine name ''Henry''.

In the United States, this is one of the most prominent and used names in girls , since it has become a popular name for newborns.

Its pronunciation is very simple, it basically consists of changing the H for a J, managing to say Jaly or Jalie. Each mother will choose the pronunciation that she most wants for her daughter.

Origin of Hallie's name

So far, we have no knowledge about how the name Hallie came about , according to some studies and old records, it could be observed or denoted how it was emerging from the name "Henry".

The best thing about not owning is history, is that, there is no one registered with any bad or good history. So your daughter will only base her personality on the features we offer.

Hallie Girl Name is highly recommended by our website. Very few girls wear it, this makes them very special.

Hallie name meaning

The girls who bear the name of Hallie, are characterized by being discreet and somewhat shy, the best and a little strange about them, is that the mystery completely surrounds them. Who gets to know them very well.

He has a very particular personality, in fact, sometimes he often criticizes a lot and therefore does not fit in some places.

She is very distrustful, most of the time she is looking for the truth when she believes that the pieces fit together correctly.

Normally, she forms a group with those who have the same way of thinking as her, believe it or not, her life seems like a soap opera full of feelings and many emotions.

Hallie Jackson

She is a very important journalist and representative in the United States, in fact, she has been the correspondent for NBC News in the White House.

His career as a professional journalist began after 2006, when he worked in Hartford, Connecticut and New Haven, Connecticut until 2008.

This 2020, he has received important awards at the Johns Hopkins University alma mater, where a large number of important people attended the ceremony.

Currently, she is expecting her first child. In Names For Girl, then we will tell you what its meaning is.

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Comments on the name Hallie
9/27/2022 6:05:02 PM

I had my first baby in september and she is now 5 months old, i named her hallie may. in the clinic they sometimes call her hayley or hollie, can people not see the 'A' or the 'IE' in it! i think it is a lovely unusual name and i hope she grows up loving it

9/22/2022 5:17:44 PM

my name is hallie but everyone thinks its haley though so if there reading "hallie" somewhere they will call me haley.

9/21/2022 4:15:56 AM

My name is Hallie and although it is constantly mispronounced and I even respond to Hailey and Holly now, I would never change it. I LOVE my name!

9/19/2022 11:07:16 AM

My name is Hallie!!! Not very often do some people call me Hailey. But to me I think Hallie is wayyy prettier than Hailey.....:))

9/16/2022 9:38:56 AM

I'm hallie. i love my name. there is only one other hallie in my schoool and she doesn't spell it like me. teache's to tend to calll me Hailey tho ): but I'm used to it and respond anyway

9/13/2022 4:06:42 PM

My daughters name who is seven her name is halllie same thing mispernounced a lot but it fits her perfect and I beli've it is a beautiful name

9/11/2022 6:48:12 AM

My name is Hallie and I'm 14. I love my name because it is so unique. All my friends call me Hal though. It's also very annoying when people call me Haley.

9/9/2022 6:39:18 PM

I had my first daughter in May 2019 and we named her Hallie. It never fails, people - even her paternal grandfather calls her Hayley. I just let it go - except for the grandfather - with him I go who's Hayler? But, one day I'm going to get tired of it I'm sure.

9/8/2022 2:05:54 AM

I love my name!!! people call me hal- ie but it pronounced ha-lie I am the only Hallie Coral Rogers out there!!!

9/6/2022 1:36:24 AM

I'm Hallie as well, of course people pronounce it wrong, but what really bothe's me the most is that the name is steadily gaining popularity. I think such a beautiful name'should be reserved for family, and not become trendy. I have only met one other girl named Hallie, and I was 23 before I'met her. I have had three babies named after me, and as wonderful as that'sounds, it is kind of bothe'some. It's an honor, but I don't want the'same name in the'same town four times when it was originally my name to own. That's all. Choose your baby names carefully, and tailor them to your culture, your family, your inter'sts.

9/5/2022 7:23:08 AM

My name is Hallie. i've met a lot of people with the'same or similar names but never with the'same spelling or nicknames (mine are Hal and Halz). Although I was named before she became famous, sometimes I use Halle Berry to help people pronounce my name (I hate being called Hayley!)

8/20/2022 2:19:48 PM

My name is Hallie I am named after my grandmother. I have carried the name with pride and embrace the fact that I as my name are very different. Growing up I was the only Hallie around now the name is more common and I find it funny when I hear my name used by someone else. How fun is it to be different. ;-)

8/9/2022 9:12:54 PM

I love being hallie:) i always have to correct people with my name tho.

8/5/2022 1:00:36 AM


7/29/2022 5:13:30 AM

I'm inter'sted in this name, but want to know how to pronounce it. Can anyone help?

7/25/2022 5:02:42 PM

Hi all. I'm HALEY DAWN. Pronounced HayLee. Love it and love the link to "thinking of the'sea"; 'cause yep, that's me! Always have been in love with, and of, the'sea. For you haters of our name..buck up. It could have been Beatrice or Eunice! LOL

7/15/2022 12:44:24 PM

My name is Hallie N. I guess I like it okay, I don't want it to be a popular name though. Half My friends and my mom call me Haley insted of Hallie I don't mind that. One thing I hate is when people mispronounce it Holly.

7/14/2022 9:11:06 PM

my name is sounds like its spelled, with a short a sound. yes people pronounce and say it wrong all the time and i know one other girl named hallie, she was named after me and i feel so honored by that!

7/12/2022 10:31:12 PM

I get Haley or Holly for about two weeks after introducing myself to someone, but I love, love, love my name.

7/5/2022 9:21:00 AM

My name is Hallie but people call me Halle Berry because my last name'starts with a B. So yeah but I love my name :)

6/24/2022 10:38:24 PM

My name is Hallie. I love my name. i think its the prettiest name anyone could ever get.People often mispronounce it, they say haley or even hollie, but i love my name, and everyone else does too after they understand its not haley. Hallie is a exellant name

6/16/2022 9:34:30 PM

My name is Hallie...i've never met another Hallie...many people mispronounce it as Hayley or Holly, and when I tell people my name they often here it as "kelly" or "callie" or "allie" but i like my name anyway. its different

6/10/2022 1:47:24 AM

My name is Hallie & I'm 15. Everyone I'meet calls me "Hal ee" But the way I pronounce it is "Haylee"

6/9/2022 6:34:30 AM

My 6 year old is named Hallie-she is a fraternal twin...found in a book it means "Unexpected gift" which she was! she always gets called Hailey at mistake...I try to say its Hallie like home we just call her Hayla Holler.....

6/4/2022 8:26:06 PM

hi It's HALLIE i don't have any friends so I'm all ways bourd help please

6/3/2022 4:10:30 AM

My husband and I have chosen Hallie as our 2nd daughters name who is due in September. Wow, I would have never anticipated all of the incorrect pronounciations. We love the name however, and would not even consider another one.

6/3/2022 3:15:36 AM

HI im 11 and I really love the name but people mess up all the time since i get called haley or holly my nicknames are hal halliewallie halliebear and halle berry but i love the name

5/27/2022 8:23:24 AM

I love it, my grand mother's name is Hallie and so is mine.

5/21/2022 11:28:48 AM

My name is Hallie, I get the'same thing, people always call me Haley. But I love my name!! My Dad calls me Peas, so I really really love my name.

5/14/2022 1:51:54 PM

This is my name, and I love it. When i was real little I got frustrated because all the little personalized things never had my spelling, but around high school, It'sort of changed. I realized it was better to be unique, and in French class, ( I'm French) I learned it means 'friend'! Also, what someone else said about the Pure Prairie League song. I love my name.

5/14/2022 11:07:12 AM

I named my daughter Hallie in 2012. Growing up I had known someone with that name and always liked it. Also, our last name begins with "H" and I thought the two sounded great together. I think Hallie is unique without being totally unheard of. She does get called Hayley a lot, but people get it right eventually. She loves her name and so do I. We call her Hallie-bear and sometimes Hallie Chris as her middle name is Christine.

5/13/2022 2:10:48 AM

I'm a sixteen year old Hallie and I love my name, even if people always mispronounce it. It's easy to go ahead and just tell them it is pronounced like 'Halle Berry'. Makes things easier.

4/21/2022 8:37:48 AM

So my name is Halli, my sister chose the'spelling when I was born and she decided I wouldn't have an "e" at the end of it. But I love seeing all these comments from other Hallie's! I only know one other Hallie, personally. It's so weird to me that people pronounce my name wrong so often- even after I tell them how to pronounce it... It's not that hard... but I always have to tell them "Like Halle Berry!"

4/13/2022 5:37:48 PM

my name is hallie and i love it people do call me hayley though

4/13/2022 3:54:18 AM

I named my daugter Hallie in 2011 partially because of the meaning "thinking of the'sea" and partially because I think it is not common but not weird. I think it is a beautiful name and would be mispronounced no matter how you spell it! All Hallie's should get the word out on pronunciation. Hallie is a strong beautiful name and I will always love it!

4/10/2022 6:15:36 PM

When my daughter was pregnant her child came to her in a dream. He told his mother he was a boy, he was going to be born in early December and his name is Quinn. This was all before my daughter's first ultrasound. Even'though the doctor's told my daughter to expect a Christmas delivery, Quinn was true to his word and was born 12/5/2017. My daughter honored her dream in naming him.

4/8/2022 8:36:54 AM

i love the name except people always call me halli

4/7/2022 12:35:24 AM

my name is hallie! i love my name! its not to common so i know when people are talking to me, but there is a girl named Alli in some o my classes, and i am sometimes mistaken for hailey, but im used to it. i thank my granny for picking this name for me.

4/6/2022 7:06:00 PM

I am in high school and my name is Hallie (like sallie). People always mispronounce it or spell it wrong, which is frustrating, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my name. I have never met another Hallie, and I think it really sets me apart from everyone else. Hallie is a very special name, and can definitely grow with the child.

3/30/2022 9:29:06 PM

i likee the name hallie its nicee..but my names hannah (:

3/21/2022 5:04:30 AM

i love having my name be Hallie. the only problem is i pronounce it differently than everyone else. my name actually is pronounced Haley but its spelled Hallie, so people always say my name wrong. i think its just that however you say your name people call you the other pronunciation.

3/11/2022 6:15:36 AM

wow. there are a lotttt of Haleighs'... My name is Haleigh too and everybody freaking spell its wrong :( and ther's never any licences plates or name tags with my name on it. haha. My name does rock thouhg....

3/8/2022 1:17:42 PM

my name is hallie but some people pronounce it incorectly

3/8/2022 10:33:00 AM

people say it wrong all the time but love it when'they hear the actual pronunciation. HAL-E. like halle berry i always tell everyone.. i rarely meet another hallie, and when we do, It's a joyful experience

2/27/2022 10:30:18 PM

was up my name is Alexis, many people make fun of my name because they say irs a girls name, im salvadorian and there Alexis is a boys name, but i like to be called akex for short

2/27/2022 12:26:24 PM

I am pregnant and we are naming our daughter Hallie. People are already telling us to not name her that because they think people will often mispronounce her name. I just plan on correcting people when'they mispronounce it... I LOVE the name!! It's a very sweet name and we're not changing our minds about naming our daughter Hallie. :)

2/25/2022 11:50:24 PM

my name is hallie. i used to spell it "haley" but everyone pronounced it "hayley" so i changed the'spelling cuz i hate the name haley! i am the only hallie i know

2/21/2022 3:31:48 PM

I have grown to deeply love my name... It has come to represent all my struggles and dreams and pain and blessings however when I was a child NO ONE got it right and I wanted a normal name like "Lisa" or something... I love that it is old fashioned and unique.. I have grown up into my name.

2/17/2022 9:51:36 PM

my name is hallie last name hall really easy to remember but people who just meet me often call me hayley or hollie ugh!! it can get annoying but i wouldnt change my name for anything i have my grandmas full name and i love it i highly recommend this name!!

2/15/2022 6:43:30 AM

Hey my names Hallie I never thought that anyone else was called Hallie! When people first meet me they're like, "Hollie? Haley?" and even people in my class spell it wrong in Christmas cards!

2/11/2022 11:07:12 PM

I WANT TO JUST YEll ITS HALLIE like sally and halle berry gosh and people always spell it rong like hale halie hil I'mean no place close right?

1/20/2022 3:02:06 AM

My name is Hallie too and i love it too and i thought i was one in two pple w/ this name. I wonder if all Hallie's are similar.. like do we live up to our name?

1/19/2022 9:39:00 AM

my name is hallie i also hate how people call me haley or holly i go to a large school so the teache's and some students pronounce it wrong it is like im always correcting them but i love my name. I GIVE IT TWO TUMBS UP!!!

1/11/2022 3:54:18 PM

hi i am hallie too i love my name. i am 8 years old. everybody pronounces my name wrong (every single body spells my name wrong)

1/10/2022 12:27:18 PM

We are naming our Daughter Kai Elizabeth. I love the name and feel its very modern and hip. We felt its a beautiful and appropriate name'since we conceived her at the beach after'surfing all day.

1/2/2022 9:27:18 PM

just like a ton of girls im a hallie too and i always get called hayley or something werid like that...i was born the day after xmas so i get called Halleluiah even'though i spell it with and "ie". its wicked annoying...I'mean i have teache's who have called me hayley the whole 5th grade teacher called me hayley the whole year...but the point is i love the name...its really unique

12/26/2021 10:55:30 PM

i've read the name HALLE is African for " Unexpected Gift ". I named my daughter Hallie..

12/17/2021 1:56:24 AM

People pronounce or spell my name wrong and often forget it, It's a family name

12/12/2021 3:54:18 AM

My name is Hallie and people do call me haliey. i once got a hurly

12/6/2021 8:49:30 AM

My name is Hallie Mae and I am 66 years old. I hated my name when I was in school because it was soooo different. Now I love it because it is different. I was named after my grandmother from Ky....

11/28/2021 11:25:12 AM

We named our daughter Hayden and love the name, but lots of people see the name and say he. We have looked at the web sIt's and most refer to Hayden as either a boy or girl name. So remember our Hayden is a very cute little girl.

11/27/2021 6:02:06 PM

I am 9 years old and I love my name. Sometimes people mispronounce my name but I don't really care. My mom always corrects people who pronounce my name incorrectly.

11/27/2021 1:27:36 PM

hI'my names hallie. i guess i like how i spell it, i pronounce it haley, but the realy way is halle , like halle berry. hah i go by both. HALLIE IS A VERY SEXY NAME!

11/23/2021 6:52:30 PM

Soy la madrina de una beba de casi dos meses nacida en argentina cuyo nombre es Hallie. Todo el mundo tiene preblemas para pronunciarlo o leerlo por primera vez. Luego no les queda otra que aprender. Los medicos cuando la llaman, prefieren llamarla por su apellido a tener que enfrentar el ridiculo por leer mal su nombre. Para mi es un nombre muy dulce y facil de decir. Hallie te adoro con todo mi ser.

11/20/2021 2:55:48 PM

This is my name. I love it. Its so unique everytime I introduce myself people go, " that's a beautiful name". I like it when someone calls out my name, especially when its pronounced right.

11/18/2021 3:27:18 AM

thats my name and i love It'so much because it is different......

11/10/2021 7:52:48 AM

My English is Hallie am from China, I always have someone call me Haley or sth, I like this name, cuz my chinese name'started with a H and my English also start with the letter H. I don't know a lot of Hallies, my friend think my name wierd,cuz its not normal to have people name Hallie, there are a lot of annie or sallys, but anyway I like it very much!

11/6/2021 6:53:24 AM

my name is Hallie and everyone says haley it makes me mad

10/26/2021 1:52:48 AM

My name is Hallie too! Im seventeen years old and i get haley a lot from new teache's and my boss at work but i simply tell them the correct way of saying it but they still call me haley...i've learned to deal with it...our football coaches daughters name is Hallie she is 11 but thats the only other person i parents named me Hallie because my dads name is Harry(they got the ha from that) And my moms middle name is Lee(so they made it Hallie) I thought it was kinda cool...

10/25/2021 12:09:18 PM

i think the name Hallie is kinda girly. i understand if a boy's named "hal"--because that'sounds more masculine.

10/21/2021 8:25:12 AM

We named our baby Hank just this past May. Not Henry, just Hank. WE LOVE IT! It's a little old school, but very cool. Cute for a little guy and a nice strong name for a young man. My prediction - Hank will be in the top 10 names for boys within 10 years!

10/18/2021 7:06:54 PM

Even'though it is a rare and glorious occasion when my name is pronounced correctly (I respond to Hayley, Holly, and all those "allies" regularly...since kindergarten)I still LOVE my name!!! It's unique and it ages gracefully! I also love the fact that people call me "Halle Berry" so they remember how to pronounce my name--quite the compliment! About the meaning...My mom says It's one feminine form of Harry who was my great grandfather and also 'Halle'lujah. And if you look in baby books it means "thinking of the'sea" (Greek) and "forest" (That's English-I think-maybe Old English??). I'm glad to see I'm not the only Hallie out there! -Hallie C.

10/16/2021 4:47:24 PM

HI'my name is Hallie and im 11.I really like the name because its different and you dont hear it often but what i hate is people call me Haley all the time it gets on my nerves. My sister is the one that named me she got off the movie all i want for christmas. My friends sometimes get messed up so my my nicknames are Hal and HallieWallie. I think is like the best name for anyone its no common but at least its not like Ashley or Amber. I really love the name.

9/29/2021 10:17:42 AM

my name is hallie and most people do spell or pronounce it wrong and i havent met anyone else with the name hallie

9/23/2021 9:43:30 AM

My name is Hallie and I am 9 years old. I have been called Hayley, Allie, Callie, Holly, and Kaylie. I use to get mad, now I don't really care. People eventually get it right. I love my name. My brother named me after Hallie in the movie Parent Trap. He thought it would be cool to give me the nickname Hal like the father did in the movie. It's funny because he never calls me Hal but some of my friends do. I give my name 2 thumbs up too!!!

9/21/2021 2:43:12 PM

i love my name but people do say it wrong and spell it wrong. But it is very iriginal. and simpel. you sould have this name.

9/13/2021 6:13:48 PM

This is my name! I'met 1 other girl with my name but he's was spelt geri! Usally people read it as gary. Its pronounced just as they guy version "Jerry".

9/9/2021 7:10:30 AM

My name is Hallie, and although people spell and say it wrong all the time, I still love it and feel like it fits me.

9/3/2021 7:24:54 PM

My great-grandmother's name was Hallie, and my husband and I plan to name our daughter that as well...just like the other lady whose comment was left in Dec...

8/30/2021 5:36:54 AM

I love this name :) my best friend is called it. It's so unique and beautiful.

8/22/2021 12:47:06 PM

Hi, another Hallie here! I was named after Hallie from All I Want For Christmas just like a fellow poster! I was born in '97. I'm right there with all of you about the pronunciation struggle. I always say, Hallie, like the Berry. :)

8/19/2021 3:21:00 AM

My name is Hallie too! I am a freshman in high school, and none of my new teache's can get it right! The hardest thing is when substitutes come in, and when'they start squinting at the attendence sheet, and stammering, I just raise my hand and say, "It's Hallie!". I also tell people to remember my name like halle berry ( thoiugh I hate how she'spells it!) ! The worst name'slip ups have been kelly, and shelly! My worst experience with this name is my old basketball coach who has called me holly for three years, and despite the whole team correcting him, he'still does!

8/17/2021 2:45:00 PM

my name is hallie ann and i love my name!! people can never'seem to get my name right tho, I'mean how hard is it? double l always means a long A sound. i was named from the'song 'Listen'to the Mockingbird', check it out , its a great song

8/15/2021 12:31:48 AM

omgg im ten years old and its my name! lol just all of thesee commments make mee feel alot better about my name because i used to be so insecure about it...DONT HATE JUST APPRECIATEE!

8/11/2021 10:31:12 AM

HI'my name is Hallie.Ilove the name Hallie.Because it is a Girlie girl,popstar,lovlie name.Every time when I tell people they usealy I get Haylee,Holie it realy anousys

8/9/2021 5:27:00 AM

My name is Hallie and whenever I'meet someone new, they call me "Haley". It used to be annoying, but I just lived with it. Now I correct them. I have never heard of another Hallie before.

7/31/2021 4:35:42 AM

My name is Hallie! I like my name most of the time. As of said 2390587409534 times,I HATE* when people mispronounce it! ): I just (try) to politely tell them its Hallie.

7/30/2021 9:22:48 AM

It's rare for anyone to pronounce my name correctly the first. After reading the other responses, I know It's not just me! I was named after my grandmother. Did you know that there is a Hallie, Kentucky? It's teeny-tiny...

7/29/2021 3:59:42 PM

My name is Hallie A. I usually get called Haley, Holly, or when I'm introducing myself to someone, Allie. It's kind of sad, actually. i've started responding to those names. I really like my name, but I wish people could pronounce it correctly. Really, It's not that hard!

7/29/2021 1:15:00 PM

Ok my name is Hallie and everyone is always like "Oh i've never heard that one before!!" I'mean I know it Isn't that common, i've never met another Hallie, lol, but seriously. Everytime my teacher'says it wrong I say "Hallie like Sally." So 2 of my teache's call me Sally-Hallie, and 1 calls me Halle Berry. lol. But I love my name because there's like no one else in my school named Hallie. There's a million Courtneys, Brittneys, and Alyssa's, but no Hallies. I'm just glad my parents were creative and named me something different:)

7/28/2021 6:02:06 PM

I'm a Hallie too!! I love my name, and would never ever want to change it :D I have only met one

7/28/2021 5:07:12 PM

all the time people are calling me hailey and im like oh its hallie.. sometimes its annoying but im proud of my name just like all the other hallie's in the world.

7/27/2021 8:04:30 PM

my name is hallie and i am 11 years old i have only met one hallie and i think this website is really cool cuz there r sooo many hallies that left comments any way i always get called hayley but now i just respond 2 both i it is kinda like i have 2 names!!! hahaha Hallie

7/21/2021 4:51:54 AM

My name is Hallie L. I usually get called haley tho its okay i have gotten used to it

7/18/2021 6:18:18 PM

My name is Hallie and I'm 16. People do always get it wrong, but I just correct them. I'm really glad I have a name that no one else I know has though, I think It's unique.

7/17/2021 11:11:42 AM

When I was younger my teacher always used to call me Natalia, but my class would correct her, but I love my name, and people comment me on it all the time. Sometimes people call me Tasha or Tash.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Hallie?
The origin of the name Hallie is Scandinavian.
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Almost 33000 people are named Hallie.
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The names of Hisham, Hasheem, Hesham