Harlow meaning

: Army Hill

Harlow Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ha(r)-low\
Number of People 👶 9,000
Rate in 2021 643
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Harlow Name Meaning

As we know from the resources. Harlow is a feminine name that is of English origin. It is the transferred use of the English surname with Anglo-Saxon origins. This name is a derivation of a place name.

The English elements which are constructing this name are “hoer” which means a pile of rock or stone and “hlaw” which means a hill. So, we perceive that the name Harlow is straightly referring to a person who lives around a rocky hill region. We should note that the first element can also refer to the OlOldnglish word “here” which means “army or the mound of many people”.

The town name was recorded as Herlawe and Hirlawe in Essex and Northumberland around the 11th to 13th century.  The first pronunciation of the name was “de Her lay” which first originated in the early years of the 12th century.  

The name owes most of its popularity to a famous couple who named their daughter Harlow in 2008. They were no one except Tv reality star Nicole Richie and her Husband Joel Madden who was a well-known musician.


Harlow Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Harlow
Additional description of the name Harlow

Personality traits of the baby girl named Harlow:

she likes excitement in life; she likes experiencing new things and seeing more surprising things in her life. She loves to be outside all the time and she acts very restlessly most of the time. If you ask her “aren’t you really tired?” then, she would answer at 90% situations that “No, why should I?” This is a very interesting characteristic feature of her personality. You should encourage her for her active and restless personality.

The other good point about her is that she can adapt herself to every situation. She can make herself an obeying participant in every new group or company or even family (for example, when she gets married, she can adapt herself depending on the husband’s family). This refers t her flexible personality which is admirable and you should be proud of her parents.

She is a free chooser as all human beings are. She put every unimportant project aside if it is not very satisfying to her. This satisfaction is not always correlated with financial matters; sometimes mental factors force someone to leave a project or a special work.  She is very flexible and never resists change. She likes to experience many changes through risk-taking. The other way of having new experiences is traveling which she welcomes most. She feeds her soul by traveling since she is a complete adventurer. Traveling helps her feel alive in life. In addition, she finds new friends through traveling by means of her sociability and the ability to attract others. People like to be around her because of her funny and attractive personality. She has a good sense of humor which attracts almost all like a magnet. People enjoy her energy and gain a lot of good energy and a sense of life from her.

She is a multi-tasker; she is able to do plenty of activities at the same time. She has a cerebral mind and enough knowledge about fields she is good at. She is an idealistic analyzer as she studies things deeply and carefully. It leads to an ability in her mind which makes difficult troubles easy so that she can explain them to others, too.

How do people react to the name Harlow?

When people hear the name Harlow, they understand that you are an independent, respectable, and attractive girl. They perceive that you are an intellectual person. People count on your intelligence and sharpness. From their point of view, this is an admirable characteristic of you.

All in all, Harlow is independent, successful, risk-taker, intellectual, multi-tasker, keen, attractive, extroverted, active, and restless.

Most likely vocation for Harlow: designer, writer, engineer, teacher, curator, librarian, keeper of a department store, tourist, tour guide, mountain climber, and salesperson.

Lucky colors: all yellows; Bronze, Gold, Ocher, Orange

Lucky day: Sunday

The popularity of the name Harlow:

After the coincidence of being chosen by Nicole Richie, the Tv reality show star, Harlow experienced remarkable prominence in 2009 in the United States. Therefore, we can conclude that the choice of a celebrity has much further effect on the popularity of a name than being chosen by a large number of people.

Through the ages, many celebrities chose this name for their daughters. This name has a good position on the popularity charts in the United States, but we do not know exactly how much of this prominence depends on celebrities’ choices and people’s mimicry and how much of that relies on the appreciation of Harlow’s namesake.

All in all, we believe that Harlow is a cool name and there is a fine history of usage behind it. So, it is good to call your little girl, Harlow!

For the past eight decades, Harlow was recorded about 7,000 times in the SSA Database.

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Comments on the name Harlow
08/23/2023 18:05:44

My baby is due in less then 2 months and her name is gonna be Harlow Mae

07/14/2023 07:05:12

people get my name wrong all of the time for example they call me carlo, marlow,barlow i have only meet two people with the a name harlow

05/09/2023 22:18:28

I kind of like my name It's just that people sometimes say my name awkwardly

03/10/2023 08:08:44

My name is Harlow McCauley I am 41 year's old and I love my name.I have never meet anyone in my life so far with the'same name.MY mother named me after Jean Harlow.

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Harlow FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Harlow?
The origin of the name Harlow is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Harlow?
Army Hill
*️⃣ How many people are named Harlow?
Almost 9000 people are named Harlow.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Harlow?
The names of Heidi, Hattie, Heidy, Hoyt, Haydee