A Familiar Form Of Katherine, Kathleen

Kathy Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-thy\
Number in U.S 👶 334,000
Rate in 2021 3918
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 English

Kathy Name Origin and History

"Kathy" is a popular name for girls that has English origin. Meaning of the name Kathy is: "A Familiar Form Of Katherine, Kathleen".

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Comments on the name Kathy
2/25/2023 1:16:34 AM

My name is Kathy Ann as well!! DO NOT name you poor baby girl Kathy or any form of it! It old worn out and over used!! I am 44 and there are about 10 Kathy's at any given'time. I work with about 15 and EVERY time I'meet someone they say "OH, my so and so is a Kathy" BLAH!!! I even'tRY to get people to call me KATHY ANN to set me apart from the masses but people are lazy or something!! They just call me Kathy and I loathe it!!!

2/10/2023 8:57:10 PM

Yes my name is Kathy, with a "K" I always say! I was born in 1973, and I LOVE MY NAME> Kathy, in Louisiana

2/10/2023 2:43:54 AM

I tell people It's Kathy with a K. I was born in 1970 and I had two other Kathys that were in school with me. We all spelled our name with a K. It was a very popular name. Some people used to ask if it was short for Katherine, which it wasn't. I really like my name. Kathy from South Carolina.

2/6/2023 9:23:22 AM

When I was growing up I disliked being called Pamela. Calling me Pamela instead of Pam earned a look of disgust to the offender, but as I'morphed into adulthood and sophistication, I found I prefer Pamela. It'suits me now as Pam suited me as a child. Pamela in full is classy and rings with a note of elegance and style. This is coming from someone who is almost always in heels and manages to make a pair of sweats stylish. Futhermore, the Pamela's i've met seem to have a sweet temperment.

1/20/2023 9:13:38 PM

Not sure how I feel about it, my name is "Kathy" on my birth certificate. Not Kathleen, Katherine,or Katrina. Just Kathy. I do get a bit embarrassed when asked what "Kathy" is a nickname for though,especially in professional settings.I usually just say "It just says "Kathy" on the birth certificate" *sigh* I do however like the fact the fact It'starts with a "K" instead of "C".

1/16/2023 9:57:28 AM

My given name is Kathleen, which I love, but have always been known by Kathy - and that is okay. Now that I am getting older, I tend to introduce myself to new people as Kathleen, a tribute to my Irish American Mom.

1/11/2023 11:48:52 AM

This name is terrible. The My name -a Jeff" meme that went around for years ruined my childhood and gave me major depression due to bullying. Please don't name your kids Jeffrey or Jeff. Please. Please don't.

12/20/2022 3:10:24 AM

My name is Kathleen, people try to give me nicknames, it must be so long to pronouce Kathleen. People try Kathy, Kat, and when I tell them I'm not a nickname'sort of person they don't stop because giving me my nickname must be so special. Well I like my normal name, It's me, and not using my actual name irks me.

12/16/2022 3:42:32 PM

I do not like being called Kathy. My entire family calls me that and when I'moved to a new state,I just introduced myself as Kathryn. That's it.Call me Kate, Katie, or Kathryn but do NOT call me Kathy. So ugly.

12/7/2022 5:42:30 AM

Mine?s with a K. Had several classmates we?re in 60?s. Never hear it anymore. Love it. Named after my Grandmother Katie. Love the name Kathy with a K.

11/13/2022 6:54:40 PM

I have always hated my name, Katherine is better but who cares because no one ever calls me that

11/1/2022 8:57:26 PM

I was born in 1962, and my name is Kathleen, although i've only been called that when, as a kid, my mother was upset with me. Everyone has always called me Kathy, and I prefer that, Kathleen sounds too formal. I don't run into many Kathy's anymore, but growing up there were just enough of them to not feel it was an odd name.

10/14/2022 9:49:20 PM

Like othe's most think my name is fact, as a freshman in college, a professor got frustrated when he asked for my full name and I told him Kathy Lynn, and he told me in avery loud ands tern voice,"I said your FULL NAME YOUNG LADY!, I took me 10 minutes to explain to him my full names IS Kathy Lynn!

10/14/2022 12:25:04 PM

My name is Kathy and i hate Katherrine. But i somethimes hate it when people spell my name with a C

9/25/2022 5:53:10 PM

My full name is Kathleen, and Kathleen has been'the name i've been known by in my family and at work. But, growing up, my friends and teache's ALWAYS knew me as Kathy. Kathy, while not the most sophisticated of names, is a warm sort of moniker ... It's nice to wake up to in the mornings! Kathy seems friendly and sincere. Someone you would trust and someone you would want to know. While being called "Kathleen" is lovely, I always appreciate it when folks come down a peg to "Kathy"!

8/25/2022 4:56:24 PM

I absolutely adore my name. :) My name is Kathrine, but I go by 'Kathy' when I'm in the'states. It's a lot better than 'Kat' or 'Kate'. The funny thing is no one can pronounce my name correctly in the country I like in, but still... I like it because It's feminine and original.

6/11/2022 2:29:42 AM

My nameMy name is Kathy and I'm 11 years old right now and I hate the name because people always talk about how their Grandma's name is that and it just makes me feel old when I have that name.

1/14/2022 11:36:54 AM

My name is Kathleen and I was born in 1983. As a kid I hated the name Kathleen and preferred Kathy. As a 45 year old adult I like both names, to be honest I feel more comfortable as Kathy, as I'm called that by most people, and I like the name, as dated as it is, but I feel it will come back. I feel both are pretty names. When I was a kid I knew at least three Kathys now I don't know any.

10/22/2021 11:45:54 PM

Other people say its a good name and its cute, but i hate my name. i feel like i got a bad name and i feel weird, not included with the people who have good names. also, most middle aged women and grandmothe's have my name'since it is not as popular anymore, and im embarassed to tell people and say my name.

10/8/2021 2:00:00 AM

I'm a Kathy with a K and hate it. My mom was named Kathryn and I always thought either'she was lazy or conceited. I got in trouble in the 4th grade as the teacher was asking everyone's full name and she got to me and I said Kathy. She thru her pencil across the desk and was very angry. I had to bring my birth certificate in to show her I was actually named Kathy Lynn. i've always hated the name.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kathy?
The origin of the name Kathy is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kathy?
A Familiar Form Of Katherine, Kathleen
*️⃣ How many people are named Kathy?
Almost 334000 people are named Kathy.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kathy?
The names of Kamari, Kimber, Cambria, Cambree, Kamara