Kira meaning

: Lord

Kira Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(i)-ra\
Number of People 👶 36,000
Rate in 2021 782
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kira Name Meaning

The meaning behind the name Kira is quite intriguing. Derived from various cultures and languages, Kira holds different meanings depending on its origin.

In Russian, Kira is a feminine given name that means "ruler" or "mistress". It exudes strength and authority, reflecting a powerful and independent nature.

In Japanese, Kira has a different significance. It translates to "sparkle" or "shine", representing brightness and radiance. This interpretation portrays a vibrant personality full of energy and positivity.

Additionally, in Gaelic culture, Kira is believed to be derived from the name Ciara, which means "dark-haired" or "dark-haired beauty". This interpretation highlights elegance and beauty associated with dark hair.

It's fascinating how one name can have diverse meanings across different cultures. Whether you associate it with power, radiance, or beauty, the name Kira carries an undeniable charm that resonates with individuals worldwide.

Cool Info About Name Kira

Additional name description Kira
Additional name description Kira

The personality of the name Kira
Women called Kira are restless and creative. In their mind, they are always looking for new ways to enjoy what fills them. Some people believe that this passion is the result of a certain nervousness or ambition, however, Kira knows that it is her innate nature and that her motives are honest.
Kira has an overflowing energy, which infects others with positivity and enthusiasm. She never gets tired, especially when she's well since she turns any activity into an opportunity for her.
Kira doesn't like to waste time and in her relationships, both friendships and love affairs, she will be clear about it. You will only want people by your side who provide you with value and stability, as well as moments of fun and understanding. You need people just as active, who understand your rhythm but also your desires, so that they know how to give you that space you deserve in your moments of independence and personal concentration.

Celebrities with name Kira

Being a rare name, there are fewer celebrities with this name. Among the best-known famous Kira calls are:

Kira Kosarin – American actress is known for the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans.

Kira Renee Hennigan – Canadian professional wrestler known as Taya Valkyrie on Impact Wrestling.

Kira Miró: actress and television presenter from Las Palmas, the protagonist of the series Serve and Protect. (appears in the image)

Meaning of the name Kira - Celebrities with the name Kira

Saint Kira's Day

The Saint of Kira is celebrated on November 1.

Numerology of The Name Kira

According to numerology, the number of the name Kira is 3.

People with this number stand out for their ingenuity, creativity, and talent.

The popularity of the first name Kira

Currently, in Spain, there are only 810 women named Kira and most of them are young since the average age of this name is 13.7 years. This shows Kira's originality and how rare she is still in the country.

The provinces where there are more cases of women called Kira are:



Balearic Islands

the palms



Diminutives and variations of the name Kira
Being a short and rare name, Kira has few diminutives so far. An example would be Kirita or Kir.
Kyra, Keira, Kiara, Akira, Chiara, Ciara

The name Kira in other languages
Kira is a name that is not translated or has variations in other languages.

Day of the Saint of Kira
The Saint of Kira is celebrated on November 1st.

Numerology of the name Kira
According to numerology, the number of the name Kira is 3.

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Comments on the name Kira
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hey my names Kira too! I love it. i've always loved how it has been unique until more recently that is. The only thing I can't stand about it is when people say it wrong. It wouldn't bug as much if they didn't pronounce my last name wrong as well. Lol. ;) I got my name from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. My dad is a huge Star Trek nerd but what can ya do❤️ Jk I love it. They named me after her because she's powerful, strong, and independent. They say that because they wanted me to be exactly like her. I don't think I am but my parents do! :D

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kira, and my father is maori. In his language it means 'jagged edge' or 'quill of a feather'. And named me Kira because of the history of the name in our family. I'm 21 now[2019] turning 22 and i've always loved the name and felt It'suited me. I often get call Kirra, or Kiera, because of the Australian beach 'Kirra' and Kiera Knightley. The correct way to pronounce it[in maori] is to roll the "r" with your tongue, making It'sound more like Kidda, than Kirrrra.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kira. I was named after The Dark Crystal. I was also born in Japan, but my mother mostly went after the movie. I was a military brat and never met another "Kira". My pronunciation is "KEER-AH"

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm one of the older Kiras in the world - 50 years old now. 99% of the time I am called K-ear-a, which is WRONG! It has a long i (and rhymes with Ira). I get so tired of correcting people - if the K weren't there, they'd get it right!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Haha. My name is Kira (Kee-rah) and my dad named me after Major Kira Neryce off of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, like many of the people here. After I was born, my mom discovered the Barbie doll Kira, and I have been collecting them ever'since ^^ I also used to hate my name, but now I really like it.

01/13/2024 09:36:26

my name is kira but is spelt kirra. i love my name because it is different and cute!

01/09/2024 16:51:10

It just reminds me of Death note, It's a cool movie. What a shame that Kira means 'killer' there...

01/09/2024 00:58:58

I know a girl and her name is Kira (KEERAH) Nicole and it goes well!

01/08/2024 18:13:24

my name is "slim shady", and I'm about to stand up.

01/02/2024 16:09:38

My name is Kira, through childhood the name gave me nothing but grief, now as an adult it is complimented quite frequently. The name is ok, but if you are an American in the U.S. please be careful in the name your choose for your child, a name can cause a child a lot of problems.

12/31/2023 22:25:42

It is the name of my first grandaughter. She was named from the movie Zanado

12/22/2023 06:50:38

Kira in Japanese for killer just so ya know... no offense^_^

12/21/2023 13:47:54

My name is Kira too and lots of people get my name wrong. One teacher'spelled my name Keyraa and othe's called me Kiri so now I resent that name (Kiri). Mum's Comment: I named my daughter Kira because I loved the'sound of it. It's actually a Celtic (Irish) name and orignally would have been spelled Keira (male form is Keiran) and means "from or of the'sun".

12/21/2023 06:27:04

my name is kira to lol!!! and i think its the best name ever!!! my mom and dad got it from looking it up in a baby book my mom wanted to name me kijha but it dident rime with leana so my dad said why not name her kira❤️❤️❤️ and now my names kira!!! it means star and ray of light and it douse not mean killer!!!

12/17/2023 20:09:44

I have the problem of no one ever remembering what my name is. I often make the joke of saying its like "Shakira" but without the "Sha." They usually remember after that.

12/17/2023 08:42:02

I'm a Kira and It's constant pronounced k-eye-rq but i've given up correcting people, i actually really like my name,heh

12/16/2023 21:31:58

It's my name. But unlike everybody else here who seemed to got named after the movie (I had to go to Wikipedia to see what it even was)I got named after the girl in the Ayn Rand book We The Living. i've only met one other Kira, and I don't think It's spelled the'same eitheir xD. I like my name, and I love how the definitions contradict each other. Because in Persian it means light and in Gaelic it means dark lady.

12/12/2023 23:46:56

My name is Kira! i love the name, my dad named me after the Kira on Star Trek though he claims he didn't! I like how It's pretty, unique, and not many people have the name but its not weird and its not like ther's no one else in the world named Kira, so i dont feel like a loner!:)

12/10/2023 05:39:26

My mum was going to name me Alicia, then, 2 hours before her cesarian, she watched The Dark Crystal and discided to name me Kira instead. Then in school we watched The Dark Crystal and everyone called me 'Gelfling' for the rest of the year. Heh. But year, everyone screws up the'spelling/pronunciation, and I work with kids, so it gets really skewed most times.

12/05/2023 11:02:26

Hey my name is Kira(Keh-rah) but friends keep calling me (Keer-rah) but its ok. I love my name and I wouldnt change it for anybody or anything. :D

11/30/2023 23:28:38

I dont like it PERIOD!!! My ex-friend Kira. She is mean but for anyone else ok

11/30/2023 14:39:38

My name is Kira. I was given'the name back in 1998. My dad picked it out!! In greek Kira means Lady... I get my name mispronounced all the time!! but it is ok i just correct them. I like being different and unique. when i was in elementary school there was me, a kara, and another keara. I love my name!!

11/25/2023 14:27:36

i lovvvvvvvveeeeeeit thats my name to hah not that many people have it and ya i loe corrrecting people who cant say it i am the on kiRa in my school to.

11/19/2023 12:59:06

obviously sense i am posting this comment my name is kira. i dont like it that much because i have only met 2 people in my life )out of the family) that have pronounced it right. i have looke dup the meaning somewhere, and i have found out that one of its meanings are dark, which i dont like either.

11/17/2023 21:53:52

You losers need to get a life and stop overanalyzing a name like Madison. What would you prefer'something exotic like "Jennifer" or maybe "Karen". Do you even know what the word exotic means. It'sure doesn't sound like it.

11/05/2023 06:01:00

My name is actually Kiera. People keep calling me Kee-air-uh (like Sierra) but its pronounced Keer-uh. My mom changed the'spelling to be a bit more unique (: My friends cant help but call me shakira! xD I absolutely love my name! and we didnt get the name from star trek, It's a celtic name. CELTIC PRIDE! OHEMGEE posted on Mar 04 was posted on my b-day! O_O

10/27/2023 15:07:08

Well, my name is Almira Mirafelix, 10 years of age. My mom grandmother me after an actor from the Philipines. And I just figured out that "Almira" means "Princess" in Arabic. People usually pronounce my name as "Almayra". And so does my teacher. But often, people spell my name right. Regards, Almira "Ali" Mirafelix

10/21/2023 20:24:12

My name is Kira and I love it! The only bad thing is that people are constantly pronouncing it wrong, and I don't understand why...ONLY FOUR LETTER!!

10/17/2023 15:35:58

Kira will be the name of my newest little girl due March 2020. My husband has always loved that name and it has really grown on me. I have never met a Kira. I love the name and all the meanings. I am so excited to met my little Kira!

10/08/2023 18:49:26

I love the name Kira. I had a good friend in Italy whose daughter was named Kira. I asked her if she would mind if I named my baby Kira if I had a girl. She didn't and I did. The only mispronunciation that i've heard has been "K EYE RAH" versus "K EE RAH." I like the way we pronounce it better but "K EYE RAH" is pretty too.

10/07/2023 15:29:32

I pronounce this name Kear ah. like the word ear with a k before it and an a after. 2 syllables.

09/25/2023 03:08:16

my name is kira, and the meaning of that name'suits my personality because i do bring the'sun in other people's lives

08/31/2023 08:18:24

OMG I think its so cool that there is a girl on here who was saying everything I was going to say about the fashion designer and the clothing line and whats weird is her middle name is O'Neill my middle name is Noell BUT when I was little I would say O'Neill instead of Noell. I was named after Olivia Newton John's character in Xanadu haha my name def gets pronounced wrong but I love it because no one I know has my name I have met Kyras and Karas and Karis but never a Kira besides myself my grandma would always spell it Keira because It'sounds that way but I love my name and I would never change it. I got my name in 2001 haha if you wanted to know. And I love that in Japanese it means glittering I absolutly wouldn't change my name for any amount of money in the world I have been'the only one for years haha I always know when someone is talking about me which is awesome. I LOVE MY NAME!

08/31/2023 02:25:44

Hey, my names Kira to! My father named me after the leader on StarTrek Deep Space 9. i've aways found my name to be odd. I never thought it was important or popular. Seeing so many people with my name is refreshing because it means that my name belongs somewhere.

08/26/2023 09:34:32

My name is Kira too. When I was younger I hated it because no one had it and no one could say it right, but has I got older I came to love it. Kira is such a unique name like me.

08/25/2023 17:07:04

We named our daughter 'Kirra' after the'surf break in Australia. She loves it (she's 3 1/2) and people comment on what a pretty name it is!!

08/20/2023 14:51:36

I love my name. In my childhood it brought me many obstacles to overcome but I'm a strong woman now! ₍❤️͈ᴗ❤️͈₎

08/08/2023 14:33:18

I have read a book called Kira-kira, and it means glittering. I read that book, and I laughed and cried for hours. My best friend and I now love that book so much! Beli've me, i've read many books. Someone told me it was pronounced KYE-RAH, and I refused to accept that. Even if it was pronounced KYE-RAH I said KEE-RAH. I LOVE the name Kira. Compliments to all of the girls named Kira!!!

08/06/2023 13:46:10

i luv my name cause it was my grans name nd i luv er 2 bits

07/25/2023 18:27:38

Ha, so someone else was named after the Dark Crystal! My mom let my older'sister name me, and she loved that movie, so...

07/17/2023 22:22:18

Well i dont know how i got this name but a lot of people like It'so its cool i always like birds and other animalsand my mom said my nails grow back fast so i hav to clip them every 2 weeks. I was born july 9 2009 I am a boy, 5 days after my father 9 days berfore my brother. But i always thought i was the only one in he USA with this name

07/14/2023 05:54:40

The name Laila has Arabic origins and it means twilight.

06/21/2023 08:20:20

my name is kirra with the double "r". i like it a lot this way

06/18/2023 15:23:22

Yes my name is laila. Many people pernounce it : LEE-LAA which i hate, but I'm still proud of my name =)

06/12/2023 00:23:44

i LOVEEEEEEE my name; Kira.. i love how it is so different and it makes me pretty unique..its pretty cool only having some people the'same name as yours..

06/10/2023 08:25:36

my name is kira and im 13 years old....its hard to get used to the name at 13 but you learn to grow into your name cause its the only one you have!

06/09/2023 13:19:26

My name is Kira too!! It is also pronounced Kee ruh or kee rah or whatever. I have the'same problem as the Kira before me, people say it wrong and I have never met a Kira before either. I know Keira's and Cara's and Kara's but no Kira. Also there was a Kyra on a phone commercial

06/07/2023 14:00:28

My name is Kira, and I LOVE my name! I live in Minnesota and I have only met 1 other girl with the'same spelling (as well as how its pronounced-Keee-ra). I think its a beautiful name, its true that many people say it wrong, but I think its because they don't care enough to get it right! To ME.... its better than the common names... Sarah... Lisa... Amy... Kira has an exotic sound to it and I LOVE it!

06/06/2023 23:36:26

Our daughter's name is Kirra - named after an Australian surf beach. She loves her name and it is still a unique name which makes it fun.

06/05/2023 01:28:00

my name is kira too :) it is the best name ever! hahaha i got named after the movie the dark crystal :)xxx

05/22/2023 07:25:46

my name is Kira and I'm 17.. researching to find meanings.. i like having a different name because everyone always comments and It's better than having a name like everyone elses

05/12/2023 08:29:52

We named our daughter Kirsten in 2002 and my daughter and my husband and all our family and friends. LOVE it! Her nickname is Kirtie and it fits her perfectly. The only negative was that'some eache's would have to be corrected that her name was not Kristen. That was very annoying to her.

05/11/2023 03:59:26

my name is also Kira, i come from holland and most people write it like this: Kyra but than i say: NO!!! it is with an I!! so annoying! my dad got the name from a friend of his from the army his daughter has the name Kira too but idk if it is with I or Y i just looked it up it means: sun. xxxxx

05/08/2023 13:23:32

its weard I'mean it means a killer in japanese and i am not sure if i would name my child like it xD

05/07/2023 02:42:48

hI'my name is kira lacey my mum chose and i love it

04/23/2023 13:57:58

It is a lovely name but in Ireland we spell it Ciara

04/22/2023 22:41:02

I just named my daughter Kyra. It was going to be Kira (which I prefer the look of) but my husband said that it would be pronounced like keer-a when I wanted k-eye-ra. It's a lovely name and I have received many compliments. :)

04/16/2023 23:33:36

I named my daughter Kira. I love her name. She looks like a Kira sooo much! Yes, i named her because i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Keira Knightly!! But I wanted to spell it differently!

03/28/2023 21:40:52

Yeah my name is Laila. My mom Isn't one of those ARABE WANNABES that name there children laila, kuz my mom IS arabe. but anywassss. yeah people persnounce it wrong, only the white ones HAHA. oh i crack myself up... soo it means night.. and i don't like people having the'same name as me.. so who evers reading this, DO NOT NAME YOUR DAUGHTERS LAILA BECAUSE It's A ONVER USED NAME THATS SHOULDN'T BE USED!!! IF YOU DO NAME THEM " LAILA" THen'tHERE IS A 2 OUT OF 3 CHANCE THAT SHE WILL BE UGLYYYYYYYYYY

03/16/2023 09:54:52

My name is Kira, when I was younger I hated it! but now i LOVE IT! I agree with liking how the definitions contradict eachother, it makes It'seem like you can never predict the personality. I was named from a book too. I also agree with the mispronouncing and sometimes misspelling. i've only met one other Kira spelled the'same way as mine but othe's with different spellings.

02/25/2023 06:16:20

My husband & I are thinking about using this name. We pronouce it (Keer-ah)

02/22/2023 04:12:44

Well I am also an Ashlynn. It does not bother me much when people say it wrong, but when i keep correcting them and they keep saying "Ashley" yeah that gets annoying. I remember getting a birthday card from my grandfather (who was like 50 with perfectly good brain) spelled my name Ashland... and I was like dude, so you don't even know your own grandchilds name❤️ btw i have never met another one of me.

02/21/2023 03:49:10

My name is Kira, and so far, i've only met one other Kira in my lifetime. People always have trouble pronouncing it, they make a long "I" sound... Oh well, what can you do right❤️

02/16/2023 22:08:02

My doughter name is Kira. We live in Finland and almoust eveone say it Kiira, like swedish do...

02/12/2023 14:05:50

My name is Kira too and i love it very much i think It's the best name ever and my parents named me that because of a movie my mom really liked the movie and her favorite actress was named Kira so she named me that ☺

01/31/2023 06:09:04

I named my daughter Kira (she is now 16) because of the movie Xanadu - she was the muse of music. I chose it long before she was born. My family has a tradition of K names for the girls. Well, she has ended up being a dancer, so it was appropriate. Also, mine is Kari so we have fun confusing people with the letter'switch. We both enjoy our "unique" names. We have found that when we get something with our names on it is extra special because someone had to make an effort.

01/26/2023 19:45:48

My name is Kira! Honestly, I don't like my name. People always spell it wrong. It's not Kiera or Kyra. And It's pronounced "KEYruh" Not "K~eye~ruh". my name is not very popular and I wish I could change it but I guess it fits my personality and It's unique. But It's not common, that's why I don't really like it.

01/23/2023 05:21:36

Kira luffs this name. She thinks It's special and unique. And for that'she deserves a sticker. She finds it amusing when people can't pronounce it. She thinks they look stupid. hehe

01/10/2023 04:57:22

It's pronounce it K eye rah. I know about seven different KERRA'S so I like it to be spelled Kira and pronounced with the eye :P

01/10/2023 02:01:02

I love my name Kira, it has sooooo many meanings. It'suits me really well. i thank my mum for naming me that. In gaelic it means a dark beuty, i am dark haired and consider myself to be beautiful.

01/05/2023 13:16:42

Hi, My name is Kyra pronounced like Tyra and/or Myra. Unfortunately, most people pronounce my name like Kira,I'must admit I find the name Kira a poor alternative to Kyra.

01/01/2023 08:28:28

my name is kiera (pronounced keera) and I hated it growing up, then when I got in high school I'met and got friends with a girl with the'same name and spelling- which was wired because my mam actually changed the'spelling when I was born as she didn't like It'spelt keira. my dad got the name from star trek. just thought I'd let you know.

12/15/2022 10:54:28

I named my daughter Kira (pronounced Keee-ra) because I had a friend in grade school with the'same name who I have admired very much for just being a great friend to all. My husband loves the name because It's a cool sounding name and unique. A teacher I'met said that every Kira she has had in her classroom have been'the perfect student. It's a good name and great that It's not too commonly used!

11/08/2022 19:53:10

My name is Kira and my dad also named me after Major Kira on star trek! i've once met a girl my age named Kira and a baby girl named Kira. I love the name and I'd never change it. My mom got me a Kira barbie doll when I was younger. I also found out the name Kira is the rugrats.

11/04/2022 10:05:10

hey my name is kira i am 10 years old and i love it cause it aint like other names it is unique It's special everyone spells it wrong and says it wrong but i correct them straight away i love my mum for naming me KIRA.

10/29/2022 10:57:44

My names kira and it irritates me when people pronounce it wrong I'm like omg It's four letters no that hard!

10/29/2022 02:44:00

My name kira and I'm 14. I never liked by name that much because It'sounds so annoying. Its pronounced (kee-ra) and ive met only one other person with the'same named apelledthe'same to.

10/15/2022 01:38:34

kira means "sparkle" or "shine" in japanese. not kill. It's a beautiful name...It's my name!

10/13/2022 08:12:16

Me to to the girl who tells people my name is Shakira but with out the'sha LOL ;D

10/08/2022 02:07:34

My name is Kira and I absolutely love it. People always mispronounce it...I pronounce it (KEE-RAH or KEY-RAH). Hey its only four letters but, it just drips with cuteness :)

09/30/2022 00:09:34

Our daughter is neamed Kirra as well, and we also got it from the Australian surf beach. It is a lovely name and fits her perfectly.

09/26/2022 06:49:02

I actually chose Kira from a Manga named Mars which i loved. i always pronounced it as K-ear-ra. everyone said i spelled wrong and it is not right but i love the name and so do othe's that'she meets, spelling and saying the name isnt hurting any one, but when someone will get angry or aggressive because they WANT that'spelling to be what thay say. And i wanted it to be different.

09/19/2022 12:00:10

My Name is also Kira, (KEER-ah) I found the above posts fun, and enlightening. I always loved my name, My father choose it from the movie Xanadu. which is one of my favorIt's. As a kid the one thing I didn't like about my name was the fact that no one ever'said it right and kids at school would sometimes say it wrong just to annoy me. I always found it amusing that Kira (olivia Newt-John) in the Movie was a muse, Ironicly enough I'myself am a singer'song writer, so I find myself asking a famous question. . . What's in a name❤️

09/14/2022 13:33:56

The Japanese version of this name is Rei, as in Rei Tachibana/DynaPink of an old Power Rangers-like show in Japan in the early Eighties called Science Squadron (or Kagaku Sentai) Dynaman. Six episodes of the'show were later taken and dubbed into English (with DynaPink's being renamed Slojin) and aired on the USA Network channel 'Night Flight'

09/12/2022 02:29:38

i love this name, well because it is my name. :3 I'm the only Kira in my school, and i do stand out with my name. no one has yet to mispronounce it. but when someone does i can't wait to correct them :D

09/05/2022 13:51:04

I love the name Kira! I'm biased, but still... awesome name!!! But question, does anyone here pronounce it K-EYE-RA❤️❤️ because I'm having issues figuring out why everyone mispronounces it that way.... K-EAR-A all the way!

08/10/2022 06:21:54

Hey my name is Kira too =) i haven't always liked my name but now seeing how many people have the'same name it makes me feel happy to know that I'm not alone My mom named me after the muse from Xanadu and my dad named me after the major from star trek i have alway been annoyed by the fact that every new person I'met they always say my name wrong and sometimes 1 of the guys in my classes would say my name wrong on prepose just to make me mad but yea

07/10/2022 02:48:36

My name is Kira :) I love my name because It's unique and I don't know very many people with my name. Yeah, people mispronounce my name'sometimes, over-emphesizing the "i" so It's like, "kye-ruh". It's really not that hard to say! I'm pretty sure it means something along the lines of glittering/sparkling/beautiful. I'm not really sure. :D It's great!

07/04/2022 21:27:18

well,you see i have a friend kalvin and his name is spelled kalvin. ive never met a other guy named kalvin just him.its more of a japanese name. he is japanese just to let ya know.he's more of a funny type of person and very friendly he might be weird cuz of his laugh but hes very nice and i like hanging with him

06/18/2022 00:06:36

My name is Kira and I was named by my mother because of a Russian book she was reading and the main girl in the book was named Kira. My grandfather was Russian and I think she thought it was pretty and short. I never knew anyone with my name and then came the movie Xanadu and Dark Crystal and I was so surprised to hear it. I always hated my name when I was little because no one had it and no one could say it. I think Kira is pronounced K EAR RA not K EYE RA. That is my biggest pet peeve when someone calls my Kyra. It'seems to be getting more popular with the younger crowd because of Star Trek and the'sixth Sense but when I hear my name my head just turns because I assume they must be talking to me. I like it much more now since I am an adult and it Isn't very common. I have met a couple of Kyra's and they seem to be just as annoyed when'they are called Kira.

06/11/2022 18:03:00

My name is Kira and It's pronounced Kye-Ruh. In the English language I'makes a long E or a short I. So those of you who keep complaining about it need to CALM DOWN! It can be pronnounced either way, chill.

06/07/2022 03:20:06

My name is also Kira. People always get it wrong also, and I use the "Shakira" example as someone had mentioned before. It does not really bother me much when people say it wrong nor does it mean anything else to me but "sun". I grew up believing that and I still beli've that. I certainly beli've it does not mean "to kill".

05/20/2022 12:36:18

My mother named me Kira after Olivia Newton-Johns character from 'Xanadu' movie in 1995. I was told that even my dad thought to pronounce it 'KYE-RAH' when I was first born. I was the only Kira in all my schools until college. People always thought it was short for Akira, LaKira, everything besides Kira! i've had so many people mispronounce it, from Kara, Karen even Carol!!! LOL! I absolutely love my name!!!

05/19/2022 04:34:48

I'm 53 yrs old my first name is Kira pronounce K eye Rah, rhyming with the man's name Ira, or the womans name Myra. Prouncing it like Kyra Sedgewick irrates me as much as when someone pronounces Kyra's like mine.

05/07/2022 11:40:30

I chose the name for my daughter, Kira, because it meant "sun". She never ran into anyone with the'same name until she was a senior in high school; then'there were 4! Now, she's a senior in college and hasn't met any.

04/22/2022 05:40:30

im planning on nameming my daugther kira It'sounds cool or a different japanies name like sakura or midori.. im an anime freak.

04/04/2022 18:36:18

I just called my daughter Kira pronounced like its spelled the "i" being what it is an "i". Some people have gotten confused over the'spelling but if u ask me to make that "e" sound it would have to be Kiera, Keira, Keyra, Keara,but to each their own my daughters pronounced with the "i" they are both pretty names

03/09/2022 15:49:48


02/19/2022 15:57:00

My little sisters name is Kira (KEER-ah) too!! it is an OK name i suppose. But our mom didnt get the name from a movie she'said that'she got it from a baby book of names like most people do!! LOLZ!!

02/03/2022 05:35:06

My duaghter is 6 months old and her name is Kira and it means beam of light and leader and suits her beutifully. I know she will love her name when she grows up!

01/13/2022 03:35:24

Same here! After Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu. But I always liked the contridictions in the name, since I'm a 'perky goth'! Light against the dark! Whoot! But I usually got Kiera as a pronunciation. I got used to it and got used to saying the correct way after my name was said. Oh, well! :-D

01/11/2022 13:09:36

really my name is lakira that just the nick name of mine i like my unique name i just want to see what it means lakira

12/20/2021 00:23:42

my name is kira too! im 13 and pretty much evry single person that I'meet pronounces my name wrong. im like "no! thats not how u say it!" its pronounced with the 'i' sound and evry1 says it wrong. i dont relly no any1 else that has the name 'kira'. i like my name. its relly unique and the meanings of my name r compliments to me! :)

12/17/2021 16:34:48

My name is Kira and I LOVE my name. I think it is really simple and that is good because my last name is really complicated (13 letters and impossible to prounonce). I pronounce my name Keera. My parents have a friend whose name is Kira but other than that I don't know any one with the'same name.

12/16/2021 06:43:30

My name is Kira(: I don't have anything against it, except It's short, but I still like it. I pronounce it KEER-ah. Almost everyone pronounces it like KY-rah, which can be annoying, but I get used to it. i've been called Kara a bunch of times and people sometimes spell it like Kiera (thank you, Kiera Knightley. loljk). But I think It's kinda cool that Kira Plastinina is the name of a famous fashion designer and also Kirra is a name of a clothing line, and so is O'neill, which is my middle name. :D i've only met one Kira in person and I'm the only one in my school. I don't know why I was named Kira. I think my dad wanted to name me Akira, but my mom liked Ciara (pronouced KEER-ah, like mine is now), so they went with Kira. Or something like that... Haha xD

12/15/2021 04:11:24

My name is Kira. i've never met anyone else named Kira, although i've met many people whose names are derived from Kira, such as Kier's, Ciaras, etc. People often'times pronounce it wrong or have trouble spelling it. It's pronounced "KEER-AH," but most people pronounce it as "KYE-RAH."

12/01/2021 03:28:12

Hey, my name is also Kira, (Keeh-rah) and anyone who says It's K-aya-rah... you are pronouncing your name wrong. Cut that out. If your parents named you Kyra, then you would be correct in your pronounciation.

11/17/2021 08:14:24

I love my name! So what if people pronounce it wrong, it is unique and matches who i am.

11/14/2021 00:38:06

haha! omg i seen'the comment by a girl sayin she was named after the dark crystal!! me too! lol and my name is kira. wow thats so weird! i never personally met another kira either..

10/11/2021 18:45:18

Kira is a lovely name. I have 8 weeks until our baby girl is born and we have chosen Kirally/Kiralee/Kirraly as her name (pron. Keeralee) - still deciding on spelling. I think it is really special and although its getting popular it is still not mainstream. Our boys are called Connor and Blayke so we think it goes well.

10/02/2021 06:00:18

My name is Kira!! I also tell people that it is Shakira without the'sha, but some people just like to call me Shakira because they think It'sounds cool.

08/17/2021 22:59:06

My name's "Kira" and people often call me "Kyra" or spell it totally weird. My dad fell in love with the name when he'saw the movie Xanadu! Everyone says that it fits my personality because I'm always lighthearted and smiling! I didn't know anyone else with the name until the 9th grade! I was really excited about it! I'm glad to see that the name is gaining in popularity!

08/10/2021 20:47:42

My wife and I are Planning to name our daughter Kira, The name is asociated with light in many diffent languages, but pronounced differently. I love the Japanese pronounciation and meaning the best (glitter, gleam, twinkle, sparkle or shine), In Kanji it could also mean delight and Fun!

08/08/2021 12:58:48

my name is kira i can't beli've there are so many named people like me wooooow. it is the best name in the world.

07/09/2021 09:12:54

I am hoping to have a girl and name her Kira. It is so feminine and pretty without being too common.

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