Kiya meaning

: Chirstian

Kiya Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Number of People 👶 4,000
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Egyptian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kiya Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kiya
Additional description of the name Kiya
"Kiya" is a beautiful name for girls that has Egyptian origin. Meaning of the name Kiya is: "Chirstian".

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Comments on the name Kiya
01/04/2024 16:21:30

My sisters name is kiya most she is 9 im 11 my names jaya any way most people pronunce it kya or kia my grand dada calls her ki ki i love that name kiya it a really preety name

12/04/2023 09:28:20

My name is Kiya and im 15 yrs old, alot of people struggle with saying my name they usually pronounce it kia like the car it always bugs me, I have only met one other person named kiya, Other than that i love my name.

10/26/2023 11:47:14

My name is Kiya, pronounced Ki-ya, Ki like sky. I really like the name and people are always telling me It's a very pretty name. Even'though some people struggle and say it as Kia, like the car :-( .. X

10/25/2023 01:24:08

Hi! My name is also Kiya and I do not understand why people pronounce it wrong but no matter what happens it will always be my name and it will also be beautiful I am 9 yrs old and in the 4th grade and I have a kiya in my class but she'spells it Kaia and anther one but in the other class and her name is kiya as well but she'spells it Kya

09/20/2023 08:13:38

they pronounce it roung but i like my name i spell it _VERENICE_

09/15/2023 07:08:42

My name is Kiya! So many of us yay! lol I pronounce it like the car as well, Kia! I feel like we should have a party expect for it may be a little too twilightzoneish lol.

09/02/2023 02:19:58

my name is kiya, and i hate that other people have that name, my dad searched name books and all over and never'seen anyone names kiya, my mom saw a seal on the tv named makiya(muh-k-eye-uh)and that was originally gonna be my name but then'they just shortened it to kiya, and i love it.

08/21/2023 09:57:46

My name is Kiya. Im fourteen but have a HUGE problem when people say it. But I love the name its ubnique, quirky, cute, and individual. I love it! People call me 'Kia' like the car. My name is really Nakiya Adora. But Kiya is my nick name. :)

08/19/2023 15:56:12

I named my daughter Kyia which is pronouced as Kiya I just spelled it different. Everyone calls her Kia also. Shes only 8 now, and loves her name. I didnt think the name was this common untill now

08/10/2023 10:55:56

:DDDDDD my names kiya, im 17, people ALWAYS mess up my name, im so used to it by now, i donte ven bother correcting them. I know one other person in my school names kiya, but she'spells it diffrently, and always shoots me dirty looks -.- god knows why, i dont even know her! anways! thought this was cool, im named after the movie, Willow, the little midget lady Dx everyones always telling me i have a pretty name :) i think its unique, and im proud to have it.

06/27/2023 00:59:50

My name is Kiya It's pronouced Ki-ya (I as in mine,y-a as in yuh)I'm a 11 yrs old so yeah.I love my name a ton so please say it right!

05/12/2023 11:26:12

My name is kiya! My dad got it from a bob marley album. People always spell and pronounce it wrong but im used to it now haha i pronounce it kahyah k-eye-ah

05/06/2023 13:46:56

My name is Kiya and I absolutely love my name, even'though it is often gets mispronounced and also mispelled. I love my name because it is different and not as common. I wouldn't trade my name for the world.

04/21/2023 13:46:06

Only met one young lady with that name and she is a class act all the way

04/16/2023 13:51:42

for a dog how do you spell kiya❤️ is i tkiya, kia, kaya or kaia❤️

03/22/2023 01:06:12

my names kiya and i think we all have problems with it being pronouced incorrectly and i have been wondering where "are" name orginates from i asked my mom and she'said it was 3am and she was going on line looking for baby names saw mine then went to bed. also i was orginally going to be named elura but my moms friend said she had dibs on that name ❤️ o.0

03/16/2023 16:40:26

My name is kiya :) i wouldnt trade it for anything. Most people pronounce it kia (like the car) and spell if kaya or kya i just dont bother correcting them anymore... :/

03/02/2023 03:49:40

my name is kiya I'm 12 and i do love my name people always spell it wrong or pronounce it wrong but i love my unique name now i gotta go at school right now :)

01/03/2023 06:36:54

My husband are using a variation of this name for our first born daughter. We are spelling it Kieya. Maybe it will help with pronunciation.

12/15/2022 08:33:24

Nefertiti's husbands Pharoah/king Akhen'ten had a First Wife, Kiya, who had given birth to a son and heir, and does whatever'she can'to bed her husband in an attempt to produce the next prince -- with mixed results.

09/28/2022 14:39:22

My name is Khiya, pronounced Ki-ya. I love my name. My name was taken off of the Oprah Winfrey show when a little girl with my name came on wanting her and her'sister to be adopted. I am now almost 16 and wouldn't give my name up for anything. It is so unique. I also get a lot of mispronounciations like Kia. My typical nicknames are Kay, Ki, and the guys at my school love to call me KeKe.

09/12/2022 11:01:00

I am pregnant and want to name my baby kiya if it is a girl. Problem though, I just found out my neighbour's daughter is named kiya. Now I feel torn, like if I name her that maybe they will think I am copying. Such a beautiful name! When I was in grade 10, in family studies we had to take care of a "fake baby" and I named mine Kiya. So its a name I have liked for a long time. thoughts on this❤️❤️

09/01/2022 05:24:18

HI'my name is kiya It was always pronounced Kia though. I am in fith grade and love how unique my name is. I always have to do everything different I stand up for my self and aabsolutly love my name.

08/30/2022 15:53:24

my name i kiya and prononce it as ki-ya think of it with hiya but with a k, and i get called ki (as in sky 4 short!)!:) im 22 and nearly everywhere i go no1 gets it right 1st time! people always tell me its an unusual pretty name! i was named from the bob marley song and a fI'm called willow.. ther's a lil woman in the fI'm called kiya, u only see her briefly. i love my name!:)

07/06/2022 00:54:18

My name is Kiya people most often pronounce it Khia I dont really know how to spell how to pronounce it. I know three people named Kiya but they all spell it kya .

06/03/2022 09:39:54

My name is Kiya and people always pronounce it 'Kia' because they completely ignore the Y. It's supposed to be pronounced 'Khi-yah", so when I turn 18 I'll probably change it or add accent marks.

01/04/2022 14:37:48

My name is Kiya and it is always hard for people to pronounce. I pronounce it ki-yah. Not, Kia, like the car. It's a good name. I like it.

12/21/2021 02:00:54

I just named my baby Kiya Diane. I just love that name. It's very pretty.

12/12/2021 02:04:30

i have a daugher with the name kiya. i got the name from bob marlys c.d . when i was just 15 years old, im 35 now, and my kiya is 20 year. she loves her name because not many children or anyone at that. she looks like a kiya very pretty

10/17/2021 21:09:18

My name is kiya and I am 35 year old male. Peole always said my name was a girls name but i never met anyone older than me who had it. I also never met any other males.

09/24/2021 04:56:24

TV ads and sitcoms always seem to think it is a funny name for pathetic losers or dogs and puppets. Not very original but very, very irratating. Some jer's like to call me Ralphie or do the barf sound when saying it.

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Kiya FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kiya?
The origin of the name Kiya is Egyptian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kiya?
*️⃣ How many people are named Kiya?
Almost 4000 people are named Kiya.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kiya?
The names of Crystal, Krystal, Cristal, Cristel, Kristal