Lara meaning

: Protection

Lara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(a)-ra\
Number of People 👶 28,000
Rate in 2021 1350
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Russian
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Lara Name Meaning

Iara's name means "lady", "kind", "noble" and "honest". Originally it was used to refer to noble ladies or ladies with a good social position and importance in society.

Lara Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Lara
Additional description of the name Lara

It is considered one of the variants of the name Yara, which gives it a Tupi origin. Yara, it's variant Iara, Jacaranda, and Iracema are some of the few female Tupie names that have persisted and are still in use.

Cool Info About Name Lara

Additional name description Lara
Additional name description Lara

The personality of the name Iara
Iara has ease to adapt to all although, of course, there are things that are more difficult for them and some that they will never be able to adapt to because they go against their principles, which are very clear to them. She is considered an intellectual, educated woman who is always willing to learn, as well as to teach.

Diminutives and variations of the name Iara
Being a very short name, diminutives are not used, but sometimes Iar has been used. The best known variations of the name Iara or names that are directly related are Yara and Jara.

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Comments on the name Lara
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Larissa, but I have always been called Lara. I agree that it is annoying to be called Laura alot but overall I love the name, and have only met one other Lara so far.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My sisters name is Lara and I really like it because in England It's quite unsual. People often call her Laura though which I think she gets quite annoyed about. And people are constenly going 'oh Lara, like Lara croft' which even gets annoying for me!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love name Lara. I will give it to my daughter.:) Its very simple and beautiful,also unique. I have hard this name after the movie Dr. Zhivago:)

01/02/2024 06:10:06

lara is a truly wiked name,i love ,love,love my name! It's simple but unique! It's feminine but was made famous in a great fI'm,dr zhivago!

12/18/2023 23:12:00

my sister's name is lara (l+ar (as in "far")+uh). she's gorgeous, and her unique name'suits her. It's strange how many times i can refer to her as LARA, pronounced as above, and people still call her lair+uh or lore+uh. some people say they "can't hear the difference". she was also named after lara in dr. zhivago. when we were small, she had a music box that played "lara's theme" from the movie....

11/21/2023 17:53:06

My name is Lara (after Dr. Zhivago) and while I do love it, the truth is that most people in the United States just cannot pronounce it correctly. Sadly, I would caution against naming a child Lara unless you want to pronounce it like Tara or Sara. No one can understand or "hear" a long A (as in car) and it has caused me a lifetime of difficulty.

11/19/2023 15:20:10

My name is Lara and so many people call me ❤️ Lora❤️ with an ❤️o❤️ people also spell my name with a ❤️u❤️ When it first started happening it was annoying but now I don't care and gave up on correcting people..

11/13/2023 03:52:08

My name is Lara, and people always want to call me "Laura" or pronounce my name like "Tara" sounds, with the long A. I have to tell people that It's pronounced like "Car". But I do like my name!

11/09/2023 06:07:06

I have met someone with this name that pronounces it LIE-RA. She claims that is how it is pronounced in Dr. Zhivago and that is how her parents came to name her that. I guess she can't help that her parents gave her the name and mispronounce it! I'd like the name better if she pronounced it correctly.

11/05/2023 21:53:12

I love this name! (Wish my parents had chosen it for me...) It's pretty, yet tough at the'same time. (Lara Croft)

10/24/2023 15:06:58

Based on TV host Lara Spencer, I pronounce it Lara like Larry.

10/18/2023 03:38:56

My name is Lara, sounding like "car" as in the comments below. I am constantly correcting people and answering questions such as "What's the difference between "Lara" and "Laura"❤️ But I still like it. It's unique and has managed to avoid becoming popular. I am also always asked if I was named after Dr. Zhivago (yes). :)

10/17/2023 13:32:32

My name is Lara as in car + a. I really like my name but I also hate being called Laura. I was named after Dr Zhivago and also because my dad's name is Larry so It's like the feminine version of his name as well. Even'though I have only met a few people in my life who could say my name properly without my having to correct them, I really like my name. I feel that it is a unique name and it has a lot of grace.

09/28/2023 18:07:44

Well, Malcolm is my name, and I'm usually nick-named Mal for short. Most people forget the'second "l" when spelling it. I like having the name because not many people have i've only 3 other Malcolms in my lifetime.

09/18/2023 22:08:10

My name is also Lara and is also pronounced so that it rhymes with Sara. I HATE when people say Laura, drives me crazy. My mother loved the movie Dr. Zhivago and so that is how it came about. I have only met one other Lara before too, its fun having a unique name.

09/14/2023 20:33:54

My name is Lara, but It'sounds like like "car a". My mother always said, "say car, now say Lara". I love my name. Every Lara i've ever met (around 5-10 over 30 years) have all been named after Dr. Zhivago, including me.

09/03/2023 21:32:04

My name is also Lara, and yes, most people say (or even spell) it wrong, but it just lets you know right away who's paying attention. I like its simplicity while being unique. I really have only met one or two other Laras in my life, and I love that. When I got married and changed my last name, it was easier because of my unique first name. And, yes, It's promounced like "car" or simply la-ra.

08/26/2023 15:09:34

My name is Lara and it drives me up the wall when people pronounce my name as "Laura". I really like my name because it is not very common and it is unique and special.

07/23/2023 17:22:52

My name is Lara and it is a name that has been in my family for over 600 years. As a child, I hated the way my name was spelled, but as I have matured i've realized the unique beauty of the name 'Lara', much like the women of the'same name.

06/26/2023 18:14:16

How can people not say my name right. I swear it is so easy to pronounce (lauora,cara,Lora,) how did you even get the c❤️❤️sometimes I just laugh it off but other times it just gets annoying if you can say lair add an ❤️A❤️ at the end and you have no excuse to not say my name properly.So please my fellow lara❤️s We shall rule the world and teach them how to say our name right.

06/24/2023 10:23:56

My name's Lara and over the years It's constantly been confused with Laura but to be honest I don't mind because It'strikes up conversation on how unique the name is! I have only met 1 other Lara!

06/23/2023 12:39:04

My name is Larisa, but everybody calls me Lara. I love my name! It is rare and beautiful name!

05/02/2023 07:12:54

My mum named me after doctor zhivago and I love my name, not met many Lara❤️s one I can'think of, It's special given'to me by my amazing mother.

04/21/2023 08:11:04

I have a Samoyed puppy and she is called Lara!! Russian/Siberian breed hence the name from that famous fI'm that'so many of the above people were named for, Dr Zhivago! I have 3 sons and no daughters, so I figure I can give my beautiful 'girl' this beautiful name.

04/20/2023 13:04:54

My name is Lara, and I love it. People often misprounounce my name and say it with a "long a" sound for the first A. It doesn't bother me very much.

04/19/2023 02:59:26

Yes my name is Lexi and I don't know very many other people with this name and when I was born many people had never heard of it but now I hear of it more and more each day. My spelling is very unique because most people spell it with a y or ie on the end. I love my name and wonder how It's become so popular. I like it because it is different!!

03/31/2023 01:24:20

My name is Lara and yes was named after the movie Dr. Zhivago. I have been called Laura but most often Lar ah, like Car ah. I pronounce my name Lair ah, like Sarah. I dont mind either pronounciations, but dont like Laura. I have been called Lala alot as well as a nick name.

03/13/2023 20:11:52

Lara is my daughters name, mostly because i know no one called this and lara croft is a fantastic it!!

02/16/2023 20:57:30

I am Lara and I love it. It'sounds beautiful and intelligent.

02/14/2023 10:46:06

This is my name. It is very uncommon here in Barbados. Most people think it is an abbreviation for names such as Nancy, Nanny. I was named after my Dad's neice and Nan was her nickname. I definitely love this name because it is so uncommon and easy to pronounce.

01/18/2023 03:23:46

My name is Lara after Lara croft and people often say it as Laura it doesn't always annoy me but it eats at my nerves I love the Name but sometimes I'm bored with it

01/15/2023 22:47:24

i plan on naming my daugther lara, its beautiful simple and versitile.

12/04/2022 02:10:44

Lara is my name I really wanna be famous because it means "Famous One" So i love singing so thats my famous thing singing!!

12/02/2022 03:27:02

This is my name. Many people mis-pronounce it because few people have this name. Some people think of charles darwin and therefore think I beli've the'same as he, which I do n't. The name is of english origin and means dear friend, which I try to be. In addition my middle name is edwin which means rich friend.

12/01/2022 17:09:52

My name is Lara and am named so because of Dr. Zhivago. It is pronounced like Sarah and most people say it correctly when I give them that reference. I can not stand it when someone calls me Lar ah (like Car ah) as that name'sounds ugly to me. I'm always confused when someone pronounces it like Laura as there is no "u" in my name, so why would you say Laura. I am 44 and only just met another person named Lara that pronounces it as I do. She was just a little girl of 4 or 5 and was so excited to see/meet someone else with the'same name.

11/21/2022 22:20:50

I named my daughter Lara because I liked the theme from Dr. Zhivago. She has been a delightful child and is now the mother of two kids.

11/13/2022 20:05:12

This is also my name. I do find people who mispronounce my name but I say it just as its spelled. Yes-enia I don't like pronouncing it with a J unless I am speaking in Spanish. I do know several other women named Yesenia. And we were all named after the'spanish Soap Opera from the 1982's. As a kid I hated my name because no one knew how to pronouce it. As an adult i've learned to appreciate it for its uniqueness and beauty.

11/10/2022 11:16:02

my friend's name is Lara and I can't beli've people actually pronounce it wrong! how hard can a two syllable name be to pronounce❤️ lol. It will probably be more popular after Lara Croft :P

10/22/2022 22:01:32

My name is Lara, my parents named me from Dr. Zhivago but with a twist. It's pronounced Lair-uh most people call me Laura, Clara, Claire, Sara, and Lara(Lar-uh.) It makes me laugh I don't even pay attention when people pronounce it wrong. Some of my friends just get frustrated and call me "L". I love how different it is and I couldn't imagine having any other name.

05/03/2022 21:39:54

My name is Lara but I am English so you pronounce It'so that it rhymes with sara. I'm the'same everyone always calls me Laura it is so annoying. I come from Newcastle Upon Tyne (in the North) so hardly anyone is called it nd I have never met anyone withe the'same name.

04/18/2022 19:19:30

My names Lara and I love it! I wouldnt Change it if I could! It is pronounced car-a, I hate it when people call me Laura and rarely I get lair-a but I don't mind getting called lair-a It's just Laura that I don't like being called.

02/12/2022 05:31:30

Lara is such an exquisite and beautiful name, and it is my daughter's name. She is the essence of beauty, gentleness and stren'th. Yes, it is true that it does get mispronounced but my daughter has no trouble in gently correcting people. I can't think of a more beautiful name than Lara for a girl!!!

10/25/2021 13:04:12

My name is Lara, rhyming with Sarah. I have only met about two people who actually pronounced it correctly without having to be told 20 times or more. It is nice because most people haven't heard the name before and think it is pretty. However, I have often wished that I had an easy name like Amanda or something that I don't have to train people to say correctly.

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Lara FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Lara?
The origin of the name Lara is Russian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Lara?
*️⃣ How many people are named Lara?
Almost 28000 people are named Lara.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Lara?
The names of Loretta, Laurita, Lorette, Lauretta