Leila meaning

: Night Beauty

Leila Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \le(i)-la\
Number of People 👶 48,000
Rate in 2021 468
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Arabic
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Leila Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Leila is "night", it derives from the word "layl".


Leila Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Leila
Additional description of the name Leila

The name Leila originates from the Arabic language. It comes from the word "layl", which means "night".

Cool Info About Name Leila

Additional name description Leila
Additional name description Leila

The popularity of the name Leila

The name Leila is one of the most popular Persian names, but it is not a common name in Alabama based on the data given by reliable resources in the year 1944 in the United States of America. For example, imagine that only 8 babies were named “ Leila “ in Alabama in the year 1944.

The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2010 with a total of 1507 babies. Since 1880 up to 2018, the name “ Leila “ was recorded 46312 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and was given to 80 newborn babies. The given name became a popular girl’s name in the state of Hawaii in the year 2017. For the past 70 years, this name was recorded 31795 times in the SSA public database.


The personality of the name Leila

Here we have the letter analysis of the given name

L is for the look, the way you look at life

E is for extra, those little things you do!

I is for ignite l, the fire in you

L is for lucky, who is more ?!

A is for agreeable, the best side of you

The name’s true meaning might not be described in a few words. Name is one’s personality and heart’s desire. This name indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are also expressive and optimistic. You are very energetic and can be the life of the party for any event.

You have the innate ability to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Your heart desires to help and care for those who you love. You treasure family values and trad. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice is a natural ability for you and people appreciate the love you give to them.


Famous people named Leila

Leila Morse, Leila Mourad, Leila K and Leila Hatami

Diminutives and variations of the name Leila
Women called Leila are very happy and smiling women, in general, they are very happy and nothing is going to make them lose their smile. On the other hand, they are always willing to help those loved ones who need it. They are people who are very grateful for what they have and appreciate the small details.

Dia of the Saint of Leire
The day of the Saint of Leire is August 15, the day on which Santa Maria de Leire is celebrated.

Numerology of the name Leire
According to numerology, the name Axel corresponds to the number 4.

Similar names to the name Leila

Lucas, Lola, Lakshmi, Laila, and Lael

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Comments on the name Leila
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my daughter Laliah, everyone one that does not know her'say leliah..It drives me crazy and people always say i spelled it wrong but i found it on a website that laliah is a correct girls be creative..with it. its fun

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I had the expierence of growing up with this name (pronounced Lee-la. Spelling and pronunciation were always an area of difficulty for othe's. I learned that when'the teache's were near the's names in class and there was a hesitation and a slow attempt to say the name, it was mine that they were at. As a child I quickly pronounced it to avoid embarrasement by correcting someone and now as an adult I will let people say it incorrect and usually do not correct them.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My Beautiful baby daughter's name is Leila (lay La) And I always get Leela or Lie la But it is Lay-La she is a pint sized Leila Ali (whom I did not name her after but get asked from time to time) I gave her this name because I wanted twins Leila and Leena but didn't have twins so I went with Leila which means black beauty in African - Suiting :)

12/23/2023 14:35:02

My name is Leila ( Lee-Eye-Lah )- I was named after a great aunt's friend- when I was in grade and middle school, I didn't much care for me name- but now i love it! ( And I know when a telemarketer calls! Ha! ) BTW, I was bown way back in 1985!

12/10/2023 01:14:56

I Wish There Was A Saint Named "St. Leila/Layla". I Pronounce It (Lay~Lah)

11/25/2023 19:45:00

My name is Leila, pronounced Lee'la. It is a family name and although I'meet many "Lay'la's", I never meet any Leila's with my spelling or pronounciation. I love having an unsual name with an inter'sting background.

11/21/2023 05:14:52

this is my name and It's OK the bad things about is it rhyms to much and sometimes people call me heath but It's good in some ways.

11/03/2023 12:34:42

My two-year-old daughter's name is Leila and It's almost always pronounced correctly (Layla). I also get asked whether I named her after the Eric Clapton song, but actually the most famous Leila is from the ancient love story of Leila and Majnun--the Eastern version of Romeo and Juliet. Every Middle Eastern child knows this tale, and Leila is a very common name throughout the Middle East.

10/24/2023 11:00:06

My name is Leila, and I find it unique, nobody else in my school is named that! If You're looking for a unique and different but pretty name,, Schoose Leila!

09/05/2023 17:19:26

It's my friends name but my name is also Laila... the only difference is that mine is spelt with a "A" .. the pernouciation is the'same.

08/02/2023 18:04:34

I love my name! Sometimes they pronounce it like "lee-la" or "lee-i-la", but when'they hear me pronounce it, I almost always hear "that's beautiful!" ...or they sing the Eric Clapton song =) It's a great name!

07/24/2023 05:25:50

I named my daughter Leila. People always pronounce it wrong. We Pronounce it "LEELAH." Once we say it, people still say it wrong! And they always think we named her after the Eric Clapton song. We actually got it from the one eyed, purple haired girl on "Futurama." Still Have not met anyone with the name.

07/07/2023 02:34:26

My daughter's name is Leia and she gets Leila all the time. She's actually getting used to it and named a puppet she was making Leila. She's now nearly five. At 3 1/2 yrs she was overheard muttering in her'sleep 'It's not Leila, its not Leah, its Leia L E I A Leia.' Poor kid. Daddy's idea. But she'seems to be more relaxed now.

06/06/2023 16:50:52

My baby is due in March and we are naming her Leila.

06/05/2023 12:02:48

i love the name leila and if i have a girl when I'm older i want to call her liela coz its a gorgous name

05/18/2023 18:29:44

My name is Leila, but pronounced "Lee'la" and I was born in 2002 which is one of the lowest decades for the name Leila. People never know how to spell my name or pronounce it. My grandmothe's name is leila and my great great grandmothe's name is Leila and I'm pretty sure it has skipped a generation for a really long time. I'm not sure if I actually have any arabic in me though.

05/16/2023 08:18:20

Leila is the name of my beautiful daughter.It means "the night" in Arabic. We chose her name because we are a mixed family and we wanted a name which would bridge both of her cultures, ie Britsh and Arabic/Asian.

03/22/2023 02:34:22

I am due to have a baby any day now and if It's a girl I can't devide whether to spell it Layla or Leila... I love the Leila spelling but I don't want here to have issues with spelling and pronunciation.

03/21/2023 02:10:48

I love this name. I am due to have my baby girl and calling her Laylah although my DH prefers Leila. When i first saw the name'spelt Leila i first pronounced it lee-la. So we are stuck on the'spelling. I dont want people to miss pronounce her name wrong.

03/02/2023 11:45:46

In German Leila is pronounced Lie-lah. The 'ei' is like the one in Heidi or Eileen. Of course, Layla and Lee-la are also correct. It depends on your language, where You're from. A gorgeous name and spelling in all cases.

03/02/2023 06:46:00

My daughters name is Leila, pronouced 'Lay-la". i've always loved that Eric Clapton song, and I loved the'spelling of this. When people see the'spelling, they ask if It's after the girl in Futurama, but It's really after the'song! Mispronounciation and misspellings weren't an issue with us. She'll get used to it like I did lol.

02/27/2023 23:48:34

I use to hate the name growing up (pronounced LEE LAH). I was harrassed all through High School thanks to Eric Clapton. I think my mom just liked the name. I think it is a very grown up name. I get a lot of compliments about my name now and one nice thing about the pronunciation is I know when a telemarketer is calling because they never get it right.

02/25/2023 08:55:02

My daughter named Leila and I think It's the right way to spell...LOL

02/19/2023 09:29:58

My daughter's name is Leila, pronounced lay-la. People mispronounce it all the time (lee-la, lie-la) but I am still happy we went with this spelling. It's beautiful.

01/03/2023 07:29:48

Gorgeous exotic name, especially for a dark-eyed brunette.

12/16/2022 20:59:56

My name is Leila (lay-la), apparently I was named after the Palestinian activist Leila Khaled. (I used to tell that to everyone when I was little until I learned who she was, and now I usually keep quiet about it, haha.) i've always loved my name, and It'suits me cos I'm dark-haired (: It does get mispronounced as lee-la a lot, but I still like my name.

12/16/2022 08:39:20

Our baby is called Leila but we pronounce it lie-la as in Delila

12/11/2022 14:55:14

I named my oldest daughter Leila (Lay-La) in 2013 when NO ONE I knew used the name. I chose it for It's flowing sound and because I had never met another Leila/Layla/Laila and I wanted something original (My name is Ashley, super common. Haaaaaate). To my dI'may, she knows three other Leilas, although theirs is spelled Layla. I chose this spelling because I disliked the other'spellings.

12/04/2022 03:21:16

like the eric clapton song layla. its a beautiful song wrotten by clapton to george harrison of the beatles wife

11/30/2022 15:53:24

We named our youngest Kennedy and the'strong name fits her to a "T". She has the'strong personality to live up to her name. We have had a few rude comments (mostly from the older generation) that it is a "weird" name for a girl but we love it.

11/08/2022 08:25:28

I have wanted to name one of my children Leila as long as i can remember! it is so beautiful and just flows... lol. But when it comes to the'spelling of it im not sure which one to use....Lejla would be grammatically correct in serbo-croatian(mother language) but it might be hard to say in english so i leila or layla... hard decision do you know which would be the easiest to pronounce for other people when'they meet her❤️

11/05/2022 21:38:48

I think it is a strange name that could generate alot of problems with spellings and pronunciation. Better'sticking with a different name.

10/22/2022 09:58:34

My name is Leila (pronounced layla) and I love it. I was born in 1991 and often people say how much they love my name. I'm petite, with long blond hair and green eyes and Arabic people are often surprised when I say what my name is. It's such a pretty name and i've never been ashamed of it. Sometimes people mispronounce it but It's rare... everyone is so accustomed to new and unusual names that It's never been an issue. I actually like the fact that It's spelled a bit differently because if I tell people my name and they want to google me they will be googling a "Layla" which is not me. ;)

10/20/2022 15:04:06

I like my name Leila, I was named after--- not the Futurama character or the Eric Clapton song, but Leila Khaled, the Palestinian militant activist. "Leila" does get mispronounced a lot as "lee-la", not "lay-la"... apparently my father wanted to have It'spelled Layla but my mother insisted on using the'same spelling as Leila Khaled. Like the name though.

09/13/2022 02:00:18

My name is Lejla.. pronounced Lay-la like in Eric Claptons song... And people often get it wrong and call me Lila.. Pretty annoying :) Cuz I like my name as it is and think It's very pretty!!

08/04/2022 13:06:54

We're planning on naming or new addition (due May 1st and a boy) Oaklee. We've looked at all the'spellings and this one seems to be more transferable to either Oak or Lee if he wants. We fell in love with this name, and so have our friends. Our parents on the other hand, and the older people in our life have a different opinion. I'm sure they'll grow into it.

07/19/2022 07:19:30

My name is Leila. Pronounced "lee eye la". I am 51 years old and have never met another person who pronounced it this way, although every so often I will meet people who know someone who does pronounce it the way my name is pronounced. I enjoy having an unusual name although in Jr Hi one of my teacher's could never'say my name and ended up calling me "Hey you."

03/06/2022 16:27:36

My name is Leila (pronounced "Lay'la"). Spelling it is difficult for people from time to time, but it has sparked inter'sting conversation! I'm proud that my parents gave me a name that reflects part of my heritage.

01/23/2022 19:47:24

I spell it Leila, pronounced Lay-la. It's not common, so I don't meet many people with this name. It's Arabic meaning "night" or "daughter of the night". As an adult I usually get a positive reaction to my name. I like it. If my daughter to have a baby girl, she would name her Leila.

11/29/2021 02:03:36

As a 1982s Leila (LEE-lah), I'm frequently asked if I was named for "that Eric Clapton song." I wasn't...I was born four years before he re-released the Derrick & the Dominoes song. ;) I have had some, ok a lot, of issue with mispronunciation/spelling of my name. At this stage, I just say, "No, It's not Layla...It's Leila, rhymes with Sheila." i've also had people tell me I should change my name to something more suitable to my looks. As a red-headed, freckle-faced Irish is a bit odd to have an Arabic name meaning dark (haired) beauty. I love my name either way. I was definitely unique amongst my classmates growing up, and still am amongst my peers today. Don't hesitate to use this beautiful and mellifluous name unless You're unable to handle having to correct people constantly. I have never met another Leila who pronounces their name Lee-lah in person. i've met a few Lelas and one Leela.

11/27/2021 06:08:24

Very seldom, but here is an inter'sting thought. Edmund means "protector" "Keeper of the keys." I have always looked after and protected people who were deemed as "different" amomg our peers. Later, I was in a position where I was and assist train special ed students. Often'times I felt that they were giving me a far greater gift, than I was afording them. Also, I worked in schools for thirty years as a Head Custodian. The kepper of the keys and protector of the'school and those who came to teach, learn and enjoy a clean and sanitory enviroment. I'most especially enjoy my roll as Father.

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Leila FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Leila?
The origin of the name Leila is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Leila?
Night Beauty
*️⃣ How many people are named Leila?
Almost 48000 people are named Leila.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Leila?
The names of Luverne, Luvern, Lavern, Laverna, Leverne