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Leila Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \le(i)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 48,000
Rate in 2021 468
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Meaning of Leila

The name Leila is a given name that has been used as a girl’s name. This name is originally Persian and is pronounced as “ ليلا “. The name “ Leila “ has different origins and variations which are  Latin, Arabic and Hebrew. For example, the name “ Leila “ is spelled as “ Laela “, “ Laelah “, “ Laila “, “ Layla “ and “ Leylah “.

Popularity of the name Leila

The name Leila is one of the most popular persian names, but it is not a common name in Alabama based on the data given by reliable resources in the year 1944 in the United states of America. For example imagine that only 8 babies were named “ Leila “ in Alabama in the year 1944.

The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2010 with a total of 1507 babies. Since 1880 up to 2018, the name “ Leila “ was recorded 46312 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 80 new born babies. The given name became a popular girl’s name in the state of Hawaii in the year 2017. For the past 70 years, this name was recorded 31795 times in the SSA public database.


Personality of the name Leila

Here we have the letter analysis of the given name

L is for look, the way you look at life

E is for extra, those little things you do !

I is for ignite l, the fire in you

L is for lucky, who is more ?!

A is for agreeable, the best side of you

The name’s true meaning might not be described in few words. Name is one’s personality and heart’s desire. This name indicates a gift of gab – the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are also expressive and optimistic. You are very energetic and can be the life of the party for any event.

You have the innate ability to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Your heart’s desire is to help and care for those who you love. You treasure family values and trad. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice is a natural ability for you and people appreciate the love you give to them.


Famous people named Leila

Leila Morse, Leila Mourad, Leila K and Leila Hatami


Similar names to the name Leila

Lucas, Lola, Lakshmi, Laila and Lael

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Comments on the name Leila
9/13/2022 2:00:18 AM

My name is Lejla.. pronounced Lay-la like in Eric Claptons song... And people often get it wrong and call me Lila.. Pretty annoying :) Cuz I like my name as it is and think It's very pretty!!

8/4/2022 1:06:54 PM

We're planning on naming or new addition (due May 1st and a boy) Oaklee. We've looked at all the'spellings and this one seems to be more transferable to either Oak or Lee if he wants. We fell in love with this name, and so have our friends. Our parents on the other hand, and the older people in our life have a different opinion. I'm sure they'll grow into it.

7/19/2022 7:19:30 AM

My name is Leila. Pronounced "lee eye la". I am 51 years old and have never met another person who pronounced it this way, although every so often I will meet people who know someone who does pronounce it the way my name is pronounced. I enjoy having an unusual name although in Jr Hi one of my teacher's could never'say my name and ended up calling me "Hey you."

3/6/2022 4:27:36 PM

My name is Leila (pronounced "Lay'la"). Spelling it is difficult for people from time to time, but it has sparked inter'sting conversation! I'm proud that my parents gave me a name that reflects part of my heritage.

1/23/2022 7:47:24 PM

I spell it Leila, pronounced Lay-la. It's not common, so I don't meet many people with this name. It's Arabic meaning "night" or "daughter of the night". As an adult I usually get a positive reaction to my name. I like it. If my daughter to have a baby girl, she would name her Leila.

11/29/2021 2:03:36 AM

As a 1982s Leila (LEE-lah), I'm frequently asked if I was named for "that Eric Clapton song." I wasn't...I was born four years before he re-released the Derrick & the Dominoes song. ;) I have had some, ok a lot, of issue with mispronunciation/spelling of my name. At this stage, I just say, "No, It's not Layla...It's Leila, rhymes with Sheila." i've also had people tell me I should change my name to something more suitable to my looks. As a red-headed, freckle-faced Irish is a bit odd to have an Arabic name meaning dark (haired) beauty. I love my name either way. I was definitely unique amongst my classmates growing up, and still am amongst my peers today. Don't hesitate to use this beautiful and mellifluous name unless You're unable to handle having to correct people constantly. I have never met another Leila who pronounces their name Lee-lah in person. i've met a few Lelas and one Leela.

11/27/2021 6:08:24 AM

Very seldom, but here is an inter'sting thought. Edmund means "protector" "Keeper of the keys." I have always looked after and protected people who were deemed as "different" amomg our peers. Later, I was in a position where I was and assist train special ed students. Often'times I felt that they were giving me a far greater gift, than I was afording them. Also, I worked in schools for thirty years as a Head Custodian. The kepper of the keys and protector of the'school and those who came to teach, learn and enjoy a clean and sanitory enviroment. I'most especially enjoy my roll as Father.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Leila?
The origin of the name Leila is Arabic.
*️⃣ How many people are named Leila?
Almost 48000 people are named Leila.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Leila?
The names of Luverne, Luvern, Lavern, Laverna, Leverne