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Lexi Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \lex-xi\
Number in U.S 👶 24,000
Rate in 2021 737
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Meaning of Lexi

Lexi is one of many forms of pets that developed from the female name Alexandra (such as Alexis, Alexa, Alex, and Lexie). Alexandra in turn is the feminine variant of the name Alexander, which is the Latin form of the Greek name "Alexandros". The meaning of the name is interpreted from the Greek "alexein" meaning "defend" plus "andros" which translates to "man, warrior" in a relational or possessive form. Hence the meaning: 'defender of men or humanity'. Alexander the Great was King of Macedonia in the 4th century BC.; that he would have a hard time finding a more legendary military general than this man. Although Alexander is an old name, the English-speaking counties did not adopt the female Latinate Alexandra until the late 19th century, when it was introduced by the Scandinavians and Eastern Europe, where the name was already in wide use. The name Lexie or Lexi did not become an independently given name until the late 20th century even though it had been in use as a nickname before that.


The name Lexi first appeared on the US naming charts for girls in 1993. Although Lexie was in sporadic use before Lexi on the charts, Lexi is the much more preferred spelling. Lexi has done quite well on the charts. In less than 20 years, the name has advanced more than 700 positions on the charts. She hasn't made the Top 200 list yet, but she still seems to be showing forward momentum. They like this name in Idaho, in particular; was ranked 73rd in our Potato State. Lexi is a happy, optimistic name. Like Alexis, Lexi is a "pretty girl name" but with a tomboyish edge. Of course, she'll probably hear “Sexy Lexi” most of her life, which isn't exactly an insult. The name is more modern and current of Alexandra, but not as pretentious as Alexis. Lexi has spunk and sexiness all in one.

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Comments on the name Lexi
9/26/2022 7:59:34 AM

I'm Lexi too xP short for Alexis, Which goes well with my middle name, Korinn. But, I go by Lexi <3 which is possibly the best name ever

9/26/2022 12:03:28 AM

my names alexandra and im knows as lexy thats how i spell it and always have :) love it better then my full name, ther's also lex, alexa but i love lexy the most :-)

9/22/2022 1:46:08 PM

My name is Lexi. Just Lexi. thats the name on my birth certificate and its not short for anything. other people I'meet that are named Lexi; are actually name alexa, alexis, alexandria, stuff like that. (:

9/17/2022 4:45:06 AM

We're Christians and we wanted to give our daughter a beautiful, biblical name. Our daughter's name is Sara Joy. We and our parents and friends just love it!

9/15/2022 6:39:38 PM

my name is Alexandria Ann Smith but thats my full name to evryone my full name is Lexi everyone calls me Lexi no body ever calls me Lexi no one calls me Alexandria even my teacher calls me Lexi well thats what i have to share oh and i lol love my name and my nickname .

9/14/2022 7:08:58 PM

My best friend's name is Lexi Lynn and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! her and her name! I really want to think of a nickname for her that no one else calls her because there's Lexi Luu, Mexi Lexi, Sexi Lexi, and Lex plus a few more but I can't think of anything at all so can somebody help me please?

9/8/2022 12:05:26 PM

To whom it may concern, This a great website! I'll give you a little history behind the name "Dax"... Most of the "Daxs" were born in'the 1982s. This is due to a popular novel by Harold Robbins "The Adventures" (now a movie). The character DAX was born into a wealthy family. The father was poor but highly intelligent. The mother is aristocratic. The'setting was in south america. The'story was a tragedy yet men who were watching the movie wanted to be a DAX. When'they had sons, it was their opportun'ty to use that name. The name according to the novel is composed of two other names... Diogenes (Greek philosopher obssessed with truth... lived in extreme poverty) and Alexander the Great (the Macedonian king who conquered all of asia). You therefore combine the two... and the name means "with truth, you shall conquer the world". Eventhough the book and movie are fiction, at one point during the Hellenistic era, in'the City of Corinth, Diogenes and Alexander did meet. Diogenes told Alexander... "get out of my way, your blocking my sunshine"... (see Europe, A History... by Norman Davies). Now that's our etymology. As far as DAX being a female character in a science fiction'tv series... (Battlestar Gallactica?)... I really don't know where that idea came from. ---DAX---

9/5/2022 7:05:30 AM

We named our daughter Lila (LIE-la) back in March of 2013. We were very surprised when (a) many people mispronounced it (LEE-la), and (b) quite a few other people in our town named their girls Lila too (or Lilah). People often'try to spell her name Leila, which to my eye looks like LAY-la (another popular name in our parts!).

8/22/2022 4:39:18 PM

Im from England my daughter is called lexi we call her lexi luu and lex. the name means defender of mankind. she prob will be as she has a real strong will and is very beautiful. everyone she meets is charmed

6/29/2022 5:55:48 PM

My name is Lexi and I love it. I was called Sexy Lexi when I was younger. Once I came home crying about it and my mom said, "thats a compliment! I wish people would call me Sexy Lisa!" So I got over it. Its really short for Alexandra, but no one calls me that. I know 3 other Lexi's though..

5/21/2022 2:13:30 PM

if i am having a girl i am definately calling her lexi. LOVE IT.

5/10/2022 7:23:06 AM

My name is Alexandra I get called Leksi for short always have always will.

5/1/2022 11:00:00 PM

Hello my name is Lexi but my real name is Alexa. It's different from all the othe's!

5/1/2022 3:47:06 AM

my middle daughter's name is Lexi Angelle. I just love the way those two names go together.

4/14/2022 1:45:36 PM

I'm alexandra. everyone knows me as lexi though. love it !

4/1/2022 8:09:00 PM

Yes my name is Lilia. Here is how you pronounce it (li-li-ya) I like my name. It's like no one in America has someone named Lilia. Well, I don't know anyone named Lilia. It is also my Ukrainian name. I was adopted from Europe. I like my life in America so far.

3/1/2022 12:01:12 PM

my name is Alexandra but people have called me Lexi since i was little. i love being called Lexi. i feel as if It'suits me more than Alexandra which i feel is too proper. some people call me Slexi or sexy Lexi but its OK. i got over it.

2/17/2022 5:17:06 PM

had my daughter on the 11/1/12 named her lexi all the way through absolutely love the name and hope she does when she is older

12/26/2021 11:01:48 AM

my dog is named lexi... i wouldnt actually name my kid that. It'sounds too much like lexis. thats like naming your kid ford or chevy. it just shouldnt be done.

11/15/2021 10:23:06 PM

We Had our first son on April14th, 2020. We named him Easton Andrew. I wasn't sold on the name at first, but I'm so glad my husband talked me into it. I love it, the name'suits him.

11/6/2021 12:22:48 PM

LOVE the name...just named my cute little dog that name!

10/23/2021 11:33:18 PM

My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me Lexi. I love It'so much!

10/15/2021 5:06:18 AM

My name is lexi but i spell it Lexc andi would never trade my namefor anything!

10/5/2021 3:26:24 PM

I love the name Lexie! Im expecting my first child and im strongly leaning toward Lexie as her first name. Her daddy also loves the name and his middle name is Alexander'soooo Lexie is the perfect name for our perfect little girl. can't wait to meet my baby girl Lexie Alonna! :)

9/5/2021 2:31:30 AM

Haha My Names Alexis But They Call Me Lexy. And Yeah They Do Call Me Sexy Lexy


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The origin of the name Lexi is Greek.
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Almost 24000 people are named Lexi.