Lila Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(i)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 68,000
Rate in 2021 500
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Lila Name Meaning

The name “ Lila “ is an Arabic name that has been used all around the globe. There is a version that is Hebrew meaning “ nigh “.  Other versions are “ Lyla “ and “ Lilah “. As a name it means “ night “, “ beauty “ and “ dark beauty “.



Cool Info About Name Lila

Additional name description Lila
Additional name description Lila

The popularity of the name Lila

The name “ Lila “ is not a common name in West Virginia based on the data by researches in the year 1948. Only 5 newborn babies were named Lila in the year 1948. A total of only 421 babies also bear the same first name as your baby’s name during that year in the United states of America.

The highest recorded use of the name was in the year 2010 with a total of 1969 babies from the hear 1880 to the year 2018. Since the year 1880 to the year 2018, the name “ Lila “ was recorded 66591 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 36 new born babies. The name “ Lila “ became popular in the state of Idaho in the year 1931.

This name ranked 39 with 20 babies. Also the all time high record for this name was in the year 2008 in the state of Massachusetts with 94 baby girls. For the past 60 decades, the name “ Lila “ was recorded 30450 times in the SSA database. This name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of Idaho for 17.


The personality of the name Lila

L is for lively, your life is full of energy

I is for impressive, your list of qualities

L is for loyalty, that you show

A is for advantage, for you are blessed with many

If you are named Lila, your heart’s desire is to become a leader. Actually you dislike taking orders and want to be in charge – the boss figure. You creativity allows you to find new solutions to old problems. You can generate ideas on the fly and want recognition for you efforts. You tend to avoid those who are needy and idle on their work.

In fact, one of your best traits is self – sacrifice. You like your work to be useful to others. When you feel anxiety, you tent to be clumsy. You most likely vocations are skilled worker in any field, philosopher anf adviser.


Famous people named Lila

Lila Downs who is a Mexican American singer

Lila Morillo  who is a Venezuelan actor

Lila R. Gleitman who is an American psychologist

Lila Roman del Rosario St. John


Similar names to the name Lila

Liam, Logan, Luna and Luke

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Comments on the name Lila
09/30/2023 02:27:24

Expecting twins in October: Boy: Christopher Edward Girl: Lila Isabella

09/25/2023 11:22:00

My names Lila. i love that it manages to be both feminine without coming off too girly, like Tiffany or Michelle. It's unique and has edge.

09/22/2023 17:14:30

too trendy... blech... sounds more like a veg. "please pass the caleb"

09/16/2023 12:32:02

My daughter is called Lila and we pronounce it Leela. I am quite upset by some of the comments on here suggesting that people pronouncing it as such are ignorant and stupid. My husband is Spanish and it is pronounced Leela there. And for the person who commented on "basic phonics" does she'suggest the pronunciation of Lisa which is my name !! It is Leesa and not Lie-sa

09/15/2023 23:53:48

I liked Delilah but hubs wasn't sold so Lila it was ;)

09/13/2023 11:21:20

I know 5 Lila's born within the last year-This name is the new Jennifer!

09/11/2023 18:47:56

I love this name and am plannign to call our daughter (due in 14 weeks) Lila Sophia . It will be prounounced LIE-LA . Im sure there wil be some confusion over the'spelling but I think its much prettier than Lyla

09/04/2023 16:02:58

We named our little girl Reagan Maria, we love President Reagan. We like to call her Ray Ray or even Reggie :) We got some flak for it because my parents don't like unique names, but they are over it and love her anyways :)

09/02/2023 19:57:58

It's always been Lie-Lah to me and It's the name I'm using for my baby girl :) If I wanted Lee-Lah I would have spelled it with an e. It's only one letter off from Lilac which is pronounced Lie-Lac so I don't see Lila being pronounced any other way.

08/28/2023 10:39:18

I'm a LYE-la. As a child, I knew no other Lila's and felt persecuted to have such a weird name. Some people (teache's) would refused to beli've that was my full name. "No, honey, your name must be Lillian. There's no such name as Lila." was one. Now I, too, LOVE the name and am always complimented. I beli've it means 'night' in Hebrew; in Egypt, there's a story that i've been'told is the middle-eastern equivalent of "Romeo and Juliet" with a "Leila" as the 'Juliet'. Most common mispronunciations: "Lee-la; Lay-la; Lill-a". "Lucky to be Lila"

08/22/2023 21:13:46

HI'my name is Lillabeth( a shortened version of Lillian Elizabeth) shortened Lilla and pronounced "Leela". I am from Swaziland in Southern Africa... Yeah I know I am an oddity in deep dark Africa! I know its a family name, a cousin somewhere in America. I love my name of course, its unique but because of people massacred it all through high school I have had to use my second name. I have called an office in neighbouring South Africa and a Lillabeth answered. Of course I was very excited but sadly she did feel the'same. Love my name and have reverted to using it again.

08/16/2023 07:24:40

My one year old daughter is named Lilla after my wife's great-grandmother. I had never heard it before my wife told me that'she wanted to use the name if we had a girl. I am so glad that we did. It is a beautiful and unique name.

08/15/2023 05:15:18

My great grandmother was of Indian descent and her name was Lilla, I am not sure how it was pronounced originally but everyone called her Lilla (pronounced Lylah). I am going to call my littl girl due soon Lilla but am not sure which way I will pronounce it yet.

08/12/2023 14:21:46

i love this name if we have a girl it will definately be lila, is beautiful and exotic. its a short form of delilah, so i dont understand how it gets mispronounced

08/12/2023 00:33:00

this is my daughter's name. Its pronounced Mad-uh-Lynn but some people pronounce it mad-uh-line (as in valentine). Even'though, I still love the name.

08/10/2023 01:14:02

I named my daughter Lila Grace, and yes for some reason everyone wants to call her "Lee-la"

08/09/2023 02:36:16

My name is Lilla Ruth, (pronounced like vanilla). That was my grandmother's name. Although I was told that her name was originally "Hannar Lillar", as it was probably pronounced in the deep mountains of North Carolina, USA Apparently, growing up, she dropped both the r's, and so Hannah Lilla was her name. Actually I was named after both my grandmothe's, Lilla and Ruth. I am called Ruthie. My daughter was named after her great-grandmother, Hannah. Who else is going to carry on our family names - other than family! God bless to all!

07/29/2023 02:06:16

My daughter is named Lila Grace. It is a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl!

07/26/2023 08:16:24

My name is Lilla... I always say Lilla like vanilla, otherwise a lot of people tend to say Lee-la or Lie-la. i've never met another Lilla (in person), and although It's not too common, it is a "normal" girl's name in Hungary. (You can definately find Lilla keychains, pens, etc., there.) The Hungarian poet Csokonai Vitez Mihaly wrote a slew of love poems entitled "Lilla poems" (Lilla Versek) in the early 1800's. A lady once told me it means "little one" in Swedish, but I have not personally verified this claim. I love my name.... it was almost Bernadett (!)or Elvira (!!) so I'm really happy with how that turned out. :)

07/23/2023 15:54:42

My name is Lila (Lye-la). I hated it as a child, love it now. (I was named after my grandmother..Lilah Ruth...she was "Ruth".)

07/10/2023 21:23:08

I have a great aunt named Lila. She turned 80 today. Her name is pronounced "Leelah".Her husband who is Irish pronounces it "Lil - ah". My great aunt is wonderful woman and I always associate the name Lila with beautiful things and beautiful people because of her. My aunt lives up to her name's meaning " Daik haired beauty". She is of Samoan and Chinese parentage.

07/09/2023 18:20:52

This has been my name'since 1981. It has grown on me and now it defines me and I love it. People do have trouble pronouncing it. It'should be prounced, Rushelle. But don't worry too much jut correct them and move on. I rarely meet people with my name but many say it is a very feminine but strong sounding name. My close friends and family often shorten'to Shelle, Shelley or Shelby.

07/04/2023 20:12:16

I love this name, unfortunately this name has skyrocketed in popularity, I have noticed many babies with this name. I'met a woman with three daughters named MacKenzi, Brookelyn and Lylah. so you know this name is on It's way of being over'sed.

06/27/2023 10:24:06

i've been'thinking of having a baby girl for ages and always thought I would name it Maria or Carolina after my mother. Then I fell in love with Marilia and thought I wouldn't change it ever but It'seemed a very long name too. When'thinking of a short name for it I came up with Lila, which I had never heard or met anyone with this name before.It's really uncommon in my country, portugal and it is pronounced (LEE-LA) and it just warms my heart and I think it has great personality although almost nobody likes it here. But Lila will be and after reading your comments I have no doubts how special this name is.cheers!

06/18/2023 18:54:58

My name is Lila and I pronounce it Lie-la. I love my name! I prefer my pronunciation but do get called lee-lah or lill-ah (like lily)the most, It's ok, I just kindly correct them. Also it does get misspelled but, I don't care. EVERYONE loves my name too. Growing up and shopping with my mom the cashiers would dramatically gasp and say "What a BEAUTIFUL name"! It always made me feel extra special. i've also had othe's that know me name their children "Lila". Probably cause I'm sooo great. lol, grin. Please use it and love your child. That's what will make them love their name anyway.

06/13/2023 22:32:10

My name is Lilla. I'm from Hungary. I thought this name is 100% hungarian but It'seems not. whatever. :) I think its very unique and really like my name:)

06/12/2023 15:58:18

I named my daughter Lila Jane in 2016...after my husband's grandmother and my mother. Love it and most everyone else does too!

06/12/2023 09:48:00

I really like this name. I like it pronounced Lye-la. The first thing I think about when I hear this name is a pond with lily pads floating on it. Which seems really peaceful and beautiful.

06/09/2023 12:26:32

My name is Lila and I am 13 years old. I love my name because it is unique and I don't know anyone with my name. The only thing I find annoying is that hardly anybody can prnounce my name right. Its always lill-a or lyla or leila... I pronounce it Lee-la. I am glad I wasn't called Lilly; which is what i was going to be called. :)

05/31/2023 11:50:46

Hello! Lila/Leela is also a Hindu name. Spelled either way, it is pronounced "lee-la". Same goes for the color purple in Spanish. I think It'sounds beautiful either way, but it really depends on which language you choose to follow.

05/30/2023 15:51:42

If you are having a little girl, this is a great name to consider. This is my daughters name and I think it is just lovely. People always comment on her name, and I think its unique, but not too strange to be wierd. I think she will like it when she is older. So yes I would consider this one!!

05/29/2023 11:56:32

i like my name alot. i always get comliments on it. although mine is spelt different its still great. i was named after my great great grandmother. =]]

05/17/2023 23:41:12

My daughter who was born in 2015 is named Lila. I picked it out of a baby name book because it just struck me as a beautiful name. People always comment on her beautiful name.

05/17/2023 22:48:18

Our oldest is named Lila Katherine -- LOVE IT. she is precious and her name is a little different but not totally wierd.

05/15/2023 16:26:08

Lila (Lie-La) holds a special meaning to me as it was my paternal Grandma's name. She was Lila Maria and her family emigrated from Finland. I always assumed it was a Finnish name but perhaps not. It's a beautiful name and every time I hear it I think of my precious Granny.

05/11/2023 08:23:56

My name is Lilaand people pronounce it as lilah i dont like when'they pronounceit wrong i get mad but i love my name :)

05/10/2023 03:00:36

We named our daughter Lila, (Lie-la), a few months ago and since that time most people have been pronouncing it Lee-la, which drives me crazy. I am so happy to see that there are other Lila's out there!

05/09/2023 12:54:12

I love my name, Lila. As a child I didn't like it because it was so unusual. Now, that is why I love it! However, it is true that it is often mispronounced. I travel a lot and am often called Leela, but somehow that doesn't bother me. I still think It's unique. It was my grandmother's name - and she had an identical twin names, Ila. Yes, It's true. My foreign friends always take delight in telling me the meaning of my name.

04/25/2023 10:20:36

We were hoping for a red-headed baby and picked the name Fiona (after a Scottish friend). I vowed to use a different name if she came out dark haired, but we have a beautiful red - headed Fiona to the world. And I forgot all about Shrek until after'she was born!

04/22/2023 02:24:20

I love the name Lila. I can't beli've the amount of incredibly stupid and ignorant people out there who mispronounce such a simple name. Its LIE-LA as in "lilac" the flower.

04/18/2023 09:39:04

I had a Chocolate Labrador Retri'ver who was officially named "Lucy's Little Miss Cocoa Lila Mae" (Lucy was her Black Labrador surrogate mother). I always loved the name Lila as I had a customer named Lila Glazener and always loved the'southern sound of that name. My Lila (may she rest sweetly in heaven as I lost her this past November to cancer) was the happiest and most loving spirit i've ever known. It was a fitting name, and I didn't much mind that people sometimes pronounced it Lee-lah as I also liked the'spelling much better than Lyla which has a masculine look somehow!

04/14/2023 01:19:14

I am a Hungarian Lilla as well. One of the best Hungarian given names! However in English everybody is trying to pronounce it Lillia which is very frustrating. There is no misspelling it is definitely LILLA. A beautiful & very unique name. Love it :-)

04/13/2023 11:12:50

I am due in 6 weeks and I am planning to name the baby Lila if its a girl. I don't understand how people can mispronounce the name!

04/06/2023 13:10:00

I named my cat Lila pronounced "Lee-la". I spell it like that because the pronounciation in both French and Hungarian is as such when spelled that way. (I'm of Hungarian descent and live in Quebec) Love it! And It's great for humans too! :)

04/03/2023 11:59:18

I Love my name! I didnt realize it was such a popular name and used to feel sad about my name exspesially when people would pronounce it wrong... (eg... Lee- Laa, Lil-a, Lily, layla when my parents and great aunt who I was named after pronounced it Lye-la) But I have come to realize that it only takes one correction for people to get your name right and it is worth it to have such a cool name in a world filled with very popular names such as Hannah or Caitlin.

03/31/2023 12:16:46

My name is Lila but, I always am a bit mad when people pronounce it as lil a. Also sometimes Leelah.Its supposed to be pronpunxced as lie la. But now I really do appreciate my name. I'mean my brothe's names are Luke and Leo which are pretty cpmmon. Now i am sad its becoming A LOT more popular.

03/28/2023 09:37:54

My name is Leela Joy. stoked! people spell it Lila all the time.

03/26/2023 16:46:52

My grandmothe's name was Lila Mae. She was a beautiful person, so sweet and compassionate. I cher'sh the memories she created for me. We are expecting our first granddaughter and my daughter and son-in-law have chosen'to pass the name down to her. I feel so blessed that they have given me this gift. I think it is a beautiful and unique name and spelling. My daughters name is Leah, so I think that will be cute to have a Leah & a Lila.

03/18/2023 18:38:06

It's inter'sting because in looking up the modern interpretation and thoughts on the name Lila, I was expecting to see more (or at least a little bit of) the Hindu interpretation of the dancer of the cosmos.

03/11/2023 12:03:54

We named our daughter Lila Katherine 3 months ago when she was born. We combined two grandmother names. It is pronounced Lie-La.

03/11/2023 05:00:42

My name is Lila. I love my name. I think is It'so pretty. I pronounce is Lie-La. Teache's tend to butcher It'sometimes. Which I always am very confused about because Lila is in the name Delilah.

03/10/2023 13:43:46

My daughter is Lilla like vanilla. People pronounce it wrong even'though it is spelled phonetically in English. It is both a noun and adjective in Italian for "lilac" (color and plant). It means "small" in Swedish, and "clad" in Finnish. We get lots of compliments. Strangely, my daughter played Little Red in "Into The Woods" and now the movie is coming out, and the'star who is playing Little Red is named Lilla Crawford! And she pronounces it like vanilla(-: I'd never heard the name before my daughter. Funny coincidence!

03/02/2023 02:39:08

I am naming our daughter Lila Eloise and thought it was a unique name until my girlfriend said she just saw it in a People magazine as a "poplular" name. Ah man now people are going to think I named her that way. I have had that name in my mind for 2+years! :) I am not changing it however. I have an Owen, Miles, and now a Lila it just fits too perfect.

02/28/2023 06:51:46

i know a lilla, she's my best friend, she's a total freak but It's a sickass name, everyone should be called lilla! BIG UP DA HUNGARIANS!

02/27/2023 00:00:16

My daughter is named Lilla. It is one of the most beautiful feminine names I have ever heard! I have a friend whose name is Lila Clare and I fell in love with her name. Inter'stingly my daughter is adopted from an Asian country and I am of Hungarian decent. I never knew til after I named her that it was a Hungarian name. Love how this all worked out!

02/25/2023 18:54:34

My name is Lila (lie-la) and I just love it. I have met a few other people named Lila, same pronunciation. I think It's a great name, very lyrical (if the right person says it) :)

02/22/2023 14:12:16

Lil-a?! Argh I hate when people do that, it Isn't Lee-la either. It is Lie-la. It's long dervitive roots are from Delilah. In sanskrit it is pronounced lee-la but that is because it is the noun for "play" but in hebrew reading it is princess of darkness. I rarely meet anyone with this spelling of this name. I know maybe one other person that i've run into with it. It's really not all that common at all. Commonly misspronounced on the other hand...

02/21/2023 12:20:32

The correct way to say my name is "Kay-see" i've had It'spelled "kass-e", which is kind of annoying. but i haven't met anyone named Kasey, and i like that. overall, i really like my name.

02/16/2023 13:01:24

We have 3 Camerons on our court. Big Cam, Middle Cam and Baby Cam. Baby Cam is ours, he's the best and now that he's 7 he's certainly n't a baby. It came as a surprise to his mom and I that his wonderful name meant 'crooked nose'. he's a little bent at times but we love him!!!

02/13/2023 07:08:34

My daughter is one, and her name is Lila. I love it because it is simple yet elegant. Everyone comments on what a beautiful name it is.

02/12/2023 00:17:04

My daughter is just 6 weeks old, her name is Lilla - named after my grandma's best friend. The original Lilla was born early 1900's and died when I was very young, I have never met another Lilla so struck my wife and I as a good old fashioned and uncommon name. So far peoples reaction to baby Lilla have been very positive, and no-one we've talked to have heard of the name before - which we quite like!

02/08/2023 11:38:40

I plan to name my daughter Lila! It is sweet for a child but also mature and pretty for an older woman. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

02/08/2023 09:52:52

My daughter is Lila Marie, Pronounced Lie-la. Beautiful name. Also 'Lyla' Oasis song.

02/08/2023 06:56:32

My daughter's name is Lilla, pronounced LIL-LAH. Everyone who sees her name written'thinks it is LIE-LA and it drives me nuts. I had never heard the name before we thought it up. I love it and think it is a beautiful name for my gorgeous little Lilla. I have family in Scicily who also pronounce it LEE-LA but that's ok, as long as they don't call her LIE-LA! She will forever have to correct people when'they say her name but at least It's not a borning name.

02/06/2023 05:34:08

I'm from Poland my daughter is 5 months and her name is LILLA.

02/06/2023 02:37:48

Have been'told by people from europe that Lilla means the flower & colour lilac. My daughter is called Lilla.

02/04/2023 06:32:48

Since moving to PA I have met 2 other Lila's. I am 40 yrs old and the other 2 Lila's are under the age of 8! It's a BEAUTIFUL name!

01/29/2023 03:00:52

I just named my daughter Lila Antoinette. Love love love the name - it just came to me, and once it was in my head there was no turning back! We pronounce it Lie-lah -- the only annoying thing is that'some people do want to say "lillah" or "leelah" I have tons of friends that have had baby girls in the last 2 years and not one person has named their baby this. it may getting a bit more popular but it is still very unique and gorgeous.

01/25/2023 01:44:14

Never knew it was an actual name til now. In Swedish lilla means Little, so that's kinda cute right!

01/23/2023 17:06:56

I really like this name but must say I'much prefer it pronounced Lil-a rather that Lee-la which i beli've is the correct pronunciation (very disappointed)

01/23/2023 11:14:16

I named my baby (born April6,2020) Lila. I get so many compliments on her name! We have a very complicated last name, so we wanted her first name to be simple. We soon found out that, though It'seemed simple to us, people sometimes pronounce it Lil-a (like Lilly) or Lee-la. It took my husband and I over 24 hours past when she was born to decide on her name, so I hope she likes it as she grows up regardless of the mispronunciations!

01/22/2023 10:15:26

We named our 1st born son Aidan...we loved this name from the moment we found it! And we still do!!

01/21/2023 15:44:32

i want to name my daughter Lilah. But i want it to be said like 'Lil - ah' Kind of like little ah but lil'ah. :) I love it!

01/21/2023 01:55:46

My names Lila. not sure were my parents got the idea but i love it. I have never met another Lila in my life but its fine with me (: the uniqness is what I love about it.

01/19/2023 07:54:12

my 7 month old granddaugher is named lilah..whenever'someone ask me her name..and i tell them...they get such a surprised look on their faces..and say "oh, It's such a nice name"....

01/13/2023 11:43:06

A great name, though I'd prefer It'spelled Lilah. I prefer this name pronounced LIE LA, not LEELA.

01/10/2023 15:49:48

We named our daughter Liliana, middle name Elena (from grandma) and nickname Lily. We love it. I agree with the other posts... It's feminine, elegant and kind of whimsical. Lily is quite cute and fits her personality. I like the fact that when she's older'she can go with Liliana and It's still very professional sounding (not too cutesie like Lily).

01/04/2023 19:56:20

I just came upon this name and thrilled I did. I have been looking endlessly for a name for my baby girl due this summer. I wanted a name that is not trendy or over'sed but with some antique charm and I think this is it.

01/04/2023 10:14:26

My grandmother is Italian and is called Lilla (Leela) -- a short form of Liliana.

01/03/2023 10:08:30

Love the name, im going to go for Lil-a for my daughter, am i to spell it Lilah?bit confused

12/31/2022 06:19:06

There was a MALE character in Power Rangers In Space called Zhane, the'si'ver'space Ranger (played by American actor Justin NI'mo). That aside, this name looks like a cross between'the first two letters of the name of Dr. Zhivago and the more common unisex forename of Shane.

12/26/2022 15:48:58

I have a 1 year old daughter named Lila Rose, pronounced as Lie-la. People always pronounce it Lee-la or Lil-la. It is so annoying. It is not a hard name, haha. However, everyone thinks it is such a beautiful name. I am glad I chose it.

12/22/2022 07:11:30

My name is Lila, pronounced Lie-la. I'll be 53 this year. I was a name'sake from a Lila Mae Abbott who was a very good friend of my mother. Most of my life people pronounced it Lee-la and then while I was overseas, the Turkish and Portuguese pronounced it Laila. I have ran across a few othe's with the name and I'm thankful to be one of them....amazingly we are all dark haired...Everything I have run across says It's Arabic...either way...thank you for all that are still keeping the name alive.

12/21/2022 23:50:40

My name is Lila and I really like it; the'sound, meaning, and uniqueness all contribute. I don't mind when people mispronounce it (which doesn't happen often). I have only known a few other Lila's. In hebrew Lila means night and coincidentally I have always been a night person since I was a little kid. Great Name :)

12/20/2022 04:20:56

I love this name, suggesting a dark beauty. It means night in Hebrew, pronounced lie-la. The Arabic Leila, also meaning night, is pronounced lay-la.

12/19/2022 14:14:32

I have one little girl named Linzi. Hubby wanted to stick with the letter "L" for all our children's first name initials. I love the name Lila. Lilli is the next name if I have another girl.

12/15/2022 22:39:48

i've always loved the name Lila. I'm only 18 but I know what I want to name my children already! If I have a girl she'll be Lila Rose. I think It's unique and beautiful.

12/15/2022 12:22:38

My name is Lilla, and Im from Hungary. Its pronounced "Lil-la", and make it bounce on the L. I live in Ireland, and everyone calls me "Leela", though write the proper'spelling. I know one other person called Lilla, who was the daughter of one of the'staff in Hungarian play-school.

12/11/2022 16:23:24

My wife is chinese. We called our daughter Lila, as the variant of Leela. All of her chinese friends/family can pronounce it correctly because Li is pronounced Lee in chinese. However, all my western friends (in Australia) get it wrong and say Lil-a. But I have to tell them It's like Lisa.

12/11/2022 03:45:10

I am a Hungarian Lilla,too:)I think my name has a Hungarian origin,because a great Hungarian poet called her lover'so.The lady's real name was Julia,so Lilla is a descendant of the name "Julia".But I have just read in the Wikipedia that "Lilla" is an old nickname of Elizabeth in English:)But I like my name:)

12/09/2022 23:14:44

We're expecting a baby boy in may and leaning towards Camryn Anthony Morris (Cam). The thing that is making me think twice about it is the name meaning "crooked nose"

12/06/2022 05:54:12

My name is Lilla and i've never met another Lilla. People do pronouce my name wrong and I can never find my name on pencils or cups, ect. Lilla is an uncommon name and the great thing about it is that when people say my name, they don't have to say my last name.

12/04/2022 08:38:40

the correct way to say it is leelah and it means beautiful sunrise or sunset in the arabic language. or it means a precious color purple in the'spanish language (equivalent to lilac in english language) i love my name and i hope many more girls to come receive to joy of continuing to carry it! it is an honor to be named after my grandmother.

11/23/2022 12:33:10

My name is Lila and even'though it is a family name many people mispronounce it as Leela which I hate! The correct pronunciation is, Liela,as in 'Don't lie.' Only once have I used the mispronunciation to an advantage to ward off a telemarketer. LOL!In the 1962's there were very few Lila's and now thanks in part to Anna Lee's character, Lila Quatermaine on General Hospital, the name has gained in popularity, i've noticed.

11/21/2022 02:57:02

My 2 year old little girls name is Lila and many people read it Lee-la It can get a bit aggrivating!! Hello can people read?? I named her after my Great Aunt.

11/18/2022 00:18:10

my name is lila!!pronounced lyla like the oasis song!!i have never met another lila before in my life aside from my aunt!!no one knows how 2 say my name when'they read it on paper,they always pronounce it as lee-la!!

11/04/2022 15:22:34

My name is Lila but It's pronounced ?Leela? people, especially teache's, always mispronounce my name, i got used to it for i while, but now in high school there is WAY too many teache's to correct so i just let everybody pronounce it Lyla!!!

11/02/2022 23:06:48

My name is Lila (lie-luhh). poeple pronounce my name wrong all the time, but i look past it. my dad named me after his beloved grandmother, i thought it was espicially sweet.

11/02/2022 22:13:54

I was born in 1976 and my parents named me Lila after my maternal grandmother, who turned out to be not that nice. I would like the name better if I had been named after'someone I liked more. Lila is often mispronounced, so that is helpful when screening phone calls. I guess I don't mind it. It is nice having an uncommon name. It was easy to learn to write, too.

10/31/2022 00:52:26

Lila is a concept from HinduI'm that explains the universe as a cosmic puppet theater or playground for the gods. "Lila" literally means "play," but in religious texts refers to "divine play" - life as a spontaneous game played by lighthearted forces beyond our understanding. In VaishnavI'm lila refers to life and activities of God and his devotees. it is pronounced lee laa

10/31/2022 00:17:10

My name is Lilla, pronounced like vanilla. Everyone always pronounces my name wrong. i've never met someone else called site.

10/26/2022 15:22:04

I am pregnant with my first (a little girl!!)due on Jan. 14th and we already have our name picked out: Lilah (lie-lah) Grace. For some reason Grace seems to be a popular middle name w/ this, we're using it in honor of my boyfriend's mom. I saw the name and fell in love with it. We were considering Sophia and Isabella also, but they are incredibly trendy at this point and I wanted her to have something unique.

10/26/2022 13:18:38

I'm looking for my mom my name is Lila sarita Singh my mother's name is Michelle George

10/22/2022 09:23:18

My daughter will be having her'second baby girl in January. The fist is Violet and this one will be Lila Joy. What a BEAUTIFUL name.

10/21/2022 21:55:36

My name is Lilla and I am named after my grandmother. Her father's name was Laird so her complete name was Lilla Laird (how neat is that?) I have had my name pronounced many ways but I prefer Lill-a (like Nilla wafers). When I correct my name to people with my favorite pronunciation, I get very favorable responses. Then'they enjoy using it. My middle name is Joann and my mom didn't like Lilla so I have always been called Joann. More and more, as I am aging, and having to see more doctors, I am called by Lilla. I LOVE my name. Both of them, but Lilla the best.

10/20/2022 13:18:18

We are expecting our first child, a daughter in May and have decided to name her Gabriella

10/12/2022 19:51:40

My name is Lila, pronounced LIE-lah and I used to hate my name. I always wanted to find something with my name on it, like a pencil or a shirt, like the ones they sell in stores. Now, I love it. It's unique and i've only ever met one person with that name before. I am both brIt'sth and egyptian and it was compatible with both cultures as you can pronounce it in arabic and english. the only problem I still have with my name is that everyone says my name wrong at first, either'saying Lil-la or Leela, which sometimes makes me mad because it is not that hard to pronounce! ha but other than that, I love my name.

09/29/2022 02:24:42

Yes, this is my name and yes people misprounce it if they are not Spanish spekaing. The name is transalted in French to Chimene which is terribly close to the word chimıre in English chimera (monster or better rare animal, that's what Ximenas are rare beautiful creative animals, Ximena

09/23/2022 06:13:36

My name is Lilla prounounced as in Cilla, Vanilla etc, and i've never met another Lilla in person. Most people I'met have never heard of the name before which I like. I love my name!

09/17/2022 22:05:28

To the two people that left the negative comments about this name, You're both idiots with dumbass names that are probably from the dumbass Bible. My son's name is Dax Junior. I'm pretty sure he's the only Dax Junior on'the plan't. Neither of us have ever had to go by our last name or needed a nickname. Even'though the name got popular about 10 years ago It's been my name for 45 years and yes from the adventurers. I'm really only posting cuz I'm curious to know if there's any other Dax that had the n'ts to name his son'that and have a Junior??!

09/14/2022 04:44:56

No offence to all you Lilah's but, I'm having a new puppy and I'm calling her Lilah as my boy puppy is Levi and I love the name and think they go well together!

09/12/2022 20:07:38

My name is elizabeth but have been known as lilia since i was a child a nickname that'stuck wont answer to any other name I only know one person with this name my partners aunt lila All my family children and grandkids know me as lilia Am very happy with this name love it

09/12/2022 12:46:48

HI'my name is Lila (pronounced LYE-lah). People almost always pronounce my name wrong, (lil-ah, lil-ee, etc), and alot of the time it is spelled incorrectly (lilah, lyelah, and lots of other variations). I haven't met many people with the'same name as I have, but there have been a few. I'met an older woman (I'd guess around 50) in a clothing store one time, and my bus driver in elementary school knew someone named Lila, and I think that's it. I like my name and I am glad that my parents named me Lila. :)

09/11/2022 20:01:42

Love it! Would love to use it for my daughters name, but when I ran it by my 10 year old daughter'she'said Lila-liar ~ now I'm not so sure!

09/04/2022 16:59:06

My name is Lila. For the longest time, I never heard of any one with this name. Even now i've only met a couple othe's. My parents are Hispanic and my mom's name is also Lila but the way we say it in Spanish is lee-la. Lie-la just wouldn't make sense in Spanish. And I always get complements on how pretty my name is! :) I think the proper pronunciation in English might be Lie-la though, I still prefere Lee-la.

09/02/2022 16:10:30

Our daughter is Lilla, and we had only ever heard of another when'the child actor Lilla Crawford from Into the Woods came onto the'scene (we thought we had made it up because we couldn't find it in any books or online). The irony there is that our daughter played Little Red in that Sondheim musical as well! Our Lilla was born in 2014. People seem to really like her name, but pronounce it Lylah on first reading. She loves her name and doesn't seem to mind the mispronunciation because Lylah is a perfectly lovely name as well.

08/30/2022 05:49:30

My first daughter is due in three months and we're naming her Lila after my maternal grandmother's mother. It makes my grandma light up to think of putting her in the 'original' Lila's cradle, which we still have. didn't take any note of popularity or not when choosing - Looking at the peaks in popularity I think this is a throwback to honor grandmas past for many people choosing the name! since there's no spanish in the family, It's definitely pronounced 'Lie-lah' - meaning "Lilac," a favorite flower, in Spanish even if It's pronounced differently.

08/09/2022 05:39:36

Thinking of naming our second son Jameson (which also means son of James not just Irish whiskey... for the haters info out there). I love the name I feel It's a strong name & does stand out from the crowd.

07/28/2022 05:26:06

My names Lila ( lie-la) and I love it :) even'though people usually say it lee-la :( I think It's a really beautiful name :)

06/25/2022 20:36:00

Lila (pronounced Lee-la) is the name for the colour purple in German. Maybe that's why some people are confused over the name's correct pronounciation, which is (at least in English countries) 'LY-LA'. Kate Moss called her little daughter Lila Grace!

06/24/2022 12:34:30

we want to spell our daughters name maycee. i like the name but not too sure on the'spelling. whats does everyone else think???

06/14/2022 13:45:36

Maybe It's me, but ever'since I was a kid and read the'sweet Valley Twins series, i've pronounced the name lie(long i sound)-la.

06/10/2022 08:11:42

When I was growing up I did not like the name because it was sooo popular. I was born in 64 so right at the height of It's popularity. But, now I love it because there are not very many of them and it fits me. I am called Kat by my husband, his father and sometimes other family members and I love it.

06/01/2022 14:39:36

My name is Lila and I'm from Macedonia. This name is rare name in my country. Someones say that is a flower name, like Lilac. It's also used for another name of violet color. It's pronounced Lee-la and It's sounds very graciously and sweet in same time. I know that this name is mostly used in arabic countries. I like my name a lot!!!

05/31/2022 17:36:54

We liked the name Cara, but we wanted something even more unique. So we named our daughter Jara, pronounced Jare-a. We love the name, and we get comments about how beautiful it is! Jara is only 2 years old, so we don't know how she'll like her name when she's older, but we hope she'll love the unique-ness of it. We sure do!

05/25/2022 06:03:54

My name is Lila pronounced as in cilla vanilla i wish m y mum had put an extra 'l' in my name to help people pronounce it right when i worked in a hospital in liverpool a lot of older people said they had a relative called Lilla i always thought it unusual saying it my way i would love a keyring with my name on it. It is good to know it is popular in Hungary I am from Liverpool born 1977.

05/22/2022 03:57:00

We are going to build a house in France, and intend to call the house "savion". It has a French sound and means "new house" Appropriate eh?

04/29/2022 07:51:54

I named my daughter Lila which i love but she is constantly referred to as Lee-la which i hate. She is only 9 months old and I am considering changing her name to Lyla so no one can get the pronounciation wrong!

01/27/2022 23:31:30

My daughter's name is Lila Grace, she was 15 last Sunday. Her father is Algerian and the first name was his choice and I loved it and still do. I was disappointed when Kate Moss gave her daughter the'same name, I hope it does not become too popular as this was another reason I loved the name, it was not common 15 years ago!

01/10/2022 04:13:12

My very first niece was born yesterday, and her name is Lila Grace after my grandmothe's. It couldn't be more perfect! (pronounced Lie-lah).

12/31/2021 20:57:36

this name is very cool although it has many definitions to the name Ithink it is a very uneak name.

12/01/2021 00:43:30

We chose Parker for our son because it is a name that has been in my family since 1858- a great great grandfather, a great great uncle and my grandfather. For me, there was no other name for a son. I laughed a little because a previous poster noted that their son was Parker Leonard... Not sure if Leonard is a middle or last name for them - Our son is Parker James Leonard.

11/30/2021 00:56:06

My maiden name is Lilla. I have never met anyone else with this name, first or last. All my life most people tried to pronounce it with a "y" sound, like the'spanish double L.

11/27/2021 08:53:06

I disagree. I beli've that it is pronounced Lye-la. I think that Lee-la is spelled Lela or Lelah

11/24/2021 15:00:18

My grandmother's name was Lily, but she used Lila often. I pronounce it as Lie-la, it can also be pronounced Lil-ah as in Lillian, or Lee-la, or other ways, but the most I have seen is Lie-la and that is what I prefer.

11/16/2021 10:16:48

My name is Lila (Lee-la). My dad named me after Leila Khaled, the Palestinian activist. Although there are only four letters in Lila, It's always mispronouned. I get called either Lie-la, or Lil-a even my own gramma calls me Layla. I love my name however you prounounce it cos It's short and sweet and has soo many different meanings in many languages.

11/08/2021 11:57:36


11/02/2021 16:52:48

I love the name and the woman that has that name'sometimes people use Leela and she hates that but then she doesn't like her name but no matter I do.I think it is beautiful just like her.

10/26/2021 22:55:30

We named our daughter (2 1/2 years) Raegan Elizabeth. There were two factors in choosing this name. My husband is of Irish descent and our other daughter (6) is Karrigan Rose. So the name needed to be Irish and end in gan. We fell in love with the name Raegan and it fits her perfect. We often call her RaeRae, Rae or Rae-El(combination of first and middle name). Her name is very rarely mispronounced and we often get complimented on how beautifully unique her name is. There have only been a couple instances of being compared to Ronald Reagan but that Isn't a bad thing. We couldn't imagine her name being anything other than what it is.

10/19/2021 17:04:30

My name is Lila - sounds like lilac without the c. I love my name because it is unusual in Glasgow and I had never met anyone with my name till I'met my son's Mother-in-Law although he's is pronounced Lill-ah. I visited Tunisia a few years ago and they called me Layla!

09/30/2021 10:05:06

My 6 month old daughter is Lila. I love the name but unfortunately, it often gets pronounced Leela or Lilla. I know some have suggested spelling it Lyla to avoid that problem, but I think the y makes it look "trendy," plus I didn't want it to be confused with Layla. I'm also a bIt'surprised at how many people are saying It's becoming too popular; in 2020 it was only ranked 155, and i've never personally encountered another child, or even an adult, named Lila! Hopefully it Isn't the next Madison, I dislike super trendy names.

09/25/2021 06:33:36

I wonder why Lila got so much more popular recently. It's on my baby name list so that bums me out a little. The only Lilas (or Lilahs) i've heard of are Lila in Sweet Valley High and Lilah the evil lawyer girl on Angel. I guess there's one on Dexter, too, though my friends and I haven't gotten very far into the'series.

09/21/2021 09:13:48

We just named our male Great Pyrenees puppy Gabriel - because he is a guardian dog and an angel. he's going to be huge and strong and white and he'll protect my grandchildren just as a guardian angel should. We love the name.

09/20/2021 12:11:06

My name is Lilla, and I am from Hungary. I had many nicknames basically anything that'starts with L. And people pronounce it as LIE-LA most of the time. I have met people with the'same name and its popular in Hungary. Overall, I like my name because it is unique and not many people have it. I was born in 2006.

08/22/2021 19:11:24

I named our daughter Lila but spelled it Lylah but people often call her Laylah by mistake.

08/22/2021 10:02:24

We named our daughter Lillia. My husband and I both love it. It is more inter'sting than Lillian, and far less common than Lily. I thought I would end up calling her Lily, but I don't: I like it the way it is. It's unique and peoples' reactions are usually positive (although they say Lillia? to make sure they got it right.)

08/06/2021 00:35:24

If our third baby (due Nov 2020) is a girl, her name will be Lila (Lie-la), older'sisters Mia and Nina. I LOVE the name but am slightly concerned that it will be pronouced incorrectly. Might consider Lilah or Lyla, but like the'spelling Lila best...

07/30/2021 04:48:18

I named my daughter Lila Ann. My husband has loved this name for years! It is short, sweet and classy. Perfect fit for our baby.

07/05/2021 14:37:48

I'm having a baby girl this spring and we're naming her Lila. I think It's sweet and classy and not too trendy. And with our last name is sounds very "old Hollywood". I'm so excited to use it.


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The origin of the name Lila is Arabic.
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Almost 68000 people are named Lila.
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The names of Loleta, Lolita, Lilit, Lalita