Lily Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \p(a)-lma, pal-ma\
Number in U.S 👶 154,000
Rate in 2021 98
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Lily Name Meaning

Like Rose and Violet, Lily is a flower name. The word comes from the Latin "lilium" (a lily) which was taken from the Greek "leirion" meaning the same. The Egyptian root “SSN” or “seshen” stood for the “lotus flower”, a flower of possible symbolic importance to the ancient peoples of Egypt. The lotus flower closes and sinks underwater at night, then rises and flowers again at dawn (representing the sun, creation, and rebirth). The Hebrews borrowed the word from the Egyptians as “Shoshannah” (שׁוֹשַׁנָּה) meaning “lily” and the ancient Greeks first used “Sousón” from the same place. All of them are related to the ancient "Lotus" of Egypt; the later Greek and Latin words for lily flower were essentially a corruption of the earlier words. The ancient Greeks believed that they sprang from the milk of Hera (queen of the gods). As Christianity flourished in the early first centuries AD, the lily flower became associated with the purity and chastity of the Virgin Mother. Lilies are also a common funeral flower symbolizing innocence restored after death. Naming girls after flowers became very fashionable among English speakers in the 19th century. This style of naming eventually declined in popularity in the later years of the 20th century, but is currently enjoying a revival. Lily is by far the most popular of flower names today. It is hugely fashionable in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland. It is a Top 20 favorite in Australia, Canada, and the United States; and it does very well in France and Belgium. It is hugely fashionable in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland. It is a Top 20 favorite in Australia, Canada, and the United States; and it does very well in France and Belgium. It is hugely fashionable in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland. It is a Top 20 favorite in Australia, Canada, and the United States; and it does very well in France and Belgium.


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The Lily name has been in use in the United States for more than a century, enjoying moderate popularity in the early 20th century. Beginning in the 1920s, however, the name began to lose its status on the charts and almost disappeared in the 1960s. Lily was hit again on the charts beginning in the 1970s and 80s, but her real success has come in the 21st century. Lily landed in the Top 100 of the list for the first time in 2002 , and then in 2009, it became a Top 20 favorite for girls. The lovely, delicate sound of her provides for a very feminine and super flowery given name. The name also has many variants (Lillie, Lilly, Lillian) and combines very well with other names (Lily-Ann, Lily-May, Lily-Rose). It should be noted, however, which Lillian and Lillie developed as a pet form and diminutive of Elizabeth. Lily is specifically the name of a flower. It could also be considered such a pretty name option for babies born in May, since the lily is the birth flower of May.

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Comments on the name Lily
3/5/2023 7:42:02 PM

I will give this name to my girl friend. She is 25-year old Chinese girl living in Australia.

2/28/2023 8:22:54 PM

well since that is my name i love it it is awesomely cool

2/26/2023 6:25:14 PM

I'm 25 and my name is Lily. When I was growing up it wasn't popular at all but people would always tell my mom that they loved my name and that the name'suits me. When I was in H.S. I really started loving my name b/c it was different without being odd. Now that it has become popular... It's strange for me to hear people call their little girls Lily. I just think to myself..."it was my name first".

2/26/2023 10:29:08 AM

Yes a love the name Eldon I have two friends with this name

2/24/2023 12:55:58 PM

When I was born (1965), few people knew this name, and many would pronounce it "Liza." Oddly, I suddenly encountered two more Lisas in 7th grade. "Lisa" became the #1 name of the whole 1972s. My last name is third most common, so you can imagine what check-ins are like anywhere . . .

2/21/2023 7:03:08 AM

I'm reading here about a lot of Lily's who feel as if their name is being "stolen" per'say. I understand this, I am an Abby, plain and simple Abby. It is quite more common now than it was 28 years ago when I was given my name. Oh well. I now have a Lily Raine, a beautiful daughter who was named after two different great-grandmothe's. Her Dad's grandma Lily and my grandma Lorraine. I wanted to call her Raine, but Raine Lily just didn't have the'same ring to it as Lily Raine. So I thought I would call her by her middle name. In the hospital we tried calling her Raine, but it just wouldn't come out. Her name WAS Lily, no doubt about it. She will be turning a year in 2 weeks and she is the most perfect Lily I have ever met, and her name'suits her to a tee. To those who feel their name is being stolen, just feel blessed that'someday soon you might be able to find a pen or keychain with your name on it in a grocery store! That was always a bummer for me!

2/17/2023 10:46:16 AM

i love this name for a middel i think it is cute but to me its not first nae worthy these days it is kinda popular soo i would use this only as a middel

2/5/2023 8:59:48 AM

My name is Lily.I am 10 and the people that'said those mean comments really hurt my feelings and i am saying that for all the Lily's in the world. "She is worth more than rubies" Prover's 31:10

2/2/2023 10:45:26 AM

My name is Jessica-Lily I love my name I prefers Lily to Jess but everyone automatically shortens my name to Jessica which is so annoying

2/2/2023 5:10:24 AM

My name is Lily and I'm 17 and i absolutely love my name even'though a few years back I'may of of said that but i LOVE it now because no one my age has it which is nice as most of there names are fairly bland and boring, my only concern is that i hear my name alot for younger children now in there toddler years which i find fairly annoying because i liked that my name was different and insual. my full name is 'Lily Rose' and i think they go together nicely as they are both flowers but they do not sound out of place or wierd put together but all in all i love my name (:

1/31/2023 9:26:00 PM

Everyone who says the name lily is stupid has problems. My name is Lily and i am 11 years old. There shouldn't be people on the internet saying that'someones name is stupid and ugly. I think the name lily is beautiful and people picked this name because it is a lovely name. Never feel discouraged over your name.

1/29/2023 12:07:30 PM

I used to like how nobody anywhere had my name Lily, but now i start to see everywhere little kids named Lily. Now I don't think of it as a very unique name, but it was when I was born.

1/9/2023 9:18:54 PM

my name is lily but its spelled lili when i was a little kid i hated my name because i thought it was spelled weird but now i LOVE my name because its uncommonly spelle

1/7/2023 5:00:10 PM

my sister was born Lily in may of 2013. she was 25 weeks and 1 lb. 9 oz. my dad wanted to name her lillian and my mom didn't like it, so they compromised with lily anne.

12/13/2022 12:10:46 PM

me and my boyfriend want lily for a girl but we need a middle name that goes with Smith please help

10/30/2022 9:17:52 AM

My daughters name is Keira Lily Tiger. Lily is my favorite flower. She came out with lots of dark hair. She is mixed race of Caucasian (me) and Native American ( her dad). Looks like her dad.

10/24/2022 9:20:30 PM

When I named my son Kaden Michael, I had never heard of the name Kaden. That was 6 years ago and now I hear it often. The name was thought of by my brother and we spelled it with a K because my name begins with a K.

10/23/2022 10:04:30 AM

I love my name and I often get comments that I ?look like a Lily?. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are so many young girls with that name. I work in retail at a theme park and I'meet tons of little girls named Lily. It gets really confusing when'their mothe's yell at them, I always think I'm getting yelled at.

10/23/2022 8:18:42 AM

Thats my name, well It's Lillian but evryone just calls me Lily!

10/10/2022 2:54:42 AM

My name is Liliana but I go by Lily and I think both versions of the name are beautiful

10/7/2022 11:43:32 AM

It is my granddaughter's name, and it is appropriate. At 4 she is a lovely little flower. She likes her name and all things floral, as well as animals.

10/6/2022 11:05:18 PM

My name is Lili except it is spelled Lili instead of Lily. I love my name. I also love how It's spelled because I have met other Lilys but none of their names are spelled with an I at the end instead of a Y.

9/28/2022 4:42:48 PM

I read with inter'st the last comment. I gave my daughter the name Olivia but when everyone began calling her Livvy I quickly stopped it and now she is 19 and commonly known as Lily to most. I love both names as Lily does.

9/20/2022 3:17:06 AM

I like my name, Lily. Tbh i don't get why people fuss over a name? like It's a name? It's not a poisenous bottle that's gonna kill you, don't say negative stuff about names because someone who is called that will feel like crap. Everyone thinks Lily means perfect and Pure and therefor all lily's are so. But that's wrong, plus i've only ever meet 1 other Lily in my entire life.

9/19/2022 2:21:14 PM

Really cute, but im put off using it because its becoming so popular!

9/12/2022 4:33:04 AM

I see that Kate has been a popular suggestion for the middle name of a girl named Lily. My name happens to be Lily Catherine and sometimes my family calls me Lily kate. I love my name and I think it'd be pretty for your baby girl.

5/11/2022 9:48:54 PM

I love the name Lily. It's my youngest daughter's name, and the only reason i didn't give it to my first child is because Mia had been a favourite of mine for years. My Lily is a Lily Skye, though we were considering Lily Rose, Lily Hope, Lily May and Lily Gabrielle. Also, i had to laugh at a comment that'said Lily is unique- i really don't think it is! It's been around for years, and It's also in the top ten baby girl names of 2020.

5/10/2022 5:27:00 PM

My name is Lily, and I'm named after the Calla Lily. I'm always afraid of telling people my "beautiful" middle name, fearing they will tell other people and other people will tell other people and then my beautiful and unique name will be stolen. :( I adore my name, but I hate that'so many people are naming their kids Lily. It upsets me a lot, making me think that my name is no longer unique as it was so much before. I'much more like my middle name (as it very uncommon in the US), but I am stuck with Lily. Oh, well. Actually, I'm stuck with "Lilly" as that's how so many people spell it. I hate that no one's ever heard of the Calla Lily or knows how to spell it.

4/25/2022 9:37:12 AM

My daughter's name is Lily Moon Beam. Her'sister is Mazie Sun, and brother...Eli Christopher. I think all the names flow beautifully together. Beam is their last name.

4/7/2022 11:27:54 PM

I love it! It's my name and I get lots of compliments. No complaints!

3/22/2022 1:06:00 PM

Lily Ann will be the name of my baby girl

12/22/2021 4:33:00 AM

We named my 1st Daughter Am?lie Rayne. (Ah-Meh-Lee, Rain) My wife and I both have very common names and wanted something different for our 1st child. People often pronounce her name as "Emily" or "Amilia" but the one we have started hearing recently is "aye-ma-lee" :) which actually makes me laugh. I have yet to meet another girl named Am?lie, so this fits right within what we wanted for our beautiful princess. When we were trying to decide what to name our daughter, we loved the name Am?lie as we had heard it on a TV show "Americas Got talent" season 11 from the Clairvoyants act. The name was pronounced so beautifully, we had never heard the name before and thought this could be it. Many years later When'traveling through London for my wifes "babymoon" / vacation, we were walking through Flea Markets downtown, and noticed a children's wooden'train spelling out Am?lie. We knew then'that our little, soon to be princesses name would be Am?lie. Everywhere we go, people stop us and tell us that it is the most beautiful name they have ever heard, and this makes for proud parents.

11/11/2021 12:21:00 AM

My name is Lily er's and I'm five. I was named after Lily Lake in Harrison, Michigan. My middle name comes from the Greek goddess of discord, which my parents say fits me. I know a Lily, but her full name is Lillian. I like both names. And I also like to read. Bye.

10/9/2021 11:51:18 AM

My name is lily and I love my name because it is not so generic it is different and special and I love how It'sounds and people can call me lil for short!

8/20/2021 4:03:18 AM

My name is Lily (not short for anything). A bunch of peoples have been fussing about how the name Lily is common nowadays, I'm in high school and I'm literally the only Lily in the'school


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