Makai meaning

: towards the sea.

Makai Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-kai\
Number of People 👶 6,000
Rate in 2021 1082
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Makai Name Meaning

The meaning behind the name Makai is quite intriguing. Derived from Hawaiian origins, Makai holds a significant cultural significance. In Hawaiian, Makai translates to "towards the sea" or "towards the ocean." This name reflects a deep connection to nature and the vastness of the ocean.

Makai can also be seen as a symbolic representation of exploration and adventure. It embodies the spirit of curiosity and a desire to explore new horizons. Those who bear this name are often associated with qualities such as resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of wanderlust.

Whether you are considering naming your child Makai or simply curious about its meaning, this name carries with it an essence of nature's beauty and an inherent connection to the sea.

Hear the Meaning Makai

Makai Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Makai
Additional description of the name Makai
The name Makai has its roots in the Hawaiian language. In Hawaii, directions are often given using "makai" and "mauka" which mean towards the sea and towards the mountain respectively. This name has been used in Hawaii and other Polynesian cultures for many years. However, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world in years due to its unique sound and beautiful meaning.

Cool Info About Name Makai

Additional name description Makai
Additional name description Makai
While the name Makai is not commonly found among famous personalities, it is a popular choice among parents who appreciate its unique sound and deep connection with nature. The name is also gaining popularity in the United States and other of the world. As per the personality traits, individuals named Makai are often believed to have a deep love for nature. They are often seen as, adventurous, and independent. The name Makai is a beautiful choice for parents looking for a unique, meaningful, and nature-inspired name.
In conclusion, the name Makai is a beautiful, unique, and meaningful name. It carries with it the spirit of the sea, making it a perfect choice for parents who have a deep love for nature and adventure.
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Comments on the name Makai
01/14/2024 00:00:00

thinking of naming my son aiden (he's n't born yet) and i love the name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

we have one baby year old, and her name is Harper...we are pregnant again..and if It's a girl..we are going with FALLON.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Makai Ezekiel was born August 30th 2020. I choose the name because I am sticking with an M for all my kids and I love the meaning of it. Everyone ask the meaning and I enjoy telling them it is "one who resembles GOD".

01/01/2024 09:53:24

If it is a boy, I am planning on naming him Makai. You pronounce it Mah-kye

12/28/2023 02:08:50

My son's name is Trent Makai. We call him Makai. I love the name and think it is unique. Although we live in Hawaii so no one ever pronouces it wrong. When I found the name I found it ith the meaning of Hawaiin for "Matthew". I did not know that it also meant "by the ocean".

10/21/2023 20:41:50

Makai is my son's name and it fits him perfectly. It was originally going to be his middle name but everyone liked it and couldn't decide on a first name. So there we have it!

09/09/2023 01:33:20

I named my daughter Makai and it does get mispronounced quite often. She always tells me that'she loves her name.Just as the above person commented, when people say it the correct way, they all love it.

08/02/2023 01:37:06

I want 2 name my baby makai just not sure on a middle name

06/26/2023 22:21:08

My son is 3 years old his name is Makhi everyone is always pronouncing it wrong Im thinking of changing it to Makai

05/27/2023 20:16:02

I love the name makai thinking about naming my next son

05/23/2023 09:52:46

My name is makai i'nah Morris and I did not know that any boys names are makai.thats where my mom got her and my name from,HawaiI'my moms name is t'hani but she calls he'self thani.

05/01/2023 11:13:50

I'm thinking on naming my son Makai I have many ways to spell it but not quite sure of the'spelling yet...but I'm 100% sure his mane is gona be Makai because his dads name is Michael

04/03/2023 09:02:58

Our sons name is spelt Mackye his middle name is after is grop(great pop)Geoffrey

02/13/2023 04:29:52

well my name is malcolm...duh,but some how people spell malcolm wrong.They spell it malcom or malcome,i really think people want to say mal come here,mal.

01/05/2023 19:27:00

I named my son Makai 14 years ago and I absolutely love the name. His middle name is Alexander. I had to change the'spelling when he was 2 years old because when people saw it, they couldnt pronounce. I used to spell it "mekhi" but i changed it to "makai"..The average person gets it right the first time.

12/26/2022 12:35:00

I named my son Makai Anthony in 2020... I LOVE the name and so does everyone else; i havent met another makai yet... (Most) people pronounce it right, but I couldnt have picked a better name for him!

12/10/2022 15:42:12

Our son is Makai (Mack-eye) Daniel. Kai for short. He is 9 months old and his name totally suits him. Nobody knows how to spell it (he's going to have to spell it out his entire life) but we only get positive reaction to it. Love his name. No regrets.

11/17/2022 15:29:10

I named my son Makai Jamahl in 2018 and It'suits him perfectly. Liked the Mekhi spelling, but knew it would be mispronounced. I first heard it when'the actor Mekhi Pheifer'starred in "Clockers". But I had to find the meaning first as the poster above stated so as not to burden him w a name that would not suit him or his destiny.

11/02/2022 08:07:30

MakaI'means ocean in the Hawaiian language. It does not mean Matthew or reference to God in Hawaiian. The Biabala Hemolele (Hawaiian Bible) name for Matthew is Mataio. Please take care and caution when using Hawaiian words to name your children, as you give your child all that the name contains (of those who have carried the name in the past), which can be a tremendous burden. The Hawaiian language carries kaona, which means hidden meaning. Our recommendation is that Hawaiian names not be used if you are not of Hawaiian ancestry or offered the name by someone of Hawaiian ancestry who has the authority and ability to present an individual with a name. Miss naming a child in Hawaiian can place tremendous burden and pain on a keiki.

10/31/2022 10:34:20

I really like this name and am thinking about naming my baby this if he is a boy, but I have seen'the'spelling Makye and I think I like it better...❤️

10/20/2022 12:25:24

My son is named Makaii angelo. I'd never heard of the name until I'met my anaesthetist and he was called maki. I love the name and have never met another child with this name

09/26/2022 07:41:56

My son is named Makai. Most people pronounce it correctly...some don't and think It's a girls name. But when I tell people his name...they all LOVE it!!

08/14/2022 10:06:00

So my husband and I are thinking of naming our baby Makai if we have a boy! I love that Makai is a form of Matthew which means a "gift of God", and also Michael which means, "who is like God❤️" Not only that! We conceived while in Hawaii staying at "Makai Club" . . . perfect fit I'd say! :) We will probably go with Makai TIt's (my dad's first name is Mark and my father in law is Tim . . . so the lettering could follow them!)

07/05/2022 10:15:54

My daughters middle name is MAKKAI. I love the name. She does too. Her first name is Aja. More people miss pronounce 'Aja' but have no problem with 'Makkai'!

06/23/2022 22:51:00

Its my name, ive had people pronounce it mah-kaye or they just dont know how to say It'so they ask. I pronounce it Mah-kye. Ive never met anyone with my name, but my sister named her'son Kai :)

05/06/2022 23:46:48

My sons name is Daiven Makai. Daiven pronounced like Raven and Makai... Mu like mud and kai like kite. No one ever gets his first name right. And everyone loves the name Makai when I tell them it means towards the'sea. Hawaiian verbage means like a direction, but everyone else thinks it kind of reminds them of walking on a beach towards the ocean. Has a coolness factor to it.

04/14/2022 23:49:30

I love this name! & when my son becomes famous, this name will be on the rise!!!

03/29/2022 12:32:42

Mikai or Makai❤️ For a boy....not sure what spelling to use

11/27/2021 03:23:42

I'm thinking about naming my newborn son this name, but is a little hesitant on how people will not only pronounce it but percieive the name.

08/09/2021 14:36:00

We named our son Tanner when he was born 8 months ago. We LOVE it and have gotten so many compliments on his name. One nice surprise is that if we were going to have a girl, my husband wanted her name to be Brianna after his grandmother named Anna but that name is already taken in our family. Our Tanner is a boy of course, but ironically, Tanner has "ann" in it, we didn't even plan it - perfect!

07/22/2021 03:44:24

yes they speell my 6mths old nuese name wrong and they dont how to say it

07/05/2021 19:12:18

We named our daughter Malakai! We think It'sounds more feminine. We love it and most people love it for her too, especially when we tell them what it means. She is truly our "Angel/Messenger of GOD", and her actions reminds us daily! I have heard of a few other Malakai's who are also girls!!!

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Makai FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Makai?
The origin of the name Makai is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Makai?
towards the sea.
*️⃣ How many people are named Makai?
Almost 6000 people are named Makai.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Makai?
The names of Manuel, Manuela, Manolo, Manal, Manual