Mya meaning

: Great, Mother

Mya Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m-ya\
Number of People 👶 56,000
Rate in 2021 524
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Mya Name Meaning

The Girl name Mya is highly influenced by the name Mia or Maya or Myra. So, it is a new coinage and term which is used highly nowadays. The origin of the name Mia is derived from the Egypt word “Mry” which means “beloved”.

From the name Maya, we can understand that the name can be derived from the Greek word “Mai” which means “great”.

From the aspect of Hebrew origin, the name is derived from “Ma’ayan” which means “spring”.

As the Latin version of “May”, “Maya” or “Mya” might be also derived from the names “Mary” and “Margaret” which have the meaning of “drop of the sea” and “pearl”, respectively. So, the name Mya has many different meanings from diverse roots; Beloved, great, spring, drop of the sea, pearl. In many cases, the name Mya is much used in the United States and owes its popularity to the pop artist Mya.



Cool Info About Name Mya

Additional name description Mya
Additional name description Mya

Personality traits of the Girl name Mya:

She is a powerful girl in many fields. The fields are ranged from wisdom, self-expression, confidence, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and so on. Like all the other girls, she is emotional. Her emotions are always extroverted; she shows every feeling in her heart and loves or hates people heartedly. She likes showing her sad feelings through tears and crying. This helps her to become more successful to achieve anybody’s heart.

She likes artistic matters and always follows them. She joins every art club she can and goes to Cinema, Theater, music clubs, painting halls, and so on. She does all these things to saturate her artistic soul and answers it in the best way. She is a good entertainer can use all of her artistic power to entertain herself and others as best as possible.

She is young forever. This may be because of his cheerful and full-of-delight personality. She is not a sad person most of the time. She likes laughing and making people laugh especially those she loves more. She remains young even after her 40s. That is because she does not care much about the difficulties and bad events in her lifelong. She lives in the “now” and always cares about the present and not the future. She has not a futuristic personality. This seems to be a little bad because everybody should care about his/her future and saves money and energy for it.

She likes to be the head of any group she joins and never gives up on taking charge. She has a personality that attracts everybody and makes them join her group. People like her as she is a good group manager and she is admired by the participants. She has the boss figure and wisdom. She can find the best solutions to problems. She always has novel ideas for new arrangements and attempts a lot to achieve them as best as possible.

In attracting the opposite sex, we can say that Mya acts the best. She is so attractive that not any opposite sex can resist stability in meeting her. She is very compassionate and shows these feelings to her partner, mate, or husband. This feeling helps him to feel better in life.

She continues doing a task till the end. She has the capacity not to give up and remain stable till the end. This personality is admirable. She has a lot of motivation and uses it in the best way. She continues till she sees the outcome. She has a practical attitude toward her job. She fits well in any occupational structure she is placed in. It makes her feel stable and powerful. In addition, her financial matters go well.

She is very optimistic. She likes to see everything in the best position. She never thinks negatively. Therefore, she is very kind and sympathetic to others. She understands people’s problems and is always trying to help them solve their troubles.

All in all, she has these characteristics; optimistic, creative, communicative, happy, popular, dramatic, and social.

Most likely jobs: designer, commentator, teacher salesman, musician, artist, writer

Lucky colors: purple, violet, mauve, lilac

Lucky day: Wednesday


The popularity of the girl’s name “Mya”:

In 1997, the girl’s name “Mya” entered the United States’ popularity charts and after one year, it climbed more than 700 positions on the charts. Mya is the name of a superstar pop singer and her popularity had a vital role in the name’s fame.

For the past five decades, Mya was recorded more than 50,000 times in the SSA Database.

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Comments on the name Mya
01/08/2024 03:49:22

Sometimes it's like you need to spell it out differently for people to pronounce it right the first time. My daughter's name is Mya (My-yah) and so far the only one at her school. It is unique and it fits her. Regardless of any meaning.

01/07/2024 11:57:10

Ha! When I first saw this I thought it was something a cat would say, or a type of Japanese name. How odd.

11/04/2023 14:26:26

I heard the name Mya from that Duet between Brandy and Mya like 7 years ago and fell in love with it. I vowed that when I had a baby girl that that is what her name would be: Mya. It is beautiful and its unique. :)

09/08/2023 10:34:02

My daughter is 4 and named Mya and we still LOVE the name! It also suits her!

07/07/2023 10:30:32

I love my name Mya. It is a perfect name for me. I'm so happy my mother and father did not name me "Maya". When I was growing up I never knew anyone with this name but now I see little girls every where with my perfect name.

05/22/2023 11:50:16

I was considering this to name my daughter...since my name is Amy...same letters, just switched around...

04/12/2023 15:31:24

I have a beautiful 9 month old baby girl who's name is Mya Vernice, honestly believe it's a name that has to match the personality. Her's does she's soooooo wonderful.

12/07/2022 00:07:28

mya is a beautiful name, my daughter is mya and she is perfect! a perfect name for a perfect baby

11/24/2022 06:28:48

My 5 year-old is named Mya. I've always loved this name. I wanted to spell it Maya (sometimes still wish I had) but my husband felt very strongly it should be Mya. My other daughter is named Bryn and we've always been complimented on their names.

10/26/2022 01:15:40

This is my princess's name.I love it.It so fits her personality.She's one with alot of is best name that I found for little girls.

10/07/2022 09:40:06

My sisters name is Mya. She's the only Mya that I have ever met. Sometimes people think it's spelled Maya

12/11/2021 13:15:54

i love in fact its the name im goin to name my baby girl if not callahan

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Mya FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Mya?
The origin of the name Mya is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Mya?
Great, Mother
*️⃣ How many people are named Mya?
Almost 56000 people are named Mya.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Mya?
The names of Nissan, Nosson, Nason