Nadia meaning: Hope

Nadia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \n(a)-dia\
Number of People 👶 43,000
Rate in 2021 921
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 Russian

Nadia Name Meaning

The name Nadia means 'hope' or 'The call by God'.

Nadia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Nadia
Additional description of the name Nadia

The name Nadia is of Persian, Greek and Slavic origin, but later it also emerged from Russian, which is why this name is currently also very popular in Russia. According to the Bible, Faith, Hope and Charity were the first three girls to be martyred and are represented with their mother Sofia who died three days later at the graveside of her daughters. Hope is one of the three virtues of theology because in Russia they venerate Faith, Charity and Hope like Vera, Liubov and Nadia.

Cool Info About Name Nadia

Additional name description Nadia
Additional name description Nadia

Personality of the name Nadia
Nadia is a sweet, delicate, tender, sincere and elegant person . She hates people with a bad mood and strong character, since she is a patient woman and very compassionate with the rest. Nadia has a docile character and loves to help others, she is a person with great empathy and always willing to sacrifice herself to serve those who need it most, which is why they are women who are always related to charitable, supportive and supportive activities. volunteering.
On the other hand, Nadia is an orderly, responsible and very methodical person, she performs all her tasks with motivation, leadership and initiative. In the sentimental field, she is a very affectionate, kind and gentle person and specifically in a relationship she is a tender and seductive woman, very dedicated to her relationship and, therefore, a faithful woman with strong and lasting feelings.
However , not everything is positive, because Nadia's calm, patient and supportive character also makes her a person easy to manipulate by her friends and with a lack of self-confidence.

Celebrities named Nadia
Nadia Comăneci: former Romanian gymnast. Appears in the image.
Nadia Calvino: third vice president of the Government in Spain.
Nadia Podoroska: Argentine tennis player with Ukrainian descent.
Nadia Aviles: Spanish model.
Nadia Murad: activist of human rights.
Nadia de Santiago: Spanish actress.
Nadia Hilker: German actress.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nadia

The diminutive of Nadia is Nadi and the variants are Natja, Nadin and Nadya.

The name Nadia in other languages
French: Nadège and Nadine< /br>Italian: Nadine
Ukrainian: Nadiya

Day of the Saint of Nadia
Nadia's Saint Day is celebrated on September 18.

Numerology of the name Nadia
In numerology, 2 is Nadia's lucky number, qualifying her as a great person and friend who will always help you in everything you need to make you feel good. 2 is the number of peace for Nadia.

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Comments on the name Nadia
11/29/2023 08:58:40

We named our daughter Naomi. I love the name and the meaning fits her well (pleasant, delightful, and of course beautiful :-). I do get frustrated when people call her NIEomi though, we put such thought into naming her and to have people mispronouncing her name all the time drives me a little nutty. Especially when we introduce her as NAYomi and people repeat it back NIEomi. Sillyness! Wonder where the whole NIEomi thing came from...?

11/25/2023 07:59:40

I wanna my my future child Nadia! (Unless he's a boy! :P)

11/25/2023 01:31:44

i am named nadia i love my name i have always thought i was cool and unique although people do misprounounce it alot but i doesnt bother me i just politely correct them

11/21/2023 03:46:42

My daughter is Nadia Lucy (we pronounce as spelled Na-di-a). Still love both names! Often use the nickname "Nadi-lu". She hates it when her'sister teases her with "Nadia pottia".

11/14/2023 10:43:38

my names nadia and i LOVE IT. i cant imagine being called anything else. its not a common name which makes me love it more. I LOVE THE NAME NADIA. everyone always says its beautiful just like me :)

10/31/2023 13:45:04

my name is Nadia joyce and i love my name!! every school i've been'to, no one has the'same name as me at all! and it makes me feel so unique and when i hear my name on tv (RARELY) i start to jump and everyone says my name is so beautiful and it fits and things like that :) but i do get mixed up all the time with my best friends natalya in math class.. lol :)

10/27/2023 22:10:20

my best friend name's is Nadia like me, and i love her, and i love my name, It's an exotic, unique name like me, and like you guys, when i tell my name, people just put a smile on their face, plus it means HOPE, and with B.OBAMA as president of the USA, It's just mean more.

10/23/2023 17:04:28

my name is nadiah but its spelled with an H. but i love my name! noone pronounces it wrong! atleast i dont noe any1 that does and i noe alot of people with this name! the amereicans pronounce it a little off but they are very close!

10/20/2023 08:32:56

Nadia x a very nice name n I'm Nadia Afriyie n this name has had a good impact on me

10/18/2023 09:13:58

I named my first daughter Nadia 'cause It's an unusual name (at least in Poland) and sounds very soft &romantic.It's true people of older generation associate it only with Lenin's lover and the famous pianist but I don't care! i've read a lot about that name(different sources say it has Russian, French, German origins??..) but think It's an international name and is spelt the'same way in most countries(np problem when you choose to travel a lot:). Besides, my husband is crazy about that name and says It'suits our sweet,little daughter perfectly :)

10/18/2023 05:42:22

Nadia is a very decent name, I think this is the best name for a child

10/13/2023 20:47:16

I'm a nadia and its pretty great. Strong and beautiful name.

09/30/2023 07:27:10

My name is Nadia and i love, It'suit me well and i don't have to spell it out to people because they write it correctly the'selves.Many people mainly western anglo australians pronounce my name as Naria and my family who are somali's pronounce it as nadeea and so do most old arab folks. alot people from mny ethinicties always associate my name to be originally from their cultures. some say its an indian name'some russian some greek some arabic. every culture claims to that Nadia is from their country but i say its from God (Allah).

09/26/2023 19:06:24

My name is nadia Corey Gemma (nad-ee-a). I was named this because my great grandad (my mums grandad) always loved the name and he died a year before I was born.I'm from Ireland and my name is not popular at all and people always pronounce my name wrong or get it wrong completely and call me Nadine or something along those lines. i've never met anyone else named nadia and It's really cool to read all the comments people have made and It's nice to know that other people know the'struggles of having such a unique name.xx

09/23/2023 01:10:36

Hi, my name is Nadia I am half Pakistani and half English and I am also a Muslim. When I was small I wanted an ordinary name like Emma or something. But now I like my name cos i've never been'to a school where someone else is called Nadia. Also i've had quite a few people comment that It's a pretty name'so I suppose It's quite cool. My Mum and Dad told me it means hope and It's bothe from Russian and Arabic descent.

09/21/2023 08:19:34

I get annoyed when people assume I'm Arabic or speak some foreign language when'they know my name. I also find it frustrating when'they think I should be a Muslim. I do have a small amount of Arabic blood in me but I don't speak any languages except English and a few western european languages [german, spanish - learned in high-school]. I pronounce it "nar-dee-a". I don't mind especially when people call me "na-dee-a" but Some peple say "nay-dee-a" and that really annoys me!

09/16/2023 07:32:16

My name is Nadia and I almost always like it. It's annoying to have to spell it for people, or when people say it wrong. Sometimes people (especially at doctor's offices!) just see the "n" and say "Nadine" which is so annoying. I also hate when guys ask me if I'm like Nadia from American Pie or if i've been "naughty" Other than that, It's a great name. It's unique. i've only met one other person with it, but not too out of the ordinary that people would make fun of you for having a crazy name. I pronounce it "na DEE ah" but some of my Persian friends and family say "na dya" which is fine too. I guess I'm pretty Americainized.

09/12/2023 15:39:54

My name is Nadia Love and I certainly to love this name! My name might as well be Hope Love as Nadia means 'Hope'. Everyone always asks me silly questions like 'Is It'short for Nadina?' and 'Is it named after a goddess?'. And then people always misspell it Nadeeya or Nadiyah or possibly NIDAYA. But I will forever love my name. ~ Nadia, 22 years old from Mississippi

09/08/2023 21:44:06

My name is Nadia Asiya, yes I'm Muslim. I was told my name meant Little Beautiful One. My name was meant to be Islamic. I can't stand when people call me Nardia or Nad-ja.....because that's a WHOLE different language =)

09/07/2023 10:10:28

I think It's a very pretty name and sounds a little bit exotic without being too out-there. My husband and I are considering naming our daughter Nadia.

09/04/2023 14:17:10

my name is nadia n i love my name! its so unique. i never met no one with tha same name. i wud never want to change my name.. its like the best name ever

09/03/2023 20:21:32

My daughter is Nadia, almost unique in Al-Andalus. Means Hope which she doesn't like at all" Esperanza" in Spanish and Arabic means "the one called by Allah". I suppose he is is Allah and not " the one called by God". Any help? thanks a lot and peace for the whole globe!

09/03/2023 07:43:18

My name is Nadia. But it is not pronounced that way. The first "a" in the name is a long sounding vowel. Just as if you said the letter. So as you may have guessed no one says it properly. Not sure how I feel about it.

08/31/2023 14:46:20

My name is also Nadia, I love my name, it is very unique and beautiful, and my birthday is Nov. 12 which is also famous gymnast Nadia Comanecis' birthday, and when I have a baby and hopefully It's a boy I'm gonna name him Aidan lol. Oh yea I also have a half sister and her name is Nadia as well but I never met her. =(

08/29/2023 07:48:54

My name is Nadia and I seriously could not imagine myself being named anything else. I love it! It's so different from other names and it just sticks out. =) - Nadia. <-- haha.

08/21/2023 02:54:34

my name is nadia and i like lt today someone ask me the meaning of it i said in arabic mean the good and kind lady but he told me it come from russia and it means hopeful i like it. people in egypt the'say fast like nada

08/15/2023 23:10:56

my name is nadia and i love it!but it is this girl at my school her name is nadja and people keep calling me nadja g-mom calls me boy friend calls me na girl just wanted to share ;).

08/13/2023 03:00:00

my name is awesome, its also nadia. everyone but my family pronouce my name wrong, its na-dya. people should learn to say it.

08/09/2023 19:03:44

My Name is Nadia and I think that it is very unique and diffrent then other names. It is not that common.

08/09/2023 02:53:54

hI'my name is nadia and i looooove it everyone saya nordia but its not so call me nick name for nadia is nad

08/08/2023 07:30:06

hey my name is nadia i love ym name i suck at gymnastique witch im good at basket ball im from lebanon i love my name meninig

08/02/2023 05:08:42

I love my name! It feels 'strong' and dynamic. i love that it means hope and I am so grateful to have been named this by my Dad (after the gymnnast Nadia Cominechi who scored a perfect ten in the Winter Olympics, the year before I was born, 1988 (i've been disappointing my Dad ever'since!!!)

08/02/2023 00:26:34

my name is Nadia. And It's common in my country (Indonesia)

08/01/2023 14:09:24

my name is Nadia and before i knew It's meaning i didn't think much of it.. but now that i understand it means Hope in french/russian, and it means delicate/tender and my personal fave, the first dawn on a flower in arabic.. i now think Nadia is a beautiful name and i love having it. there are many other variations of the name as well, like Nadie, Nadya, Nadja, Nadzya etc..

07/31/2023 18:27:58

My name is Nadia but people call me Nardia like I'm Russian or something! It's Nadia, grr! My middle name is Collette too :)

07/23/2023 09:26:46

My soon to be new daughter is named "Nadia" because we want her to be hopeful of mankind and offer hope to people around her.

07/13/2023 19:37:30

I am also Nadia. I get really upset when people pronounce it Nardia(because I'm a Nadia not a Nardia, not because there is anything wronmg with it being pronounced that way for othe's!) I get called Nads as an abbreviation too. I don't want to meet any other Nadia's though because its my name and I find it really weird when people are all called the'same. I love it, its so pretty, people always compliment me on it-not that I can'take credit for choosing it!

07/13/2023 00:48:58

My name is Nadia too ! :) I can't beli've so many people have the'same name as me ... It's crazy ! I love "our" name though , and not to be mean or whatever I can't really picture it on anybody except me . Hahah ! Guess I have some things to get used to ;)

07/11/2023 20:00:54

hey my name is Nadia, i usually pronouce it nar-dee-a. its generated some nicknames which i dont like much, such as nads. but generally i love it, its unique and i know no-one else who has the'same name as me.

07/02/2023 06:46:54

I love my name its cosmopolitan and I am of South Asian descent but a muslim

06/21/2023 23:02:00

I named my daughter Nadia because I thought It'sounded very feminine and soft yet strong. It was also because Nadia Comenici was my childhood idol!

06/20/2023 14:24:42

my name is nadia :) but i spell it NadiJa and its pronounced nah-dee-ya i love my name. and i would never change it.;.. people also call me dijaa and it means hope i love it :)

06/16/2023 19:18:22

my name is nadia... its just weird too me.. haha i seem to get called naughty nadia or naughty a lot or narnia.... i once got in trouble at school and the kids were like ohh.. you got in trouble because your nadia... haha its just weird..

06/04/2023 04:00:46

i totally love my name nadia. i havent met anyone with the name, and i hope i dont. i like to be unique, and different, and this name really helps. yeah, sometimes people say "nadine" or adults say "nadia comaneci" but its my last name people struggle with, so i dont mind. i just absolutely love the name and anyone who has this name'should be proud

06/01/2023 08:25:06

im having a baby gurl and my man wants to name her caroline nadia

05/27/2023 22:37:06

My name is Nadia Lucy.. I was named after a family member. Although i love it i have come across some annoying people either relating it to American Pie or a UK big brother which was a transgender'so that annoyed me but i get mostly good comments. It is a beautiful name and although as a kid i hated it because it was so different. i get it now... my full name means Hope & Light and there is an Arabic meaning which is strange - Moist; Tender; Delicate. Also a SwahilI'means Caller.

05/27/2023 14:41:00

My name is Nadia Marie and people often pronounce it Naydia instead of Nadia! ahha

05/27/2023 07:55:26

HI. I'm Nadia.Someone has told me that girls bearing the name are often very pretty. I feel the'same too! too bad I can't name my daughter Nadia Junior :)

05/25/2023 03:01:26

My daughter chose the Arabic spelling "Nadiyah." We love the name and this particular spelling.

05/17/2023 12:48:46

I have named my daughter Nadia. I think i should rather make it Nydia. That way It'stands rarer.

05/16/2023 04:46:44

Honestly, I think the name is beautiful, but I wouldn't have chosen it. People either'say it wrong, or assume they misheard and call me 'Claudia', and I can't stand it. Also, older people who do know of the name always call me Nadia Comaneci, and that grates on me, too. The'sad part is I don't even have a middle name I can use to get a break from people butchering it. I'm just sick of correcting people and hearing the'same joke for nearly 30 frikin years...

05/15/2023 05:33:42

I think any girl would be lucky to carry on the name Nadia meaning"Hope"

05/10/2023 06:14:34

I CANNOT BELi've HOW POPULAR THIS NAME IS! Wow, I didn't know that! It is one of my FAVORITE names ever. Slavic for hope? That's even more beautiful! I don't want it to become too popular though!

05/05/2023 17:30:14

I know a baby named Nadia and she is the cutest little girl. Some people mispronounce it and some give it a wrong association, but she radiates the truth of the name which is HOPE.

05/03/2023 18:11:16

In my whole life i had never met any one with the'same name but one day i went to a wedding and the bride's name was Nadia (totally funny!!) Every time they would call her up I would start laughing because i thought they were refering to me.(LOL)

05/01/2023 11:31:28

My name is Nadia. My mom found my name in a magazine when she was a teenager. I am now 48 years old and was the first Nadia in my neighbourhood until the lady across the'street copied my name. I love my name its has become more common but still holds a uniqueness and has a cosmopoliton flare as it is Russian, Arabic, Italian, Romanian.

04/26/2023 07:12:34

Its a boring name to me no offense to nadia's because i have a friend named nadia Even'though i dont like dat name i still respect it a lot

04/25/2023 07:41:54

i love the name nadia and i hope to one day name one of my children'this name right now i am wayyyy to young to even consider having children haha my mom would freak but yeah i basically love this name

04/24/2023 19:56:34

my name is nadia, and i love it. my full name is Nadia Catherine, but my friends just call me katie, which is short for catherine. they say my name is too "exotic". whatever!! i tell them everyday, My name Isn't Katie!! It's Nadia!!" all my teache's call me Natalie which gets on my nerves too...

04/21/2023 00:32:36

We named our first born Ethan Lucas. It's such a fitting name for our little man and everyone else seems to love it too.

04/20/2023 05:08:48

I have loved the name'since I was 3 years old and named my now almost 8 year old daughter Nahdia Elise :) Her name also works great with her brother's name which is Nicholai

04/18/2023 14:21:12

People often pronounce my name like Na dia, but i pronounce it like nah diya (or nardia but not so much emphasis on the 'r') i think its a gd girl's name but i have never met any1 with the'same name as me :( more people should hav names like nadia and not so many names like sarah or lucy( no offense to those people with that name)

04/18/2023 02:53:30

i'very rarely have anyone prounounce my name incorrectly, however I am often asked where it comes from; or who i was named after. Frankly, being asked or compared to the gymnast Nadia, is pretty annoying.

04/08/2023 23:39:02

My name is also Nadia my experinece with this name is that it means artistic. Afew people are named Nadia.

04/06/2023 03:45:44

My name is Nadia and I like it very much because it goes with my last name; I am of Italian origin but and I like having a name with both Russian and Arabic makes me feel international, like I can belong anywhere!

03/31/2023 19:37:36

my name is nadia 4m pakistan. my friends always say oye nadi listen.ilove my name

03/20/2023 18:14:42

For the person who calls her daughter Dia for short. Dia in sanskrit are those tiny oil lamps that Indians use for decorations during festivities :)

03/17/2023 22:21:24

HI'my name also is Nadia. People always pronounce it wrong, but I'm used to it..

03/13/2023 08:26:32

HI'my name is Nadia and I love it most people do pronounce it wrong and spell it wrong like this Nodia but its ok I say it like this Na-di-ya

03/10/2023 18:43:32

My name is Nadia too...I speak french and back home, my parents pronounce it as 'Nadzia'...I'moved to South Africa and there they said it as 'Nardia'..I'm now in Australia and people say 'Naa-dya'... I don't know anymore how to introduce myself! I'm not fussed if people can't say it as my parents I let them pick as long as It's not too far from what It'should be. In french it is abbreviated as 'Nad' and in english as 'Nads'. My parents picked this name as they were looking for something both muslim and christian, which they each are. I'm agnostic and I don't care about religion.I hated my name when I was a kid, now I like it. NADIAs rock!! xxx

03/09/2023 21:16:18

heyy ! my names nadia and I love my name , Lol my biyfriends name is AIDAN (Nadia spelled backwards)) buh bye :)

03/08/2023 05:53:26

my friends name is Nadia, I love it, shes Ukrainian

03/07/2023 21:22:04

My name is nadia && i LOVE IT when i was little i didnt really pay much attention to it beacause everyone called me by my middle name, but now i LOVE nadia its my frist name & i love cause no one else has it that i know.! and its really pretty thanks mom & dad! Jajaja

03/05/2023 00:35:52

my name is Nadia (russian girl), but full name is Nadezhda, it means Hope, but Hope - Elpida came from Greece. in Greece people call me Elpida or Elpidoula or Elpidaki (he he). The'same meaning.

02/28/2023 08:19:56

Nadia / Nadya / Nadja is an abbreviation of the Russian name: Nadezda (also spelt Nadezhda) which directly means hope in Russian. Yes i love my name except i always spell it Nadya or Nadja. One of my friends loves calling me Naja ahahah! Its a great name though.

02/28/2023 01:52:00

My 11 year old daughters name is Nadia...I absolutely love it. I had a penpal called Nadia when I was at school. My sons name is Aidan...he got the name first, then when my daughter was :)

02/23/2023 06:04:28

My 8 week old little girl's name is Nadia Kathleen. Either people love it or hate it.

02/23/2023 04:18:40

I was named Nadia by my uncle.. its a beautifull name even'though some people call me naadiaa or even nardia which is quite annoying but hey who cares i love my name

02/18/2023 01:10:18

This name rocks! My best freinds name is Kelsea and i've known her almost my whole life!!

02/17/2023 07:32:18

My name nardia and I love it because my parents gave me that name.

02/14/2023 01:39:28

My name is Nadia and It's pretty cool because It's not that long to write and I think that's names that like nobody has is pretty awesome...

02/12/2023 10:51:52

Hey I'm Nadia. Actually " Nadezda" is the long version, It's russian origin. I'm slovak and love the name, I just wish all my papers say Nadia so I don't have to explain why actually I'm Nadia but long Nadezda, it means hope, beautiful name.

02/09/2023 01:27:26

i sometimes have people call me NAJIA instead of Nadia as well- it is v annoying- on the whole though it is fine. Many people think its only a russian name and don't know that it is Arabic as well. I have had a few comments on my name because of connections with big brother(on tv) and american pie- the fI'm! That is def not a good thing!

02/03/2023 14:05:20

nothing special about that name very broing, if I'met a Nadia I forget about her name very quickly

02/01/2023 20:03:46

I'm Nadia too! It is really pronounced naw-dee-uh, but a lot of people also say nah-dee-uh. I don't mind either one. Personally, I don't like my name because it is so different.

01/30/2023 16:55:34

My name is Nadia, my mom told me it was dad's idea to name me so,and I'm sooooooo glad.coz I remember i didn't like it when I was a child,but now that I am grown up i recognize how a unique name is and I JUST LOVE IT.

01/27/2023 22:12:48

how do you pronounce this name? Is it NA-di-a or Na-DI-a? Either way its beautiful

01/23/2023 11:49:32

my name Nadia some people call me Narnia cause of the movie but i still love my name.

01/08/2023 09:10:00

My name's Nadia. I hate when people pronounce it Nad-Dee-a. It's Nad-ya! I would rather it was spelled Nadja or Nadya so people would get it right for once. I absolutely love my name. It is not Arabic. It's Russian and it means "Hope." I'm Slovak so I think my name is perfect.

01/03/2023 18:22:14

my name is Nadia too. most people pronouce it Nar-dia which is incorrect!

01/03/2023 12:29:34

my name is nadia and i never realised it meant delicate / tender x

01/02/2023 12:41:16

My daughter is Nadia Faith. It is one of the most beautiful names in the world! Nadia means hope, so it went so beautifully with faith

01/01/2023 09:56:38

My name is Nadia. I am of Indian (Hindu) descent born in the Caribbean and named after a Russian family friend. Most people think I am muslim because of my name and features talk about confusing. Most people get the pronunciation right though.

12/30/2022 21:47:44

HI'my name is Nadia. I am a Muslim with a a pakistani background. This a very common arabic name especially in pakistan. My name is of arabic origin and means "Moist; tender; delicate" Although i spell my name as Nadia, i have known some people who spell it as Nadiah and Naadiyah.

12/30/2022 02:41:34

My name is Nadia and most people don't know that is also means "sound" in Arabic and "leader of the tribe" How the two meanings are connected is very inter'sting and beautiful. When a tribe is on a journey, all the camels follow the camel of the tribal leader. The leader's camel has a bell attached around It's neck which rings as the camel moves. If the Kafla ( or tribe in journey) is caught in the midst of a sand storm, it is impossible to see where they are going, but the camels follow the'sound of the bell of the leading camel and are able to remain on track. That'special sound is called Nadia

12/20/2022 13:09:56

My name is Nadia, and people usuallt pronounce it correctly. I have, on a few occasions, have had people call me Natalie, even when'they read it. I find that rather annoying because the'spellings aren't very similar. Anyway, I really like my name and have never met anyone else with the'same name. It's pronounced Na-Dee- ah. Children often call me Na-na.

12/18/2022 19:43:38

It's my name, and I love it. It's pretty, easy to say, and It's unique but not overly unique. I get tons of compliments for it, and my husband adores it.

12/16/2022 23:38:38

my name is nadia and i used to hate as a child because i was the only one in my area in england with this name. Now i love it, its unique and im proud to be called nadia.

12/14/2022 07:16:56

i adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nadiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

12/07/2022 06:53:02

hI'my names nadia everyone pronounces it na-dee-a i don't really mind but you are actually meant to say nar-dia

12/07/2022 03:03:48

nadia, thats my name. people usually pronounce it perfectly, there were only a couple of instances when my name was pronounced wrong. some might say.. na-jah, dont know how they got that from nadia. "na-dya" is how i say my name. ive never really met alot of people with the'same name as me, im sure everyone knows that nadia girl american idol.

12/04/2022 01:35:28

Nadia is such a beautiful name. It is not too common either.

12/03/2022 23:49:40

my name is nadia, I'm Iranian and i really love my name. i've always loved my name'since i remember :) It's a name u can pronounce correctly no matter what is your nationality ;) It'sounds cool! doesnt it? :D

11/29/2022 01:05:48

My Name is Nadia and i love this name evan thought its a very common name I JUST LOVE IT.

11/27/2022 19:24:50

my namme is nadia and everyone knows howto spell it properly

11/26/2022 12:33:20

My name is Nadia. :) I am of arabic decent. Most people are pretty good about getting it wrong. lol i've found the older generation remember Nadia Comenici and say it properly. I usually introduce myself by saying, "Hi, My name is Nadia - Not the Gymnast, so don't expect any cartwheels".

11/22/2022 06:16:56

My sisters name is nadia and it fits her perfectly becuase she's wild and outgoing. Our dad is arabic and me and my brother have arabic names too. She loves it and a lot of people love our names. My mom knew she would name her first daughter nadia.

11/21/2022 11:10:46

My name's Nadia tooooo and like every other girl whose named that, we are deff the best females out there LOL !!! cus we have the best name ;]

11/16/2022 04:30:48

My name is also nadia its a very good name i lik this name'so much i luv this name and its a arabic name its meaning is also gud and coz of this i luv my name

11/09/2022 18:13:18

Me an my wife named our daughter Nadia. I agree It'sounds very feminine and It'suits my daughter perfectly for she is very sweet little girl (10 months old)

11/04/2022 22:08:08

i named my daughter nadia and the name'suits her perfectly. we pronounce it na-dya. the name has generated a couple of nicknames--i often call her nani or ja-jee. it goes very nicely with my russian surname -- and would go well with other names that end in vowels.

11/03/2022 19:05:52

my name is nadia and i often get coments for what a nice name you have so its all good:)

11/02/2022 22:49:10

people often pronounce it the american way, nau-dee-a...but I'much more prefer the arabic way, thats how all of my egyptian friends pronounce it. the correct way to say it is nad-ya...the arabic way. ive also heard that It's a russian name, but i also know that it is very common in arab countries.

10/23/2022 18:18:14


10/22/2022 08:30:24

Hello my name is also NADiA :) i LUV my name .. i think its unique && beautiful so it represents me well ;) People do pronounce my name wrong alot .. i dont see how but they do. i dont meet many people that'share my name but i kno a few. i definitely plan on giving my children a simple, beautiful yet unique name like mine to be proud of.

10/20/2022 05:22:12

well gilrs.. yeah my name is Paola too. I live in Louisisna, Im from Colombia tho, and here people call me palo, payola, polo..pola. so i give up and let people call me Paula.. IS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN SAY a name close to mine. and I enjoy being called Pao. too... or paito!

10/18/2022 21:37:48

I love this name... I just named my daughter Nadia and we call her Dia for short. I love that it has a beautiful meaning (Hope) and a cute nick name! That's hard to find.

10/17/2022 07:25:28

my name is nadia catherine, and i couldn't be more happy to own it. i NEVER wanna personally meet some1 with the name nadia. cuz i love being unique, just like my name. The name fits ♥

10/16/2022 21:43:34

I'met Nadia Kashirina of Kiev Ukraine. She is a con woman.I was shocked. when I fond she is having relations with more than 15 men from Turkey.

10/15/2022 23:58:42

omg... anyone above 40 relates me to nadia comenici.. but its such an awesome name, i rarely found anyone else called Nadia

10/12/2022 12:48:28

I love this video, i love this couple so much and i love the music so much too! Omg this video is so so good!! i love It'so much! i love so? much Nadia and i love Bette too they are rcefpet together!

10/10/2022 19:04:32

my name is nadia and iv never hade anyone purnonce it wrong befor except a few people theyd call me naj-a but i correct them i am lebenese and most people think that "nadia" is a russion name

10/09/2022 15:44:38

My name is Nadia and I was named after the gymnist. It's pronounced Nah-dee-ah but sometimes people pronounce it Naja or Nadya. I don't mind it as long as they don't make it too far of a stretch. People often call me Nadine or Natalie, which annoys me because I don't think the names are similar enough to confuse. I know that it can be spelled with an "H" in it to be Arabic. I'm not sure where though. I suppose anywhere you stick an "H" anywhere in it and it will still sound the'same. = )

10/07/2022 21:25:26

My name is Nadia and I have always really liked it. When I was a child I was never teased because of it and quite frankly there was no reason to. I have been asked many many times if I am Russian or Iranian. I am actually Italian. The name is popular in Italy too!

10/05/2022 16:49:04

my name's nadia and i thik that it is a very nice name but dont know the meaning of my name

09/21/2022 19:32:52

hI'my name is nadia khan and i love it, to me its unique and It'suits me perfectly. my parents also call me dia for short so i am quiet use to proud of your name

09/21/2022 14:15:28

My name is nadia because my mom was very impressed by Nadia Comenici..i like it..

09/21/2022 07:47:32

It's a very beautiful and unique name meaning "HOPE"

09/18/2022 05:26:18

HI'my name is Nadia. I love my name beacause i do not know any one else with my name. I'm just glad I'm not the only nadia being compared to the gymnast nadia. lol

09/16/2022 12:52:54

My daughters name is Nadia and I absolutely love it. I think she will be proud to have someone address her as Nadia. The name has been accepted as a "Islamic" name even'though I assume it to be of Russian origin. Either way I think the name rings a nice bell.

09/08/2022 17:58:06

my name is Nadia, said Nardia, and most people say Na De Ah...i've grown accustomed to it now. i dont really like my name, as it is now synonymous with Nadia Allmanda from big brother 5 who was once a man. when i tell people my name they always say "what leik the one from big brother". It'starts to loose its humour after the millionth time, but i guess its something to live with. i like the fact it means hope, as i like to think i bring hope to people's lives, or maybe just show them that they have a little more sanity than me lol. those who know me say that my name reflects my personality, wierd yet intriguing, i just hope that its all meant in a positive way, and I'may be remember as Nadia from American Pie and not the man from Big Brother. =)

09/08/2022 08:51:28

I have a friend with that name which I think has a beautiful meaning. But I need some help here. According to one source that i've found the name Nadia derives from an egyptian word meaning "the first dawn of a flower". Can anyone tell me what word that is?

09/07/2022 07:52:38

Well my name is naj'ee most people do not say it right but it does not both me much, I guess I'm use to it now that I'm 15

08/31/2022 00:07:30


08/24/2022 18:58:48

Is there anywhere in the world where they use 'Nadia' as a boys name?

07/31/2022 22:11:24

My name is nadia and I'm so glad that my parents named me this!!! My roommate in college was hope, and it was such a coincident since nadia means hope.haha

07/17/2022 17:48:36

My name is Nadia, and I have never met anyone else with this name. I was named after the gymnast Nadia Comenici. Sometimes people read it and say, "Natalie," which I don't understand. I don't think they're similar enough in spelling to confuse. It's produced Nah-dee-ah. I used to have a dance instructor who would call me Naja. Usually though, people get my name right. I love my name and I think having a name that is uncommon is the best kind of name to have.

07/09/2022 21:19:12

heay my name is nadia n i was seraching its meaning ...n i got after longgggggggggggggg longggggggggg time like after 17 yrs lolz.hope nice haan bye.

07/09/2022 12:10:12

my name is nadia baker and people usually pronounce and spell my name wrong. and people always say i look like a jennifer or naomi,and even estrella.but even if they need to be corrected im glad that they remeber it. people always say that my name means this or that. but i dont know what it means. i just know that im a nadia. and nadias rock this world. so i luv my name!

06/25/2022 14:11:42

omgosh my names nadia lol and i love that name its different but unique and its girly and i love it. i totally wouldnt wanna be called something different. x

06/01/2022 21:03:54

My name is Nadia Corey Jemma and I adore it I don't think my parents could have picked a better name to suit me Sometimes people call me nadine by mistake though

05/31/2022 13:57:18

Hey my name is Nadia Personally I love my name :) I had a really good friend in High school whos name is Aidan...which spookily is Nadia backwards!

05/27/2022 20:17:06

MY name is Nadia Alexis, I think that its a *FREAKIN AWESOME* name. Its so different and *unique* every time I tell someone my name, they tell me how *beautiful* it is. I like it because it fits me soo well, and because its not a name that just pops into someones head, you have to think about it. Just like you have to think about me. LOL<3

04/27/2022 12:51:36

my name is nadia itandehui flores i love my name it is uber unique every one should call their daughters nadia

04/27/2022 00:03:00

I just named my daughter Nadia and we love it. The fact that it means hopeful is just a plus. She is perfect fit for the name.

04/09/2022 09:19:12

One of my coworkers is called Nadia, and I love the name!

03/27/2022 09:18:18

Like everyone else that has written in....I LOVE MY NAME! It's just so sweet and simple. NADIA! Everyone that I'meet and ask me my name, when i tell them Nadia, they ALWAYS respond, "that's such a beautiful name" and i always agree. For nicknames my friends call me "Nad" or "Nads" but family members call me "nad-ya" or "nadja". I love my name and anyone who names their daughter Nadia is very wise :-)

03/25/2022 17:02:42

i love this name.. im naming my siberian husky nadia because not only is it beautiful, but it reminds me of an ice queen or something. it means hope in hebrew; this husky is my only hope on something that will actually love and depend on me.

03/06/2022 03:39:00

My name is Nadia and I'm from Mexico. I have not met anybody with my name. I currently live in the U.S.

02/23/2022 01:23:06

My wife's name is Nadia. Having grown up in the Middle-East I knew a lot of people called Nadia and have always thought it especially femminine and easy on the ears. It means hope in Slavic or First dawen on a flower in ancient Egyptian

02/18/2022 15:14:42

I love my name...but growing up in San Antonio, Tx with so many spanish speakers is hard when your name is similar to Nadie (Nobody) and Nada (Nothing)... :(

02/08/2022 08:11:42

my Name is Nadia,I was named after Nadia commenchi "the perfect 10" and I'm very happy, my name was predecided before my birth my father was so much so impressed of Nadia Commenchi that he decided if it wd b baby girl,she wud b nadia :-)

02/01/2022 06:55:12

Beautiful, international name! Has lots of special meanings in languages including Russian, Hindi, Arabic. Lovely. There were 2 Nadias in my daughter's kindergarten class last year!

01/06/2022 20:36:54

I love my name, and I have a twin brother who has the name Aidan, which is Nadia spelled backwards!

12/27/2021 14:28:48

my name is nadia i love my name.most people do too.its a great name.

12/22/2021 10:02:24

My name is Nadhia Marie. I spell it with an "h" in it, unlike most people with the'same name.

11/16/2021 13:56:24

My name is Nadia and I hear all the time that it is a very global name. Everyone loves it.

09/30/2021 15:34:30

My now four year old daughter is named NADIYA ROSE!!! And it fits her'so well :) I love this name, so pretty.

09/27/2021 11:37:48

my name is Nadia.. and i know like 400 other people with the'same name cuz where i live its not a rare name and i hate it....

09/18/2021 19:00:36

my name is Nadia and I love it, since i know that deep down inside me there is a HOPE (that's what Nadia/Nadejdea means in Russian.

09/18/2021 06:12:00

My name is Nadia and I know about 6 other Nadias. It is mispronounced often as Nadja(don't know how they get that) but overall, I like my name very much. It's VERY universal. The name is also different in a good way that I'm an individual but It's by no means weird.

09/13/2021 13:39:18

My name is Nadia and personally I think It's boring, but to everyone else it is unique.

09/01/2021 04:16:48

I get a lot of cool looks because I'm named after a famous gymnasts I am so thankful that my parents named me nadia

08/22/2021 10:57:18

Nadia is a beautiful name. I'm naming my daughter Nadia Nicole WillI'ms

08/21/2021 04:45:36

My name is nadia and I am grateful because it means hope. And it fits me well

08/20/2021 03:08:24

My name is Nadia, and I'm quite proud of it. I thank my parents lol. Usually people consider it to be Russian or spanish but it is also arabic descent. When people ask me more about my name I tell the it means 'hopeful'. There are times when people remember the gymnast, and ofcourse american pie. lol. But overall, I don't think its a bad name, and its unique. I wouldnt want a common name everyone else has.

08/11/2021 04:06:54

This is my daughter's name. I get a lot of compliments on it but sometimes when people ask her name, they think It's Beatrice which is a bit annoying. Some are confused how to pronounce it when'they see it in writing which is strange to me but nevertheless I love that It's a classic name that's unique and fun. Her nickname is Beats.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nadia?
The origin of the name Nadia is Russian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nadia?
*️⃣ How many people are named Nadia?
Almost 43000 people are named Nadia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nadia?
The names of Navya, Nevayah, Nevaya, Naveyah