Nayeli meaning

: I Love You

Nayeli Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Number of People 👶 19,000
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 American
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Nayeli Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Nayeli is one of the deepest and most heartfelt since it does not mean anything else than I love you". Without a doubt, it is a name that radiates love. In this way, the people who decide to name their daughter Nayeli are transmitting all their love to her through this ancient name.

Nayeli Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Nayeli
Additional description of the name Nayeli

The name Nayeli comes from the Zapotec culture of Mesoamerica. Although its exact origin is not entirely clear, most hypotheses suggest that the name Nayeli comes from the expression used by the Zapotecs to show their affection and love, it is for this reason that its translation is "I love you" or " I love you".

Cool Info About Name Nayeli

Additional name description Nayeli
Additional name description Nayeli

The personality of the name Nayeli
Nayeli is love, that is why women named like that tend to be very good people, kind, generous, kind and charming. They are always willing to help others and do not support injustice. Their kindness is such that they always act without expecting anything in return, for the simple fact of helping and putting an end to the suffering of others.
They are honest, correct and polite, qualities that are always beneficial in the workplace. Thus, at work Nayeli is effective, she works with ease and is always very clear about what she must do to resolve a conflict or problem.
In love, Nayeli is very affectionate and attentive, she gives herself completely and does everything everything possible to see your partner happy. That is if, despite all this, Nayeli is not a dependent person, on the contrary, she needs to enjoy her space and moments of solitude.
In family and friendship, Nayeli is equally devoted, since if her loved ones are happy, she is happy. Although he is not a very sociable person and can even be somewhat suspicious of strangers, he likes to take care of his few friends.

Celebrities named Nayeli
Nayeli Rangel: Mexican soccer player whose full name is Lydia Nayeli Rangel Hernandez.
Nayeli Nesme: Mexican singer and songwriter.
Nayeli Salvatori: Mexican politician.

Day of the Saint of Nayeli
Saint Nayeli's day is November 1st.

Numerology of the name Nayeli
According to numerology, the number of Nayeli is the 3.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nayeli
The diminutives of Nayeli are:
Nay, Yeli

The name Nayeli in other languages
The name Nayeli has no translation in other languages, so it is written the same way in all cultures.

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Comments on the name Nayeli
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I have it but spelled with a y at the end instead of an I... i love it. and yes it means "i love you" and "princess of the morning". its beautiful.

12/14/2023 03:59:44

My name is Nayeli too, I used to hate it because all the teache's would say it wrong specially substitutes but now I LOVE IT. Everyone always compliments on how beautiful it is.

12/05/2023 17:48:00

My name is nayeli and sometimes people mispronounce it but for the most part everyone I know gets it. One of my good friends names is also Nayely spelled with a y. Its a beautiful and very unique name . I love it☺☺

11/26/2023 09:51:24

I named my second daughter Nayeli. I found it in a mexican baby name book there It'said it was Aztec and meant princess.I just liked the way It'sounded

11/18/2023 13:28:26

my name is Nayeli. im 15. i love my name i wouldnt change it for any other one. people pronounce it wrong most of the time but i like to correct them. i havent met anyone with my same name. i love it. its unique and It'sounds very like exotic.

10/11/2023 04:43:12

i think this name is awesome. It's not too common and not too out-there unique. It's often pronounced wrong, but if pronounced right sounds exotic

09/28/2023 12:15:04

My names also Nayeli and i can say I really love It'specially because it means I LOVE YOU, i like it even doe my teache's mis pronounce it but its cool now dat i have a nickname (nelly)(: SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE NAYELIS AROUND THE WORLD.

09/19/2023 17:31:58

Yes the correct way to pronounce my name is Sharday.

09/04/2023 04:17:38

My 3RD daughters name is Naiyeli. I just want to know what it means in english... it is also a mexican name.

08/03/2023 19:38:40

love love love it! i want another girl just so i can name her nayeli!

07/08/2023 22:57:04

My daughters name is Nayeli. I think its a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning

06/28/2023 10:30:02

This is my name. I'm a female, & I never really have anyone pronounce it wrong, but are usually surprised when'they see that It's my name. Especially teache's or subs when'taking role. i've never met any other girls with the name Dakota, but this year, i've already met atleast 3 new boys with the'same name.

06/26/2023 22:56:24

I love my name Nayeli so much and I'm from mexico so my mother thought of a beautiful name fro me. Everyone that i know says that they really love my name.

06/20/2023 19:59:44

lol my name is actually Analleli, and at work I'm always getting asked what it means, so i finally went online and searched..and came to find it means "i love you"... my name tag however'says Anayeli, i had to change it because, belive it or not, i get asked everyday! about 5 times... oh and they think It's Hawaaiin..i go along with it lol

06/06/2023 18:19:02

I named my 4 yr old daughter Naieli, i changed the y ti i, to give it a more exotic spell to it!It's a really unique name, and has a sweet meaning of I LOVE YOU!

03/17/2023 01:29:26

My name is Nayeli and I don't know anyone with my name. I think my name is unique and wonderful, my mom looked for my name'since the first day she found out she was having a baby. She wanted something that'she had never hurt off. So she looked at shows and the after credits where they put people's names she found that perfect and cute as she calls it. Then she wanted to find out if it meant something special, because she wasn't going to name a baby anything that did not mean just what it means love. My name is so cool and super.

03/06/2023 03:38:08

My name is spelled Nallely and I LOVE IT! i have a lot of nicknames! nellie, nat, natalie, nal

02/18/2023 11:45:06

My trademark in SIGN LANGUAGE is "I LOVE YOU" I use it to say hello. Now our soon to be new little "LOVE OF MY LIFE" Great Niece Nayeli, due to arrive in late June will carry that'sign FOREVER in her name. I also heard that it meant "GOD IS WITH US" How beautiful is that❤️ She will be known from El Paso to Livingston, TEXAS and BEYOND!!

02/16/2023 21:15:08

Nayeli is my daughter's name..she's almost 2 yrs old. The name has a beautiful meaning, "I love you" and It'suits her very well.

12/19/2022 08:21:52

My name is Nayeli and i love my name. i've always known it means "i love you" I really love my name, its unique and its so mexican jaja I'm proud of that . . . anyway HI TO THE OTHER NAYELI'S OUT THERE :D

11/22/2022 20:58:36

This is my name, and everyone always spells it wrong, but I like it.

11/14/2022 09:01:04

This is my name to=D...i pronouce i like Kah-cia i guess people alwalys say my name wrong its funny sometimes i never met anybody w/my name before. I am a nai've american i love my name i was named after my moms best friend

11/13/2022 00:23:46

My name is Nayeli, I have met 1 other Nayeli, and know of 2 othe's I have not yet met, one has been adopted by friends of mine. I LOVE my name!I was named by my Father! I think it would be really cool to learn Zapotec!!

11/06/2022 15:34:26

thats my name..and i love it..guys think its sexy when i tell them it means i love u

11/02/2022 01:04:18

My name is also Nayeli an i also hate how peopple never'say it right but"I LOVE MY NAME " anyways so yae i also havent met anyone with that name and i thik its cool cuz they never comfuse you with other people "I LOVE MY NAME"

10/19/2022 10:33:40

I love the name, my daughter of 9 years I put "Ivonne Nayelli"and I like, It'sounds fantastic, because my family is not common, very original and unique as the people with the name. I like to call on the name you hear a lot of authority and respect. Greetings from Guatemala

10/14/2022 19:28:16

I named my daughter Nayelli, I thought it was a beautiful name, and it also means stren'th in Irish.

09/21/2022 22:29:12

My sister's name is Nallely and she loves it though she'spells it Nayeli. It is not weird here since I know 3 girls named Nayeli at my school and my sister knows two more, but I think that is because we live in a town where about 80% of the people are Mexicans.

07/19/2022 05:29:42

I'm pregnant now 7 months and I wanted a very pretty name. My name is Belen and I wanted a unique name as well for my daughter. I fell in love wth this name instantly! I'm proud to give my unborn daughter this name

05/02/2022 15:28:12

This is my name, and it ranks right up there with every other'spelling of the base name, "Ashley". It's too popular. I love the'spelling, but I hate that everyone else's name'sOUNDS the'same as mine. It makes me feel stereotyped and not at all unique. Also, it gets mispronounced a lot as "Aleigha" or "Ash-leg," and it can be hard to convince people that It's neither of those.

03/13/2022 00:21:00

my daughter's name is nayeli spelt Nailleli It's a great name

02/24/2022 08:29:42

My name is Nayeli and im 15 yrs old. My older brother was the person who named me and now that i know what it means i love the name and my brother'so much more.

01/22/2022 19:05:06

like many of you here, my name is Anayeli also :D & I love it and even more now that I found out it means I love you xD ahh :) Im 18 & going to name my daughter my name but backwards :D " Ileyana" I love It'so much <3

01/20/2022 06:41:42

I gave this name to my daughter- Now 13 months Old. I never new the meaning until now....I couldn't think of a better name for her- how much u luv ur very 1st child.

01/18/2022 17:10:48

When people comment about my name, they say that It's pretty. I like it because not many people use it and because most spell it or pronounce it "Madeline." But at the new school I'm going to there are two other Madeleines and there are only at least 100 people at the whole school!

01/18/2022 09:51:36

My name is Nayeli and i love it. Even'though some people cant say it right(i get nyejelly,ndyelly, etc.) and my sisters used 2 forget my name when i was a baby (recently found that out) it is cool. I am the only Nayeli i know. I think of it as a cool thing. I'mean how many times do u get 2 c a teacher mess up❤️ A lot when'they cant say ur name an the 1st day of school. That happens to me every year!

12/07/2021 01:17:42

My name is also analleli, ana-yell-e is how I pronounce. I was the only person growing up with this name and it was kind of neat but, while I was in school my teache's could NEVer'say it correctly!. my mother always told me that'some lady in mexico had given her this name. My mother didnt speak zapotec so im just glad to find out she was right on the meaning lol :)

12/02/2021 20:38:42

This is my name. I like it ok, but people have always spelled it wrong-Lindsey, Linzy, etc.

11/16/2021 17:36:00

in my spanish class at school we had to pick hispanic names and i picked Nayeli. I love that name!!

10/23/2021 17:09:00


10/02/2021 05:05:24

my name is nayeli and now I see im not the only one with this cute name

09/05/2021 19:54:36

My name is Nailleli. The correct way to pronounce it is "naijelly". I'make people pronounce it as Nayeli. I know It's a weird unique twist on the name, and I have never met anyone in the world with spelling like mine. I'm Colombian and Puerto Rican.

08/30/2021 04:42:00

My name is "Anayeli" and i love it 'cause most of the people are "Nayeli" i guess my mom wanted to add a lil twist to my name!!

07/13/2021 23:55:48

My name is Anayeli i loveit because It'sounds strong...and hardly anyone has it...and when i found out what it meant i liked it even more.

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Nayeli FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nayeli?
The origin of the name Nayeli is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nayeli?
I Love You
*️⃣ How many people are named Nayeli?
Almost 19000 people are named Nayeli.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nayeli?
The names of Nico, Niko, Nikko, Nick, Nikki