Ocie meaning

: Sweet

Ocie Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \o-cie\
Number of People 👶 7,000
Rate in 2021 14758
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 American
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Ocie Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ocie
Additional description of the name Ocie
"Ocie" is a beautiful name for boys And girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Ocie is: "Sweet".

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Comments on the name Ocie
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My great grandmother was named Ocie. OCee if pronounced right. She was born in 1906 and died about 1 1/2 years ago. She was the only person I have ever known with this name but I would be honored to bare it.

12/02/2023 01:55:38

It's off the chart yo! -Boozin Allen Passed out Hamilton

11/30/2023 01:43:46

My daughter is named Ocie. We named her after her Great Grandmother. Often people spell it Ossie, and they most often'think it is initials, O.C. The funniest thing is when my daughter'says and then spells her name to someone on the phone. For instance, My name is Ocie - O c i e. Next thing something will come in the mail "Ocieocie". She loves her name, though, and I am glad about that. We have never met another Ocie.

11/09/2023 13:10:18

I have an Aunt Ocie born in Mingo County, WV who was named after her Aunt Ocie. Ancestors from eastern Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia.

11/08/2023 03:57:44

My name is ocie I was checking this site to find out what it mean because I'm often ask that and the only thing I can say is I don't know, my mother who is a black American an so am I name me that in 1962 and I name my son Osei who is a famous African king whose feet never touched the ground he was carried every where, i've meet several Ocie before in Atlanta, GA. I'm 66yrs young and I love hearing my called, most women i've dated thinks it has a sexy pronunciation, I just like it because It's strong and different.

10/06/2023 20:05:44

My brother's name is Ocie. He was named after his grandfather, who was named after HIS grandfather. Old family name. The original Ocie was born in 1870s Alabama. Their middle name is Columbus, so O.C. initials as well as Ocie first name, pronounced the'same.

09/18/2023 19:11:50

My grandfather, father, and brother is named Ocie, and my son's middle name is Ocie. I am african american, but I have ancestors that are native american. I hope that this name continues on in the family.

09/16/2023 18:59:58

My name is Ocie. I am 16 and a female. I was named after my Great- Grandma. she was native american but we don't know what kind. i've never known what my name means or met another Ocie before.

09/11/2023 10:51:50


09/06/2023 02:26:04

Was named after'scott Carpenter, one of the'seven Mercury program astronauts.

08/30/2023 18:47:16

Ocie is the name of the yorkie dog i rescued four years ago. i was going to change her name but decided to keep it. she has a facebook page and will soon have books published about her adventures as Ocie The Rescue Puppy. I also have a friend who is a blacksmith and a minister and his name is Ocie.

08/21/2023 10:50:40

My name is Ocie, named after my Father. I am not sure what origin it comes from however my family is afro american but grandfather looks indian and has indian in his blood

07/23/2023 11:12:34

My name is Ocie Prue and I'must say I love my name. Everyone I know adores it. It's so original here in Sweden!

06/12/2023 04:48:14

I was born in Kentucky.When I left Ky. People in Ohio made fun of my name. When I'moved to Oklahoma most people recognized it as an Indian name.I became very proud of my name. I am female.

05/04/2023 11:49:16

I am a man and Mother named me after my respective grandfathe's, Ocie and Carl. "Ocie" is pronounced "oh-sy" (with a long "o", short "i", silent "e"). When I was a child, people ordinarily called me "OC". My mother once said that it never occurred to her that my first name would be confused with my initials, since her father was always called "Oh-sy". He was of Bavarian ancestry and from the'southern US. By all account, the name is common among certain ethnic groups of unrelated origin. (1) Scandinavian: Ocie is common in Denmark; "Oce" is the'swedish version; "Aase" (pronounced "ossy") is the Norwegian version. (2) Semitic: according to an antrhopologist whom I once met, Ocie is found among many groups in the Muddle East, including Arabs and the ancient Hebrews. (If memory serves, it is given in the Old Testament as the name of the'scribe of Jeremiah.) He also said that is why it is common among the Muslim tribes of West Africa, from whom slaves were taken by coastal tribes armed by the Portuguese with muskets. So, in the USA, it is most often given'to African American men and women. (4) India: according to a fellow from India whom I'met, there is a very large ethnic group in Gujarat in which 10% of the men are named Ocie. I forgot to ask the name of the group. :-( (5) Before I read some of the remarks here, I never heard of an association of the name "Ocie" with the name of the'seminole chief Osceola. But I suppose that in Oklahoma, anything is possible. :-) Enjoy!

05/02/2023 20:44:02

This is my name, I didn't always like it when I was younger as I was always the only one called Yasmin, but as I have grown I realise that this is a really beautiful name I really love it!!

04/22/2023 05:03:02

Hello, my name is actually Ocielia. (Pronounched oh-SEE-lee-yuh)I was named after my late grandmother, Ocie Bell. I am an African-American female, born in the early 80s. I never discovered the origin of my grandmother's name, however this page has definitely been enlightening. I, too, love the uniqueness yet classic touch of my name!

03/16/2023 23:08:22

hey, my name is Ocie,im female, 21 yrs old n im Indonesian.. Actually my real name is Yosi and Ocie is my nick name.. I love my name because its rare..

03/15/2023 13:55:48

My father's name was Ocie. The origin of the name is African (from the Fante nation/ethnic-group/tribe now found in the modern nation of Ghana, in West Africa (most African American's ancestors came from West Africa). The name means noble or honorable. It is pronounced the'same (Oh-see) in Africa as in the US, but is usually spelled Osei in Africa today. Once the name was introduced to the'southern US however, many people of non-African origin adopted the name as a variant of somewhat similar names from other areas. Purportedly there is the name Ossie existing as a variant of the Old-English Oscar for example. To give another example of this sort of spillover, there is the name Jack, most likely derived from the name Jacques (French) and Jock (Scottish). Jack may be linked to Jake, and derived from the Hebrew Jacob, but it is commonly treated as if it is interchangeable with John, a separate name with Hebrew derivation. Just as someone may be named Jack in honor of a man named John, many people in Oklahoma have been named Ocie in honor of Osceola, the'seminole Chief. The actual meaning of the name Osceola is not actually clear, although the most popular modern scholarly theory is that the name derives from the combination of the Muscogee words asi, the ceremonial black drink made from the yaupon holly, and yahola, meaning shout or shouter. Other interpretations are in fact possible, and some connection to the Fante name is even possible, given'the'strong connections between'the'seminole and Maroon (escaped African slaves and their decendents) communities. In fact, Osceola received this name as an adult, and his wife was from the Maroons. In any case, the'specific form of the name Ocie is likely African, but its inspirations in melting-pot America are diverse.

03/03/2023 01:16:54

My great-grandfather (1889) was known by O.C.. My grandfather changed the initials to Ocie for his son, my uncle(1974). And 3 days ago the name was passed down to my grandson(2014). Proud family name'simply for the great men who've borne it.

02/23/2023 17:49:48

Ocie is my name. People always say "Wow" cool name. I have not heard that before. I like my name but I would like to find out what it means.... Some people say...."Ocie❤️" "My great aunt name is Ocie." Or..."My grandfather's name was Ocie." By the way, I am from Alabama too--but I am not old.

02/12/2023 12:55:18

I associate Ocie with my grandfather; a WWIi'veteran and life long politician in a small country town.

01/20/2023 14:28:04

My my name is Ocie I was named after my grandmother. Every one calls me Miss Ocie. I love my name and always have . People tell that its a pretty name and I look like an Ocie. So i guess thats a good thing.

01/16/2023 08:11:40

My sister's name is Ocie we pronounce it ( OC).I never heard of it before she is only in her 20's.

01/02/2023 19:44:28

My mother's name was Ocie. Everyone had great respect for her. Miss Ocie or Miss O was her name in the neighborhood. You must admit it is an unusual name--there was no one else around with the name Ocie that we were aware of. I just read in a book about an indian years ago whose name was Ocie Bluefeather. Ocie could be a Native American name. Also, I did not realize Ocie could be a name for a male or female. My mom originally was born in Georgia, but came to the'state of Maryland when she was 16. She died on June 11, 2016 at the age of 77.

12/28/2022 09:50:32

My surname is O'Callaghan. As a nick-name I was given Ocie pronounced "Ocky". This came from the O'C at the beginning of O'Callaghan. I am from the Uk and did not know this was a "real" name.

12/23/2022 12:34:50

my name is ocie and I love my name. I wish I knew were my name came from. oh ya I'm a female 25 yrs old.

12/07/2022 03:39:04

My name is Ocie Bell, born in Texas 1960. Name for an Aunt born in Newberry SC who died as an infant. It took me a while to appreciate the beauty of my unique name. glad to read of so many other Ocie..Oh, I am female

12/02/2022 09:02:04

I am helping a relative research her dad and his name was Ocie born in 1907, now deceased. Trying to find the origin and whether it is a nickname.

12/01/2022 19:48:34

My grandfather, father, brother and nephew are named Ocie. I think it is a cool name. I have never met another one. In my opinion they are pretty cool men'too!

11/25/2022 08:20:32

I'm an Ocie (pronounced O C with emphasis on the O). My father is an Ocie as was his father and I named my son Ocie as well. My family is from the'south (Louisiana) and I thought It'started as initials (O.C.) that'somehow became a name.

11/24/2022 17:03:36

My name is Ocie. named after my uncle that died before my time. Named by my grandmother. didn't always like it but grew to appreciate it with great pride . I'm African American born in Oklahoma in 1979. didn't name any of my kids my name but wish I had. i've met two other people with the'same name. All female's.

11/24/2022 00:18:30

In my family Ocie is derived from Osceola, the great Seminole Indian chief. The fact that this name comes up a lot in connection with Oklahoma, where many Seminoles were imprisoned after the tragic forced migration from GA, FL called - "The Trail of Tears," furthe's supports this notion. My friends call me "Oces" or "OC" or Ollie O. I did not like the name until I was old enough to appreciate the connection with Osceola; now I am very proud to be associated with such a determined and colorful people.And I think it helped me survive in Viet Nam, while many of my buddies hated the'swamps and jungles I thrived in them. Ollie Ocie

11/21/2022 12:03:40

When i was a kid people used to make fun of my name. The most popular were Alfred Hitchcock and Alfie the alphabets cereal wonder dog. I'myself just went by Al most of my life or Alfie to my girl friend. But when i got older and had to write a resume or get business cards i I'mediately became Alfred. It looks great on paper and i am sure it got my foot in'the door a few times.

11/20/2022 14:18:48

My father name is Ocie and I am trying to trace It's meaning and origin. He was born in Alabama in 1928. Does anyone have the answer to this❤️

11/19/2022 11:34:10

my name is Ocie Dale and i was named after my dad! i have never met anyone with the'same name.. well except my dad! but i think it is a VERY Unique name i love my name and would never change it for the world! i just wish i knew the meaning of it!

10/06/2022 05:27:18

I named my son Ocie. It was his dads name and his grandfather's name. They are originally from Ravens Croft tenn. It was a mining town that no longer exists. They said it was Cherokee but i can't find any info to substantiate the claim. Does anyone else out there of cherokee decent have this name❤️

09/21/2022 17:47:04

I was named after my mother Ocie and my grandmother always said she was part indian but have no proof she was from Ky.I hated the name when I was young as the kids teased me but now I have come to appreciate it..I never asked my mother wher the name came from.

09/10/2022 22:34:28

My Name is Ocie, born 1978, named after my Grandfather.

06/24/2022 01:35:42

My Name is ocie Pronuced Ocee I just found out it come from an indian cheif named Osceola and it means running water

06/09/2022 11:09:00

Occie is my name. I ran across this page looking for the meaning of my name. Maybe there is a connection to Osceola but I am not sure. My grandfather and father are named Occie but no one has ever been able to tell me the origin of my name. I have not run across anyone with the'same spelling. If there is any other information that anyone can provide I am sure that it will be a great help to those that visit this page.

05/02/2022 01:44:42

i can only find that "Ocie" is a latin I cannot find its meaning.

04/15/2022 15:22:48

I am a 60 yr old Cherokee mixed blood Native American female. My paternal grandmother, Ocie, was 1/2 Cherokee, and this is the name my Father chose for me. He told me that it was an Indian name, but as a child I did not use it due to the ridicule of ignorant and disrespectful people. When I became of age, and the "drums" were calling, I searched for my other Cherokee family, which I found. I am very proud of my name and heritage and I use my first name "Ocie" in every aspect of life. I am told today, that it is a beautiful and inter'sting name. In Native American, it means "Black drink Crier", and the most famous Osceola (Ocie), was a Seminole/Creek Chief. Wado, Ocie from KY

01/26/2022 18:14:42

My Mother was Ocie Lee Ellen Usher. She was named after her father's initials, O.C. , Orrin Chandler Usher. Also a lady known to them was called Ocie. Ocie was born in 1925.

01/09/2022 18:09:18

This is my name. I have bad experiences. The correct way to spell and pronounce it is bleeding obvious, yet non'theless people con'tantly mess it up. I HATE being BOB!!!

10/22/2021 12:47:06

The German pronounciation is "Ah-nee-kah" German is somewhat a Scandinavian language they just pronounce their i's like a high e. So don't get all mad that people say it differenty. I know an Annika from Norway who pronounces it "Ahn-ick-kah" and I pronounce my name the German way (because my family is German). We've learned to not care how people say it.

10/21/2021 11:09:54

Im researching my Indian roots, my grt grt grd mother was ociena called ocie...we were told she was Lumbee born in Ga. still searching....the man she married I have confI'med his Creek roots on the Guion miller rolls.

09/18/2021 03:27:18

Ocie. Meaning running water. I am female. Like othe's pewhen I was in school. Some would kid me about the name. I now feel privileged to have the name."

08/05/2021 23:40:30

My great-grandmother's name is spelled "Oca" but is pronounced "O-C". She told me that her father picked the name but misspelled it. This is the only place i've been able to find what I assume is the correct spelling. Does anyone know the origin of the name❤️ i've been'told It's Native American. Any thoughts on spelling the name correctly (Ocie) or incorrectly (Oca) if I pass it on❤️

07/28/2021 13:27:36

Hi I am an Asian male & my name is Ocie. Its actually a rare or rather unheard name in Asia. Whenever I introduce myself, people will find it very unusual. Its good to know that there are alot of Ocie around!! I have never met another Ocie before but I have made friends of the name Ocie in Facebook. :)

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