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Olivia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \o-li-via\
Number in U.S 👶 472,000
Rate in 2021 3
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Olivia Name Meaning


The name Olivia has been used all around English-speaking countries. This name mostly is a name for girls. This feminine name is derived from a Latin name, “ Olive “ meaning “ Peace “. The names “ Olivia “ and “ Oliva “ are the Latinate forms in use in English-speaking countries as early as the thirteen century. This name is not rare, but if you are interested in this name, you can select the names, “ Oliva “, “ Olive “ and “ Oliver “.

Olivia is a girl name which is a Latin name meaning "olive tree" Olivia alternative to the boy name Oliver.  Records of the name Olivia date back to ۱۳th-century England. The pronunciation of this name is: Oh-LIV-ee-a

The name is Olivia means "she who protects the peace" or "pacifies". This meaning is attributed to the origin of its word: the fruit of the olive tree has been considered for many years a symbol of peace.

Olivia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Olivia
Additional description of the name Olivia

The origin of Olivia comes from the Latin olives which translates as olive. In ancient times, the olive branch has always been a symbol of peace: not only in the Bible but also in Greek mythology, which was also considered an indicator of wisdom. Its etymology is very old.

Cool Info About Name Olivia

Additional name description Olivia
Additional name description Olivia

The popularity of the name Olivia

If you are considering the name “ Olivia “ in the name selection process, you should note that the name Olivia “ is not very common in Virginia based on the data from reliable American resources in the Year ۱۹۷۴ in the United States of America.

For instance, imagine that only nearly ۵ newborn babies were given the name “ Olivia “ in the year ۱۹۶۴. Only ۵۰۰ babies bear the same first name as your baby during the year ۱۹۷۴ in the United States of America. The highest recorded use of this name is related to the year ۲۰۱۴ and about ۱۹۰۰۰ babies were given the name “ Olivia “. That is a lot of newborn babies named “ Olivia “.

Since the year ۱۸۸۰ to the end of the year ۲۰۱۸, the feminine name “ Olivia “ was recorded ۴۵۳۰۰۰ times in the SSA public database. In that year ۱۸۸۰ the name “ Olivia “ appeared in the charts for the first time. In the year ۱۸۸۰, ۴۴ newborn babies were given “ Olivia “.

This unique name became a popular one in the year ۱۹۹۰ with a rank of ۷۲. This name was registered ۴۶۰۰ times as a baby girl’s name. The name “ Olivia “ became a common name in the state of Connecticut in the year ۲۰۰۵. This name ranked ۱ with ۲۷۰ near babies.

The all-time high record for the name “ Olivia “ was in the year ۲۰۱۶ in the state of California with ۲۴۵۸ baby girls. This name is a consistent top-ranking name in the state of New Mexico for ۴۱ years from the year ۱۹۳۵ to the year ۲۰۱۸.

Olivia is a  popular name for baby girls in the U.S. and it has ranked top ۱۰۰ U.S. names since ۱۹۹۰ It's not just popular in U.S.a 

Many countries including  UK, Australia, and Canada use this name for their baby girls, and it's very famous.

The personality of the name Olivia

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “Olivia “

O is for orderly, a lifelong passion

L is for the look, the way you look at your life

I am for ideas, no higher!

V is for vision, few can share

I am for instilling, the lesson of life

A is for activities, for you have many

Some families want to select nicknames for their newborn babies, you can also pick nicknames for a baby named “ Olivia “. You can select the reversed form of the name “ Olivia “ as your baby’s nickname. For instance, you can select “ Aivilo “ as a nickname.


Famous people named Olivia

Olivia Alexander is an American actress

Olivia Allison who is an English swimmer

Olivia Amoako is a Ghanaian footballer

Olivia Anderson is a South African cricketer

Diminutives and variations of the name Olivia
Some diminutives of the name Olivia are: Oli, Liv

The name Olivia in other languages
The name Olivia is kept and written the same in all languages. Its pronunciation can vary.

Day of the Saint of Olivia
Olivia's saints are June ۱۰, although other dates are also attributed to her, such as:

Numerology of the name Olivia
According to numerology, the name Olivia is ۵, it symbolizes freedom, change, and adventure.

Names starting with the letter “ O “

Oliver, Oakley, Owen, and Olive



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Comments on the name Olivia
04/04/2023 22:57:40

My mother named me Olivia in 1963 because she had always loved the name. I think she got it from the Shakespear's play 'Twelth Night', and at the time there was a famous actress, Olivia de Havilland. And I became a dancer! Growing up nobody had my name, although things have changed and Olivia is almost common now. I would have liked that growing up, but now I like my name. It feels like an old name to me which connects me to the past, and I like that. I am Olivia Helene. I think Olivia goes well with a one or two syllable last name. My maiden name was a mouth full and always difficult to get out. I have been called Livs, Liv, Lily, Olive and Oh as nik names. I especially like Oh and Livs.

01/13/2023 20:49:44

My name is Olivia Brianna....i love my aunt calls me Ollie, my friends call me livie or liviedoo, my nephew called me eia. I love my name...i always get complements on my name!!!

01/12/2023 19:50:54

my name is olivia glenn and i think it is so adorable i was named after my grandpa! and everyone calls me olive at school! lol some people call me olive-liver! its a cut name

10/30/2022 23:24:16

My name is Olivia Rose . Everyone Calls me Alivia , So I have to corroect them with the O. (: everyone calls my Liv or Livie or libby (;

09/26/2022 02:59:48

my name is olivia ann!!! I LOVE MY NAME!! people call me Livie Livia Olive and Via

09/16/2021 01:07:48

I'm Olivia Leah. when i was younger i didn't think my name fit me. but now i love it. its not too common and i like my middle name because it goes with the L sound in olivia and also brings an older age to my name. one of the girls i babysit's name is olivia grace, which i think is beautiful.

07/29/2021 20:34:12

My name is Olivia Rose, and ive always had to correct people when they said my name. They've always said A-livia Instead of Olivia (: Ive always been called Liv or Libby (:


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Olivia?
The origin of the name Olivia is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Olivia?
Olive Tree
*️⃣ How many people are named Olivia?
Almost 472000 people are named Olivia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Olivia?
The names of Pascual, Pascal, Pasquale, Pasqual