Paloma meaning

: Dove

Paloma Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \p(a)-lo-ma\
Number of People 👶 9,000
Rate in 2021 1746
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Mexican
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Paloma Name Meaning

The name Paloma means "wild sparrow", "wild pigeon" or simply "peace". ”. It is a name used since ancient times because in Greek mythology it is mentioned that this bird was the representation of the Goddess Venus.

Paloma Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Paloma
Additional description of the name Paloma

The origin of the name Paloma is highly debated. On the one hand, some researchers affirm that it comes from the Latin “Palumba” and that it originated in some Mexican region. However, other scholars say that it comes from Greek mythology as the representation of the Goddess Venus. In any case, it is a symbol of peace, beauty, innocence and even financial stability in some cultures.

Cool Info About Name Paloma

Additional name description Paloma
Additional name description Paloma

The personality of the name Paloma
Paloma has a calm, gentle, and serene personality, but without letting anyone abuse her. He knows very well how to assert his opinion and his point of view without hurting others. Together with that, she is a woman who radiates joy and peace wherever she goes, since she is also cheerful, jovial, and affectionate.
In love, she likes to keep communication open from the beginning, which is why her Relationships are usually stable and long-lasting. In addition, Paloma is romantic and very faithful. That makes you always look for special details to please your partner and keep love alive. Likewise, she likes to have many friends and always has a social gathering to attend.
In her work, she is extremely patient and responsible. Likewise, he has a lot of leadership and innate talent. Also, he likes to help his colleagues to complete their tasks efficiently. She believes in teamwork. It is usual for Paloma to opt for artistic or research activities.
In the family, Paloma becomes a magnet that keeps her loved ones together. She is usually attentive to all her family members to know what they need. She is a very loving and attached daughter, whose love for her parents is above all else.

Celebrities named Paloma
The name Paloma is used by many famous women, such as:
Paloma Lago: renowned Spanish model, who is also a television presenter.
Paloma Picasso: famous fashion designer of Spanish-French origin.
Paloma San Basilio: singer and Spanish actress, winner of various awards worldwide.
Paloma Herrera: dancer and director of ballet theater groups, who was born in Argentina.
Paloma Cuevas: is a Spanish celebrity and ex-wife of Enrique Cuevas.

Diminutives and variations of the name Paloma
A continuation, you will find some diminutives and variations of the name Paloma:
Paluma, Pau, Loma, Palma, Palomita, Paolita, Pomba, Colomba

The name Paloma in other languages
Paola is spelled the same in almost all known languages. However, in this section you will see how to write Paloma in other languages:
Catalan: Coloma
English: Pigeon
French: Colombe
Italian: Colomba
Basque: Uxoa
Galician: Pomba

Day of the Saint of Paloma
The Catholic saints assign August 15 as the day of Paloma. This in honor of Santa Maria Virgen de la Paloma.

Numerology of the name Paloma
For numerology, the name Paloma has 4 as the lucky number. It is a digit charged with balance, wisdom, patience, and peace.

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Comments on the name Paloma
11/13/2023 14:26:56

my names also Paloma, and i've only met one person with my name and i was so shocked because my little first grade self thought I was the only paloma. I used to hat my name and I still kind of do but I like it because It's unique another problem with my name is when I tell people my name there like how do you spell it and I'm like ❤️exactly how It'sounds❤️ because It's literally how It'sounds PA-LO-MA.

10/20/2023 01:47:22

My names Paloma so I had to give it a thumbs up. A lot of people do mispronounce it by saying (puh lama) its more of a (pa low ma). i've met one other person with my name, but that was in Mexico. I'm constantly getting compliments on my name....its awesome! Who wouldnt want the name....ther's hundreds of songs with Paloma in it!! haha

10/05/2023 04:42:52 name is Nico.. i was just wondering what does it means and i searched about it even in other languages.. but as far as i discovered, many people like the name as i have.. thanx!!:D

09/08/2023 13:12:44

This is a wonderful name if pronouced correctly as ah-dree-AH-nah. As ay-dree-ANN-ah or ay-dree-AH-nah, It's just ugly.

08/11/2023 00:27:04

My friend is very defensive over her name because it means pigeon. She gets very triggered, which causes her to fly away from our conversations.

08/09/2023 01:08:06

My name is Paloma too. i've never met anyone else with the name Paloma either. I always receive compliments also. i've never heard anyone say they don't like it, or anything negative about the name.

05/31/2023 01:33:36

Hi ! my name is also paloma and i think It's a unique name and also has a very nice meaning. Although it is a bird, It's a bird with great spirit and peace. I like my name and feel unique about it.

02/04/2023 18:53:24

My name is Paloma. i've only met two othe's with this name. One was a troublemaker and a naughty upper'school girl who was expelled. The other was a sweet young girl, a sister of one of my best friends.

01/24/2023 17:30:30

Hi there, another Paloma here. My mum is from Madrid, Spain and It's a really popular name over there. i've been living in London and NYC though so they find it fascinating for some reason. I like it, but I wanted to ask: do you guys have any kind of shortname for Paloma❤️ I heard Palo but found it awful.. love.

01/19/2023 04:57:52

Hey I'm another Paloma! Every time I'meet someone new I say my name and then'they ask to repeat myself about four times. I do that and they still don't know how to say my name. It gets annoying after awhile. How hard is it to say my name! It's PA-LO-MA.

12/28/2022 15:25:34

i've lived in Europe, the US and Latin America and everywhere I get compliments for my name, the only country where I get laughs is Venezuela where they not only use it for the bird (dove) but for the masculine sexual organ! wow! Paloma

12/08/2022 07:16:36

My name is Paloma as well and i've never met anybody else with my name but I actually hope to eventually at least meet somebody with my name

11/03/2022 17:55:20

Paloma is my favorite Spanish female name. I never heard somebody say the name Paloma wrong. I don't really know anybody buy the name Paloma, but I heard of Paloma Piccaso, which is the daughter of Pablo Paicaso which was a painter. The name Paloma makes me think of Scenery along a parkway. I don't know why, but I feel that way.

09/27/2022 18:57:56

This is a beautiful boys name! I have always loved it, and ended up marrying a man named Dominic. He gets called Dominique VERY often, however, and it drives him up the wall!!

08/17/2022 11:18:00

hello. my name is paloma and im from the philippines. at first, i didnt like my name, but now, at age 16, i use it as an advantage. not many people are named paloma, so its hard to forget! the only paloma i know is paloma picasso and a teacher whose family name is paloma. ;]]

07/14/2022 17:31:30

My sister is named Paloma and she is from Brazil!The name is awsome

05/28/2022 09:05:42

My name is Paloma and at first I hares my name'since a lot of people didn't know how to pronounce it or spell it. I usually have to repeat my name when I'm introducing myself which can get pretty annoying. i've only met one other Paloma and she had a pretty bad reputation in my school. Although I used to hare name with a passion I think over time I grew to like because It's unique.

04/24/2022 21:43:30

At first, I didn't like my name. I wanted to have one like everyone else. But then again, who wants to be like everyone else❤️ Having a name that is that unique is something to live up to. Embrace it wholeheartedly and noone will ever forget who you are!!

09/29/2021 22:11:24

I never met anybody named Paloma, but I heard of Paloma Parkway, a street in Phoenix. I feel its a pretty name for a parkway! Paloma also sounds like a garden of palm trees. The name Paloma is also similar to another female name, Palma. Palma can be short for Paloma, if you want a short form. I would also like it if there was a park called Paloma state park! Paloma is very unique!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Paloma?
The origin of the name Paloma is Mexican.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Paloma?
Almost 9000 people are named Paloma.
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The names of Kumar