Ewe, Female Sheep

Rachel Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \r(a)-chel\
Number in U.S 👶 568,000
Rate in 2021 502
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Meaning of Rachel

The name “ Rache “ is the one that has been used all around the world and means “ ewe “. This name is a feminine given name which is Hebrew. There is a modern version of the name which can be “ Rahel “. The given name is pronounced differently in different languages. There are some nicknames for the name “ Rachel “, they can be spelled as “ Rae “ or “ Rach “.


Popularity of the name Rachel

The name “ Rachel “ is not a popular female name in Louisiana based on the data by reliable resources in the year 1926. Only 21 babies were named “ Rachel “ in the year 1926. Also a total of 1397 babies bear the same first name during that year in the United states of America.

From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of the name was in the year 1985 with a total of 16360 babies. The name “ Rachel “ was recorded 566363 times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 166 newborn babies. This name became a popular name in the year 1968 with a rank of 92 nationwide and was registered 3726 times as a baby’s name.

This name became a popular girl’s name in the state of Maryland in the year 1996. This name ranked 3 with 409 babies. The all time high record for this name was in the year 1991 in the state of California with 1665 babies. Also for the past 80 years, the name “ Rachel “ was recorded 521159 times in the SSA database.

In fact, this name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of New Hampshire for 85 years from the year 1910 to the year 2010.


Personality of the name Rachel

R is for rapport, friends seek you

A is for accepting, you forgiving nature

C is for casual, no pretension here

H is for happy, your wonderful laugh

E is for excellence, your passion, your drive

L is for listen, one of your best traits

In general, the true meaning of the name might not be described in just a few words. Name can be your heart’s desire and personality. The name “ Rachel “ is a name that conveys a highly charged personality which attracts powerful ideas. You might not be aware of your powerful presence to others.

Also your heart’s desire is to help and care for those you love. You treasure family values and traditions. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. You are also somewhat hesitant to show your artistic talents


Famous people named Rachel

Rachel wife of Rabbi Akiva

Rachel who is a French singer

Rachel of Kittery who is an American slave murdered by her owner

Rachel Aaron who is an American author


Similar names to the name Rachel

Rama, Rachel, Radha and Rae

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Comments on the name Rachel
10/5/2022 1:17:28 PM

My name is also Rachel. It's the best name ever! I would never want another name. I have met a few other people with this name but not many. Some people call me Rach or Ray and It's a great name!

10/5/2022 3:00:18 AM

hey! my name is rachel too! but omg yeah it is totalyl annoying when someone spells it racheal or rachael. i was too shy to say anything in pre-school but thats how they always speleed it ugh =/ any of u guys have the middle name Denise? that is mine! :D well yay to all the rache's out there don't eva change ur name! by the way i am 14. :) peace. :-)

9/28/2022 7:39:08 PM

Named my daughter RACHAEL after her great-grandmother. I inserted the letter "A" in the'spelling to resemble biblical angel names - like Michael & Rafael, and to modify the word "ache" in the traditional spelling. Her friends sometimes call her "Rach" which I'm not wild about, but she thinks is fine. I love saying her name... because It's her.

9/27/2022 4:51:32 AM

My name is Rachel. My own mother even almost misspelled my name when she was filling out my birth certificate!! She almost put me as Rachelle. Not that that is not a nice name and all, but RACHEL is my name and it fits me just fine, thank you. People who have known me for years still misspell it and put ael instead of just el. Some people call me Rach or Ray, but I don't like Ray because I think Ray is a boys name.

9/26/2022 11:51:46 PM

My name is Rachel. I like it. I see it is an old Hebrew name even'though I am Catholic. My boyfriend says he likes my name too. he'says It's both established and still sexy.

9/25/2022 5:35:32 PM

You are not the only Rachel Ann! The funny thing is my name is Rachel Ann Ragsdale and i grew up when Raggety Ann & Andy were popular, so my nickname was Raggety Ann:)~

9/25/2022 12:00:30 PM

i really like my name, im called rachel. its irritating when people put the extra a in, coz its better'simple. I also have a canny few nicknames! rach, rachyy, rakasss, rakel. its all goood :)

9/19/2022 4:59:56 PM

my name is rachael also! i spell it with an a and I don't know alot of people that'spell it with an a. i love my name! It's awesome.

9/18/2022 5:11:38 PM

yeah i like this name because thats my friend name and she is very pretty.and she madd cool ..

9/16/2022 10:34:48 PM

My best friends name is Rachel. I have never heard the name Rachel, but many pronounce and spell her name rong!

9/16/2022 9:03:40 AM

well my names SHAWN so its spelt a lil different...but I havnt minded It'so far through life haha

9/14/2022 9:27:04 AM

i used to dislike my name, but in the past few years it has grow on me I'mensely. It's not common where I live-new hampshire. It's simple, but not too generic. I especially like Rachel's prominence in the Bible. Rache's Unite!

9/10/2022 9:41:34 PM

My name is Rachel and I love it!! I have lots of nicknames like Ray, Rachie, Rach, and Ray-Bug!!

9/9/2022 4:18:14 PM

I love my name!! when i was at infant school i was the only 1!! out of 350 kids!!

9/8/2022 8:16:12 AM

Hi! I'm another Rachel! I don't like how people put the A in it! No extra A, only one A! I like my nicknames: Rach, Chachel (long story), and Ray. Once I'met Racheal Ray, to sign my book she wrote. She was like," What's your name?" I'm like," Rachel." She was like," Cool. How do you spell that?" I'm like," R-A-C-H-E-L." She'said," Oh." Insted of writingit my way she wrote Rach's Rule insted. She was nice to me. :)

9/7/2022 9:03:10 AM

I love the name Rachel because its really beautiful. It Isn't posh or too unusual, or too usual. It fits nicely in between.

9/6/2022 4:18:04 PM

i've never been'too keen on this name.The 'chel' is kind of hard to say.

9/5/2022 1:12:50 AM

Haha :D My name is Rachel too, but It's pronounced Ra-hel :) Even'though It's a pretty popular name It'still sounds nice to me ! :D

9/1/2022 6:12:54 PM

If my name is as spelled in the bible, how did it begin to be spelled with the extra A? This is my query, my puzzle.

8/17/2022 12:12:54 PM

I had liked the name Rachel since I was a kid and named one of my twins Rachel Fern and her'sister Jennifer Dawn

8/16/2022 3:10:12 PM

hiya my name is Rachel and i love it i have another friend called Rachel and we bought spell it the'same i know it can be spelled other ways as my best friends sister is called Racheal and another person i know is called Reachel and its pronoticed the'same! thanks! RachEl -- see the 'e' xx

8/11/2022 7:59:06 AM

I'm a Rachel and I love my name :) I think It'suits me, and though It's kind of annoying that It's so common, I can't imagine being called anything else! I like the'sound of it and the meaning. I like that It's a strong biblical name. Even'thought the Rachel in the bible was a bit odd in my opinion.

8/8/2022 8:30:36 PM

Yeah this is actually a male name right? Arabic or something? Is It'supposed to be pronounced ee-LIE-shuh?

7/15/2022 11:49:30 AM

My names Rachel Marie -------. And I just love my name. I used to think it was,I don't know,common but not now. I love it!

7/12/2022 11:32:24 AM

My real name is Michelle BUT i was raised on the name Rachel. long story but i love the name Rachel and Michelle seems so boring to me.

7/9/2022 3:01:12 AM


7/2/2022 12:49:48 AM

I have a 4 year old little girl and her name is Rachel. I think it is a beautiful name! Of all the girls at her preschool no other girl is named Rachel. i've never really met another Rachel either. So it really is a unique(not over used) and a beautiful name.

6/30/2022 9:29:06 AM

My name's Rachel, too. In fifth grade there were 3 Rache's in my class, so I started going by Ray, and now I prefer that...I think It's a nice name, but I feel like it doesn't fit me.

6/29/2022 3:17:24 AM

actually, my name is spelt 'rachael' i like it, I'm very outgoing and bubbly and i think it fits me! i don't like It'spelt the common way though

6/25/2022 1:16:48 PM

Mine is spelled with extra "a" and people constantly leave it out but I don't care because it is me and who cares what other think anyway!

6/8/2022 5:52:12 AM

I'm Rachel. Growing up in the 70's and 80's it was so uncommon that the name'stuff like key chains, stickers or stationary in the'stores NEVER had my name. Now it is common. I go by the name in Spanish Raquel. I love this name 'cause it has a translation in almost every language. I love the biblical history behind it. Every time I hear that'story of how Jacob worked 7 years and then another 7 to marry her, I feel special and beautiful. I also love the pronunciation of the name in Hebrew. Everytime I tell people my name everyone always says 'oh beautiful name'.

6/6/2022 8:00:54 PM

My name is Rachel and I think It's great - It's classic, pretty, elegant but playful..

6/6/2022 5:16:12 PM

i like my name, but i have never meet another nice rachel. i think it is cuz they spell it wrong

5/24/2022 2:36:54 AM

My name is Rachael, yes spelled that way (go all you with the extra A!) It's a really pretty name, i love It'so much, and i don't think that even Rachel is all that common. There are two rachel's in my grade and then me. One of the Rachel's tries to spell her name like mine, and I think that's annoying.

5/23/2022 3:38:06 PM

my name is Rachel and people often spell it gets annoying. but i love the name'so much-wouldn't want to be called anything else!!!

5/20/2022 8:01:48 AM

Rachael is less common...people do pronounce it wrong when'they know how It's spelled.

5/17/2022 10:29:24 AM

Rachel seems like a cool name.....inter'sting meaning though. Any othe's beside ewe?

5/12/2022 3:12:00 PM

I like this name, its popualr but not so popular that when someone calls their name all girls turn around (like me, name Hannah), It's modern and sweet. Love it! x

5/9/2022 11:15:18 AM

My name is Rachel and I love it! The only thing that I disliked about it was in school, everyone would spell it wrong. On my report cards they would spell it 'Rachael' or 'Racheal', never RACHEL! I have actually only met one other Rachel before, but everyone says It's a pretty common name!!!

5/8/2022 8:36:54 PM

Hey, that post levaes me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!

5/8/2022 5:58:30 AM

I'm dutch and my name is Rachıl! people call me raggele, ragel rachel everything but the right call.. But.. jeahh i like my name also!

5/5/2022 1:55:30 PM

My name is Rachel, and I REALLY, REALLY like my name. I have never been'teased or anything like that for being named "Rachel". I am nicknamed "Rach". Besides, Rachel means both "little lamb"/"ewe" and "pure". Be proud of your name, even if It's really popular!! :-D

4/29/2022 7:45:36 PM

I'm called Rachel and I'm best friends with a girl called Rachael. We always get mixed up!

4/18/2022 12:06:36 AM

I love my name. I think It's very pretty. It doesn't bother me that it is common. It does bother me when people pronounce it wrong. My name is not (roe-shell)! Other than that, I think It'suits me and I wouldn't change it for the world.

4/17/2022 7:32:06 PM

Rachel(my name) is the most effing awesome name in the entire universe, and how people spell it wrong (Rachael, Racheal, Raychel, Rachell, Rechel, Rachal, Rachle). R-A-C-H-E-L !!! Anyways, Have a nice DAY!

4/16/2022 6:56:06 AM

My name is Rachel and I love it!! It is easy to pronounce. It is simple and beautiful. :D

4/12/2022 7:40:12 PM

My name is spelled R-A-C-H-E-L and it get's annoying how most people think It's spelled with an extra "a," like R-A-C-H-A-E-L. I like the more simple and straight-forward way of spelling it, but I wish other people wouldn't think it was spelled with 2 A's!!!

4/3/2022 9:33:36 PM

my names Rachael and I love the different spelling. I never get confused with anyone (but it takes people a few goes to spell it right) :)

4/3/2022 8:45:00 AM

My mom chose to spell my name "RaEchel" and I love it. There actually are very few who spell there name this way. I like to joke around and say that it is phonetically correct. But I think Rachel is a beautiful name, very elegant.

3/29/2022 7:51:54 PM

Where did all the other Hallies come from? I have only met two other Hallies in my life. Hallie is a family name & I was named after a great aunt. If someone mispronounces my name I just say "like Halle Berry"! Works every time!

3/27/2022 12:09:18 AM

i know someone named Rachel she my friend she goes to school with me all the time.

3/18/2022 5:36:00 PM

i love my name'so much. but i only hate when boys in my class call me "Rachu" which sounds like "rae-chu" or like they sneezed while saying my name.

3/13/2022 3:54:18 PM

I love my name! But so many people misspell it TT_TT It's not Rachael! Why do people even'think there is an extra "a" in Rachel? In my opinion the extra "a" is stupid. There is NO point of it.They even spelled my name like that(Rachael)Burlington County Times!!!(A newspaper)I like the'sound of Rachel too :) Sometimes people call me "Hell" like my personality, because the last three letters of my name'spell "Hel". Overall, I like my name n_n

3/9/2022 2:00:00 PM

My name is Rachel and I think it fits my personality perfectly! I love it. My Friends call me Ray for short. that name has really stuck with me and I really enjoy being called it. People tend to call me Rachelle a lot of the time. but I'm ok with that. Because I have a friend named Rachelle and she is amazing!!!

3/9/2022 4:51:00 AM

my name is spelt Rachell so nobody ever'spells it right i dont anyone else with this spelling has anyone else come across it?

3/8/2022 11:21:36 PM

My name is rachel and i really like it because people always tell me that it is a very pretty name!!And i am named after my great grandma her name was rachel annita and mine is rachel ann..:)

3/7/2022 6:04:48 PM

My name is Rachel too!! I like it because it comes from the woman in the Bible who is named Rachel. Her husband worked 14 years just to marry her because she was so beautiful and he loved her'so much! That is such an awesome story. Gig' em Aggies!

2/18/2022 5:04:30 PM

Just look at how many people hav made comments! so many people are called Rachel Its ubleveable

2/16/2022 1:01:30 AM

My names RACHEL YVONNE..I love my name I write it everywhere because I love It'some much some call me "Kreks" (ALI BAIN) Yea I'd have to say people spell my name wrong all the time the put the extra "a" at the end it doesnt bother me much. I only know a few other "Rache's" and thats probably one of the reason why I love my name because not alot of other people have it.

2/14/2022 6:49:48 PM

I think It's just too popular. In high school I had 7 girls named rachel in one of my classes, had to go by last names, my last name was pretty embarrasing too(Pease). I hated it!

2/12/2022 3:35:24 PM

I love my name rachel its great its really me!! Im named atfer my GranMa(passed away *tear*) but sometimes i dont like it because of school and how my (stupid0teache's spell it!

2/7/2022 9:12:54 PM

On occasion have had Rachel spelt as Rachael, know a few othe's with this name but are all the'same age as me so must have been a very popular name in 1997. Love this name'so much

1/13/2022 5:25:12 AM

I Love my name rachel. Idont like itspelled any other way!

1/7/2022 3:01:12 AM

My name is Rachel, and I HATE IT! What is wrong with you guys?!

1/5/2022 8:55:48 AM

my name is also rachael, and yes It's spelt with the'second "a". i love my name and its unusual spelling, but i get really annoyed when people spell it wrong (Rachel). i totaly love my name and wouldnt give it up for the world!

12/23/2021 11:39:36 AM

My name is Rachel and i love it!! but despite being the'simple spelling out of two (Rachael) people usually spell it with the extra A which annoys me, as that version of the name is imo not as common. Also it will never get old. If i ever have a daughter i'd deffinelty consider giving her Rachel as a middle name. People also call me Rachee or Rachie.. which ever lol, and Rach (thats probably the one i get called the most)

12/22/2021 2:36:54 PM

I am called Rachel. People often spell it with an extra 'a' like Rachael. But there is no need for the extra 'a' really I don't think! The correct way to say this name is 'Ray-chull'. Average people who I'meet nowadays are called Rachel.. but mostly with different spellings. :)

12/16/2021 8:27:00 PM

My namw, obviously, is Rachel, and I really like it. It'sounds pretty and intelligent, both of which I would love to be, and it is common enough to escape mispronunciation, but everyone spells it "Rachael". However, one time, my blind old teacher did call me Richard... Ewww. I'm not a guy.

12/14/2021 5:18:54 AM

My name's Rachel, Im named after my granny and thats great because It'siuts both of us... the name Rachel suits kids and adults... and its something we have in common... An AWESOME name!!

12/8/2021 9:19:12 AM

rachel yea my name is rachel my best friend named me o diss

12/8/2021 5:39:36 AM

am rachel. i love my name'so much, its so simple and very beautiful. i hate when people spell my name as rachael, i love It'simple.

12/6/2021 2:18:54 PM

Hi, my name is also Rachel and i also get called Rebecca(uggh- soo annoying) i like my name because It'suits me and it is original but different. It's pretty common at my skool, but i don't mind because It'suits me better than any 1 else (lol) its a good name because It'suits alot of personality trates so It'suits alot of different people.

11/27/2021 6:57:00 PM

My first and middle names are Rachel Zoey. I love my names and when people ask for my name I love to give them my full name, but I absolutely can't stand when people spell it Rachael Zoe. It just bugs me. Plus, my mom has a very strong accent, which i do not ahve, so she pronounces it Rachle sometimes or Rache-e-lee. Iget nicknames like Rachee, Rach, Ray-ray and things like that.

11/22/2021 8:06:18 AM

my name is rachel and most people either'spell it wrong or spell it wrong too, alot of people spell it with an extra e or a or either pronounce my name as RACHELLE.

11/19/2021 10:27:36 PM

There's this cute guy at my school named Sergio. <3 he's light skinned and has the most gorgeous blue-green eyes. he's so umphh <3

11/17/2021 9:09:18 AM

My name is Rachel and i love it! and people call me rach for short which is cool ? and i really hate it when people spell it as rachael cause the original is much better

11/14/2021 2:27:54 AM

I don't like this name because it doesn't sound that pretty and it is choppy. I don't like it.

11/12/2021 4:42:54 AM

My first name is Rachel, and I absolutely adore it! Many people do add an extra A, but I don't mind. I am occasionally called Richelle, but I don't mind that either. No one else in my school is named Rachel, and I doubt anyone in my town is. I recently found out that besides just the meaning of ewe, or lamb/sheep, it also means "innocence and gentility of a rose". I love my name!

11/10/2021 4:13:12 AM

my names Rachel too i think its so pretty, and i hate the'spelling with two "a's" sorry.

10/29/2021 9:22:48 PM

My name is Rachel and since I was born in the early 70's I found that growing up I was the only one in all my classes with my name. There were very few people with my name and that'set me apart, which felt great. It's a strong name that has history behind it. I enjoy my name and I also wouldn't change it, It'suits me!!

10/29/2021 2:58:30 PM

I haven't meant anyone who has the nachel and that's good because that means It's not too popular. I LOVE this name, and want to change my name from Julie to Rachel. I don't like my name, especially the original (Julia). It doesn't suit me at all and I don't like the'sound of it. It's too harsh, while Rachel is so soft and easy to pronounce. I like it better how it is pronounced in Ukrainian (rrah-HEEL). It'sounds so exotic and unique. I know at least 10 other Julie's and it is so annoying. Way over'sed.

10/26/2021 6:27:18 AM

my name is Rachel and I love having it. People spell it wrong or think I'm Jewish. I have a Christian background and I think my parents just liked the name.

10/23/2021 12:34:30 PM

my name is rachel and i like it, but its soooo popular. I think id like it more if there were fewer girls called rachel, but if its pretty then It's gonna be popular. Id rather have a pretty popular name than a rare terrible one that you can't pronounce. Rachel comes from biblical times, she was Laban's most beautiful daughter and Jacob had to work 14 years to marry her. To all rache's out there, be proud!!

10/7/2021 8:30:36 PM

This is my daughters name, and yes it is a type of french liquor, but it is also the name of a type of breeze that blows through the carribean in the'spring. I thought it was so beautiful i named my daughter that ( Ali for short ). She loves her name and so do I. She is now 7.

9/25/2021 10:13:12 AM

I realized that every girl on tv shows and movies is named rachel, must be a very prestigious name

9/10/2021 7:46:30 PM

I am a Rachel my friend Josh doesnt like my name but I say it is super cool GOOOOO RACHEL!

9/10/2021 2:17:06 PM

They spell my name wrong.... and i cut myself. and i think that if one more person mispronounces my name wrong... i'll jump off a moving train.

8/23/2021 11:33:18 PM

My name is Rachael. Yes, I have the'second "a" which apparently is highly hated. Growing up, I knew at least 7 Rachel's so I was always glad to have the different spelling. I don't hate the other ways, but my spelling fits me.

8/21/2021 11:58:30 PM

my husband calls me Razhell and my ex spelled it Raychill

8/12/2021 2:53:06 PM

My name is Rachel and I get called Rebecca!!! by some people, why is this? My mum used to call me Rachel the ratbag. I like my name, it is me and I'm the only one I know. I love that It's roots are Hebrew, it makes it kind of regal!!

8/12/2021 7:33:54 AM

my name is Rachel. I didnt know so many people have the name Rachel. I rekon its and awesome name and will last for eva!

8/1/2021 8:57:36 AM

Rachel is my name - it drives me insane when people spell it Rachael though. It'sounds horrible when said in hebrew! Haven't yet met a Rachel I didn't like !

7/31/2021 9:03:54 PM

hI'my name is rachel too. i got my name because my grandma didint like it, bit i love it! Most people spell my name like this; racheal, i hare it when people do that

7/28/2021 1:33:54 AM

I know a lot of Rache's and it just so happens to be that one of my best friends name is Rachel and i had known her'since kindergarten. My brothe's and cousins always call me Ra shel or some other way you can say Rachel,and my neighbor always spelt my name Rachael, but i slitll love my name.

7/25/2021 3:00:18 PM

My name is Rachel and I like it. Everyone spells it with an "ael" though. I think they try to spell it like Michael. There was only one other Rachel in town.

7/23/2021 9:01:12 AM

No one in my class gives a care about my name but still all of you who think a Rachel is a horrible person: stop it! Slap yourself across the face for even'thinking that. Not all people named Rachel and high-class, stuck-up, rich snobs. Especially not me. I am timid and I am shy. I'm not sure if I like my name or not but I will defend othe's named Rachel. Bad experiences? Stop thinking all of us are horrible people. We're not! i've been'told many times that I'm: "horrible" or "bad news." It just Isn't true. i've been able to keep pushing myself forward because of God's love for me.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Rachel?
The origin of the name Rachel is Hebrew.
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Almost 568000 people are named Rachel.
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The names of Ravi, Sevanna