Raquel Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \r(a)-quel\
Number in U.S 👶 49,000
Rate in 2021 1730
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Spanish

Meaning of Raquel

"Raquel" is a popular name for girls that has Spanish origin. Meaning of the name Raquel is: "Innocent".

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Comments on the name Raquel
9/26/2022 5:06:12 PM

I absolutely LOVE my name Raquel my friends call me Rachel Rache and Rockaleta I don't mind the nicknames but I LOVE my name It's awesome

9/23/2022 11:16:20 PM

HI'my name is raquel and i love it. it is so so cool i get really angry when someone pronounces my name rong. neally every one loves my name because they think it is beautiful and so do i.

9/21/2022 8:25:46 PM

My name is Rakel, which is actually a norwegian/scandanavian version of Rachel, and everyone thinks my name is Raquel! I feel like the only person in the world named Rakel, haha. But I was doing some research and It's on a lot of baby name pages now...

9/11/2022 7:58:44 AM

Aww i love this name!! Wish i was named Raquel!! Mebbe i'll name my kid :)

9/8/2022 11:33:08 PM

My name is Raquel and I really love the name. As someone said the name'sound lovely but with a bite to show we're strong as well. And yes throughout all my time in school the teache's constantly called me Rachel. It didn't bother me too much but sometimes I wodnered how they could not see it was clearly NOT Rachel. I was grateful when one or two of the teache's pronounced it right! I don't care though It's kind of fun these days correcting those teache's lol.

9/6/2022 10:46:00 PM

Spelt: Raquel Prounounced Ra-kel Usually mistaken for Rachel or Rochelle. Never met or known of any one with this name. Usually mispelt as Racquel

8/23/2022 4:26:42 PM

my name is also raquel. i love it, i think its completely unique and a nice alternative to rachel. sometimes i feel like my name doesnt fit me because (not to be racist) but i am not Hispanic or of African decent. I'm a short, white girl but i love my name anyway! i have tons of nicknames too, the most common being "rocky". Sometimes i feel like girls name raquel are a little trashy, or thats what theyre stereotype is. Me personally i am not trashy at all and i like to think of myself and a nice respectable young lady.

8/22/2022 11:09:54 AM

lol yeah people are always saying "Rachel"and im like how do you get Rachel if It's spelled Raquel but for the most part people usually get it right people will just call me Rockell lol or the rockster lol wired i know but the only person that really matters how they say my name is my BF lol cause if not there will be problems lol no jk but i love my name as well were just UNIQUE ;)

8/22/2022 6:35:24 AM

My name is Raquel! People normally say my name like Ra-k-well But It's pronounced like Ra-kell. I wonder why....

8/14/2022 7:21:18 AM

My name, or as I sometimes spell it for funnies, "Ruhkel." i've been called Raqui, Kel, Quelly, Roxi, Rack, Rockwell, Rakwel, Ricky, Rafiki, Raquelina, Raquelly, R. Kelly, etc. i've also been called Rachel, Rochelle, and Roxanne, which is tiresome. And the pronunciation "Rackell" doesn't work for me. "Raw-kel" is acceptable but I prefer "Ruh-kel." I love my unique name but in Las Vegas there are a lot of us! I liked being the only one in my hometown ;)

7/31/2022 2:03:36 AM

My name is Raquel!!! LOVE IT!!! No one has my name around me, that i know of. People call me quel, rocky, rock and rackell. I also hate it when people call me Rachael, there is a Q in my name people.

7/30/2022 1:15:00 PM

my name is raquel , but i havent been called raquel in so long, i go by Kelly. just recently ive been'thinking of going back to raquel because ive come to appreciate that name, but everyone around me knows me as kelly and i even forget that my true name is raquel~ --good name though

7/18/2022 5:36:00 PM

well it is my name but It's spelled differently. Rhaquel with an "h", It's silent, so It'should be pronounced as the normal raquel. when i tell people what my name is for the first time they have no idea how to spell it.

6/20/2022 12:36:18 AM

My names Raquel and I luv it. Alot of people always spell it incorrectly or mispronounce it but over all it is so AWESOMENESS. I hav a couple of nicknames, like Raq, Raccoon, Racquet, Raquellie and Raqster

6/15/2022 8:58:30 AM

Im a Raquel! And people always miss spell my name -.-,I don't like my name cause its like idk weird :/ i've met some raquels like 2...

6/8/2022 10:26:42 AM

My name is Raquel as well! Most people look at my name and go Rachel? Its annoying! But I love my name. People often call me Rakewll because they cant say my name. Although I am not named after Raquel welsh. My dads name is Rocky, so my mom named me Raquel.

5/20/2022 6:05:42 PM

HI'my name is Raquel.I love my name.It is a rare name & usually no one is heard of this.All Raquel's r very beautiful & lovable.My sister is Rachel n she is jealous of my name'such a wonderful name n i always thank my parents for this name.

5/17/2022 11:18:00 PM

i love the name raquel! but what is the correct pronunciation? is it rah-qoo-el?

5/16/2022 5:12:36 AM

hey my name's raquel! i go to a french school and people are always pronouncing it "rockell." i don't hate my name though and i never will. i love writing it because i think It's awesome having Q's in your name. i get used to people saying my name wrong, i just laugh.

5/5/2022 4:40:12 PM name is Raquel also. People pronounce the qu like a k..but i don't mind. But some people pronounce it like Rachel. How in the world can you watch qu and pronounce it like ch. Some of my teache's do that when'they call my name. I don't answer cause my name's Raquel not rachel..hehehe. Some people spell it wrong Rachel or Racquel. Only once have i seen somebody spell my name correctly and i didn't have to tell them how. Still love my name though :)

4/26/2022 8:23:24 PM

my name is Rquel (rah KELL)people usually spell it Rachel.

4/19/2022 10:46:30 PM

My name is Raquel and alot of people call me Rachel and I hate It'so much becuase that is not my name.

3/26/2022 9:30:54 AM

im sorry but my daughters called rachel which i love, and people try to be funny and say hows raquel, it really bugs me. lets rache's be rache's and raquels be raquels, surely its not that difficult people!!!

3/14/2022 1:51:54 PM

well my names alisha and i rok lanas the bomb and meaghans awesome im 14 and from bendigo i luv my names i hate skool specially the googled eyed 1 hehe!! k luv yas frends mwaa xoxoxoxo

3/1/2022 6:31:48 AM

my name is racquel and i hate when people call me rachel but i have lots of nicknames like rockstar kelly rocket rachel racquie and lots of stuff but one thing i dont like is i cant get my name on keychains BUT TO ALL RACQUELS LETS KICK SOME BUT AND RULE

2/28/2022 9:22:48 PM


2/25/2022 4:37:30 AM

Hello to my fellow Raquel's don't we just have the best name in the world. It's nice to have a different name. However I hate it when people call me Rachel. I'mean, really, how can you get Rachel out of Raquel. I love my name and wished people would take the time to get it right. It's not really that hard.

2/12/2022 8:16:12 AM

I love my name but not always. Im adopted and since I was 7 years old my grandparents told me I should use my full name because it was beautiful and respectful. I been called Rockie and I asked my birth mother why and she'said cause I came out with fists. Um HELLO!!!,All kids did but I do LOVE my name and it is very beautiful but one pet peeve is people pronouncing it Rachel for over half my life!!! Thank you to our great nation for teaching the "smart ones"

2/11/2022 6:39:00 AM

I love my name and yes I have the problem where people like to cut it down to Rachel which annoys me and my mom. Since my name is Raquel,if people can't pronunce it. I have them call me Kel or Kels.

2/5/2022 6:04:48 AM

Love it! I am Spanish so It'suits me! People always say Rachel or Rachelle though! My nicknames are Rocky, Raquellie, Kel, Rockalita. I love my name but I had to come up with a stage name at the'salon I work at because there is a "Rochelle" in my department...I go by Roxie!

1/11/2022 2:59:24 PM

i love having the name Raquel. It's very rare in Australia.It's unique/means beautiful and is a biblical name.

12/22/2021 8:06:18 PM

My name is Raquel and it is pronounced as it is spelled. But sometimes teache's say rachel or raw-qwell or something really weird. I love my name I am the only one at my school with that name. but I know like two other people with my name. I love it I dont mind sharing my name because all Raquel's are usually nice, pretty and cool. Well atleast I am. Well got love for all the other Raquels out there we rock the place, life of the party.

12/22/2021 5:21:36 PM

This is my name and people always ask me what it is short for...GRR! It Isn't short for anything, my name is KATE!

10/28/2021 4:06:00 PM

We named our second son Abram, he is now 5 months old. We preferred Abram to Abraham. He does get called Abe for short.

10/20/2021 6:48:00 AM

I know the feeling of every one who has commented. My name is Raquel too. I get called everthing in the book as well, but I just correct them with a smile. I always receive compliments on how pretty my name is. I have only met one other person that'shares my name and that was back in high school. I guess I am grateful of my parents who picked my name for me. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

10/10/2021 9:42:36 PM

Hi.. my name is Raquel and i think that this name is amazing!!! Except for the fact that everbody pronounces it wrong... the pronounce it like : ra-kel or rak-el but i like it to be pronounced like raquel haha i live in a very small town and there is only about 3 people with the name

9/30/2021 9:58:48 PM

My name is Raquel and I love it.I live in australia so its a very rare name. Its unique,means beautiful and is in the bible

9/12/2021 4:36:36 PM

My name is Raquel also! I just recently started to really like my name. I find alot of my inspiration from Raquel Reed he'self.

9/11/2021 2:10:48 AM

My Name is Raquel, and I love my name. Im my opinion the traditional spelling is the best... no useless letters added.

9/8/2021 9:06:36 PM

My name is also Racquel and I love my name & the'spelling !I love the nicknames Rocky Rocquelita Rockwell & Rockelini but I hate when called Rachel!everybody thinks im a white girl & i get so annoyed!then my name gives it away that ima Latina :)

8/8/2021 1:05:06 AM

My name is Rachael. People call me Rachael. In spanish class people call me Raquel... so that counts i guess! :)

8/6/2021 10:33:00 PM

Hello, my name is Racquel. It's pronounced Rah-kel. Each year, at the'start of a new school year, my teacher's call me Rachel. Seriosly, does it even look like Rachel!! My mom calls me Kelly, because of the Kel sound at the end. I love my name, It's really pretty. So to all them peoples who don't like it, get a life!! Stop hatin'!! Well, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for listening!(or reading;)!

7/24/2021 5:09:00 AM

my name is Raquel.. and yes many people do NOT know how to say it right.. they usually pronounce it raw-kel... its really not that hard... n many people think its spelled.. racquel.. or rakel.. or rackel... lol.. wats up wit that?

7/12/2021 1:09:36 PM

We are naming our first baby boy Leopold. We love the nickname Leo, but did not like leonardo at all. When we saw this, it was perfect!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Raquel?
The origin of the name Raquel is Spanish.
*️⃣ How many people are named Raquel?
Almost 49000 people are named Raquel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Raquel?
The names of Ransom, Ransome, Renesmae, Renesme