Ryder meaning

: Horseman, Rider

Ryder Name Information

Gender πŸ§‘ Boy
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \ry-dur\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 49,000
Rate in 2021 174
Numerology πŸ”’ 7
Name origin 🌍 English
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Ryder Name Meaning

The name β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ is a gender neutral name, this is originally an English name uses in different English speaking countries. This name means β€˜β€™ Knight β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ Mounted Warrior β€˜β€™. The old English version of this name means β€˜β€™ Horseman β€˜β€™ and the English form means β€˜β€™ Cavalrymen or messenger β€˜β€™. This has been used as a surname for decades but in the 20th , century it became a common given name. The name β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ is derived from the Old English rider, meaning β€˜β€™ mounted warrior β€˜β€™.Β 


Cool Info About Name Ryder

Additional name description Ryder
Additional name description Ryder

The popularity of the name Ryder

According to the data given by different researchers, β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ has been popular, breaking the top 100 in 2014, and toggling between the top 110 in the last decade. Also, this name is 36th most popular name on one of the reliable resources. Also in the last 5 years β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ was at its peak popularity.

This name was first used as a surname before gaining popularity as a given name. There are some namesakes that have an effect on this name’s popularity, such as β€˜β€™ Ryder Windham β€˜β€™ a novelist, and β€˜β€™ Ryder Smith β€˜β€™ a well-known actor. In 2004, β€˜β€™ Kata Hudson β€˜β€™ chose this name for her son and after that β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ has been a popular choice among people, especially among celebrities.


Famous people named Ryder

β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ for their children, such as β€˜β€™ Chris Robinson β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ Kate Hudson β€˜β€™.

There are some famous peoples that β€˜β€™ Ryder β€˜β€™ is used as their surnames, such as β€˜β€™ Albert Pinkham Ryder ( 1847 – 1917 ) who was an American painter, β€˜β€™ Alfred Ryder β€˜β€™ ( 1916 – 1995 ) who was an American actor, but we should consider that his main name was β€˜β€™ Alfred Jacob Corn β€˜β€™ and for the last one β€˜β€™ Charles W. Ryder β€˜β€™ ( 1877 – 1938 ) army general of the United States.

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Comments on the name Ryder
01/08/2024 04:24:38

My son was born in Sept. 2004 during Hurricane Ivan we were evacuated from the hospital and he did very well in the 24hr car ride and thus his name came to us Ryder Kane and he fits him well he is a little Rockstar!!

12/15/2023 13:29:56

I named my son Ryder. I Love it I think its very unique and simple, his dad also rides dirt bikes! Most people either really like it or say "thats interesting".LOL

10/31/2023 14:02:42

i herd this name the frist time at a daycare i work at and i just fell in love with this name and if i have a little boy i would just love to name him ryder i think its a wounderfull uneqie name

07/13/2023 19:55:08

Growing up with a unique name my kids had to have one too. I fell in love with this name when I first had heard it about 10 years ago. Not knowing if I would have another boy I chose Ryder. We do get teased a lot for this name. Hubby is a Golf Course superintendent at a golf course that hosted the Ryder Cup championship recently. Everyone assumes our son was named Ryder after the Ryder Cup but that isn't the case.

06/29/2023 18:14:26

wow.i wouldve never thought ryder was a very common name.i also named my baby boy ryder,which fits so well.he loves any toy that he can get on and ride on and hes just in love with horses.

06/25/2023 19:18:52

I like this name... im thinking bout naming my son Ryder Joel

05/31/2023 00:05:26

me and my hubby wanna name our soon to arrive son Ryder but we aren't sure. what do you think❀️❀️ its out of Ryder or Chase and Christian❀️❀️ i would like your opinion.

05/28/2023 10:04:48

I named my son Ryder Joel. Love the name and it fits him perfectly! He is 5 months old today. Love calling him Ry for short. Andriana did you end up naming your son Ryder Joel❀️

04/25/2023 18:51:58

I named my son this because I love the fact it's different. Plus I've been riding horses since I learned to walk, so it fits. I did give him 2 middle family names since that's tradition, but I wanted him to have something uniquely his. His brother is Garrett John-David.

12/18/2022 04:09:04

I love this name, just wondering what nicknames you use with it!!:)

12/03/2022 21:28:36

Ryder is my middle name, received almost 33 years ago in 1975, because my parents knew a guy whose name was Ricky Ryder and thought it sounded neat. I've never seen it on a list of baby names before today. Folks who know my middle name probably assume it's after the moving trucks. B^P

12/03/2022 18:49:54

I named my son Ryder 14 months ago, love it love it love it!!!!!!!

10/23/2022 22:25:06

My son's name is Ryder. I love it! It is fun to say and fits my son well. I picked this name as his father is passionate about riding dirt bikes. he has a half brother and sister Chance and Peyton and now we are searching for a new Unique name for our son we are expecting in March

09/07/2021 19:29:24

My sons name is Ryder Christian, hes a very fun-loving kid, he's almost 3 and the name just suits him so well, everyone agees

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Ryder FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ryder?
The origin of the name Ryder is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ryder?
Horseman, Rider
*️⃣ How many people are named Ryder?
Almost 49000 people are named Ryder.