Sadie Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(a)-die\
Number in U.S 👶 129,000
Rate in 2021 200
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Meaning of Sadie

The name “ Sadie “ has 2 origins, one of them is “ English “ and the other one is “ Hebrew “.

 “ Sadie “ is a girl’s name and it has two different meanings, the name means “ princess “ or “ lady “. Also another form of the given name is “ Sarah “ which is very popular in different areas. The name “ Sadie “ is a 2 syllable name, so it is easy to be pronounced.

This name has been used in “ Turkey “. This name means “ Unknown “ in Turkish language.

If you are considering “ Sadie “ as your baby name, you can also consider “ Sadi “ , “ Sara “ , “ Sarri “ , “ Sary “ , “ Sadiza “ , “ Sade “ and “ Sarine “, but you should notice that the name mentioned are for girls, “ Sadi “ and “ Sady “ can be selected as boy’s name.

The given name has been popular for a long time. Although “ Sadie “ was among the 100 top names, but it lost popularity in the las few years. However, it has been the 4th most popular name based on the different researches. Also the name was at its peak popularity in the year 2019.

The name “ Sadie “ has been used as a nickname for the name “ Sarah “. After some years people considered this name as a given name and not only a nickname for another name !

Some namesakes have influenced this name’s popularity in a positive way, for example some famous characters have named their babies “ Sadie “ !

If you are considering the name “ Sadie “ for your baby, you could consider nicknames for “ Sadie “ as well. Possible nicknames for the name “ Sadie “ are “ Sade “ , “ Sades “ and “ Say-Say “.

There are some parents that consider famous people named what their baby is going to be named ! There is a list of famous people named “ Sadie “.

“ Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander “   who is a civil rights activist. She was born in the year 1898. “ Sadie Plant “ who is a culture theorist born in the year 1964. “ Sadie Grant pack “ who is a consoler born in 1877. ‘’ Sadie Sink ‘’ who is a TV actress born in the year 2002. She is known for the roles she have played on an American show. ‘’ Sadie Robertson ‘’ who is a reality star born in the year 1997. It good to known that she has not done anything special ! She is known for being the daughter of a famous person named ‘’ Willie Robertson ‘’.  

The names mentionedinfluenced Sadie’s popularity positively and also they helped the name to be considered as a possible name for families in the name selection process.

Also if you are searching names for Sadie’s siblings, you can find the best name for her brothers or sisters, such as ‘’ Acel ‘’ which is originally English, ‘’ Acelet ‘’ which has two different origins, English and Indian. ‘’ Adney ‘’ which is originally English. You have to consider that the names here has been used for boys all around the globe. It means that if you are planning for Sadie’s brothers you can find the most suitable one for him !

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Comments on the name Sadie
9/30/2022 12:12:32 PM

I have always liked the name'sadie. My friend's mom called her'sadie as a nickname for Sarah..a little strange, but it has stuck with me ever'since. I am expecting and may use the name'sadie Kate if we have a girl!

9/26/2022 12:38:44 AM

One of my twin daughters is called Sadie and the name fits her perfectly - she is coming up 7 and is the very best princess in the whole world - sexy sadie, sadie the cleaning lady, naturally sadie, sadie the'saxaphone fairy - the name is taking on a life of its own and we just hope it doesn't become too popular. The name just rocks!

9/22/2022 7:35:50 AM

This is my computer partners name. We confuse him a lot with the Leo in front of us. Too common, I liked it until I'met him. Words from a real LI'm "The letter to syllable ratio is important." Don't name ur child LI'm, or maybe just wait a couple years before getting pregnant. You can wait, and it'll make it all the better.

9/20/2022 1:51:54 PM

i looove the name Sadie Hazel for a little girl!

9/20/2022 11:48:28 AM

Had our first baby in April and we named her'sadie Rose. My name is Sarah, so It's kind of a derivation of my name, but It's so much more unique. We get TONS of compliments on the name, and I love the originality of the name without it being so weird that nobody knows how to pronounce/ spell it. I never meet anyone who is a Sadie, only people who know somebody who knows somebody named Sadie. She's our perfect little Sadie bug!

9/18/2022 9:33:10 AM

My Name Is Sadie Rose Lynn :) I Alwways Liked My Name, Becuase it means ''Princess.'' Probably why my dad calls me princess. xxx <333

9/18/2022 3:05:14 AM

My name is sadie, people always comment on how nice my name is, love having a unique name.

9/17/2022 11:30:40 AM

My beautiful daughter is called Sadie It's unique and not over'sed. It has a certain mystique to it. It's lovely

9/15/2022 1:01:38 AM

My name is Sadie and I LOOOOVE my name! It's awesome!

9/10/2022 11:59:40 AM

MY NAME IS SADIE usually I'm called saddimyladdis or Sadie my lady or saddis or sad die!!! Because the way It's spelled when people say SADIE I say dee (say-dee)

9/7/2022 4:38:40 AM

i have a turtle named Sadie and it fits her really well. i call her'sades<3

9/5/2022 12:37:34 AM

My name is Sadie(Sadie Beth), I was born in 1997 so there wasnt many with my name around at that time. I really like my name'since not many people of my own age have it, I come across more animals with my name to be honest! although being a huge animal lover I love the fact I share my name with animals as they are better company than some people most of the time ;)

9/4/2022 11:44:40 PM

My name is Sadie, and I love It'so much that I have a cat named Sades and a dog called Sadie-Sadie! I also have a bird named Saiti and a bunnyrabbit called Sadie Lee.

8/27/2022 12:57:54 AM

My daughter is named Sayde Daniele we absolutely love her name and she does as well!

7/21/2022 2:19:48 AM

my name is Saddie too. i really my like name. even'though im call sad die because of the'spelling of my name.

7/19/2022 8:14:24 AM

My name is Sadie and I'm glad I have that name. My brothe's helped pick my name.

7/16/2022 9:40:48 PM

my daughter's name is sadie, we get so many compliments. i would hate for it to become popular again, that's almost upsetting to even'think about.

7/16/2022 1:26:42 PM

i've loved the name'sadie, since I heard the R. Kelley song "Sweet Sadie"...I only hope it doesn't continue to rise in popularity.

7/14/2022 12:02:06 PM

I just think "sexy sadie" which rings strange to me for a little girl..

7/9/2022 7:29:24 PM

Sadie is definitely a DOG'S name! Too many people have dogs named this! Do not do it to your child!

7/7/2022 8:49:30 PM

my name is sadie and i love it please people i like the uniqueness don't name your dogs/cats/kids sadie!

6/28/2022 5:13:30 PM

my daughter was born a month ago and i named her'sadie marie. she is named after a song. i love the name, but my boyfriend still thinks It's a dogs name :o/ my son's name is keegan so it was hard to think of something that went with that.

6/27/2022 1:52:48 AM

My daughter's name is Sadie Jean. We also call her "Sadie Sue", "Sade", and "Sades". My husband liked the name'sadie and I didn't until I wrote it down. Then I thought it was really cute. Lately, we are running into a lot of babies with the name'sadie. Until just about two years ago we hadn't met anyone else named Sadie...except for numerous dogs.

5/29/2022 3:23:42 AM

I think it is beautiful! sadie is my name and I LOVE it

5/23/2022 5:34:12 AM

Sadie sounds lovely to me, mostly because It'sounds fresh. But if it were revived and became a more common name again, I think it it would lose some of It's charm.

4/27/2022 4:37:30 AM

We just found out It's a boy and will be naming him Gage Alan :) i actually got his name from Dee Sniders movie "strange land" (It's actually the cops name) But i also ilked it b/c of Stephen king! :)

4/17/2022 11:11:42 PM

My name is Sadie. I absolutely love it. No one really has the name'sadie, except everyone on here hahaha. Uhm its adorable. Adam Sandler named his daughter'sadie. HECK YA :D and i do get alot of people saying thats a dog name, its quite annoying. but i love my name, its original. Sadie Brooke :)

4/13/2022 4:42:54 PM

My name is Sadie Natalia and I am 11 years old. I like my name because it means Princess and it is very unique. My mom combined it with Natalia to mean "a Princess at birth." There are not very many Sadies in America. I have only met one other'sadie besides myself. I think I am very lucky to have a special name.

4/12/2022 4:55:30 PM

I love the name and would have another daughter and name her'sadie in a heartbeat.

4/8/2022 1:11:24 PM

I'm naming my daughter'sadiee Lou(: I will have her in 3 weeks or less!:D I love the name, but i love the double e were putting on it! (:

3/16/2022 6:56:06 PM

My name is Sadie,after my great aunt.Its still fairly rare to meet another one!!Glad all these new 'Sadies' are keeping up our good name'so to speak!!

3/10/2022 3:37:12 PM

my name is sadie and people like to spell it with 2 "dd" people pronouse it right all the time they always that that it is a cute name to name'somebody

3/8/2022 6:47:06 PM

My name is Sadie and I love it. I get many smiles from older people because it is an older name and they recall knowing people by that name. I agree that it is an unique and mysterious name. My name is "Sadie" and I don't like it when peopl attach other names to "Sadie" like Sadie-Mae or Sadie-Sue.

2/25/2022 12:51:36 PM

My 2 year old daughter's name is Sadie Jane and everyone loves it! I have a friend who knows someone else who recently had a girl and named her'sadie Grace. So even'though the name is quite rare, she knows 2 Sadies!

2/20/2022 12:11:06 AM

I'm Sadie Elizabeth and I love my name. It's unique and i've only met one other young person with it but I do think It's gaining popularity. The only complaint I have is the one everyone else does: everyone's dog is named sadie

2/19/2022 9:26:24 PM

Hey It's Sadie!! I love my name!! Not that common, I have only met one other and of course some dogs named Sadie. I would highly recommend the name to use. I have had people sing songs to me that have my name in it.

2/6/2022 12:22:48 AM

I think its a lovely name as its good and old fashinoned, yet not over used like some of the older names that have become very popular in recent years

2/3/2022 2:50:24 AM

My name is Sadie Nichole. I love my name, although 80% of people who meet me for the first time, tell me that they have or had a dog name'sadie. lol. I love my name, I am the Princess.

12/9/2021 7:10:30 PM

My name is Sadie some people call me Sandie then I say "NO its Sadie" and I Love the name because my Grandmother's name is also Sadie

12/2/2021 6:55:12 AM

i dont know anyone personally with thhis name, but i love it! im writing a story and Sadie is one of the main characters

11/21/2021 4:39:18 AM

I love the name'sadie. Just because it IS an old name and you very rarely hear people with this name anymore. I hope it remains this way. When I have children, most definitely my firstborn daughter will be named Sadie Alexandria

10/3/2021 6:36:18 PM

My name is Sadie im 24 And I love haveing this name. I like it because its unique among women'these days, and I get compliments on how pretty it is,even had a customer tell me his wife had just had a baby and named her'sadie! But of course everyone has to say "my dog is named Sadie" im sorry but dont refer to me as a dog. There is plenty of animals with human names. And two "Thats an old lady name". Its like really? Just because sadie Isn't used alot, dont bash it. It is a great name,and I wouldn't change it for anything. Beside my boyfriend loves my name. I recommend the Name for newborn girls! :-)

9/25/2021 11:08:06 AM

My name is Sadie Jane Elizabeth, often called "bug". Whenever I tell people my name they oo and awe about it being pretty, or how they've never met a Sadie, but more commonly they will bring up how their dog is named Sadie -.- , this bugs me to no end, I honestly don't care if your dog is named Sadie it just makes it a sexier dog ;) Honestly, I adore my name, It's more unique than most names, I don't know any other'sadies so that's a plus, It's also a good conversation starter. My parents were going to name me Kayla, but the day before I was born my mother was listening to her Beatles album and the'song "Sexy Sadie" came on she fell in love and that's been my name ever'since ^u^.

8/27/2021 2:35:06 AM

Yeh this is my name and I like it. People have a tendancy to call me Natalie though! My name is Natasha! Or Tasha if you prefer. People say it really suits me so that's good!

8/24/2021 1:23:06 AM

My daughter, who is almost 11, is named Sadie after my late great-aunt. I had to laugh at the comment left on January 31: "I love my name!! Not that common, I have only met one other and of course some dogs named Sadie," because just the other day my daughter pointed out to me that the only othe's she knew of named Sadie were dogs and dead people! I pointed out to her that our Aunt Sadie was well-loved in the community, and the little road she lived on has been named Sadie Lane. Long Live the'sadies!!!

8/22/2021 4:26:42 PM

I have always loved the name'sadie. I plan to name my first daughter this...someday haha

8/3/2021 5:47:42 AM

i love my name and it's kinda nice to see other people who either have the same name as me or likes it. my family has different names my father is montgomery thomas, my sister is brea ann, and my brother is corben thomas.

7/30/2021 9:16:30 PM

What's in a name? I am 75 (Feb 28th, 1933) and have attended many schools throughout the world. I experienced being the only girl/woman with the name of "Sadie Mae" I love this name.

7/20/2021 7:42:54 PM

my names sadie and I'm 12 and i never really liked it till i saw this website and i hate It'so so much that when poepl say "hey my dogs named after you " i absolutely hate hate it lol but now i love my name thank you


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sadie?
The origin of the name Sadie is Hebrew.
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Almost 129000 people are named Sadie.
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The names of Stevie, Steve, Indica