Man's Defender

Sandra Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \san-druh\
Number in U.S 👶 877,000
Rate in 2021 2044
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Italian

What is meaning of name Sandra?

"Sandra" is a popular name for girls that has Italian origin. Meaning of the name Sandra is: "Man's Defender".

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Comments on the name Sandra
12/8/2022 11:26:26 PM

HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! First of all, being born in 1981, my parents gave me this name WAY too late. Also, It's pronounced Sondra. I understand when people pronounce it "Sandra" as that IS the way It's spelled, however, PLEASE PLEASE don't make the jump to "Sandy" --- UGH!!!

12/3/2022 11:14:24 PM

My name is Sandra and most people call me by that name. Sandy is my Nick name and I don't mind It either however I hated it when I was under 14. I was born in the early 70s and the name was not common in Australia. Well I don't meet too many people with the name now, however I did come accross a few growing up. Sandra is a great name I can't complain.

12/2/2022 7:19:14 PM

My name is Sandra Jean born in 1968. I go by SandI'most of the time. My closest friends call me SJ or Jeany Professionally I use Sandra J.

10/30/2022 8:10:18 PM

I am 50 yrs old and called Sandra. Being from the'south of England, It's pronounced as Sarndra. I have always thought it a bit plain,so I neither love or hate it. Always preferred my second name Elizabeth. Sandra was very popular in the'sixties when I was born.

10/20/2022 4:29:18 AM

I was named after my Grandmother's best friend who accompanied her via ship from Poland to Ellis Island 1905 at age 16 ( her best friend's name was Alexsandra Polish derivative of Alexandra ) I am very proud I am a survivor of my family who survived the Holocaust I have survived many trials and am still standing! Starting to thrive again

10/17/2022 5:57:18 AM

Hated the name as a child in the 70's and much preferred Sam or Sandy nicknames. Grew on me over time and learned to actually like my name in full, Sandra and preferred it over nicknames. It's San-dra. Do not like the "Sondra/Saundra" pronunciation at all!

9/21/2022 5:11:48 PM

My name is Sandra... I was born in the 80's but people always associate the name with someone much older than me :-P It's always been pronounced SAND-ra (not Sondra) and I go by Sandi for short. I didn't like my name throughout most of the'school years, but now I realize it was much better than getting lost in the crowds of Jessica and Melissa ;-)

9/17/2022 10:37:46 AM

i've had the name for 56 years and I love it. I'm called Sandy which is perfectly fine with me. SANDRA sounds too formal and I am not a formal sort of gal.

9/10/2022 5:17:04 PM

My name is Sandra Beth and I like my name. Was not popular in MA but when I'moved to New Yourk there is one at every corner. Weird I was born in New York but moved after 6 maths old.

9/6/2022 5:25:38 AM

My name is Sandra, but I hate that most people pronounce it as "Saundra" or "Sondra". It's too commona name. =(

8/7/2022 11:27:54 PM

My name is Sandra Sue. I love my name and prefer the more familiar Sandi from friends. In fact, I know I'm in the company of friends when'they address me as Sandi. I think my parents named my first name'sandra after the'sandra Dee that was popular in 1963 and Sue after my father's Aunt Sue. Sandra is a great name.

7/11/2022 9:55:12 AM

Bob, I know that it'd be pissing in the wind, but have you foedarwrd that to them with a note along the lines of your comment?Probably not even worth the electrons to send it there, but I was just wondering.

7/2/2022 1:38:24 PM

THis is my name and i love it it has a little pop in just 3 letters i like it its not unique

5/5/2022 7:31:12 AM

hI'my name is sandra & i like my name It's nice , like name of princesse. i know many girls have the'same name.

4/25/2022 6:52:30 AM

My name is Sandra, which I love, but everybody always assumes I want to be called Sandy, and I don't. I hate that!

4/15/2022 11:36:54 PM

I am Sandra Jean, love my name, go by Sandy. In elementary school, i had a class with 2 other'sandra's, i was Jean all school.

1/13/2022 7:15:00 AM

I'm Sandra Jean. i've always hated my name. I think It'sounds like a complete nerd. I go by Sandi but I hate when doctors and official documents use "Sandra". I'm in my 50's now (my name was popular when I was born) and my name tells everyone I'm grandma age! I hope to legally change It'soon.

1/5/2022 5:09:54 PM

My name is Sandra (pronounced Sand-ra not Sondra), but I go by Sandy which I prefer to be called. I used to hate my name in elementary and high school but now that I'm almost through college I realize that my name Isn't so bad. It's nice to have a name that not a lot of other people have!

12/11/2021 12:21:00 PM

Best name ever i'vented is this SANDRA... I'mean It'stands for what the person is like... BEAUTIFUL...

12/9/2021 1:41:06 PM

My mother is Sandra we call her'sandy. Sandra sounds formal but Sandy sounds cute. We pronounce It'sondra.

7/14/2021 8:58:30 PM

i've only met 2 other girls my age named Sandra... and I'm the only Sandra in my high school of 1200 kids! I love that my name is so original for my age group :) and my whole name is great... Sandra Lee :D I LOVE MY NAME!!!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sandra?
The origin of the name Sandra is Italian.
*️⃣ How many people are named Sandra?
Almost 877000 people are named Sandra.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Sandra?
The names of Saffron, Sophronia, Severin, Seferina, Seferino