Sandra meaning

: Man's Defender

Sandra Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \san-druh\
Number of People 👶 877,000
Rate in 2021 2044
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Italian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Sandra Name Meaning

Sandra is short for Alessandra and means "protector".

Sandra Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Sandra
Additional description of the name Sandra

Sandra is the Italian variant of the name Alejandra (Αλέξανδρη), which is of Greek origin. The word alexios means protector and andros means man, hence its meaning of protector of man.

Cool Info About Name Sandra

Additional name description Sandra
Additional name description Sandra

Diminutives and variations of the name Sandra
Some diminutives of the name Sandra are:
San, Sandy, Sandrita, Sandrine

The name Sandra in other languages
As it is a hypocoristic of Alessandra, This name does not vary in most languages such as Spanish, Italian or French. The only thing that changes is the pronunciation of Sandra and the use of diminutives.

Personality of the name Sandra
As her name says, Sandra is a person feisty and tenacious. Throughout his life, he will face all the challenges that come his way with determination and strength. For this reason, she is a person who constantly sets goals and always tries to improve herself. She is an example that everything can be achieved with confidence.
In turn, Sandra is very protective of her own. She is realistic, generous and has a lot of her own personality. He usually conquers everyone with his charisma and security. Although he is also an emotional and detailed person. Women named Sandra always return a smile to life, no matter how difficult it gets and lacks sufficient support.
Also, Sandra is a talkative and approachable woman. For this reason, she is fun and will always openly tell about her adventures, whatever the field they are. For example, in the workplace, Sandra loves working with people, she likes to feel loved and she will always have the chance to be hired wherever she wants due to her demands and discipline.

Celebrities with the name Sandra
Among the celebrities with the name Sandra, the following stand out:
Sandra Bullock: American film and television actress and producer with an Oscar award.
Sandra Oh: Canadian actress of Canadian descent South Korean star of Killing Eve and Grey's Anatomy.
Sandra Golpe: presenter and director of the Antena 3 newscast.
Sandra Barneda: Spanish journalist, television program presenter and writer.
Sandra Sabates : Spanish journalist and writer, television presenter on El Intermedio. (It appears in the following image)

Saint of Sandra's Day
Saint of Sandra's day is celebrated on March 20.

Numerology of the name Sandra
According to numerology, the number of the name Sandra is 3.

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Comments on the name Sandra
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I was Sandy in high school then switched it in college to Sandra. I get the "Saundra" pronunciations every once in awhile which I think is fun. People do like to default to Sandy. I usually tell them I used that in high school but not now. Sometimes they still ignore that request and use it, not sure why. I was born in 1972 and rarely meet another female with my name, but You're out there. Never asked my parents if there was a Sandra Dee link to the name choice, probably. I'd love to be Alexandra though, It's a very strong and beautiful name. Overall my feeling about the name'sandra is very positive.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My best friend is named Sandra and she is nice but has attitude! We met in second grade in January. We go to school in September but she came in late January as a new student. I say thumbs up!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am named Sandra Jean. I hated my name as a kid because I was the only Sandra in my school. Like a lot of other posters, I hate to be called "Sandy". Sandy is the name of Orphan Annie's dog! My best friend insisted on calling me Sandy, so I let it go, but no one else did. I think It's a great name now. Just don't call me Sondra. That's some misguided effort to make it cross cultural. When compared to all the Kaylas, Brooklyn's and Apples, It's a pretty fine name. Thanks, Mom.

01/11/2024 12:20:54

My name is Sandra, and I LOVE my name!! Just thankful my name Isn't Martha or Annie..

11/29/2023 15:26:36

My name is Sandra Kay. I have always loved my name. I was born in 1960 & see that is in the very time that it was most popular. When I was a child I was called Sandy. When I started to school my daddy encouraged the use of Sandra. I wish I had asked my parents why they chose that name for me!

11/17/2023 03:58:14

My Dad named me ?Sandra Lee?. I was born in 1972. Sandra probably came from Sandra Dee and she resembled my Mom. Lee was after Robert E Lee, very common in the'south. I have always liked it and I like its meaning. Special that my Dad cared enough to name me - it is something about me he liked. Went by Sandi in hs and college. Once working I used Sandra. Have lived in several states. It is a more popular name in the'south where I was born. Has always been pronounced SANDra. Wish it was SONDra because I think It'sounds prettier.

11/11/2023 00:26:18

as a kid my nickname was Sandy, left home at 18, call me Sandra (sand-ra), not Sondra or Saundra, middle name Dee, (how un-original), born 1972; now I embrace my name, uncommon, like me, good strong name. wonder how It'sounds to othe's?

10/13/2023 10:47:44

My name is Sandra and I have always loved it. As a child & teenager I was called Sam, never wanted to be called Sandy. Now I am just Sandra and that's fine with me. There still aren't many Sandra's around. I have young children and never hear the name at the park. I think people should start using the name. Much simpler than the much more popular Alexandra.

10/04/2023 23:43:06

this is my name. i do like it. but whenever'someone new is reading my name they say it wrong. they pronounce it CAT-LYN. as in a cat. but its KATE-LYN. so that gets old after awhile. but i really like the fact that there are millions of caitlins out there, and my name is different.

09/25/2023 08:43:18

my mummy's name is sandra, my pop called her'sandy, I'm naming my son Xander after her :)

09/23/2023 10:52:30

My Gma's name is Sandra. She loves it & is a very joyous person. She also hates to be called Sandy. (she feels it Isn't "hip enough) lol ^_^

09/23/2023 00:35:20

my name is sandra and It's really cool. i hate being called SANDY i preferr SAN. its much better (H)

09/21/2023 23:36:30

I have always liked my name and has served me well over the years. I was born in 1969 and this was a nice fashionable name by then. There was always at least one other'sandra in my class at school. Then I'moved to The Netherlands at age 20 and my name proved to be just as popular, though I have held onto the English pronunciation SAAN-dra as Dutch sounds so harsh.

09/09/2023 05:22:34

I love my name, but i hate it when people spell it like Saundra or something like that. it drives me crazy, I'mean that is how you say it but that's now how you spell it

09/08/2023 03:13:12

Sandra is a great name, a derivative of Alexandra. My family calls me Sandra, and my friends call me Sandie. Some call me Sandra Sue, some Sandra Lee, neither of which are my middle name. They just think the names go together. i've always liked my name, and my middle name is Marleen. Neither name is very common. Though more so when it was given'to me than it is today.

08/08/2023 20:25:58

My name is Sandra. I'm called Sandy, or Sanny, or San San. I'means helper of mankind, and I became a nurse. Coincidence? I don't think so. Every person I ever met with the name'sandy has been a kind, loving person.

08/01/2023 09:27:16

I'm Sandra as well. Since recently i've been pronouncing it as Sondra (not SAND-ra). Nowadays it is only family and folks who know me from way back in grade school will call me Sandi. Love my name, which btw means "Helper of Humanity".

07/02/2023 02:57:40

Sandra for a boy??? That's.... weird..... Don't name your child this or they will be bullied a lot.

07/01/2023 10:47:50

My name is Sandra and I like it and prefer that people call me Sandra instead of Sondra. However'some people insist on calling me Sondra and I do not understand why.

06/26/2023 08:14:44

i want to name my daughter'sandra i am a teenage expacting i think its a beautiful name and i would not have it any way

06/23/2023 04:42:58

My name is Sandra Jean. didn't care for it at all growing up. All through school I told people My name is Sandra. If my mama wanted me called Sandy she would have named me Sandy." Well, I'll be 55 next week and I'm perfectly happy with my name. Over the years i've come to be known as Sandy to pretty much everyone (except my mama) and I'm fine with that too.

06/09/2023 08:37:18

This is my 5 year old sons name. I love the name, but I can'tell he gets frustrated when people call him Alex, which happens a lot.

05/27/2023 04:41:28

I know someone with this name. She'says it "Sondra". She thinks it makes her'sound high class. It doesn't.

05/15/2023 23:46:58


05/09/2023 16:43:26

My mother named me Sandra and I'm thankful for that. i've always loved my name, although people miss pronounce it alot. I don't meet alot of people name'sandra, the fewer the better.

05/06/2023 14:57:28

My mother's name is Sandra. I think that my grandmother wanted it to be pronounced as "Saundra" but they spelled it wrong on her papers and she thought it would be confusing... She goes by Sandy.

04/25/2023 22:05:56

My name is Sandra Lea (Lee). One parent wanted to name me Alexandra. One did not. My mother thought most would call me Alex and she did not want that for a girl. They decided on Sandra. Legally is use Sandra, but friends call me Sandy, which is great. It is informal. I am not one to stand on formalities, unless absolutely necessary.

04/24/2023 18:28:24

It's my name and I love it!!! Even'though most poeple call me Sandy - my family still calls me Sandra (we pronounce It'sondra)...

04/15/2023 13:10:30

That's my name and I pronounce It'sau-ndra or Sondra. My middle initial is "D" so I too received jokes during the "grease" era. Look at me I'm Sandra! I was named after my aunt and my sister named her daughter'saundra so now there are 3 of us! 1 for each generation in my family.

03/13/2023 19:18:58

My name is Sandra. I was called Sandy my whole life. When I became a diplomat and moved to London, I told people my name was Sandra. Of course the BrIt'sh always called me Saundra which I hated. Was born in 1962. Never like my name until now. Happy with my name and don't care if people call me Sandra or Sandi.

02/16/2023 08:36:54

I live in australia and have no problem with anyone mispronouncing it but it was very popular once so everyone knows how to say it

02/02/2023 04:35:08

This is my name. When I was a little girl I was not found of the name due the way my mother pronounced it. She pronounces it (Not-Halie) not sure if this is correct, but as i've gotten older it I feel that the name fits my look.. I'd still like to know the meaning of it as i cannot find it online.

01/27/2023 13:41:26

My boyfriends aunt is called Sandra... she's such a laugh and a very intelligent wpman

01/19/2023 14:22:08

my names sandra. dont like it much. im named after my koo koo grandma. so thats sux. uhhhhh. yeah i hate it when people call me sandie too. that gets to me so bad.

01/16/2023 23:46:14

My name is sandra I like the name I'much purrer to be call san not sandy ?

12/08/2022 23:26:26

HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! First of all, being born in 1981, my parents gave me this name WAY too late. Also, It's pronounced Sondra. I understand when people pronounce it "Sandra" as that IS the way It's spelled, however, PLEASE PLEASE don't make the jump to "Sandy" --- UGH!!!

12/03/2022 23:14:24

My name is Sandra and most people call me by that name. Sandy is my Nick name and I don't mind It either however I hated it when I was under 14. I was born in the early 70s and the name was not common in Australia. Well I don't meet too many people with the name now, however I did come accross a few growing up. Sandra is a great name I can't complain.

12/02/2022 19:19:14

My name is Sandra Jean born in 1968. I go by SandI'most of the time. My closest friends call me SJ or Jeany Professionally I use Sandra J.

10/30/2022 20:10:18

I am 50 yrs old and called Sandra. Being from the'south of England, It's pronounced as Sarndra. I have always thought it a bit plain,so I neither love or hate it. Always preferred my second name Elizabeth. Sandra was very popular in the'sixties when I was born.

10/20/2022 04:29:18

I was named after my Grandmother's best friend who accompanied her via ship from Poland to Ellis Island 1905 at age 16 ( her best friend's name was Alexsandra Polish derivative of Alexandra ) I am very proud I am a survivor of my family who survived the Holocaust I have survived many trials and am still standing! Starting to thrive again

10/17/2022 05:57:18

Hated the name as a child in the 70's and much preferred Sam or Sandy nicknames. Grew on me over time and learned to actually like my name in full, Sandra and preferred it over nicknames. It's San-dra. Do not like the "Sondra/Saundra" pronunciation at all!

09/21/2022 17:11:48

My name is Sandra... I was born in the 80's but people always associate the name with someone much older than me :-P It's always been pronounced SAND-ra (not Sondra) and I go by Sandi for short. I didn't like my name throughout most of the'school years, but now I realize it was much better than getting lost in the crowds of Jessica and Melissa ;-)

09/17/2022 10:37:46

i've had the name for 56 years and I love it. I'm called Sandy which is perfectly fine with me. SANDRA sounds too formal and I am not a formal sort of gal.

09/10/2022 17:17:04

My name is Sandra Beth and I like my name. Was not popular in MA but when I'moved to New Yourk there is one at every corner. Weird I was born in New York but moved after 6 maths old.

09/06/2022 05:25:38

My name is Sandra, but I hate that most people pronounce it as "Saundra" or "Sondra". It's too commona name. =(

08/07/2022 23:27:54

My name is Sandra Sue. I love my name and prefer the more familiar Sandi from friends. In fact, I know I'm in the company of friends when'they address me as Sandi. I think my parents named my first name'sandra after the'sandra Dee that was popular in 1963 and Sue after my father's Aunt Sue. Sandra is a great name.

07/11/2022 09:55:12

Bob, I know that it'd be pissing in the wind, but have you foedarwrd that to them with a note along the lines of your comment?Probably not even worth the electrons to send it there, but I was just wondering.

07/02/2022 13:38:24

THis is my name and i love it it has a little pop in just 3 letters i like it its not unique

05/05/2022 07:31:12

hI'my name is sandra & i like my name It's nice , like name of princesse. i know many girls have the'same name.

04/25/2022 06:52:30

My name is Sandra, which I love, but everybody always assumes I want to be called Sandy, and I don't. I hate that!

04/15/2022 23:36:54

I am Sandra Jean, love my name, go by Sandy. In elementary school, i had a class with 2 other'sandra's, i was Jean all school.

01/13/2022 07:15:00

I'm Sandra Jean. i've always hated my name. I think It'sounds like a complete nerd. I go by Sandi but I hate when doctors and official documents use "Sandra". I'm in my 50's now (my name was popular when I was born) and my name tells everyone I'm grandma age! I hope to legally change It'soon.

01/05/2022 17:09:54

My name is Sandra (pronounced Sand-ra not Sondra), but I go by Sandy which I prefer to be called. I used to hate my name in elementary and high school but now that I'm almost through college I realize that my name Isn't so bad. It's nice to have a name that not a lot of other people have!

12/11/2021 12:21:00

Best name ever i'vented is this SANDRA... I'mean It'stands for what the person is like... BEAUTIFUL...

12/09/2021 13:41:06

My mother is Sandra we call her'sandy. Sandra sounds formal but Sandy sounds cute. We pronounce It'sondra.

07/14/2021 20:58:30

i've only met 2 other girls my age named Sandra... and I'm the only Sandra in my high school of 1200 kids! I love that my name is so original for my age group :) and my whole name is great... Sandra Lee :D I LOVE MY NAME!!!

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Sandra FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sandra?
The origin of the name Sandra is Italian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Sandra?
Man's Defender
*️⃣ How many people are named Sandra?
Almost 877000 people are named Sandra.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Sandra?
The names of Saffron, Sophronia, Severin, Seferina, Seferino