Sara meaning

: Princess

Sara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(a)-ra\
Number of People 👶 428,000
Rate in 2021 430
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Sara Name Meaning

Sara is the Greek variant of the Hebrew name Sarah. Sarah is a character in the Bible. Her story is mentioned the Book of Genesis. She is Abraham's wife and Isaac's mother. She is highly regarded in all religions because she is considered to be the matriarch of the children of Israel. In Genesis 17:15, God tells Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name.”This can be considered a blessing from god toward Sara which makes this name a chosen name.  In Hebrew, Sarah refers to women that have high ranks so basically it can be translated as princess. Nowadays Sara is very popular all over Europe.

Sara, a name of Hebrew origin, literally means "princess", although many people defend it can also be translated as "she who is sacred".

Cool Info About Name Sara

Additional name description Sara
Additional name description Sara

Diminutives and variations of the name Sara
If we talk about diminutives, it is worth mentioning that the best-known are Sari and Sarita.

The name Sara in other languages
Sarah: English, German, French, and Welsh
Saara: Finnish
Sārah: Arabic ('سارة)
Sara: Czech and Greek (Σάρα)
Śārāh: Hebrew (שָׂרָה)
Cappa: Russian

The personality of the name Sara
Sara is one of those names whose personality is extremely linked to its meaning ("princess" in the Hebrew language). Women named Sara are usually sweet, outgoing, and creative, as they have an artistic side that they tend to enhance.
Something essential for girls named Sara is compatibility, respect, and devotion, as they are women who do not they are satisfied with little and always aspire to achieve more and better. Women named Sara like to be listened to, cared for, valued, and treated like the princesses they are. Although this perfectionism can indeed damage certain relationships, they are people who know what they want and what they deserve, so you mustn't take them for granted.
They are fighting women, very loyal, and relatives who are willing to give everything for those they love.

Celebrities named Sara
Sara Sampaio: Portuguese model and actress most famous for being one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. You can see her in the photo below.
Sara Montiel: Spanish film actress, producer, and singer.
Sara Carbonero: Spanish model, journalist, and television presenter.
Sara Ramirez: actress, counselor, and Mexican singer.
Sara Bareilles: American singer, pianist, and composer.

Famous people named Sara

Sara Gilbert (actress)
Sara Teasdale (poet)
Sara Baker (writer)

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Sara?

You are very tactful and can persuade others to accept your offers. You like to go out and participate in social gatherings. A few of the words that describe you include: expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Your creativity fascinates people, especially your masterful writing. It is easy for you to explain complex concepts simply and understandably.

More than anything, you want to achieve peace and harmony. You need friends and society. You try to stay away from tension because you have a gentle nature. Uncertainty creates a battle inside you. Sometimes, you have difficulty stating your needs and opinions openly. Unfortunately, sometimes you even give up when you meet an aggressive person because you do not like to confront them. You do not like to force people to do something.

You enchant people. When you feel things deeply, you will have a dramatic reaction. You are kind and that is why you are good at working with others. You can experience a lot of ups and downs emotionally.

How do people react to you?

People believe that someone who has this name is dignified, well-dressed, outstanding, self-sufficient, and impressive. People do not look at you as a pushy person. You possibly like colorful and cheerful clothes. People know you as a pioneer and think that you can come up with solutions. Sometimes you must try not to look intimidating.

People think that this name is natural, wholesome, and simple.

Lucky colors: All shades of purple, violet, mauve, and lilac

Lucky day(s): Wednesday


In the United States, Sara is not as common as Sarah but it is still a common name. Choosing between the two is just a matter of taste. As a name, Sarah is typically 50 to 100 positions ahead of Sara but it doesn't mean that Sara has bad rankings. Sara was among the top 100 most popular female names in the U.S from 1973 to 2009. The peak of Popularity for Sara came in 1970s and 1980s but even in those years it never surpassed Sarah. In states with a high Jewish population, such as New York and New Jersey, Sara is among the top 50 names. Both Sara and Sarah are Biblical names that have a modern feeling to them

Sara's Saint's Day
Sara's Saint's Day can be celebrated on 3 different dates:

Numerology of the name Sara
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Sara is 3.

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Comments on the name Sara
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i need a good nickname...and ther's not much you can get from the name'sara =/

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i love this name its really not populer it in the middle i love It'so much

01/14/2024 00:00:00

this is my name and i love it! like most of yall i also tell people its like halle berry. ive gotten use to people not pronouncing it right so its no big deal. my name is so unoque and i absolutely love it!!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

thinking about naming my baby girl Hailey but not sure if people will pronouce it "Haylee". Is Hailey that hard to pronouce❤️ It'seems like a popular enough name now. I don't want her to have to correct everyone and their uncle on how to pronouce her name...

01/14/2024 00:00:00

no1 spells it rite and pronouce it as sa-ra,but i love it

01/13/2024 13:43:18

My name is Sara, and I wouldn't like to be called any other name. Sara's are the best!!! Ass.: Sara :-)

01/02/2024 08:31:10

what an absolutly tender loveing name

12/22/2023 13:00:56

My name is Sara! Lol but i hate it when everyone spells my name'sarah! But it has awesome origins. Like it can be used in spanish and english.So i like it alot.. i would definately suggest this as a baby name! ❤️❤️

12/15/2023 15:33:22

Sara is the way to go. More "fresh" than Sarah. More 21st century.

11/19/2023 23:51:32

My name is Sara. i've always loved it. Although, it does tend to make people assume I am sweet. And I'm not so much, lol.

11/02/2023 14:14:34

ahh sara is a great name. its more classy, elegant, different, and individual. its a nice change from sarah (: i like it anyway, wouldn't change it :D

11/01/2023 01:30:24

I'm sara, and like everyone else it really bugs me when someone pronounces my name wrong- which is frequently! i wouldnt swap it for the world though as its quite unusual, not too long and cant be shortened.

10/14/2023 21:28:28

Hello folks! I am Sarah. I don't really see why you girls are so much against this very name. I just love it because it is one name which is accepted internationally. I'm proud to have the name, for the meaning it has is truly amazing...which you all know. I'm not upset about the fact that it is widely used and common. In fact it is so very softly and delicately pronounced, that people are loving the name'so much. What I'mean is, the name is so good and loved by everyone, that it is very common.Sarah rocks! All of us rock!

10/14/2023 12:21:50

sara is my name, i luv it lots of people pronounce it wrong but i luv that its such an individual name and that noone really has my name its awesome! xxxxxxxx

10/13/2023 09:37:12

My name is also Sara and I LOVE it!!! There's about another 10 Sarah's in my school. But adore Sara because It's different and it means 'Princess'!!!:D

10/09/2023 05:59:30

I tend to affiliate names with people i know and what they are really like. I like Sarah because i had a friend with that name, but I'm not keen on Sara because i know someone with that name that wasn't very nice. Wow, ever thought about how our experiances with people effect our opinions on names❤️

10/08/2023 15:35:28

Sara is the name that my dad gave me when I was born. He got it from the'song "Sara Smile". I, like everyone else have a issue with people spelling my name wrong, but i also get peoples who spell not only my first name wrong, but my last name are well. As a kid i always want to have a different name, but now that my Dad has passed away, i love my name. Thank you Dad.

09/22/2023 17:32:08

I love being called Sara.It's short,simple and beautiful.In my opinion, Sara just has a ring to it that Sarah lacks... I am very proud to have this name and rate it very highly!!

09/19/2023 06:39:32

Too many THOTs named Makayla and variants everywhere. Trash name.

09/18/2023 15:04:58

One of the best songs of all time is "Sarah Saturday" by "The Bouncing Souls." Anyone who knows a Sarah will love the lyrics and anyone who likes a little rock n' roll will jump and down!

09/15/2023 16:32:58

This is my nephe's name pronounced "Ee-lie-shuh".I think it is a wonderful name,though MANY people who dont know him such as doctors call him "Ee-lee-shuh" which is how it would be pronounced as a girls name or they call him "E-lie-juh"(with a J instead of an S).I think it an awesme name for a boy or girl...just wish people would learn how to pronounce it and make sure its a boy or girl before they attempt to say it.

09/14/2023 13:48:20

My name is Sara. Lots of people spell my name wrong, with an "h" at the end. It gets a little annoying at times, but I love my name! Although it is quite common, I still get tons of comments about it, all good!

09/14/2023 07:38:02

I like it that my name is spelled differently, but I wish people would REMEMBER that fact.

08/28/2023 00:39:46

i like the name'sara i think spelling sara as sarah is a waste of an h I'mean the h is there for nothing just ro made it longer.

08/12/2023 02:01:10

Could you write about Phsiycs so I can pass Science class❤️

08/06/2023 12:18:00

My name is Sara, and I love it! I am so glad that it doesn't have that pesky and unnecessary "h", but this has caused some problems for me.

07/25/2023 22:34:30

Sara is my new little granddaughter. She is three weeks old. She is delicious and she matches very nicely with her new name. I love the name being described as gentle and lovable.

07/23/2023 07:58:36

Question: How many songs have the name "Sara" in it. I can only think of two (by P & O and Air supply)

07/22/2023 14:38:14

My name is Sara and i used to hate it but now i think its great! Its original and i prefer It'so much to 'Sarah'-so common! XSaraX

07/19/2023 14:02:48

My names Sara, NOT SARAH. its not even pronounced like sarah, its sooo annoying when my teache's read my name as sarah from registration, and sometimes even my family accidently do, i love the name'sara, pronounced like "SAAARRRRRRR-RARR." :D . x

07/10/2023 06:59:06

the name sara is okay, but it is used way too much.

06/27/2023 17:44:56

My name is Sara and I have always really liked it, even more now than ever. I'm 33 and looking for a name for my daughter. I hope to find one she'll be as happy with as I am with mine. There are plenty of Sara's and Sarah's: growing up, I was called "Sara P" in school, and my sister-in-law's name is Sarah. I feel like "Sara" is a more modern spelling than "Sarah".

06/21/2023 16:51:42

I love my name. I think It's very feminine and distinctive without the "h"! It is constantly misspelled by people, but I don't mind correcting them. It goes to show that they're used to tons and tons of SARAHs, and my name is unique!

06/20/2023 02:39:22


06/19/2023 02:33:26

I have met like 50 other'sarah, but not one Sara like me! My name is great to have though.

06/16/2023 05:29:36

A lot of people spell my name with a "h" but otherwise i love it

06/07/2023 06:39:38

My name is Sara, bt isnt pronounced like Sarah, its pronounced as sorry, except instead of the "E" sound at the end its an "uh" sound. i LOVE it, because i have NEVER met anyone who has the'same name as me. the only bad thing is that whenever'someone meets me for the first time they call me Sarah for a couple months. and the teache's always call me Sarah. lol. i love that my name means Princess though. my mom and i have the'same initials, its so cool. when i have kids my first daughters name is going to start with an "S"!

06/01/2023 07:32:12

this is my name, people usually say veda. my mom got it from the movie my girl.

06/01/2023 06:04:02

Sara means "princess" and It's Hebrew. My name is Sara and I'm 14. I truthfully don't like being a Sara because my last name is spelled with an H that people always forget and my first is spelled with and EXTRA letter (H)! I hate that letter. Anyway, there are 4 Sara & Sarah's in my grade alone. It's annoying to always have to write your full name. If You're expecting go with something unique, Sara is starting to become more common again so please, steer clear. I think the name is beautiful but there are TOO many and It's too commonly misspelled, even on awards & school forms! So go with the originality of it all!

05/27/2023 01:09:52

my name is sara and i adore it. if you are stuck for a nickname call yourself Saz or Sazzy people used to get my name wrong but now when some one says sarah (grrrrrrrr) about ten people say ITS SARA! lol my name is UNIQUE! and beautiful x <3

05/25/2023 16:50:12

I am Sara..... I know loads o Sarah but I am the only Sara I know. SARRRRR-RAAAAA is right! I hate being called sarah cos its so common! Sara is unique and original. My last name also begins with an S, I love the aliteration!

05/22/2023 19:11:06

My name is Sara and everyone seems to spell it with the "h" and I hate that! It looks really funny to me like its pronounced Sara huh. Plus if I had the "h" on my name, it would be funny spelling It'since my last name'starts with a "H" also!

05/21/2023 04:05:52

sara is a cool name i wouldn't want any other one. I just have one question.....why does it have to mean "princess❤️!❤️!" oh and I hate it when people spell It's-A-R-A-H, its S-A-R-A OK, JEEEEEEEZZZ!!!

05/10/2023 18:35:10

Sarra is my name and I think that people should love the way sarra can be spelled in so many different ways it gives uniqueness to each spelling. I am thankful for my name. Being positive about your name can give you courage to stand up for more than just your name.

05/09/2023 17:18:42

I used to hate being a Sara because it is such a common name and everyone wants to spell it with an H but now It's becoming more popular to spell it without the H. I don't mind having a common name now because my last name is unique and also a first name'so when'there are too many Sara's/Sarah's around I go by my last name. My husband wanted to name our daughter Tara because T comes after's in the alphabet and he loved my name'so much that he wanted our daughter to have the'same name, but it would have been'too confusing. We named her'something else but the idea was very nice and made me feel better about my name.

05/05/2023 15:26:48

they spell it wrong; Ashley with an e. I hate that you can never get things with your name on them-always spelled wrong, with an "e". So many people thing it is English when it is Gaelic from Ireland from beore the 1700's

05/01/2023 10:56:12

my name is also sara and i am 13.and i agree with most of the coments here all though i am the only sara or sarah in my only coment about it is that i wish people would pronounce it write and PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER ITS SARA NOT SARAH. i love my name and its meaning and the fact that its not to long and all of us saras +sarahs should be happy its not somthing more commonly misprounounced or misspelled.

04/29/2023 03:41:08

My name is Sara without H! I wished that it was with a H but in portugal its impossible to put it!! But It'sounds great anyway*****

04/28/2023 10:03:08

if i ever am blessed enough to have a baby girl one day she is going to be sara. i have always loved the name. its beautiful.and it means 'princess':)

04/19/2023 02:24:10

I like the'spelling Sara better than the'spelling Sarah.

04/15/2023 16:42:06

This is my first name. I can't even begin to tell you how many people do not know how to pronounce this name when'they are reading it. 90% of the time it is read as "Stefan". It'still amazes me how many people do this. This not an uncommon name.

04/10/2023 05:55:16

my sisters name is sara and i like to bug her and be like sara-huh is duhamb.

04/07/2023 09:09:04

It's the best name ever'sARA and my nickname is sassy or people call me sari pronounced saaaarrrreeeee sarah I'mean sara is the best name ever even my friends say you are so lucky to have this name ... my full name is sara laveeza ahmed and laveeza is a bueatiful name too i am soo lucky to have 2 beuatiful names.....

04/04/2023 21:11:52

oh god.this name s so beautiful.i love this name because im in love with that.maybe god can hear me...

04/02/2023 22:28:10

Sara is one of the best names I know. I really don't like it when people put an H at the end. I also like it because it means Princess!

03/27/2023 02:46:24

My little girl is named Sara. Many try to add spell It'sarah. Sara has a spanish flair to it.

03/20/2023 21:46:18

Often Sarah and Sara are interchangeable, but aren't always pronounced the'same. When spelt with the 'h' the first 'a' is pronounced like 'fair', whereas without the 'h', the first 'a' is pronounced as in 'far'. An example of this is the character'sara/Yellow Flash from an old Power Rangers-like show in late Eighties' Japan called Supernova (or Choushinsei) Flashman (a show that was a big hit with Brazilians in the early Nineties). She was the'smart one of the team with a cold sharp mind she inherited while training on Yellow Star of the Flash Solar System, according to the program

03/19/2023 18:44:02

Hey My name is CERA but it is pronounced Sara. :D I love my name.

03/15/2023 00:59:56

Sara is a beatiful name. I love the meaning and the name, it is just so pretty! Although I am naming my daughter mackynzie grace, maybe my next baby will be sara desiree.

03/07/2023 16:04:40

winter can be a girl name too!!!!!!!

03/07/2023 10:47:16

ya mine name is Kayla too! I heard that in the whe'sh language it means celebration!

03/04/2023 02:51:00

HI'my, name is Sara, confusion to most as it is pronounced SARAH but spelt SARA! I quite like it, nicknames i get are- Serr sary ara, saffy.

03/01/2023 00:47:24

My name's Sara n I TRULYL LOVE it. It's so classy, beautiful, elegant n special. I'm so proud of my name. I always have. I feel really blessed n lucky to have been named Sara. Like most othe's, it bugs me when'they put an H at the end of it, but I correct people as many times as I need to... if I have to. After all, It's my adorable, priceless name n It's sure worth it.

02/09/2023 11:26:58

my name is sara, and people ALWAYS spell it wrong....and i didn't know it was so popular....but i do know of three other girls with the'same spelling. that's pretty wierd

02/08/2023 02:14:24

My name is Sara and im a french-canadian. I love the fact that my name is spells without and H. It makes me more special!! We should all have something different from the other. Just like the'song: Zak and Sara, from Ben Folds!!

01/30/2023 11:38:10

I gave birth to an other Princess, hence a darling Sara was born!

01/24/2023 15:44:42

My name is Sara Ann. Is there a different pronounciations for the different spelling...h or without the h❤️ I thought they were pronounced the' 'S.AIR.A'❤️ I did not like my name as a child cause I could never find anything with the correct spelling, but I like it now. All the other people I know with this name all seem to be very strong willed people, and very determind...and are all also known to be extremely moody at times. Not sure if this has to do with the name but It's a joke to all the'sara's I know.

01/22/2023 13:11:46

my name is Sara and i would love it if only it werent so common! its pronounced the'same as Sarah. i like It'so much better without the "h". there are about 40 other'sarahs at my school, and i hate that. i am unique, so my name'should be too!

01/21/2023 17:30:20

I definatley like my name(: even'though It's very common i still like it(: there is only one other girl in my high school besides myself that has my name(: it really does bug me when people spell it with an H on the end but only because my middle name'starts with an H. other then'that i definately enjoy my name(:

01/15/2023 12:30:14

I have named my daughter'sara in India and my company name as well & am proud of it.

01/03/2023 01:19:30

I used to really dislike my name because I knew so many Saras, but the older I get, the more I love it. It's classic and beautiful and everyone tells me they love it.

12/24/2022 06:48:06

It's my name and I hate when people put an H at the end! AHHHHH

12/02/2022 14:19:28

My name is Sara. I hate it when people add the h in the end. My last name'starts with a h so if I wrote Sarah.H. Then'that would be weird...anyway I adore my name. SARA!!! For nicknames I'm called Saz, Sar ( pronounced saaaah) Sari. I think Sara is an awesome name. SARA!!! <3

12/02/2022 01:05:58

Most people spell my name wrong and put a 'h' on the end or speel it with a 'Z' instead of an 'S' but its my name n i love it because its different and not that many people have got it!!!

11/30/2022 02:04:38

Sara is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Sara has a sweet innocense sound to it. This name is gentle and lovable and it has alot of giving. Sara shares.

11/20/2022 20:46:44

My name is Sara and It's starting to grow on me but It's just so common. And people almost never check the'spelling since It's so common, so it often gets an h tacked on the end.

11/06/2022 08:31:14

I have kept my daughter's name as SARA and I love this name because of its meaning. She is my first baby and Princess for me...the most beautiful, gorgeous and luvly baby in this entire planet.

11/05/2022 16:03:46

SARA BABEE! my names *~Sara~* and I'm LOVIN IT! There Isn't a better name in the world. I totally rock... I'mean... my name... totally rocks. :)

11/03/2022 16:44:48

It's my name! i've always loved how simple and sweet it is. Most people are polite and ask if I have an "h" on the end, or they see how I sign my e-mails and they follow suit. Although, the other'sara below confuses me, how can you pronounce "Sara" different than "Sarah"❤️❤️

10/28/2022 17:55:00

My name is also Sara.. Like many people here I hated that my name was so common but I grew to love it. It is a very pretty name, and also like many people here my last name'starts with an H, and i get fustrated when people spell my name with an H on the end of it.

09/29/2022 22:06:08

my friend is called sara. she likes it to be prononced sarah but spells It'sara which i think is very cool.

09/23/2022 16:30:46

my name is sara and i love it. i love the meaning and i use it in my favor alot (: hehe. the only thing i hate about it is the fact that It's soooo common. they are probably at least 20 sara(h)'s in my school. another thing is that everyone always spells it with the H. in my opinion, the H is overrated (: that's what i always say.

09/04/2022 07:34:50

My biggest issue with my name being sara is that it Isn't able to be made into a nickname lol.

08/19/2022 15:27:18

Hate it! I can't beli've people pick this name... too many out there already and they seem to all be obnoxious!!!

07/30/2022 08:40:30

Sara is the most beautiful name and I love the way It'sounds as it crosses a persons lips. My love's name is Sara.....Her name is perfect like her!

06/23/2022 08:12:36


04/23/2022 11:52:12

my name is sara. It is spelled S-A-R-A most people think it is spelled sarah. but i love the name'sara with no h it has more class to it.

04/02/2022 03:28:12

i agree that winter can be a girl name, i recently read a book call the gateway to foo and one of the main characters was called winter. I think it is a beautiful name and you are very lucky to have it as yours. xxx

04/01/2022 18:19:12

My name is Sara and I am so proud to be named that. A lot of people try to spell my name with an H too. I think Sara is an elegant and beautiful name.

02/16/2022 14:45:00

thats my name alrite maybe id rather go for an ariel sara is a bit better

02/02/2022 09:27:18

This is my name, and I absolutely hate it. It's not unique, It's not pretty, and It's always hard to get people to say it right. My middle name's Kathryn, and I wish my parents would have just made Kathryn my first name. For those of you considering, baby names for your future children, please take the time to pick a name for your child that is a nice, uncommon name. Who wants to have the'same name as hundred million other people❤️ I wish my parents would have taken more time to choose mine, since now I'm stuck with it.

01/31/2022 14:27:00

We're considering it for our next son. I really like it, and don't know anyone with this name

01/31/2022 09:52:30

My name is Sara too. And yes, just like most of you some people spell it with an H and it realli annoys me. Even if I say "ther's no H" they still spell it wrong afterwords. Well, I think Sara is a realli awesome name to have. I know that it is hebrew, and that it means "princess". ooh yeah, we are the princesses.

01/27/2022 19:51:54

My name is always spelt wrong which i find very annoying, i pronounce it 'Sarah', i feal It'should have been pronounced Sara origionally.

12/15/2021 17:54:54

My name is Sara. Have never liked or disliked the name. I'm indifferent to it, maybe because It's very commmon and to me seems WASP-y, which I am not. I don't know if it fits my personality and I'm thinking of changing my name. The thing that I like about it is that I was born in the late 70's when'the name was very popular, so I feel my name represents that time period well and has significance, as the name Isn't as common now as it was then.

11/18/2021 05:17:06

sara is wayyyy to original, i dont like the name. there are 7 saras in my class! sevin!

11/14/2021 14:21:36

Sara is my name and it will always stay that way...well duh...and I love it..bc my boyfriend says my name'so sweet!..but yeah dont even spell it with a H

10/07/2021 15:56:06

My name is Sara and I like It'sometimes, and other times I don't. Anyways, the name is from the bible and means princess. My name always makes me think of Sarah Lincoln. How many times have I been introduced to a person who then will start singing the'song "Sara" from the 80ies. A lot. :)

09/20/2021 17:40:30

It bugs me that people spell it with an 'h' sometimes, but my name's really more like 'sada' like, a cross between a 'd' and a rolled 'r'. my friend calls me sarai (Sar-eye) though. It's great because It's not so popular anymore!

09/18/2021 05:17:06

My name is Sara, I'm moroccan. At school everyone either calls me "Sarah" or "Zara" but I love Sara, the way It's said and spelt. It'seems original and I'm the only Sara at my high school :)

09/13/2021 09:04:48

the name'sheldon makes me think of turtles. one time we caught a frog in my backyard and named It'sheldon too. more of a pet name.

09/04/2021 22:51:54

i love my anme sara! why do people put a 'h' in it❤️ i think that'so stupid.(: there is way to many sara(h)s in this world):

08/31/2021 05:24:18

My best friends name is Sara. She is the best friend you could ask for, and although she's short she has a big personality! We also call her mouse or che'se because of the height. The name'sara ROCKS!!!I'm jealous...:P

08/25/2021 19:28:30

My name is "SARA" and I adore this makes me feel like a princess every single day and I'm so gratefulfor that:)

08/21/2021 03:50:42

I am a "Sara" and I noticed all Sara's want their name'spelled correctly. It is weird how particular we are. I hated my name when I was young and now I like it.

08/08/2021 07:29:24

the name'sara isnt good at all infact i hate it..sarahhh is a muchh better way of writing it!!

08/05/2021 09:57:00

i have a friend called SARA!! and that'si the BEST way of spelling IT

07/05/2021 08:13:30

It's my name!!!LUV IT!..well I think It's a very nice name..It's not 2 long..usually pronounced&written; correctly..

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sara?
The origin of the name Sara is Hebrew.
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Almost 428000 people are named Sara.
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The names of Malak, Chad, Chet, Shadow, Chadd