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Tamara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \t(a)-ma-ra\
Number in U.S 👶 131,000
Rate in 2021 3315
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Tamara Name Meaning

The name is of Hebrew origin and it means "fig-tree."
     Since early childhood Tamara cannot stand monotony. She is able to be carries away with a game for a short time or reading although she is curious and inquisitive by her nature; she takes interest in everything. She is artistic and takes obvious pleasure from performing in front of the guests; later she will willingly participate in a theatrical staging. Tamara is constantly acting: either she is an obedient and diligent girl, or an experienced woman or a character of the film. She is sweet and friendly with those she knows well whereas slightly suspicious of unfamiliar people. She is responsible, assiduous and critical of her peers.
     Tamara can work in different spheres. She can make a good manager.
     In family Tamara is almost always a leader. She is self-sufficient and is used on counting only on herself. Her husband's attempts to change her might cause arguments and if they are persistent they can lead to divorce. That is why Tamara's husband is often younger than she is. Tamara is also responsible for her family budget and to give her the due she is quite skilful at it with the exception of purchases for children - that is where she does not stop at price.
     Tamara is jealous and her husband had better not provoke her jealousy. She is short-tempered however having quarreled and cried she calms down quickly. She is a marvelous cook and keeps everything at home in ship-shape order. She loves traveling and willingly gets acquainted with new people.

Tamara Name Origin and History

Tamara is one of the most widespread and popular Hebrew names in modern times. This name comes from the word thamar, "date palm tree", from which a most interesting symbolism is extracted. However, the name Tamara, especially famous in Russia, takes on a very different and curious meaning in this country: "gypsy princess".
Next, we will discover everything you need to know about the meaning and origin of Tamara, as well as the popularity, numerology and personality of said name. Tamara is a girl's name.

What does Tamara mean?
Tamara is a name of Hebrew origin that means "date palm tree". Although it is true that this meaning may seem somewhat generic and simple, the truth is that the name Tamara is related to protection and courage precisely thanks to this meaning; Well, just like the palm tree, it protects its loved ones from the burning sun.

Diminutives and variations of the name Tamara
The best known diminutives of Tamara are the following:
Tam, Tami, Tammie

The name Tamara in other languages
Tamara is a name that, despite having many variations and diminutives, it is not translated into other languages.

Day of the Saint of Tamara
The day of the Saint of Tamara is celebrated on September 1st.

Numerology of the name Tamara
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Tamara is 9.

Additional description of the name Tamara

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Comments on the name Tamara
3/30/2023 5:07:38 AM

A new woman friend here in Galveston TX is Tamara. I didn't have any problem pronouncing it, from the get-go! When I'mentioned her to another womanfriend in L.A. on the phone, that intelligent woman said, did you know that means Palm Tree? I was so glad for verification on this website. One in a million would get it. And, Galveston Island Off the coast of Texas, near Houston)is full of palm trees, very tropical here. This Tamara is gorgeous inside and out. Thank you for this website, I read all the entries, laughed and cried. All you Tamaras out there, you are great Palm Trees! gotta luv it. scott

3/23/2023 6:11:54 AM

Hate it. People never get it right and I'm tired of explaining the proper way of saying it. I'm spanish so the r is supposed to be rolled of the tongue, Tam-a-rrrruh. Either way the name leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I also hate Tammy, the name reminds me of stripper or trailer park trash.

3/21/2023 9:16:58 PM

My name is Tamara too =D I NEVER met anyone who has the'same name as I do! In our country, my name's pretty special & I don't think many have it.. =)

3/19/2023 9:22:44 PM

my name is tamara.i come from croatia,i hope you know where it is...(Europe) by us name tamara is quite popular but not many girl are called tamara.that's what i like about my name.

3/19/2023 1:41:18 AM

I feel your pain fellow Tamara's! No one ever'says my name right. I pronounce it Ta-muh-ruh...but I usually get the whole Tam-air-a thing too. So I usually just stick with Tammy.

3/15/2023 8:23:44 PM

Hi,we're having a baby girl in feb and I'm rather drawn to this name,It's a must i think,nice comments.

3/11/2023 2:07:20 PM

Tamara is such a cool name...but a better name is tamara-jade then u can shorten it to tj if u want or hav tamara jade. NOw my children go forth and name your children after me...your friendly web surfer tamara-jade

3/8/2023 6:46:20 AM

Mi name is tamara (pronounced Ta-mar-ra)im 13 and i LOVE mi name. i dont get many mispronounciations but once someone called me tama! lickily I'manged to avoid this as a nickname.i reckon mi name it is so unique and cool. i used to get teased about it when i was little, i used to get called tamato lol. one boy calls me tamarillo but i honestly just dont care!! some of mi freids call me tami but i usually just go by tamara. THe origin is also really cool too, it means sooo many different things. One is palmtree and some indian spice haha

3/8/2023 4:25:16 AM

I recently met this wonderful woman called Tamara. She likes her name pronouced as Ta-ma-ra. I like to say it as Tamera but she gets mad everytime. Dr Phil what should i do?

3/7/2023 10:32:36 PM

I love my name with a passion!! I also have many nicknames and pronunciations people say it... i love it!!

3/3/2023 5:26:44 PM

I am 12 yrs old and my name is pronounced Tam-ar-a if I'm in trouble people say my name ta-ma- rah really high on the end and my middle name lee ( i freak out when'this happens) I love my name because if It's meaning and uniqueness. Palm tree, lotus flower and spice. I have never had my name mispronounced but people have called me Tammy and I hate that name. My nickname is Timtam. I love my name It's awesome and pretty.

3/3/2023 3:58:34 PM

my name is also Tamara!but people&friends; call me Toma/Tomik/Tomul/Tomulik,daddy-Toto!i love it when I'm called Tamara.but i love Toma and othe's more!and i hate when I'm called Tamar...

2/25/2023 10:23:12 AM

I pronounce my name Tah-mare-ah... and I actually went to school with a girl with the'same name (pronounced the'same). Oddly enough, my mortal enemy's name is also Tamara... though she pronounces it Tam-ah-rah.

2/23/2023 2:18:12 PM

My name is also Tamara i love my name because It's not common. i've been called Tammora,Tommorow,Ta-mai-ra mostly. It's pronounced Tamara sounding like camera (which we use to take pictures).This is how I always have to introduce my name but It's a great one!

2/22/2023 5:05:38 AM

My name is Tamara. I tell people it rhymes with camera. I hated the name when I was young. I was born in 1969. None of my teache's It'seemed had ever heard of the name. I like it now. It's still mid-pronounced, but I correct once then answer to anything, and any different spelling . I'm not bothered by it all. My kids and grandkids like it too. It's different.

2/16/2023 6:15:50 AM

My name is tamara everyone says to me "seeya tomoro tamara tomato" i hate it but everyone just laughs

2/15/2023 7:55:42 AM

well It's actually pronounced paella but with a k. it originates from luapula province in zambia, former northern rhodesia. love the name but hate people who pronounce it KAYLA.

2/14/2023 3:28:14 PM

people always have trouble pronouncing it (Ta-mare-uh, Ta-mahr-uh, Tam-ra (best)). All of these are better than boring ol' Tammy though. I hate my name, always have. At times I shorten it and go by Mara (Mahr-uh).

2/14/2023 8:42:40 AM

I'm from Serbia and many girls who live there have the'same name.

2/10/2023 2:08:38 AM

**************ayyy wat up my name Tamara an i stay in Madison Illions an attend at Madison Middle School**************************

2/9/2023 5:51:56 AM

Tamara's - Tam uh ra - the name and I love it. When I was younger my parents called me Tami. Hated it. Hate it now when people try to shorten it. If I write Tamara that is what I want to be called. But, Charles my husband is always called CHUCK and on the phone and say my name people think I am saying Pamela. HA

2/7/2023 8:54:02 AM

Well my name is Ursula and i hate that name,i have gone to the extent of changing my name by calling myself something else.It was ok when i was little but then'that darn disney movie came out and omg it was over'school became the worst place to be =(

1/28/2023 6:11:52 PM

my name is tamara and people keep calling me tomoto or tomorow!! which is quite anoying i was born in 2013

1/25/2023 12:51:20 AM

hey, my names Tamara (ta-ma-ra)it is just prononced the way it is spelt pretty much.I'm 11 and I'm from NSW in Australia. I get called Tim-tam alot at school but it is my favourite nickname. I know a couple of people named Tamara but not very many. When I was about 6 I wanted to change my name to something of a movie but now I love it and It's uniqueness and would never change it for the world. I really don't care what people call me. My teacher always calls me Tamorro and stuff like that. My mum and dad call me Tam-ba-lam and changed the lyrics from "whoah, black betty bam-ba-lam to "whoah, black betty Tam-ba-lam". That doesn't really annoy me either. Sometimes my friends spell my name wrong.They spell it like "Tammara" and put two m's in sometimes. What I really hate is when my friend wrIt's my name without a capital letter when I tell her time after time that It's spelt with a capital. She'spells everyones name with a capital but mine. As I'm still young I don't know that much about myself as I will in about 20 years. Apparently my name means lots of different things like "date palm", "palm tree", "spice" and "lotus flower".

1/22/2023 8:29:38 AM

I named my daughter Tamara and I couldnt be happier with the name! She'seems to like it too, or so she'says now that'shes 3, hope she keeps feeling that way in years to come!

1/21/2023 7:51:24 PM

My name is Tamara and people pronounce it all sorts of ways. I pronounce my name Tam-mah-rah. I don't mind it when people pronounce my name differently, I just don't like it when people call me Tammy.

1/14/2023 8:02:46 PM

I love my name too much , It's strange, everybosy is asking about It's meaning always, :D i love my name

1/8/2023 12:41:36 PM

I LOVE my name, however it KILLS me how many idiots will ask me my name, I pronounce it 'Tam-uh-ruh' and the I'mEDIATELY switch it to 'Ta-mare-ah'. And of course, I'm calle Pamela more times that I can shake a stick at but other than that, I adore my name!

1/7/2023 12:53:18 PM

My name is Tamera. It is pronounced Tamra, like camera. It is misspelled and pronounced wrong all the time. But I just tell people it is okay and that it is pronounced like camera.

1/2/2023 9:09:40 AM

My name is actually not Tamara, but Tamera i like it cuz its unique although im not sure what it means

12/30/2022 6:30:48 AM

My name is Tamara and it is pronounced Tam-MA-ra, but everyone calls me Tammy, Tam, Tam-Tam or just Tee! I didn't like my name when I was younger but now that I'm 21 I really do like it. Only because It's not that common. i've only met 1 other girl that pronounce her name like mine. I wouldn't have any other name.

12/28/2022 8:04:44 AM

My name is Tamara. I like it because it is so unusual.People shorten it to Mara.

12/27/2022 5:02:28 AM

My name is Tamara and I'm still only 13 my friends gave me the nicknames of Tim Tam, Tam and Tammy. I love my name and I think It's not as common as most its unusal that's why I ove it!

12/21/2022 11:33:02 PM

In Barbados where I'm from people beli've they should correct me on the pronunciation of my own name; Tam-mah-rah or Tam-rah, either is what my mother christened me. I dislike being called Ta-ma-ra or worse Tammy.

12/21/2022 8:36:42 PM

its an amaizing name with lots and lots of character

12/19/2022 11:03:32 PM

My name is Ta-mahr-a and i dont like it when people call me tam-ar-a. there's a diff... but i love my name none the less.. but people also call me tam or tami.

12/18/2022 4:26:42 AM

Hello my name is Tamara pronouced (TAM A RUH). I get called all types of things especially TOMMORROW. I love my name growing up family called me Tammy and I hated it. Now that I am grown they finally quit and call me Tamara or Chanel which is my middle name that I also love. Never fully understood the meaning of my name I keep seeing Palm tree!!! Hello to all the Tamara's out there!!

12/10/2022 11:35:20 AM

HiI'my name is Tamara obvoisly and i live in sothern Ca and i am 100% arabic my name is always prononced Tamera but i still love it

12/9/2022 1:47:30 AM

I love my name, it is pronounced Ta-ma-ra, A bit more pretty and girly sounding than the other ways of saying it. i love it because its not common like 'jessica' or 'katie'.

12/4/2022 1:17:50 AM

My name is Tamara, I'm 35 from Canada. The pronunciation of mine however is (timoorah) with a rolled R, the welsh version of it. The'shorthand nickname for me is tI'my, i've been called everything from camera to tomorrow since i was little. My best friend's name is also Tamara, he's is the tam-air-ah pronunciation, and we get a kick out of both answering to people at the'same time when someone just calls our name lol

12/2/2022 12:48:20 AM


11/27/2022 8:53:00 PM

i've heard "Te-mera" (NE New England pronounciation, ""Temira" (Maine, To-mara " SE, "Tamada" (New York), "Tomato" (mean people. I am completely disgusted. Mostly, it is now "Tammy". Now people are shocked, and surprised to learn it is not my real name.

11/27/2022 3:00:20 PM

My name is Tamara, pronounced Ta-Mare-a... it is often'that people call me Ta-Mar-a though; which I hate. It's not very common from who I know which is why I love it! It makes me feel unique.

11/25/2022 8:05:52 PM

Well i like my name and i am 13 years old. But when i was younger i wanted to change it but valerie is a very unique name

11/24/2022 6:11:10 AM

my name is tamara i like my name.i am from macedonia.i heve frends called Tamara to.

11/16/2022 5:09:02 PM

hey my name is Tamara, i think It's the most awesome name amd It's sounds really hot. i love my name love tamara

11/16/2022 8:20:02 AM

My name is Tamara as you know. I pronounce is Tamra.I often get called Ta-mare-uh or Ta-marh-uh or some name that ticks me completely off. People also want to spell it Tamera. I don't even hear how it could be an E.

11/11/2022 2:15:20 AM

Beautiful name, sacrilage to shorten it to Tammy!! And so many people do it -AAAHHHH

11/10/2022 3:40:32 PM

Hayy Evryone!! Ma name's Tamara (derr)... I'm 13, in year 9 and I live in Australia... My name is pronounced Ta-mah-ra, sounds like ra-ra lol... i've only ever met three (3) other people with the'same name as me, but two were seniors and the other was in prep... lol... Pretty much evryone spells my name wrong at first... i've had: Tamra, Temerra, Tamera, Tahmra, Tamarh, Tamarah and Tmra... It's soo annoying! People almost ALWAYS pronounce my name correctly, except a few times i've been called "Tamorra" <--(tomorrow pronounced wierd)... I love the fact that there are a few different nicknames, otherwise it'd be boring... My family call me Tam or Tammy, Friends call me Tamzy or Mara and Other people just call me Tamara... See yas!! mwah xx

11/7/2022 12:44:02 PM

hI'my name is tamara and im 13 like many of u i have also heard 'tomorrow' from annie so many times i lost count ages ao but now they say the new barclays isa card thing is my advert with the'singing money. i to have been called tomato and temira and loads more. u actually pronounce my name ta-ma-ra so yeh on one site It'says palm tree or spice but loads of people say palm tree so yeh i go with that i am also the only tamara in the'school. my full name is tamara wendy goodchild so most of it is uncommon. bye to all the fellow tamara's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11/6/2022 9:06:30 AM

Love the name Tamara :)This is my 10 year old daughter's name and naturally, I think its a BEAUTIFUL name! (or else I would obviously not have named her that! ) :) We pronounce it Tuh-MAH-rah and haven't had any problems with teasing, nicknames or pronounciation!

10/18/2022 5:10:20 AM

One of the best person I have even met, has this name. And I think I say it right. It is a very good name indeed.

10/11/2022 2:07:44 AM

My name is Tamara(Ta-ma-ra; like camera but with a "T")...I LOVE my name....No one hardly ever pronounces it right, but that is o.k....It is as unique as I am and I like it like that....I have been called Ta-mah-ra and Tam-air-ah...And many more, but those are the main ones....Very rarely do I'meet anyone named Tamara....I am 27 and I have only met 2 in my life and I have been all over the country...

10/10/2022 12:18:58 PM

i love this name it is my name and i feel unique because i only no one more tamara

10/10/2022 5:51:02 AM

hI'my moms name is Tamara and she hates it. i dont think its that bad

10/7/2022 11:25:54 AM

My name is Tamara, and the only problem I have with it is that'some people think It's alright to call me Tammy, which I hate.

9/29/2022 8:35:00 AM

I am the only TOMARA in the world I think. I am named after my father whose name is Tom. It is still pronounced tom'air'ah. So hello to all my fellow Tamaras. :)

9/28/2022 1:28:50 PM

it is my name and it is great. its unique and i have only met one other tamara and she pronounces it tam-ra not like me which is ta-mA-ra. i have to tell people how to say it but thats not a problem, just don't call me tammy.

9/27/2022 11:04:48 PM

I pronounce my name Tuh-MA-ruh. I don't mind my name most of the time but I don't know of too many Tamaras. i've only met one other in my life.

9/27/2022 3:05:44 AM

I am Tamara as well. I pronounce it TAM-a-ra. I really like this, but I am often called Ta-MARE-a or Ta-MAR-a both of which make me cringe. (But I don't mind if people call me Tam-ra...this is very close.)

9/26/2022 10:03:00 AM

My nam is Tamara...I say Tamra. Its cool,but people always say it wrong. T-AM-RA...I have been called Tamera alot..But i love my name too

9/25/2022 6:43:06 AM

i like the name because it is mine i get a bit mand when'they say tamra

9/16/2022 8:31:22 PM

I agree with the other comment!! My name is mispronounced EVERY DAY!! Very annoying. Too many different pronunciations of this name. I have even found that people will mispronounce my name after I have told them my name (they are not even reading it).... The correct way to pronounce my name (given by my parents) is Ta mah ra

9/14/2022 1:30:58 AM

Am from Jamaica, and i can'tell you the name is very popular and also the alias thatcomes with It'such as T, Tammy, Tamo, Tam tam and the list goes on. I remember being in a class with two other Tamara's the teacher had so much difficulty she'starts calling us by our Surname. I think its the best name ever and the meaning is Palm tree.

9/12/2022 11:21:36 PM

My name is Tamara. It's pronounced: Tam - Ah - Rah. Ryhmes with Camera. Half of the time, It's said too fast, so it ends up sounding like Tam - Rah. So I'm used to either pronounciation; Dosen't bother me. Pretty name, but pretty difficult to get at first.

9/11/2022 5:37:40 AM

My name is Tamara and I was born in the early 1972s and didn't know anyone else with this name until I went to high school and met one other person in a graduating class of close to 700 people. I think my mother named me after a Russian ballerina. I used to really dislike my name because in school, every teacher would call it out and mispronounce it. My name is pronounced TA-ma-ra with the accent on the first syllable. They always called me Ta-MARE-a with an accent on the'second syllable which I hated. My family and friends always called me Tammy which I liked and still do today even'though I'm much older. Tamara sounded very hard and cold to me...and that's the name I would be called when I was in trouble at home (lol). If I heard "Tam" or "Tammy", it made me feel good. Deep inside, I think Tamara is very sensuous and if the right person said it the right way, I'd probably love it more. It's a unique name'so a lot of people remember it and always remember me because of that's a plus. I'm thankful and grateful for having such a beautiful accent (name) attached to my life.

9/9/2022 11:53:44 AM

Tamra is my name. It is often mistaken for Tamara. My nickname is always Tammy. Very seldom do I use the name Tamra, unless It's pertaining to legal matter. I do like my name though!

9/5/2022 4:26:48 AM

no one ever forgets my name im glad my mum called me tamara

8/31/2022 12:01:12 PM

My name is Tamara, pronounced with a spanish accent, Ta-mod-duh. I hope that made sense. I love my name, but hate when people can me different after i've given'them the pronunciation speech!! Some people are just dorks!!

8/21/2022 4:03:18 AM

The origin of the name Leah is hebrew. In its original context it is pronounced Lay ah-not lee ah

8/11/2022 1:28:30 PM

Hey, my name is Tamara also, I'm from Slovenia. I like my name a lot, It's quite rare, so I have only met a couple of people who share my name in my life. I think It's sweet that it means "palm tree" because i've always liked palms, they're like a symbol of exotic. People generally pronounce it correctly(or at least that's how i've pronounced it my whole life) which is: TAH-muh-rah but sometimes they say Tuh-MAH-rah,which I don't like and I get quite agitated :) There are also several songs dedicated to a Tamara that are very known around here and people always sing the'songs to me, which is way cute I think, because it doesn't happen'to people with different names :) i've had lots of nicknames like Tammy, Tamzy, Mari, Tamary ... I prefer Tamary,though. So, yeah, It's a great name and I wouldn't change it.

8/7/2022 7:48:18 PM

I feel as though my name is unique. I pronounce it "Ta-Mar-Ruh."...C how fly is that.

8/6/2022 7:06:00 PM

Hi, my name is Tamara and I pronounce it TAM-a-ra. I love my name I just hate it when people call me Tamera, like Tia and Tamera or Tomara, like the next day.

7/27/2022 11:01:48 PM

My name is pronounced ta-MA-ra and people say it wrong ALL THE TIME. I'm 20 now..i used to hate my name, but people always compliment me on it. Plus i have the most nick names out of anyone i could go on forever! And i've only ever met one person who pronounces it the' the end I'm just glad i wasn't named "jessica", "laura", or "amanda" :)

7/14/2022 8:16:12 PM

tons and tons of people spell my name wronge and every teacher i've had pronounces it wronge. none of the'stores have it on something and if they do its spelled wronge. also the'stores that have initals don't have h. my last name is halie nowakowski... think of the possibilities.

7/12/2022 2:23:24 AM

Hey, this is my name too and I'must say that I wouldn't change it! I think It's enough "normal" and "exotic" at the'same time and I feel good with it! :-)

6/11/2022 4:13:12 PM

Hi - My name is Tamara and I am now 33, born in Canada but living in the UK for most of my life. My name is pronounced Tam ar a. I hate it when people say Tammera, Tamera and worst of all Tamsin! I was called Tammy throughout school. I also had the'same old see you tommorrow tommorrow or tomato! On the whole I and everyone thinks my name is great! I have not met any other people named Tamara yet!

5/27/2022 12:09:18 AM

I'm a Tamara in high school and I'm the only one. have only met another Tamara in my whole life and it wasn't that bad cuz they called her by her'second name. so i have always been called Tamara and I'm the only one. there have been A LOT of people that write the name wrong, probably because it has so many variables of it (Tamora, Tamera, Tamrah, Tamarah, etc.). mine is Tamara like Camara. i like the Indian meaning better, its spice. and i find it more inter'sting than palm tree... like both i can say w/e seems better at the moment....

5/25/2022 9:37:12 PM

I am 46 years old and am a Tamara. When I was born my parents just wanted to name me Tammy but the Catholic priest who was going to Baptise me said they had to name me Tamara because it was a saints name. I was Tammy all of my childhood. When I was about 25 I began College and went by Tamara. I like it better than Tammy, which I refer to as my baby name. I have been called Tomorrow, Tamarea, Tam, and Tam us the bam us.

5/14/2022 10:12:18 AM

My best friend's name is Tamara and she pronounces it like Ta-mare-a

5/9/2022 4:51:00 AM

my name is tamara it is pronounced (tuh-mare-uh) like tia and tamara. i never knew there were so many people with that name

4/29/2022 1:27:36 AM

hI'my names Tamara also and I'm 16 from Australia. i've never met anyone with my name, but apparently i have an aunty called Tamara also. I'm continually getting jokes like...see you tamara tomorra and stuff like that. people also misspronounce my name on purpose, i think they think i's funny or something haha. people generally get it right, they just have to ask a few times before they're confident enough to say it. my name is pronounce tah-mar-rah. just to add i LOVE my name and am grateful that it was chosen for me. not because i like it but also because so does everyone else!! I'm always getting complemented on how pretty my name is. =D

4/24/2022 7:53:42 PM

My name is Tamara and I also pronounce it like camera with a T. (I have never been called Tammy, wouldn't like it.) I didn't like it when I was younger because I had a foreign-sounding last name and the combination was a bit too much for people. But I have grown accustomed to my name and am proud to have a name that is different. My name came from a Russian dancer who was killed in a plane crash during WWII (she was a USO dancer). My mother heard the name and liked it and when I came along that's the name they chose for me.

4/17/2022 6:43:30 AM

My name is Tamara and when I was younger I went by Tammy, but at age 20 I began going by Tamara. I love my name but I do get alot of mispronunciations!! Tam-AIR-A, UGH oh well ... =0)

4/11/2022 2:29:42 AM

I love my name, I used to be called Tammy as a nickname but when I hit my 20s I started using Tamara. People compliment me all the time. What I hate the most is when people mispronounce my name by putting alot of emphasis on the A's.

4/6/2022 8:00:54 PM

Hey I'm called Tamara pronounced TAH-MAR-AH but I am sometimes called TAM-A-RAH, I love my name, its unusual and I dont know any other Tamara's!

4/2/2022 10:41:06 PM

Salam, I am currently having an opportunity to know more about a lady named tamara. Her name is really very attracting to the ear. I personally liked it much. I like also palm trees. Hope her life be beautiful and charming as palm trees.

3/21/2022 2:19:48 AM

I have had to grow into this name. For every one person that'says it correctly there are a dozen'that'say it wrong. My Mother and Father were in a pizza place when my Mom was almost ready to deliver. They had not decided on a name and a little girl about 4 -5 years old was at the'same pizza shop with her parents. Her name was Tamara and my Mom fell in love with the name. I wish that I could meet the little girl that I am named after. My Mom tells me that when I was little that'she and I looked alike. I guess I will never know on this side anyway. Tamara Cooper-White Centerburg, OH

3/12/2022 3:12:00 PM

My name is Thamara (prounce the h). Alot of people call me Tamara for short. I guess that one letter make It'so much shorter. lol. But I just love my name.

3/5/2022 9:21:00 AM

In the country I come from name Tamara is pronounced like this: Ta-ma-ra. It is a pleasure to be named like this

3/3/2022 6:00:18 PM

My name ie Tamara and I love it.It is a different name.

2/27/2022 1:27:36 AM

Hey Im from Australia, so many people pronouce my name in many different ways. I think the name Tamara is a beautiful name and i love it, because it is just so unique.

2/20/2022 3:44:24 PM

My name is Tamara and I only know one other girl with this name. I absolutely love my name and i've never met anyone who had a problem pronouncing it. People call me TAM-ARA, TAM-AIR-UH, or TAM-RUH. :)

2/20/2022 2:55:48 AM

Im Tamara I tink its alrite nd i hate it im inbetween .In scool every1 calles mi tomorrow or tamato nd i hate it . Alot of people tink its a really nice name .i found out it meant palm tree nd i hate de meanin lol

2/11/2022 9:17:24 PM

My name. I am a twin to a fraternal boy named Thomas. Nurse suggested these names for twins. We go by Tammy and Tom. Tamara is a hard name to "hear" and pronounce correctly. i've been mistakenly heard/called "Pamela", or "Pammy". Men seem to love the name Tamara over the nickname Tammy. Tamar is a woman in the bible who did not have an easy life, so I think I'd rather have been named "Ruth" or someone whose life ended with a pretty good guy! :)

1/23/2022 7:53:42 AM

My sister name is Tamara its pronounce (Tam-ar-uh) Ther's differnet ways to pronounce it. her nickname is Tam. When people first meet her they always pronounce it wrong like they'll call her Tamera I think its funny when people do.

1/22/2022 6:10:12 PM

My name is Tamara, but I pronounce it ta-my-ra. I get on the offensive side when people pronounce my name wrong. Even after I tell them that they say it wrong, they still don't say it right.

12/27/2021 2:35:06 AM

Tamara is my daughter's name. She's 24, living in New York. I chose her name after I looked it up and found it meant "tree of life" in Hebrew. I love trees and I named my son Sylvan who's serving in Iraq. My favorite poem as a kid was Joyce KI'mer's (18861918) Trees I THINK that I shall never'see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the'sweet earth's flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.

12/22/2021 4:26:42 PM

My name is Tamara also, and I am 30. It took me until I was 20 to really grow into the name, it is a big name for a little girl to carry. I was always Tammy when I was younger, but I hate it - I always used to get the "Tammy's In Love" song by Debra Reynolds (Tammy and the Batchelor) sung at me. At school I was nicknamed Tim Tam after the biscuits, or Tam Bam after the TV show "The Henderson Kids". Now I am Tam to my friends, Tamara in general, and if I hear Tammy called out across the room, I know it must be someone I knew from LONG ago!!

12/13/2021 10:06:00 AM

I love my name I pronounce it Ta-Mare-rah. Which is different than what people automatically say but, I still love it. I think It's very pretty, sounds like the very cool girl next door =D lol! Tomorrow, Mary, Tomatetor are just a few nicknames I have been dawned.

12/9/2021 1:47:24 AM

This is my name. when i was a kid i always hated it everyone was jennifer or jessica and I was Sandra. But now that i am 28 I have grown to like my name. It'sounds pretty. I hate it when people call me Sandy though. You should ask before giving someone a nick name

12/8/2021 11:09:00 AM

iv never met another tamara ever! although im only 15 16 in a month but i love it im mainly called tiara or tamz by my mates but iv loved being called tamara however iv alway loved the name phoebe i reckon u should o 4 it!!

12/5/2021 4:21:18 PM

My name is also tamara...Does someone knoe how to write tamara on arabic language

11/20/2021 9:20:06 PM

Hey my names tamara the name tamara is awsome its rarely used but is often spelt with and e that drives me insane my nic names and mara and tj the ones i dont like are tammy and tam tam also i was called t-t for awhile

11/19/2021 2:13:30 PM

hI'my moms name is Tamara and she hates It'so much! i dont think its to terrible but i wouldnt name my kid that

11/4/2021 9:08:24 AM

My name is Tamara (we pronounce Tam-uh-ra). I looove my name. I hated it when I was younger because It'seems so difficult a concept for some people to grasp. However, as i've gotten older i've really come to appreciate not being a "Jessica" or "Ashley" or one of those other popular names. i've only met one other person with my name and same pronunciation and she delivered my daughter. I love my name and wouldn't chance It's uniqueness for anything. It also turns out really inter'sting nicknames, my favorIt's of which are Tee-Tee amd Tam-Tam.

10/31/2021 1:38:24 PM

I'm palistianian girl ;and this is my name when i say to people that my name is tamar they say oh what what is the meaning of it??

10/31/2021 4:29:24 AM

tamara, as you say means palm-tree or date-tree... but It's biblical meaning It's not victory, but righteousness. right men, true people, are compared with "palm trees" in the bible because they grow up-right from earth to heaven no matter what goes on arround them. also the fruitfulness of the dates is said to be the reward for such righteous behaviour.

10/29/2021 8:27:54 PM

I fell upon this page by accident, and am so glad I did :) It's really neat to see that there are more namesakes out there!

10/16/2021 6:37:12 PM

I don't understand why so many women named Tamara have such disdain for "Tammy." They're both lovely!

10/4/2021 5:35:06 AM

My name is a Tamara also. I dont mind being called Tammy because its better than being called Ta-mare-ah or Ta-mar-ah, i hate that.

9/26/2021 5:26:06 AM

I LOVE My Name!!! ~Tamara~ Mine's pronounced Tam-Uh-Ruh. I often get that mispronunciation thing too! i've been called tambera with some mysterious "b" sound! And tomato too! -But still I love my name! The'sound of it and It's meanings: palm tree, lotus flower, & spice. All beautiful symbolI'ms of stren'th! Yay! GO TAMARAS!!!

9/25/2021 12:57:54 PM

I like when people come up with their own way of saying it. but it is confusing for othe's when'they meet someone who says it differently. I find it an exotic and mysterious name.

9/14/2021 2:27:54 AM

Hi, my names Tamara and I'm in grade 6. I am the only Tamara in the whole school and no one pronounces it wrong. I although hate when people spell my name with 2 m's (Tammara) I live in Canada, but come from Serbia. In Serbia, Tamara is a very popular name. (We pronounce it Tam-uh-ra) My nickname is Tammy but I don't really like it. so ya. But I think the name Tamara is very unique and I love it!!*

9/2/2021 6:48:54 AM

I love being called Tamara and everyone always tells me what a lovely name it is so there.

8/19/2021 5:59:24 PM

Hi ..I am a Tomara..(pronounced Tom-R-uh)..I have not met anyone with my spelling or pronounciation.

8/13/2021 5:31:30 AM

My name is Tamara too but I say it the way it looks, Ta-mah-ra, its not that hard to understand. I like it but when people say it they sound as if they struggle.

8/2/2021 5:54:00 PM

i've heard about ten different pronounciation of my name.but people call me taza,tasha,tara

7/8/2021 7:29:24 PM

Love, the name Tamara. I pronounce it TAM-a-ra. My name gets mispronouced alot, but sometimes its pronouced correctly, depending on the person. Overall, I feel that my name is beautiful and special. Not everyone has this name and it makes me very greatful to have this name.

7/6/2021 6:11:06 AM

I dislike it whenever'someone pronounces my name "Ta-mare-ruh" ... I correct them saying It's all with long a's. :) So it ends up pronounced as "Tah-mah-rah." I'm Eurasian, and my Filippino side likes to joke around with the fact that "Tamaraw" means water buffalo! The irony with my name is that it means "palm tree" in Arabic, and I'm pretty short for my age.. My European friends like to joke around with that at mind. :) Otherwise I'm aware that it also means water lily and copper in a certain Indian dialect too. On my first day of the 7th grade, every teacher'serenaded me with Annie's song "The'sun'll come out, tomorrow" except their version was "Tamara, Tamara, I love you, Tamara. You're only, three seats away!" The'song now officially annoys me. Haha. i've gotten so many nicknames, but the ones that have deviated from my actual name includes Tamomo, Momo, Mara, Rara, TJ, Tam, Tomato and Tomorrrow. It's an endless list, and it keeps growing every day. :)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Tamara?
The origin of the name Tamara is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Tamara?
Date Palm
*️⃣ How many people are named Tamara?
Almost 131000 people are named Tamara.
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The names of Tatum, Tayte, Tatem, Taitum, Tatym