Vaughn Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \va(u)-ghn, vaugh()-hn\
Number in U.S 👶 21,000
Rate in 2021 2184
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Welsh

Meaning of Vaughn

"Vaughn" is a popular name for boys that has Welsh origin. Meaning of the name Vaughn is: "Little".

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Comments on the name Vaughn
9/26/2022 6:13:46 AM

I really like the name Vaughan, if i have a boy i will call him Vaughan. It'sounds unique, classy and strong without being too wayout. I have met a couple of Vaughans over the years and they have definitely stren'thened my love of the name, the way it is spelt and the way It'sounds. I think James goes well with Vaughan.

9/13/2022 1:25:02 AM

We just named our son Xavier and i love it. It is such a strong but unique name and not too out there. It really annoys me that people say Exavier and that'some low class people have taken'to actually butchering the name and spelling it with an E in front so people will pronounce it like that. I didnt realise people would even'think to say it incorrectly Xylophone, Xerox pronounced zylophone etc so its a bit of pain correcting ignoramuses

9/5/2022 2:05:44 AM

My son is called Vaughan Thomas and we live in England, my family are welsh and my surname originally was Vaughan....he loves his name and he has no one in his school with that name. Although he has several friends called Jack. I can't keep up with the Jack's in his year at least 15! I love the name Vaughan I call him vaughany as his nick name.

8/6/2022 3:32:42 AM

My son is called Vaughan James, I think its a great name.Although not one of the most popular names people comment on how unique and lovely it is. His little brother always says "why didnt you call me Vaughan"

6/28/2022 3:23:42 PM

I was named Vaughan by my father because he heard the named used by a Bishop here in Australia. My name is always being mispronounced, however I love the name because it is unique and unusual people never forget my name. Well I should say it was unique until a person moved here with the'same first name and surname. Even'though the named originally meant small, I am well over 6 feet tall - makes a good talking point :)

6/9/2022 10:14:06 AM

My son, born in 2017, is named Vaughn. i've always loved this name. It's old-time, yet new.

5/9/2022 2:54:54 PM

I am a girl, not to many people are girls named Vaughn,People say they like it but it has been mostly used for a boy. I usually get the'statement Is't that a boys name! I am now 58years old and I have been proud and sometimes frustrated having this name Cannot find how many Female Vaughn are out there . But people do remember me!

2/23/2022 5:02:42 AM

i've never known any one with this name but, I intend to name my son this. His daddy is Vincent so I searched for a "V" name a long time before finding this one. It's perfect!

2/9/2022 10:43:48 AM

My name is Isabelle Vaughn and I think Vaughn is a lovely name.

2/5/2022 6:53:24 PM

Many people mis-pronounce and mis-spell my name, I have been called voon, Vay-oo-gun, Va-gun vern, its very simple, just say von.

1/22/2022 10:44:42 PM

I love this name! I'm trying to convince my dh to let me name our little girl Vaughn!

1/14/2022 8:45:54 PM

i love my name.I think its awsome! i like having a unique name,and no one else i've met has that name, and i was born in 2012!

1/1/2022 1:32:06 AM

My names Vaughn and its an awesome name!But I always have to say that its pronounced Vorn,not Forn.

12/10/2021 5:08:06 PM

Looks beautiful written- and is a nice name to say out loud!

11/17/2021 4:34:48 AM

I'm a 68 year old female named Vaughne (e is silent) I was named after the 40's singer Vaughn Monroe Have always loved my name Over the years I know of at least 10 children (boys And girls) that were named after me because the parent liked the name.

10/21/2021 5:40:30 AM

My name is Vaughn Sewell, I have only met 1 other Vaughn (spelt the'same) and I am not too fond of my name, I love that is different but is hard to spell out to people in loud situations (work, clubs, drag races) people think my name is spelt vorn or think my name is Sean (Shawn), I do like my name but it is had to communicate sometimes because of a lisp..

8/28/2021 5:55:48 PM

This is my son's name. I love it, you don't hear it a lot and when you do, It's n't spelled this way. It's a great name.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Vaughn?
The origin of the name Vaughn is Welsh.
*️⃣ How many people are named Vaughn?
Almost 21000 people are named Vaughn.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Vaughn?
The names of Wesley, Weston, Westen, West, Signa