Zander meaning

: Defender Of Men

Zander Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \z(a)-nder, zan-der\
Number of People 👶 23,000
Rate in 2021 549
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Slavic
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zander Name Meaning

Meaning of name Zander:

Zander is the phonetic equivalent of Xander, a short form of Alexander. The meaning of the name is interpreted from “alexein” meaning “to defend” plus “andros” which translates to “man, warrior” in a relational or possessive form. Hence the meaning: Defender of men. The name is embodied largely by the well-known king of the Greek-influenced Macedonia dating back to the 4th century BC: Alexander the Great. You will be hard pressed to find a more legendary warrior than this man. The name was popularized in the post-classical era throughout Europe as a common given name, and is shown several times in the New Testament. There are more than 40 Christian saints named after Alexander. As such, the name gave way to dozens of variations, nicknames, and short forms. Xander is mostly used by the Dutch, while Zander is more typically American (English).


Zander's name first appeared on the American male naming charts this century in the year 2000. Another example of a nickname becoming a given name in its own right, Zander joins Alex, Alec, Xander, and Sasha as other names. It seems that Alejandro is such a timeless classic; we can't imagine why people want to officially shorten it on the birth certificate. His son can still be called Zander although his formal name is Alexander. By simply using "Zander" you are essentially limiting your child's options later in life. I wouldn't recommend this name as a stand-alone. It's too casual and cheesy on its own. Although Xander is a high ranking name that is given independently in Belgium (not so much, but also the Netherlands), so what are we going to say? We love this as a nickname, but feel it rather restrictive as a given name.

Zander name color

The golden color of the name Zander. People with the name Zander, wearing a golden color, are stubborn and unshakable, they are intolerant of the shortcomings of others, since they themselves consider themselves ideal. In principle, outwardly it is impossible to find fault with the bearers of the Zander name - a carefully selected wardrobe and a well-groomed appearance. But, if you look under the golden shell of people with the name Zander, you can see a domineering and insensitive person. Positive character traits for the name Zander are fortitude and steadfastness. The negative character traits of the name Zander are authority and rigidity.

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Comments on the name Zander
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My husband is called Zoltan, and I really wanted to name our baby with a Z name, and came across Zander- he was born in 2017 and my goodness does his name'suit him, little blondy with green eyes too and a very confident boy. Don't think there are many in the UK ;D

01/11/2024 08:49:18

I have a grandson by the name is Zander, he was born in 2021.the name just fit him, I love the name.

12/08/2023 22:47:56

my second born son is a Zander. it took forever for his father and I to come up with a name, especially one that we could agree on. I let dad make a list that I chose from. he had it on the list spelt xander and it didn't click for me. I wanted something that would flow well with my eldest son (Landan). then last minute dad said he wanted to give the baby a 'z' name (and he insisted on Zero) because not many people have z names. so I went back to his list and saw it. we switched it around to a z rather than an x and Zander does work well as a sibling name with Landan!

11/16/2023 14:09:28

My husbands name is Zander. MOre typical in Southern Africa within the Afrikaans culture - he has a few friends with the'same name. Often people get confused - especially over the phone - and think it is Short for Alexander. Often people spell it Xander out by accident. Pronounced: "Zun-der" even'though It's spelt with an A

10/09/2023 05:24:14

Just named my baby boy Zander James. We love it and get so many compliments on it. It's strong but unique.

09/23/2023 18:30:58

Our 10 year old son (born 2007) is Sander. I'm amazed It's not on this site. Everyone who hears it loves it, but he's often called 'Zander, Sanders, Sahn-der, Zanders (and 'Scamber' by one little girl when he was a baby). he's a redhead and It'suits him perfectly!

08/12/2023 12:53:36

My son's name is Alexander. He was born in 2013. My father is Serbian, my mother is German, so they began nicknaming him Zander in honor of his Eastern European roots where the name Zander has been used for hundreds of years. It'suits him. If he likes, he can choose between'this and his full name as an adult. It's good he has the choice.

08/12/2023 08:46:44

We named our son Zane in Feb 2020. We thought It'sounded cool and slightly different. We did not know of any other Zanes except the radio 1 DJ, recently though have met several people who know of a Zane. Have to always repeat his name when people ask.

08/11/2023 15:44:00

My name is Alexander but, everyone from my granny, teacher (when I was at school and university), mum, dad, friends... (You get the picture) call me Zander. I love this name. People like it and think its different and original. I also get called "Zeds" (It's pronounced the way you spell it) because It's short for Zander. I like that too. I have been called Zander'since I was a baby......

07/19/2023 04:03:16

my name is zander and i like it but people aleays spell It'sander or xander i like my bame the way it is because im a zander

06/29/2023 22:21:18

My son is Zander Dominic born May 14 2016 & I picked it because It'sounds very strong & powerful. I was surprised to find out that it means defender of the people. He is the funniest person i've ever met!

05/22/2023 14:46:36

My son named his baby Zander Jayce. I loved it from the first time I heard it. He was born last week. I think it is a strong name and not run of the mill.

05/08/2023 22:30:10

I love the name Zandor and thats what I named my son. Except my husband was set on it being spelled with a O instead of an E because it looks more boyish that way. At least thats what he thinks. I personally prefer it with the E, but I wanted to make my husband happy. My son is 14 Months old now and while family was skeptical about the name, now they LOVE it because it totally fits him :)

04/25/2023 01:49:14

im considering calling my baby boy zander, its growing on me everyday, the more i say it the more i like it

04/20/2023 17:29:24

Say it Zan-der. It is our 3 month old baby boy's name. A lot of people like it once they figure out what it is. i've found It's better to just say It's Zander with a Z and they get it.

04/19/2023 01:13:38

my name is zander deveon zambrano i figured the meaning of my name out by myself and its actually suprising and mostly yeah its not just a common name "zander" or mean: protector of men'though there is a dark side of it and bright side...

04/15/2023 00:14:38

this is my brothe's name i didnt realise other people spelt it this way its a great name x

03/15/2023 09:13:40

My name is Zander. I really like the uniqueness of the name. My only issues arise during phone calls. People do not recognize the name and seem to I'mediately hear something different, usually Andrew. I have taken'to over-enunciating my name on the phone. Otherwise, all is good.

03/08/2023 18:14:02

I am thinking about naming my baby Zander. I am still trying to talk the father into it.

03/05/2023 20:17:18

My brother's name is Zander, short for Zander, short for Zander. Well, really Alexander

03/03/2023 19:30:10

My name is Zander M and I'm the only person that I know with that name. I love my name.

01/29/2023 22:07:02

Wow - I thought I was the only Tamela out there. I thought my mom made it up but its great to see so many of us "Tamela"'s out there. I love the name and always know when'telemarketers call because they NEVER pronounce it right.

01/27/2023 08:24:02

My name Zander Kley and I love my name as much as my sister.

01/16/2023 15:32:30

We're considering this name for our baby who's going to be born in 5 months. It's our name for a boy but no reason why you couldn't use it for a girl's name. We love basil in foods, and we like uncommon names. This is a good one!

01/04/2023 04:04:08

I love the name Zander'so much that I named my son Zander in September of 2015. Most of my family thought It'strange but now they love his name as much as they love him. His name fits him, they are both unique.

12/26/2022 14:38:26

Zane has been a GREAT name to me over the past 35 years. Because the name is unique, we Zanes have a bond when we meet one another. i've met two or three dozen other Zanes throughout my travels, the last one a waiter in a restaurant who didn't beli've I was a Zane because he had only heard of one other and hadn't met one personally, so I had to show him my ID : ). My son is now Zane.

12/19/2022 21:35:22

My first grandson was given his name Zander Krakowiak. My only son didn't even realise his Poppy❤️s name was Zymunt Krakowiak. Our son was only a toddler & didn't regonise the initials ❤️❤️❤️

11/29/2022 15:47:28

My husbands name is Alexander'so we named our fist son Zander. I love the name and it fits him well!

11/26/2022 07:33:34

My son (born July 2020) is named Zander, saw It'spelt with and X originally but liked it with Z better. We found it hard to fit the 'right' name but this suits him perfectly. His middle name is Ash (as chosen by his big sister Marni Elizabeth) :)

11/14/2022 13:25:34


10/02/2022 09:10:26

I named my son Zander! It's a great name for a spunky kid!

09/26/2022 23:34:08


09/25/2022 04:22:02

We were playing with Ashleigh, my best friend with our other friend outside and we did the obstacle course! It was so fun!

09/19/2022 06:25:08

I love this name when I have a son his name is gonna be Zander Cole!!

08/18/2022 21:09:18

We named our son Zander, and much like the other comments people really like it once they 'figure it out' I also say It's Zander with a Z.

06/01/2022 02:45:54

My grandson's name is ALEXZANDER we call him Zander most of the time .It is a very unique strong name just like him. He is amazing .most leave out the z in his full name but at only 5 years old he corrects them.

11/15/2021 18:43:30

Also South African and My Mum pronunces it zun-der, have a great uncle with the'same name we are Afrikneers

11/11/2021 10:24:54

My mom is having a baby'soon , if It's a boy his name will be Zander James !

09/24/2021 20:29:42

My husband wanted a unique name I wanted a strong name we agreed to name him Alexander but he has always gone by Zander. He he was born in 2014 so I had never heard of another Zander. He absolutely loves his name

09/21/2021 03:44:24

We named our son Zander. Saw the name in the birth section of our local newspaper (spelled with an "X"). Loved the name. We mentioned it to my husbands grandma & she told us that Zander was her grandma's Maiden name!!! (spelled with a Z) We knew it was fate! LOVE the name & our 4yr old fits it well. Blonde hair, green eyes, mellow & loving.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zander?
The origin of the name Zander is Slavic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zander?
Defender Of Men
*️⃣ How many people are named Zander?
Almost 23000 people are named Zander.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Zander?
The names of Meghan, Meghann, Meaghan, Maeghan, Megha