Zariah meaning

: Radiance

Zariah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \z(a)-riah\
Number of People 👶 10,000
Rate in 2021 907
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Arabic
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Zariah Name Meaning

The name Zariah holds a beautiful meaning that is worth exploring. Derived from Arabic origins, Zariah is often associated with qualities such as radiance, brightness, and splendor. It symbolizes the essence of light and brilliance, making it a name that exudes positivity and inspiration.

Zariah represents an individual who possesses a captivating presence and an inner glow that shines through in all aspects of life. It is a name that carries with it a sense of confidence, grace, and charm.

Embracing the meaning behind the name Zariah can serve as a reminder to live life with radiance and to embrace one's own unique brilliance. It encourages individuals to let their inner light shine brightly, illuminating the world around them.

Whether you are considering naming your child Zariah or simply curious about its origin and significance, this name holds a deep-rooted meaning that can inspire you to embrace your own luminosity and make a positive impact on those around you.

Cool Info About Name Zariah

Additional name description Zariah
Additional name description Zariah


Zariah first appeared on the American female naming charts in 2004, following Zaria, which debuted in early 1996. While Zariah is not exactly overused, it has managed to overtake the original spelling Zaria in popularity. Some parents like to add the “-h” to the end of some names to jazz it up a bit. As Zaria and Zariah became more popular in the last decade, the name Zariyah was recently introduced as a new and modified respelling. These Zaria names are mostly popular with African-Americans and are therefore only used sparingly. The "Z" gives the name a unique hallmark and distinctive sound. It's pretty, but not flashy. And the two possible meanings: 1) flower in flower; or 2) sunrise, morning star - has its own understated beauty.

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Comments on the name Zariah
01/14/2024 00:00:00

well whenever'somebody says accually i think they are saying ashley soi turn around and then i relize that they said accually

12/12/2023 00:33:54

my middle name is Zariah and i never knew what is meant until now... thanks

10/10/2023 00:30:24

I have beautiful 5 month old twin girls Zoe Angel and Zariah Love

08/26/2023 16:55:22

Thanks for cotnribtuing. It's helped me understand the issues.

04/22/2023 03:34:52

My first born daughter name is Zariah. When her dad and I decided to name her he got her name from Mariah Carey the'singer. I instantly fell in love with her name as well as her'she definitely defines with her name and she wears it proudly. She is most definitely full of radiance ,precious ,a princess , and beautiful. She is now almost 10 yrs old. She'sings amazingly for her age.I never knew how popular her name is until now. Thanks!

04/12/2023 14:38:30

I am naming my daughter zariah & pronouncing it like the'singer mariah with a "z" when I looked it up it meant radiance & radiance means a light of god so her full name is Zariah Radiance

03/24/2023 06:17:50

My daughter's name is Zariah Juels (like Jewels). The meaning I got for Zariah was Precious. I really love it, it took her a while to appreciate it. I have a different name too, Dagny; I wanted her to be different as well.

01/24/2023 23:40:48

Zavier is such a Zavier. When he was first named, I had a hard time, but I have no idea what his name could possibly be other than Zavier.

01/20/2023 00:21:40

My Zariah Simone was born in June of 2009, 7 1/2 weeks early and weighing 4lbs., 1oz. I thought long and hard about her name and, once I chose it, it was a done deal! I chose it for several reasons. There was an Hausa (Nigerian) princess by that name (the younger'sister of Queen Amina of Zaria); I have a favorite 1st cousin named Zinna (Zinna & Zariah's birthdays are a day apart); my mom's name is Sarah (I added the "h" in honor of mom & both names mean "princess" depending on where You'research). Her name (ZAH-ree-ah)gets mispronounced about 30% of the time as "Mariah" (like the'singer) but it used to be a higher percentage. I attribute the decline in mispronunciation to the popularity of the name in recent years.

01/07/2023 21:42:18

my friends name is zariah and she is awesome!! =) i luv herr!!

11/21/2022 09:07:20

People always tell me my name is beautiful and i like my name because its different and i am pretty much the only one with this name were i live.

10/15/2022 14:16:48

My name is Zariah and I just love it!! To me its different.=)

02/26/2022 01:40:12

My dog's name is Zariah :-) My stepdad surprised me with her at midnight one night when she was a little puppy. I didn't know what I wanted to name her, but at that moment I happened to be watching that'show "The Parenthood" and the oldest daughter's name is Zaria...I added the "h" on the end and It'stuck...I love my Zariah

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Zariah FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zariah?
The origin of the name Zariah is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zariah?
*️⃣ How many people are named Zariah?
Almost 10000 people are named Zariah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Zariah?
The names of Divya, Kaavya