Aaron meaning

: Mountain Of Strength

Aaron Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \air-in\
Number of People 👶 591,000
Rate in 2021 105
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Aaron Name Meaning

Aaron is a common male name throughout the world. If you are going to have a baby and are thinking of giving him this name, we invite you to read this article from MyCuteName in which we are going to explain everything related to its meaning and origin.
Discover, below, what is the meaning of Aaron, his origin, personality, saints, popularity, as well as if it can be translated into other languages and if there are variants.

Currently, unusual and rare names are gaining more and more popularity in Russia. One of them is the male name Aaron. Although the name is new to our country, it has a long history and has been found in biblical writings.

Aaron means "father of martyrs". The one who knows how to act at the right time and finds what he wants. Regarding the Hebrew root, there are several meanings, among them: the one who guides on the right path, the one who instructs from above, the one who makes grow. There is a whole important Catholic symbolism this name's meaning.


Aaron Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Aaron
Additional description of the name Aaron

Aaron comes from the Hebrew name אַהֲרֹן (Aharon), whose meaning is "father of martyrs". It has also been related to the Egyptian term "Aha Rw" ("warrior lion").

Origin story:

The root of the name Aaron is in the Hebrew language. The meaning of this name has many interpretations:

the first says the name means "ark of the covenant";

There is a version of the name Aaron being translated as "bright";

other sources translate this noun form as "teacher";

Some scholars claim that the name means "mountain" or "height."

The name Aaron has Hebrew roots.

Therefore, although the name Harun has been known since ancient times, it has no definite meaning. His name is first mentioned in the Old Testament, where the prophet Moses was worn by the first Jewish high priest and elder brother. It is among the Jewish people that the name Aaron is most common in the modern world

Cool Info About Name Aaron

Additional name description Aaron
Additional name description Aaron

How does the name Aaron affect a person's character?

Aaron likes to be the center of attention. He spends a lot of energy on gaining popularity in society and maintaining interest in his personality. The guy likes to compliment, but never allows it to be used, as he is very knowledgeable about people. Aaron sees people, so it's not that easy to cheat. This is a sociable man with many friends and acquaintances. The comrades of this young man are loyal to him, incapable of deception or betrayal, they always pull him out of even the most difficult situation. He responds to them in the same way, supports them in difficult times, and shows compassion. The guy is ready to help everyone, even a stranger, often doing charity work.

Aaron does his best to get the attention of others.

A man named Aaron has great inner strength, he is among other things intelligent and objective. The man will never be led by emotions, he makes prudent decisions guided only by common sense. This approach helps him avoid troubles on his life path. A man is a true leader who does not depend on anyone's opinion. All his decisions are made with the help of his reflections. Aaron's failure to listen to the heart often doesn't work for him - he misses out on opportunities bestowed by fate.

Aaron as a child

Little Aaron has an active and active nature. However, despite his energetic nature, the child does not cause any inconvenience to his parents. The boy loves his parents, and always tries to please them with his actions and actions. Ron likes to communicate with other men, he has a wide circle of acquaintances. The boy chooses his friends and makes almost no mistakes with people. All his comrades are good and reliable, they will always come to the rescue in a difficult situations. And Aaron will never leave a friend in trouble, ready for anything to make his loved ones happy

Diminutives and variations of the name Aaron
The variations of the name Aaron that we can find are:
Aaron, Arron, Aaren, Arin

The name Aaron in other languages
Arabic: Harun, Haroun
Italian: Aronne
Hebrew: Aharon
Danish: Aron
Norwegian: Aron
Finished: Aaron
Icelandic: Aron

The personality the name Aaron
Aaron is a calm, balanced, emotional, and thoughtful person. He is very strong physically and mentally. He likes to live a healthy life and stay in shape, he is a good athlete.
He usually has a great sense of humor and enjoys having a good time with friends or family. He has many friends and is a sociable person who does not like conflicts.
At work, he is a methodical worker and a good leader with great abilities to manage teams. His perseverance stands out, he does not give up on his efforts until he achieves his goals and keeps his superiors satisfied.
In a relationship, he is a very sensitive person and is a great friend of his partner. He is also a good father.

Celebrities named Aaron
Aaron Paul: American actor and producer popular for playing Jesse Pinkman in the series Breaking Bad.
Aaron Taylor Johnson: British actor and producer awarded a Golden Globe for his performance in Nocturnal Animals.
Aaron Diaz: Mexican singer, actor, and businessman.
Aaron Smith: House music producer and DJ from Chicago.
Aaron Rodgers: American professional football player.
Aaron Ramsey: Welsh footballer.
Aaron Carter: Nick Carter's little brother. He is an American singer, actor, dancer, producer, and songwriter.
Aaron Judge: American baseball player who plays for the New York Yankees team.

Aaron's Saint Day
Aaron's Saint Day is July 1.

Numerology of the name Aaron
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Aaron is 7.

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Comments on the name Aaron
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i've known many people named Aaron/ Erin but n't closley enough for it to be a name i would over look when choosing a name for a child. But there are a few problems, this is the Hebrew Aaron n't the Irish Erin which is a very feminin name and i do have concer's that the two completely diffrent names (because they are both names with strong culture behind them) are basically pronounced the'same it is a bit anoying in'theory and since i dont like Erin for a girl it is a bit irritatin'to think unless its read someone might confuse him for a girl or be unsure... but i do like it and may use it anyway aside from the confusion it could bring it is a strong name without nickname possibilities and its only slightly common. I really love Biblical names and their meanings as well.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Aaron David is my cousins name. I like for girls too, but spelled Aeryn.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is Aaron & i was named after Elvis Aaron Presley. my middle name is Blaze & my last Clark my in'tials are ABC & sometimes people call me Aaron Carter by mistake, partially because of an'ther kid in my grade whos name is Anthony Carter.

01/09/2024 23:19:06

I named my son Aaron, but get very frustrated when people pronounce it Aeron (as in Aeroplane, we prounouce it a hard 'a' sound. Un'ted Kingdom.

01/05/2024 17:55:36

My daughter's name is Aarona after my husband's brother Aaron.

01/05/2024 04:24:28

My best friends name is Aaron. he hates it because its so common (and because of the fact that he has the'same name as aaron carter..) but i really like it. its defin'tely n't an ugly name.

12/22/2023 08:18:48

I named my baby boy Aaron when he was born in sept. of 04'. I had been going thru a lot of hard times while I was carrying him and I decided to give him a biblical name that was fitting to our situation. I have read that Aaron means "Mountain", or "Stren'th". My Aaron was born healthy despite his rough time in'the womb and I am proud to have named him so.......he has now became my stren'th.

12/21/2023 04:23:38

Aaron is a cute baby boy name..I love it lots

12/18/2023 01:44:46

I've found out that the baby I'm carrying right now is a boy and I've named him Aaron. His brothers names are Alexander and Alan, and "a" names are kind of a family thing (my name is Amy and my brother's name is Andrew). Plus, all my boys' names have powerful meanings. Alexander means "champion", Alan means "noble", and Aaron means "exalted".

12/08/2023 01:38:20

I am going to call my son Aaron. Pronounce Aron. I will call my son (who is due in April2020) Aaron for the'simple fact I am a massive Elvis Presley fan and Aaron was his middle name, however it was spelt Aron on his birth certificate due to his dads spelling. Elvis changed it to Aaron later in life :) x

12/01/2023 21:48:46

I think that if I had to pick a favorite name of all time, it would be Aaron, or maybe Ryan. One or the other! I love this name! It's a possibility for my son.

11/24/2023 23:10:40

i am naming my charecter for a book i am wrting Aaron

11/07/2023 23:50:52

That's silly! My name starts with J and My grades are better than my friend's grades, and his name starts with A!

11/07/2023 21:12:10

We are naming our son Addison. When people name their children do they ever research the meaning of the name. It has been a mans name'since the early 18th Century!!! I don't mind that girls are called it - but it is a boys name :). Maybe because of Maddison'that is a boys name too, which was made a popular girls name in "splash" in'the 80's. I know a girl called Johny and Toni and It'suits them but who are we to say that it "sounds like a girls name".

10/11/2023 02:39:46

Even i fell love with this name and i think God had planned for this to keep it, A A R O N- this is unique name, man behind this name is also so faithful and just to God,mainly this man was constantly saving his armor of God, so finally i love it

10/08/2023 02:21:58

I feel like I'm the only girl named "Aaron". i've had times where someone has assumed I'm a guy (letters addressed to "Mr. Aaron Whitcher). When I give my name for something like fast food, I automatically spell it every time because I know they will "Erin" when It's "Aaron". i've looked my name up in forums, and most people say "Aaron is for boys, and Erin is for girls". And here I am, a girl named Aaron. I guess one good thing is that my name is unique.

09/28/2023 18:43:00

I am a big fan of Aaron Copland's work, some of his music is inspirational. My son was born a few months after he passed away, I named him Aaron as a tribute to this truly great American composer.

09/25/2023 14:53:36

Interesting, I did well academically. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with my first name though. As a male, it was common for people to spell my name Erin, now i'm used to saying it and then spelling it for them. other than that, pretty good name. it's always on the top of lists sorted by first name, few people share it, and its fun to meet other Aarons.

09/18/2023 08:01:46

my name is aaron and i know three other aaron's but one is spelt arryn.

09/08/2023 19:23:02

I'm also a female Arron, i've never met anyone else with my name who is a women, everyone always questions my name too

08/28/2023 08:35:52

Me and my partner are planning to call our son Aaron we like this name very much

08/26/2023 01:38:26

I like it much better for a boy than for a girl. Aaron was a great man in'the bible who assisted his brother Moses in speaking to the IsraelIt's.

08/23/2023 10:44:54

My eldest son is called Aaron, he was born in 2014 and the name wasn't very popular at that time (we live in'the UK) but now It'seems you can't go anywhere without hearing it being shouted by some parents somewhere! He loves the name and his middle name of Bryan after his Grandad, my Dad, the only thing that annoys him is the misspelling or mispronunciation of it, one teacher at his school says it wrong all the time and he's been'there for nearly 3yrs!! Aaron also loves his little brothe's name Jared and he gave him his middle name of Evan as well :-) I love my 2 boys names and beli've me and their Dad chose very well with both of them, they suit them perfectly, everyone who hears their names loves them and so far both boys like their names as well, that's a result in my book :-)

08/19/2023 03:53:14

My husband and I just had a beautiful little girl in december and before i found out her sex i decided if it was a boy i would make him Aaron, Jr. but she ended up being a girl! We named her Maddelyn Michelle. Michelle is my middle name.. but if our next child is a boy, he will be Aaron Jr.

08/15/2023 07:54:00

hi im Aaron Moore and i think that i should have been named Abner.

08/03/2023 16:42:20

I beli've Aaron is a very lovely name though lots of parents name there baby boy's Aaron. I know a boy named Aaron he's very hot Bye Koorine

07/27/2023 01:19:08

my so was called aaron as his father is called ronald and we wanted something with ron in it!! his father wanted to call him Ronald andrew david but i thankfully got him to change his mind. His name was meant to be as in recent years i have found out my great grandparents were jewish and of course aaron is a very big jewish name!! but if i had a pound for every one who said did u name him after elvis❤️❤️ do i look that'sad❤️❤️

07/25/2023 07:17:34

This is my nephe's name. He is adorable and this name fits him perfect.

07/20/2023 14:08:44

My bfs name is Aaron if we had a girl I would name her Aaricka

07/15/2023 23:20:58

I have a crush of mine and his name is Aaron. I think It's cute for him. Sometimes, we don't hear that name enough, but for all those people who are hoping to name children Aaron, you go girls! I think It's perfect for my crush.

07/13/2023 09:37:58

my boyfriends name is aaron and i think it is a cute name for a guy. i like it alot.

07/02/2023 22:39:06

my boyfreind name is Aaron i love this name cause its a real man's name:)

07/02/2023 07:04:32

i love this name more than an'thing. but people do spell it wrong, like aron or arron. but its honestly a very beautiful name.

06/20/2023 12:56:32

My name is Aaron. It could be a little more unique, but it gets the job done. People spell it Aron or Arron a lot, and sometimes if people are real dumb they will spell it Erin. People should know that's a girls name.

06/20/2023 00:00:40

my boyfriend's name is aaron and i like his name its ordinary yet n't common simple and cool.... i love the name aaron, just like i like my aaron

06/17/2023 22:55:54

I love the name Aaron, it just sounds nice. What bothe's me is when people spell it with two r's.

06/10/2023 21:39:06

My name is Aaron and I live in Idaho. I say my name like: Air-on, but when I lived in'texas they would always say Aye-ron because of the two As.

06/07/2023 04:00:56

well I love the name. But being a satanist I hate the meaning. My boyfriend is named Aaron and I do love him but i don't think we're going to name our son Aaron Jr.

06/03/2023 08:01:42

my name is aron and im from iceland. i think it is the coolest name ever.

05/31/2023 13:18:56

It's like You're on a miossin'to save me time and money!

05/25/2023 22:25:14

I like the name aaron. My brother and boyfriends name is aaron

05/25/2023 21:14:42


05/09/2023 03:29:56

My name is Aaron... and i think Aaron Carter gives the name Aaron a bad rep! who else agrees❤️

05/03/2023 11:25:42

My friends name is Arran.. Which is a weired spelling..

04/26/2023 03:58:36

My name is aaron which i love. also it makes me laugh every time someone attempts to spell it because most people don't get the concept of Twin "A"s together. So when someone spells my name wrong i gives me the chance to "enlighten" them with how its spelled.

04/23/2023 18:57:44

I named my precious baby boy Aaron. He was born July 8, 2021. He, sadly, passed away from SIDS on November 11, 2021. He was a sweet, docile, loving baby, and the name Aaron suited him perfectly. I loved that name for him, and I still do. Aaron is a very special name, just like my baby was a very special baby.

04/15/2023 16:24:28

My brother's name is Aaron. He has only got It'spelt wrong a few times. I call him Harry. Hehehee

04/12/2023 09:56:22

its pureley belter of a name in rachael likes cotton eye joe were ye come from were did ye go

04/11/2023 07:11:44

I love the name Aaron,its a beautiful name and naming my unborn Aaron Jacob.

04/04/2023 21:47:08

I'm my name and for some reason everybody wants to spell it like the feminine version "Erin". It's biblical, people, look it up!

03/26/2023 02:40:28

my name is aaron and i want to name my son after to me, what should do ❤️

03/24/2023 13:38:40

I know a little boy named Auron, pronounced "Are-un". It's similar to Aaron, but with a little twist that makes it unique. I really like it!

03/19/2023 19:54:34

Our grandson was born on 9the April2021 at 29 weeks. Weighs 1.2kg and is named Aaron. A messenger from God and as strong as a mountain. n't even a week old and off the ventilater today. Praise God for Aaron

02/25/2023 14:12:26

When I have son, I'm gonna name him Aaron Skyler. :)

02/21/2023 20:34:16

My name is Aaron. its a beastly name. everybody loves my name!

02/20/2023 19:53:04

Since childhood every time people asked my name they also asked meaning of my name as it is one of the most rare name in my country(I live in a south asian country)and about pronunciation I had got only one teacher in my life who pronounced my name correctly at the first go.Now things are getting better because there is famous cricketer named'Aaron Finch'so now most of the people can pronounce my name correctly although now they tell me that It'should be name of a guy not girl.

02/19/2023 10:58:08

My name is Aaron and i wouldnt change it for any name on'the world. My parents named me after Elvis since his middle name is Aaron and my whole dads side is huge Elvis fans.

02/07/2023 18:35:56

My name is Aaron. At the time I was born it wasn't very popular but in'the recent years i've heard it more and more. The only problem was I'd occassionally get people mispronouncing it 'Air-on'. It was always a benefit to have a name that begins with two A's as you'd get to be first in school lists :) It's a different name but n't too different. Plus it was Elvis Presley's middle name (my dad was a huge fan) :)

01/29/2023 04:29:02

At six years old, I like my name because It's always first on lists. Even'though Aaron was popular in'the'seventies, I still thinks It's common in 2020.

01/27/2023 20:44:38

A very strong significant Bible name. It is a very cute name for a boy and a very handsome name for a man. I named my son Aaron Elijah Lewis. His name really suits him.

01/25/2023 08:47:26

I changed my name to Aaron and I am quite happy with it.

01/22/2023 15:15:12

Aaron is my sons name. Ever'since we named him we've heard the name con'tantly though! Everyone asks how its spelled though, aa or rr❤️ We pronounce it Arr-an (I'm Scottish and his dad is English) but some people keep saying Air-on.

01/19/2023 15:50:18

Its a great name, provided you don't live in'the US South. People are always butchering it. Saying it like Aren with the first A having a hard vowel sound like the word athe'st. It'sounds terrible I'm con'tantly telling people how to actually pronounce my name, I get sick of hearing. But its got two Aas in it.

01/15/2023 16:19:28

Named my son Aaron. He loves his name as do I. Most people don't realize that Aaron was actually a boy's name before Erin was a girl's name...

01/04/2023 22:17:24

My sons name is Aaron so of course I love it. I cann't be shortened which is great. You would be surprised how many Aaron's are out there! I just don't like it when people write it in all caps "AARON" - I like the different Aa's "Aaron".

12/30/2022 06:13:10

My name is Aaron. I didn't like It'so much as a kid mainly because there weren't any othe's. I grew to like it more. The misspellings can get annoying.

12/11/2022 02:52:16

My name is Aaron, ive gotten erin, aron, aarron, arron, aaron, and even eron, but i love it

12/01/2022 18:55:40

I named my son Aaron. The biblical significance and implication of stren'th is what drew me to it. I beli've what you confess over a person'tends to stick with them. Names without meaning are useless to that extent. Sadly enough, people do confuse Aaron with "Edwin" and "Eric". Edwin❤️ Really❤️ n't my choice of names.

11/30/2022 10:53:38

my name is Aaron. people misspell it " erin", " ernie". "eric" etc

11/26/2022 16:40:12

We named our son Ashton Jaaiden, born Jan 13,2018. I really wanted Jaaiden'to be first name. My hubby really liked Ashton better. Jaiden is such a very nice it..

11/22/2022 21:51:30

My first son is named Aaron. He is now 15 years old. I have always loved that name. He also has a younger brother named Adam. We don't know but just a few other Aaron's here in Brazoria County, Texas. Wonderful name!!

11/20/2022 12:15:22

I like this name, but people often pronounce it 'ar-ron' where It'should be pronounced 'air-ron'. It'sounds so much nicer when pronounced properly!

11/09/2022 20:34:22

Still trying to convince my husband that if we have a little boy he should be named 'Aaron Robert' ... Robert after my husband. I really love it, such a strong unique name.

10/21/2022 02:14:10

I am male and people frequently spell this name by the incorrect female spelling: Erin.

10/11/2022 22:06:48

People often spell my name rong because they do n't now if it has two A's or one.

09/28/2022 15:32:16

i Like the name aaron because that name is very popular

09/04/2022 19:20:10

i dont see why people confuse erin and aaron its n't the'same name to me at all they are completely different

08/06/2022 09:57:00

im called aaron and live in england, uk---i felt very unique at school as only person with this fab name, its amazing how many ways people try to spell it! ie arran,aron,arron,aran,aeron,aran,and many more! i love being different and guess my name matches my personality very well.

07/30/2022 04:06:00

My husband's name is Aaron Randall II. We have a girl, Skylar. Since my husband is a second we had to keep the name going (and no jr). So we have decided to name our baby boy (due in October) Bentley Aaron, cute huh❤️

07/24/2022 18:10:12

my son will be born on 1-11-10 I hope to name him Aaron. I just don't know if his mother is going to go for it, she has tryed to talk me out of it but she'says It's up to me, we'll see.

07/10/2022 05:33:18

my names is aaron and i like to blaze it hella hard

07/04/2022 18:42:36

My son's name is Aaron- I named him after a character in a book. He was named in 1989 when it was still somewhat unique...his wife is Amy, and they have a son Asa and a daughter Aurora.

06/23/2022 17:21:36

i have an Aaron he's a twin his brother's name is Aiden. i love both of the names.

06/21/2022 12:17:24

People often spell it wrong and will sometimes call me by familliar names like Adam or Eric

06/17/2022 03:03:54

My baby boy is called Arron I prefered this spelling and I find if the name is Aaron people tend to pronounce it 'air-on'

05/02/2022 14:33:18

hI'my name is Aaron alot of people spell it wrong. they spell Aron, Arian,or Earn

04/11/2022 01:34:48

If It's been so popular for so long, how come nobody EVer'spells my name correctly❤️ It's always Arron, or Aron, or most of the time Erin. GRRRRR!

04/05/2022 04:40:12

I am the third Aaron in my family. If I had a son I would name him Aaron.

03/16/2022 06:07:30

I had an ex-boyfriend named Aaron, It's defin'tely a name I'd keep on'the list if I ever have a boy. Because I like the name, n't the ex-boyfriend.

03/07/2022 13:30:18

I like this name. It is a nice solid name with biblical significance. It is a nice altern'tive to Aiden/Aidan which is very popular these days.

02/05/2022 13:24:00

My husband's name is Aaron. Nice enough name. Easy enough to spell, right❤️ Wrong. The poor guy gets "Erin" "Aron" and "Arron" more often'than n't. An'ther bad thing this day and age about the name Aaron is the double As. You are at the top of everyone's phone list. So people who forget to lock their cell phone keys always seem to accidently bump their phone around and call us LOL Anyway, great name. Simple name. Ironically confusing.

01/19/2022 15:08:24

my name is aaron people call me erin and it gets on my last nerve, i wish i could change it to gage

01/13/2022 00:50:42

some time people spell my name wrong,i like being called Aaron, i have blue eyes and blond hair,age 6

12/28/2021 17:00:54

thts my friends name and she was born in 2007 so the chart is WRONG

11/25/2021 12:03:00

My name is Aaron, in Scotland they pronounce it annoying..!! My mum named me after Elvis..his middle name is Aaron, he died a week after I was born.

10/30/2021 23:54:54

"Arron" is n't incorrect.... it makes more sense than'two A's.

07/28/2021 02:28:48

my brothe's real name is David but we call him Aaron because my dad is named david

07/27/2021 18:14:42

I am Aaron and very happt with my name i want to be a real Aaron

07/12/2021 18:39:00

I named my son Aaron Jacob the day he was born because it is a strong masculine name and most important; because the tribe of Aaron is the Jewish tribe that my father is a descendant of.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aaron?
The origin of the name Aaron is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Aaron?
Mountain Of Strength
*️⃣ How many people are named Aaron?
Almost 591000 people are named Aaron.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aaron?
The names of Art, Arti, Ardie, Aretta, Artie