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Abel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ay-bul\
Number in U.S 👶 55,000
Rate in 2021 321
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

What is meaning of name Abel?

2 - Abel
Although it seems like a simple task, choosing a baby's name is not easy at all, since you have to investigate very well to find the one that is beautiful, elegant, with good meaning and that is also melodic. Abel is an excellent alternative, since it is a short biblical name, which is related to a noble personality and a big heart.
So that you know the meaning of the name Abel, in this MyCuteName article you will find all the data you need, such as its saints, its numerology, the personality of the people who wear it and its popularity in Spain. Abel is a boy's name.

What does Abel mean?
Abel is a name that means “the breath of life” or “the son born”. Due to its Hebrew etymology, it can also be translated as "the ephemeral." It is one of the oldest Anthroponyms in history and is still very common.

Origin of the name Abel
Abel is a name of Hebrew origin. Formerly, it was pronounced as "hāḇel". It was appeared for the first time in the sacred writings as the name given to the second son of Adam, who, according to historical accounts, was killed by his older brother Cain who was very envious of him.

Diminutives and variations of the name Abel
The name Abel, being short, has few variations and diminutives. However, some of the best known are the following:
Abi, Abiel, Abelito, Abele, Abela, Habil

The name Abel in other languages
Let's learn how to write Abel in other languages :
Arabic: هابيل
Chinese: 阿贝尔
Korean: 아벨
Esperanto: Habelo
Estonian: Aabel
Greek: Άβελ
Hebrew: הבל
Japanese: アベル
Lithuanian: Abelis
Russian: Авель

Personality of the name Abel
Abel is a man of noble sentiments, charitable and who feels a lot of empathy for others. In addition, he is determined and focused on his purposes. Therefore, in the face of obstacles He won't give up easily.
At work, Abel is ambitious. Therefore, he will fight until he reaches important positions within the organization in which he works. Generally, he works very well in the area of construction and engineering projects, although he may also like being a journalist and chronicler.
In relationship, it is common to see him in love frequently. However, when she finds the ideal partner, he will be a faithful and loving man who will be by her side for the rest of her life. In the family, he is a devoted son, so his parents and siblings come first for him. Also, he likes to enjoy the company of other family members and is willing to help financially and spiritually all those who need it.
With his friends he is a special one. Everyone sees him as a source of inspiration to achieve goals and to be a better person. Likewise, at parties and meetings, Abel is the favorite, since everyone enjoys his joy and enthusiasm to face life.

Celebrities named Abel
Los The best-known celebrities who bear the name of Abel are:
Abel Mathias Hernandez: he is a Uruguayan soccer player who has played with the national team of his country, and currently plays for the Brazilian club SC International Brasileirão.
Abel Bonnard : was a French writer, poet and politician, member of the French Academy.
Abel Makkonen Tesfaye: is a Canadian singer of pop, hip hop, and disco style, who has won important music awards such as the Grammy and Juno Awards.
Abel Kirui: is an athlete of Kenyan origin, who has won a gold medal at the 2009 World Cup and silver medals at the London Olympics in 2012.
Abel Anton Rodrigo: is a former Spanish athlete and politician, who won world prizes in marathons and long-distance races.
Abel Ruiz Ortega: is a Spanish footballer who He has played in the forward position in the FC Barcelona clubs and currently plays for Sporting Clube de Braga.

Saint of Abel Day
The 30 July is the onomastic date for Abel.

Numerology of the name Abel
Numerology assigns 6 as the lucky number to those who are named Abel.

Additional description of the name Abel

Abel : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Abel meanings and origins

The name Abel is a biblical first name, it is derived from the Hebrew Hebel. “ Hebel “ itself is derived from hevel, or from the Assyrian for son. This name is more suitable as a boy’s name meaning “ Breath “. Also in the book of Genesis the name Abel is a son of Adam, murdered by his brother Chain. This name is also popular in Christian tradition. The given name has German origin too.


Popularity of the name

The name has decreased in popularity after being one of the most common names. However the name was on an upwards trend from 2014 to 2015. Based on the reliable sources the name “ Abel “ is the 9th most popular name. In the last 5 years this name was at its peak popularity. The name “ Abel “ has been also very common in literature many years ago.


The name Abel  personality

There is a secret behind this name that can be, A > is for agreeable | B > is for buoy, you encourage those you see | E > is for expressive, not one to hold within | L > is for listen, one of your best traits

This name is “ Leba “ in reverse, which might be interesting.

If you are named Abel, you might be diplomatic, gentle, intuitive, cooperative you might even be a psychic. A gifted storyteller, you mesmerize others when you elaborate on the truth !

When people hear the name Abel, they perceive you as someone who can be stimulating, idea generator, talkative or charismatic. You have the ability to attract and influence people easily.

This name’s lucky colors are, all greens, white, and cream | lucky gems are, pearl, jade and moonstone | this name’s lucky day is Monday.


Famous people named Abel

As you know famous namesakes can influence name’s popularity positively.

Well known people are Abel Ferreira who is a footballer, sportsperson, football manager born in 1978. Abel Caballero who is born in 1946. Abel Balbo who is a footballer and sportsperson born in 1966. Abel Pintos who is born in 1984. Abel Braga who is a footballer, sportsperson and football manager born in 1952.


Similar names to Abel / Nicknames for Abel

If you want to select a rare name similar to Abel, here we have a list of names similar to Abel

Abell | Abercrombie | Abeer | Aberham | Abelerd | Aberthol | Abednego | Abelson

Some families like their babies to have cute nicknames. Take a look at the list here to select the best nickname for your baby.

Abeel | Abs | Abby | Ebbie | Aero | Ab

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Comments on the name Abel
10/31/2022 12:20:08 PM

I love this name. My son's name is Abel Ellingsen _______, my father's name is Abel Ellingsen _______, my grandfather's name is Abel Magnus_________ and I think his father's name was Abel as well. I also have a a lot of cousins and nephew's with the name of Abel for a first or middle name. An'ther popular name in our family is Finn.

9/16/2022 2:00:28 AM

i have a friend who has the name Abel i totally love it and i wish to date him one day actually

1/20/2022 11:16:12 AM

I had a twin brother called Abel. He was named after my grandpa on my Mom's side. He was French and it was pronounced " Ah -bell.." or A-bell. My brother didn't mind. i've never met an'ther person with the name. I guess it is still a unique name.

9/19/2021 2:13:30 PM

Abel i love the name my partner'said about naming our unborn child it and we are both so happy with it dont know anyone else with the name

8/24/2021 5:51:18 PM

My son is named Abel he was born in October 2018. In response to the comment on'the first murderer in history... get your facts straight it was Cain'that killed Abel n't the other way around!!! Abel is a precious name but me and my husband gave him the first name of Christopher'so when he gets older and thinks Abel is too baby'sh he can use first name in'tead of his middle name we call him.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Abel?
The origin of the name Abel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Abel?
Almost 55000 people are named Abel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Abel?
The names of Abilene, Abie, Avelino